My name is Patrick. I am a fifty year old middle management employee for a major retail chain. I have been with the company for the last thirty years. My job requires a lot of traveling, most of which is on demand, not scheduled.

I am single, having divorced my second (and last!) wife almost ten years ago. We get along better now that we are apart. I think we still love each other; we just can't live together.

My son, Don lives about ten miles from me. We have always been fairly close. We play golf together whenever we can get together. I even let him beat me once in a while.

Five years ago when Don was 30, he got the seven year itch. He decided that he could no longer live with his wife of the past seven years. I was not upset that he had decided to divorce. His wife and I were not fond of each other. She did everything in her power to keep Don from attending any family functions that we had. She refused to accompany Don if he came to visit. So I was glad to see her go!

To save expenses during his divorce, I allowed Don to move in with me. I was traveling most of the time so he was not a burden.

During the divorce negotiations, Don was not celibate. No, in fact he was nailing most of his working associates. He was smart enough to start backing away from the people that he worked for and with when he saw the conflicts his fucking around was causing.

He began stopping on his way home at a gentleman's club that was fairly close to the house. It was an upscale titty bar that even I had frequented on occasion.

The next thing I knew, he was bringing a string of strippers to the house and fucking them stupid. When I was in town, he would introduce me to the one he was with that night. There were some very beautiful women that he bedded during that time. Most I only saw once or twice.

Then he brought Mandy home. Mandy was a pretty girl. At eighteen, she was tall with a slim build. Her tits were small but her nipples went on for miles! Mandy never wore a bra and her headlights were always shining on high beam. Her hair was a coppery red and hung below the middle of her back. She had decorated her skin with several tattoos. They were tastefully done and were appropriate for her line of work.

The procession of strippers slowed. Mandy occupied every fourth night... every third night... every other night and finally she was the only one that I saw.

Mandy was always nice to me. She began calling me Daddy. She would always give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek saying 'Hi, Daddy' or 'Bye, Daddy' as she came and left the house with Don.

She was a screamer when they were fucking. The volume would steadily increase as their coupling progressed. My room was on the opposite end of the house from Don's room. Even with doors closed, I could hear her over the sound of my television as I tried to watch in my room.

As with most strippers, Mandy came with her set of problems. She was married. Her husband was an under employed mechanic who lived for drugs. Her descriptions had him high ninety percent of the time. This meant that she was a druggie too. To her credit, she fought to kick the addiction, but always slipped back when she was with her husband.

Don was good for her. She left her husband and moved into an apartment. In spite of her profession she got sober and stayed sober for a couple of months. Then her husband came back crying to her professing his love and need for her. She believed him when he said that he had changed. She went back to him. Within a week she was hooked on the drugs again.

Don, even though she broke his heart, continued to see her at the club and bring her home for their fuck sessions. After a couple of weeks she agreed to move back to her apartment and sobered up. This cycle was repeated many times during the period of Don's divorce proceedings and even after the divorce was finalized.

About six months after his divorce was finalized, Don let it slip to me that he had been paying for Mandy's apartment since she first moved away from her husband. He had also bought her a car and provided the insurance.

I was livid. He had been living in my house for eighteen months so that he could 'save money'. For the last year the money that he saved was paying for her apartment and her upkeep.

I told him to get out of the house. I was not going to let him take advantage of me and disrespect me any longer. "Get your own apartment or move in with your whore! I don't care. Just be gone when I come home tomorrow night!"

After I calmed down, I was sorry that I had blown up at Don. He was just young, dumb, full of cum AND IN LOVE!

The next day Don moved in with Mandy. Six months later a baby was on the way. The next week they were married. My granddaughter, Alex was born and luckily was healthy. There were no complications from Mandy's earlier drug use.

Mandy and I got along pretty well. She always called me Daddy and was quick with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. But there was something that bugged me about her. I tried not to let her background influence my feelings for her, but in the back of my mind I did not trust her.

Don had kept his key to my house. He, Mandy and Alex were always welcome to come over and use the pool in my backyard even when I was not at home.

One week in June, I was called to go to Salt Lake City to handle some problems. As I always did before leaving town, I called Don to let him know where I was going to be and that I anticipated to be there for the entire week. I left Monday afternoon. Upon my arrival in Salt Lake City, I found that the problems were minor and easily resolved. I was on my way home Tuesday morning.

I got home from the airport around 1:00. I went into my bedroom and unpacked. As I finished unpacking, I happened to look out my bedroom window into the backyard. There on a towel by the pool was Mandy. She was naked on her back, legs spread wide. Between her legs was her ex-husband, munching away at her hairy snatch.

I watched as he ate her cunt. She was hunching her pussy into his mouth as he thrust his tongue into her dripping hole. I heard her screaming as her orgasm hit. Finally he pulled himself up onto her and rammed his long dick into her frothing chasm. She arched her back as she thrust up to meet his plunging cock. They rutted like this for several minutes and finally both had body draining orgasms. They lay heaped together trying to catch their breaths.

I took this opportunity to go out my bedroom door onto the patio. They heard the door open and turned toward me. The ex was up and running naked out the gate before I had covered three feet toward them.

Mandy started crying and cussing. "Oh shit. Oh fuck. Daddy, you are not supposed to be home. Oh, god... please do not tell Don. Please, I will do anything..."

All this was said as she lay there naked with her ex-husband's cum dripping out of her hairy cunt! "Cover yourself, you whore. Put your bathing suit on. Come into the house and we will talk about this." I turned and walked back into the house.

I went to the bar and fixed myself a double vodka and tonic. As I sat down in my recliner, I realized that I was aroused. My dick was firm. I had to adjust its position in my boxers so I could sit comfortably. I knew it was wrong to get aroused by my son's wife, but damn, Mandy looked hot naked!

A few minutes later Mandy came into the living room where I was seated. She was wearing a small white bikini that I had admired many times before. The material did little to hide her small tits and hairy snatch. When she had gotten the suit wet in the past, the white bikini became almost transparent showing her pink areola and nipples.

Mandy's eyes were red as the tears continued to flow. I looked at her and said, "Stop crying whore. Sit your ass down and try to convince me not to tell Don what you have been up to today."

"Please Daddy. I beg you not to tell Don. He loves me, but I don't know how he will react."

"He will kick your ass up one side of the street and back down the other. Once he is through, he will file for divorce and take Alex away from you. You can then go back to your druggie ex-husband and let him pull you back into the drug hell where you used to live. That's what Don will do."

"No, no. You can't tell Don. I will do anything. You name it and I will do it. Just please don't tell him. I can't live like that again and I am not strong enough to resist him on my own.

"That's how he wound up over here today. He called begging for some money. After listening to his sob story, I agreed to give him $20. I was already over here getting some sun and swimming so I told him to come here to get the money.

"Daddy, he knows how to push my buttons. He got me all hot and bothered and the next thing I knew, he was eating my pussy. And then... well you saw what happened after that. There is not much telling what he would have done to me if you had not scared him away."

Mandy looked pitiful. Her eyes were blood shot from the crying. Her body was trembling from the fear. I almost felt sorry for her. Almost! I looked her straight in the eye. Shamed and humiliated, she looked down, not able to hold eye contact.

Mandy was obviously scared of what I would do. I had always been a closet dominant and her defeated, submissive attitude was turning me on. This was a side of Mandy that I had never seen. My dick was as hard as a steel bar. Did I dare risk my relationship with Don to have my daughter in law as my submissive slut?

I drained my drink. I rose from my chair and walked over to the bar and fixed a fresh drink. All the while I was weighing the possible consequences against the reward of having Don's pretty wife as my cum slut. I returned to my chair and looked back at the shuddering Mandy.

"Look at me" I said. "What are you willing to give to keep me from telling Don?"

"You know I don't have any money. I will clean your house. I will take care of your pool, your lawn..." She stopped talking as she heard me laughing.

"I already have people that do those things. I am thinking more along the line of you becoming my sex slave. That should be pretty simple for a slut like you."

Mandy looked at me with a totally shocked expression on her face. Her mouth was open and her eyes went wide. I had never given her reason to think that I would speak to her in that tone and manner.

"Get over here and show me what a great cock sucker you are. From now on, I am going to dump my cum onto or into you anytime, anywhere and anyway I feel like it. That is unless you would rather I tell Don what I saw by the pool this afternoon."

"I am your son's wife. You can't make me do that, Daddy."

"Get over here now or I will see to it that you are back with your ex tonight!"

Mandy looked at me with hate and defiance in her eyes. She shook her head at me as she tested my resolve. We stared into each other's eyes, neither willing to give in. I raised my hand and pointed my finger at the cock in my pants and said, "Suck it now or leave."

Mandy just stood there with that stare of defiance. "Get the hell out of my house. I don't ever want to see your fucking face again," I said pointing at the front door. From my chair, I kicked the ottoman towards Mandy. At that instant, Mandy broke. She moved toward me falling to her knees in front of my chair.

Mandy's trembling hands reached for my belt. She fumbled with the buckle. She was finally able to free the belt and then open the button at the top of my pants. The zipper hissed as she moved it down. I raised my hips and she pulled my pants and boxers down to my ankles and off my feet.

She raised back up and looked at my erect cock. It is not one of those huge porn dicks, only about six and a half inches long, but thick with a big purple spear for a head. She stared frozen, not moving. I put my hands into her hair, grabbing fistfuls. I forced her head down. My dick was at her closed mouth.

"Open up, whore." Nothing but ice. I yanked her head up and slapped her across her cheek. I pushed her face back down. This time her mouth was open and she took my cock into her dry mouth. I pushed her head down and thrust my hips up forcing my dick into her throat. Mandy gagged, coughed and spit. Her mouth was now full of saliva, no longer dry.

I fucked her face for a few minutes, finally forcing my dick into the back of her throat. She could not breathe. Her face was turning red. Her eyes were open wide with tears welling up in her eyes and streaking down her face. Her body was beginning to writhe around on the floor in search of air.

I continued to fuck her face until I felt that familiar tingling in my balls. My release was only a few seconds away. Mandy was really in distress now. Seeing her purple, tear stained face with my cock sawing in and out of her mouth pushed me over the edge. My cum poured straight down her throat and into her stomach. Spurt after spurt, wave after wave until my balls were drained and my orgasm was complete.

I pushed Mandy back and off my dick. She fell spread eagle on her back gasping and gagging for air. After a few minutes she calmed and regained her steady breathing. I could tell that she was still very weak from the deprivation of oxygen.

I stood above her and reached down grabbing her by the hair again. I pulled her to her feet and forced her to look at me. "If you ever try to defy me again, the treatment you received just now will be minor compared to what I will do to you. Do you understand?" I saw a small nod of her head.

"You are a piece of shit whore, but you are MY piece of shit whore now. Do you understand your place and your role?" She gave another small nod of her head. "Defiance or even hesitation will not be tolerated. Fuck up again and I promise you will be sorry!" Before she could react, I slapped her again across her cheek. Again more tears.

"On your knees, cunt. You forgot to clean my dick after you slobbered all over it. Mandy immediately was on her knees licking and sucking my dick clean from the head to my balls.

"Go wash your face and then get your skinny ass back out here." Mandy ran to the bathroom. There was no question about my power over her now. She was mine and would do what I asked without question.

I could hear the water running as Mandy washed her face. The water stopped and thirty seconds later she was standing in front of me. Her face was clean and her eyes were free of tears.

"Kneel." She fell to her knees without question. "From now on, when we are alone, this will be your position. You will be naked and kneel at my feet awaiting my instructions. Understand?"

A quiet "Yes, sir" came from her lips.

I had watched an amateur porn video the other night while surfing the net. I decided that one scene that I had really liked would be a great final test for Mandy. Would she follow my directions as I thought she would or would she balk?

I picked up my glass and drank down the last of my drink. I handed Mandy the glass and said, " Fix me another vodka and tonic. Bring me the drink and the vodka bottle."

Mandy scampered to the bar and mixed the drink. She came back to me with the drink and the bottle. I took the glass. She tried to hand me the bottle. I said, "No, that is for you. I want you to take your bikini off and lay on the floor. Take the bottle and fuck yourself with it until you cum! NOW!"

She jumped as I yelled at her. As she began taking the bathing suit off, she said "Yes, sir." There was a hint of a smile on her face. She dropped the top, displaying her little titties and long hard nipples. Her hands then went to the bottoms, untying the bows on her hips. The bottoms fell to her feet revealing her pussy surrounded by her silky red pubic hair. There were droplets of girl juice matting her pubes. She was enjoying this!

Mandy lay on the floor with her legs spreading wide. Her pussy was glistening with anticipation. It was obvious that this was causing her pussy juices to flow freely. "Stick the bottle in your cunt and fuck yourself. I want to see you cum."

She brought the neck of the bottle to her mouth and began sucking. She was wetting the bottle getting it ready to put in her pussy. I think she was also doing it to give me a show because all the while she was looking straight into my eyes. She took the bottle from her mouth and moved it to her cunt. She rubbed the tip of the bottle up and down her hairy slit.

I was really looking forward to this. I had my dick in my right hand, wanking as I watched the sexy red head begin to fuck that vodka bottle into her pussy.

"Shove it in, slut. I want to see that bottle deep in your cunt. Push it, shove it, FUCK IT!" Mandy gripped the bottle in both hands and moved it into her pussy. She arched her back to give the bottle a better angle to enter her cunt. The bottle moved into her pussy expanding her cunt as the flared portion of the bottle moved slowly past her lips. Mandy moved her hands to the bottom of the bottle, entwining her fingers to get a good grip. She jerked the bottle and it moved further into her cunt, stretching her pussy to its limits. Her puffy, blood engorged lips were now stretched to thin lines on each side of the bottle.

"This looks so hot, whore. It looks like you are ripping your pussy wide open. Think about what you are doing to your fucking cunt!"

Her eyes had never left mine. She was shoving the bottle into her stretched out cunt, trying to get the widest part past her pussy lips. Her face was contorted with pain. She was screaming. "Ugh... Ugh... Ugh..." as she rhythmically jerked the bottle into her snatch.

"Fuck yourself harder, bitch. Make yourself cum. Pull that bottle into your cunt 'til it is past the rim. Make it hurt, whore! If you can't get it in, I will kick it in! I want to hear you scream when it hurts you!"

She was close. Another half inch and she would have the widest part in her pussy. She was shoving and rotating the bottle as she thrust her hips, fucking herself hard with the bottle.

"Oh, Daddy! Aaaiiieeee..." The widest girth of the bottle was now fucking into Mandy's cunt about two inches past the ridge with each thrust of her hands and hips.

"Fuck yourself, Mandy. Does it feel good? Is this what you wanted? Do you want more? Pull it in deep and hard! Shove the neck of that bottle into your womb! Make it hurt! Fuck that bottle, whore!"

Mandy had not been quiet since she started fucking herself. But now, my dirty talk was moving her to a new level. Her rhythmic 'Ugh... Ugh... Ugh' had become the volume of screams. Her face was contorted with her determination to shove that bottle as deep into her cunt as possible.

I had dropped to my knees beside her to watch her shoving the bottle into her pussy. I was jacking my dick with the same rhythm as she was fucking herself. The bottle was now going in about four inches past the rim with each thrust.

"This is beautiful, my little whore! Fuck yourself until you cum. I am going to blow my load from watching you! Oh, god!" My sperm squirted across her little titties again and again. As the third rope spewed onto her hard nipples, Mandy's orgasm began.

"Aaaiiieeee... Aaaiiieeee... Aaaiiieeee..." Mandy screamed as she pumped the bottle into her thrusting, gaping cunt again and again. Her body arched. Only her head and heels were touching the floor as her body quaked violently through her orgasm.

Mandy's hands fell from the bottle. As the bottle hit the floor, a stream of piss and girl cum flew from her wide open pussy, shooting about four feet across the room. Mandy fell to the floor gasping for air like a fish out of water.

I knelt there in awe as I looked at Mandy. Her beautiful red hair was drenched from her own sweat. Every inch of her skin was covered by a thin sheen of glistening perspiration. Her hair covered pussy lips were closing, but very slowly. Her cunt was still spread wide enough that I was sure I could easily fist her! My cum covered her breasts. She was looking up at me with a smile on her lips.

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