tagGroup SexMandy: A Third Encounter

Mandy: A Third Encounter


Last year I told a basically true story about how I met Lili and Michelle at a nudist campsite. I actually met them again this year, but that is a story which I shall write about after I have finished this one. There have been two previous stories about Mandy. The first one ("With Mandy at the Cinema") was based on true facts but with slight embellishments. The second one and this current one, though, are complete fiction, except that my wife and I actually did meet up with Mandy and her husband at a nudist camp site, but my wife knew nothing of my original meeting with Mandy other than as a work colleague.

My wife and I went on our usual caravanning holiday again this year, in Europe as usual and always staying at nudist campsites. It was when we were on our way down south that we stayed at one site for a few nights, and to both my wife's and my surprise, just a few yards away, sitting outside their own caravan, were Mandy and her husband, Charles.

Mandy had told me that they were both into amateur dramatics, and that when she had first gone out with me to the porn cinema they had actually been rehearsing a play in which they played lovers – Derek and Katie. This is why she had come out with the remark "Bugger Derek!" in my first story, as they had tried to act out their parts even whilst at home.

My wife was the first to spot them. I was looking the other way at the time, when Tricia, my wife, turned to me and said, "I spy, with my little eye, a pussy which knows your cock!"

I turned quickly, and as I turned to face Mandy and Charles, Mandy herself turned to face me, her face showing instant recognition. She nudged her husband, sitting on a lounger next to her, as she called out – "Hi, Tricia and Mel!"

Tricia and I immediately ran over to them, and as they stood to greet us a mutual kissing session ensued.

My cock was immediately fondled by Mandy, in spite of being in full view of any other campers who might be around, but Charles, watching this out of the corner of his eye as he pressed close to Tricia, said softly, "We ought to go inside and have a drink together!" This was obviously his way of telling Mandy to be more discreet in public, even though it was a nudist site.

Once inside, though, the fondling did increase – from all four of us. None of us made any pretence at decorum as we fell onto the bunk beds and next second Mandy's pussy had swallowed my cock to the hilt. Glancing sideways I saw that Charles and Tricia were similarly occupied.

Mind you, it had not been so much of a surprise to meet up with Charles and Mandy, as we had told them which sites we would be using in our caravan. And we knew that they, too, preferred naturist sites with their caravan.

Quite soon, though, the mutual greetings were sated, and, although all four of us were panting slightly, we began to discuss things like the length of time we would be here, and relevant things like that.

But it was Mandy who said that we ought to celebrate with a night out, all together, a suggestion to which Tricia immediately agreed.

It was Tricia, though, who claimed that she had very little with her for going clubbing (or whatever the French equivalent to that was), and asked Mandy if they should not go out and buy something which would help make our reunion memorable. At least, that is what she told me she had said afterwards, for at the time all Charles and I knew was that Mandy had told him that she was borrowing the car to go out with Tricia on "women's business", whatever that might mean.

However, it was certainly agreed that we all went out to dine, and perhaps a bar afterwards, and after the two girls had disappeared Charles and I went to measure up the talent at the swimming pool.

Later on Charles and I went for a drink at the camp bar, now dressed in cotton trousers and polo shirts, whilst the two girls made themselves ready, putting on the make-up, and saying that they would come for us at the bar when they were ready.

We had not too long to wait, and soon the two girls appeared, but closer examination showed that their exhibitionist streak was once more to the fore.

There is little scope for exhibitionism in a nudist camp, as everything is there for all to see, and the whole atmosphere appears very nonchalant. But now they had dressed to go out the exhibitionist streak in them both was well to the fore.

Their top covering was simply a bandeau of sheer silk, allowing their breasts to be plainly seen, the covering actually emphasising rather than concealing their charms. Their skirts were fairly short, but not too much, although they had each chosen one with frontal buttoning. But, and this was the surprise, considering the outside temperature was warm enough for the rest of the camp still to be completely naked, they seemed to be wearing either fine black nylon stockings or tights!

In fact, I asked them both that question, to which came the answer I should have expected – "You will have to find out for yourselves, as we both know you will."

Anyway, we had decided to walk, as it was still such a balmy evening, and although we paired up there were occasional changes of partner as both Charles and I walked and chatted together, or I was with Tricia and the next minute with Mandy.

Eventually we found ourselves outside an enticing French restaurant, and sat down at a table for four. I do not remember what the meal was, exactly, but it was beautiful, and the wine tasted superb.

At the end of the meal the two girls rose to go to the toilet and "powder their noses" as the expression goes, and we told them that we would be waiting in the bar.

But on their return we had our first surprise. Mind you, knowing the two as we now did the word "surprise" was too strong a word. Besides adding fresh make-up, they were now walking back with the button-down skirts half-unfastened, revealing the answer to my question earlier – they both wore sheer black stockings, the tops of which were now on view, displayed with each step they took. In fact, when they suddenly decided to perch on high bar stools when they were only half-way towards us we could actually see the clasp and a little of the suspender contrasting to their naked thighs.

But the reason they had decided to stop where they did was because two Frenchmen standing at the bar had evidently said something to them, whereupon they perched on the stools as the men called the barman over and ordered them both a drink! The men had their backs to us, but the two girls were half-facing, so we could see all their actions, although they were both looking at us in such a way as to imply that they did not know us.

Their drinks arrived, some kind of cocktail, and the men now perched also on stools, but facing the two, who both shifted slightly, but it was to allow Charles and me a better view of them.

It was Tricia, though who proved to be the more daring of the two for a brief second, as she looked at the two men, and even from that distance we could see that their eyes were being drawn to the leg display. Her move was to speak to them, and at the same time deftly snapping open a further button on the front of her skirt, which was now able to fall even more apart and openly reveal yet more of the jet-black suspender on her milk-white thighs above the stocking tops.

Then one of the men said something to the barman, who answered and pointed to an alcove, whereupon the man said something to Tricia, who nodded, and turned to Mandy who was also nodding.

Next minute they had all stood up, clutching their drinks, and quickly made for the alcove and all four disappeared into it.

Charles and I were not too nonplussed at this – in fact we were amused. We knew the girls were able to look after themselves, and we doubted whether or not they would allow too much fooling around.

Nevertheless they had been gone for quite a few minutes until suddenly Mandy and one of the men appeared, and quietly moved onto the central area which was devoid of chairs or any other impediment. It was then we noticed that there had been background music playing all the time, as Mandy and her beau now began to clinch in a smoochy way, their lips almost touching until they actually met. It was then that Charles and I noticed that her partner had inserted one hand beneath her skirt from the waist at the back, and was busy fondling either her bare bottom or her miniscule panties which she sometimes wore. As he did this, though, she suddenly stopped and pressed her mouth to his in what was evidently a passionate kiss, making no move to object to the position of his hand!

In fact, his hand seemed to sink even lower and she responded by pressing her hips even closer to him as their lips visibly parted and their kiss grew more passionate. Of Tricia there was still no sign, but Mandy suddenly withdrew her mouth and said something again, whereupon they broke their dancing arrangement and began to walk back to the alcove side by side, although his hand was still reaching down the back of her skirt. But to our astonishment, and it was a little astonishment, as neither of us had thought that the girls would have gone so far so soon, we could plainly see, as could the rest of the crowd in the bar, that Mandy's skirt was now unfastened to the top fastening, this fastening being the only remaining button holding up the skirt. This meant that the whole of her lower body was on full view, the suspenders and stockings, and a puffy shaven pair of pussy lips which seemed to project themselves to all who wished to look!

But next second they had once more disappeared into the alcove, leaving Charles and me in absolute amazement.

But next minute and it was Tricia who was copying Mandy's scene by clinching with her partner on the "dance" floor, she, too, allowing an intrusive hand to vanish beneath the back of her skirt. But she had already gone one further than Mandy – her top had gone and she was completely bare-breasted!

Again came a kiss, similar to the passion showed by Mandy, followed once again by the spectacle of them parting and returning to the alcove with his hand still reaching for its goal. And again, like Mandy, her skirt was widely opened to reveal all to everyone.

Charles and I were now a little apprehensive. We looked at one another as if to think about what to do next, but we were interrupted as two extremely pretty girls came and stood between us. When they spoke we realised that they were English, which came as a relief as neither Charles nor I was too good with our French.

The first girl spoke. "Pardon us, but may we assume that those were your wives or girl-friends out on the dance floor just now? We suspect that from the particular way you were both looking, more in amusement then lust."

We agreed that the two were in fact our own wives, and then the second one spoke. "It's all right," she said, "but the two men are actually our husbands! We are over here on holiday, and we had challenged them to pick up two French girls, telling them that they would never be able to do so. It now appears that although the ones they have picked up are actually English, nevertheless they have certainly made some headway with them. More than we could ever have suspected!"

"Actually, I would rather suspect that they have been helped a great deal by picking those two!" Charles said.

To which I added, "In fact, they may have been led into the situation rather than the other way round."

The first girl, who had now introduced themselves as Linda and Sue, then said, "I would not wish to disturb them, but I do wonder how they are going on. Would you mind if we all sat at a table and waited for them to re-appear?"

We looked at them more closely as we all made our way to an empty table, taking our drinks with us. They were both in a similar age group to ours, sexily dressed, although not as unashamedly so as our two wives, but with plunging necklines which denoted the lack of a bra between them, and a shortish but modest hem-line framing two pairs of gorgeous legs. They saw us looking them over, and grinned. "Are you expecting us to go as far as your wives have done?" asked Sue. And Linda added, laughing as she did so, "We might! But only in the right circumstances!"

"And what would those be?" we asked.

Again it was Sue who said, "Only if we had our husbands' permission, naturally, and in view of what we imagine they are up to at present, I'll leave you to guess what their reactions might be!" And as she spoke she leaned back slightly and drew the hem of her short skirt upwards to reveal more of her thighs, but not high enough to allow her panties to be seen.

Just then, though, one of the men reappeared and was about to go to the bar when he noticed us. Sue beckoned him over, and introduced us quickly as the husbands of the girls he was with, and then introduced Jeff as her husband. He seemed a little apprehensive as she was doing this until I asked him if he was enjoying the company of my wife and her friend, telling him that Charles and I were thrilled to know that they were being well looked after.

And when Sue reassured him, too, he seemed more composed and even relieved! But when Linda asked if there was room in the alcove for all of us he told us that it was already cramped as it was, which was why they were having turns at dancing, or, as he was doing, coming to the bar for drinks.

Linda chuckled, and said, "In that case you should ask Andy, if it is so cramped, to invite them back to the Villa. There is more room there," she continued, "and it is only a short walk from here. And I'm sure that Mel and Charles would walk there with us for our protection, as we would not wish to be molested – two girls on their own in a strange country."

Jeff had quickly cottoned on to the real implications behind Linda's remarks, and his face showed how pleased he was.

"I'll tell Andy, now," he said, "but I shall ask him, too, to trust your two escorts. I'm sure that as they will be with you there cannot be any molestings." "Other than consensual ones," he added slyly, as he turned and disappeared once more into the alcove.

We waited for a short while, then the four of them appeared once more, although the girls were now dressed (if that is the right word) as they had been previous to entering the alcove.

Jeff and Andy looked across at Linda and Sue, and said, "See you shortly, then?"

"That depends," said Linda mysteriously. "It depends on whether or not we can find our way back. Do you remember Hansel and Gretel? They laid a trail of stones as they went through the forest to follow if they got lost."

Before anyone else could answer Mandy piped up: "If we leave a trail it will be because we cannot be bothered to pick anything up, such as stockings, skirts, and so on. So that will have to suffice as trail, won't it?"

And cheekily, Tricia chimed in, "And they will probably be mine, and to start with you can have my suspender belt and stockings – Andy was about to put them on again for me after Jeff had already taken them off! He said he did not want to ladder the stockings whilst I was lying on a rough table!" And she dropped the nonchalantly onto our table.

Then, blowing us kisses, they left the bar-room into the night. A few minutes later we four followed them out, and the two girls split up, so that I was with Linda and Charles was with Sue, as they led us along the already darkening road and towards the tree area. Once we were amongst the trees, though, Linda turned to me and said, "I'm afraid all that drink is making me want to pee. Would it embarrass you if I did it here in front of you?"

"Definitely not," I answered, "but it is dark enough to hide anything you would wish me not to see."

To which came the brazen reply, "It's all right – I have a torch in my bag – here!" and she held out a dinky little flashlight. But when I switched it on it was a very intense beam indeed. It must have been a halogen bulb.

"You will need that to look for my knickers afterwards," she laughed, "unless you hold them for me while I pee. And I can hold the torch whilst you take them off for me first," she added, taking it from me and using the other hand to raise her skirt to her waist. In the intense torch-light I saw she was wearing no more than a tiny sheer white triangle, held in place by two extremely thin pieces of elastic. As I gazed at it she said, "And you might find a little difficulty at first – it has a habit of slipping into my pussy when I walk, and I can feel that it has done so now. You will need to put your fingers inside it to pull it out."

As I did as I was bid her pussy felt hot and wet, with no rough stubble whatsoever to spoil the velvety smoothness of her shaved lips. She moaned as I caressed her there, then said softly, "But I do have to pee!" and I reluctantly pulled off the tiny scrap and watched her as she squatted in front of me with no embarrassment whatsoever.

When she had finished she stood up, still clutching her skirt to her waist, and then asked me to examine her to make sure that no grass had penetrated her pussy! What an excuse! I knelt down, being careful where I put my knees near the sodden ground, and then carefully prodded with my finger as my head lingered intimately close to her cunt, savouring the exciting aroma exuding from there, albeit mixed with the acrid smell of pee. Next second my lips took over the caressing as my tongue sneaked between the lips to take the place of my finger.

Suddenly she called out, "Bugger it! I can't wait until we get to the villa! Fuck me now, till I scream with joy!"

With that she flung herself to the ground, skirt still bunched at her waist, as I fell onto her eagerly, and fumbled as we both tried at the same time to free my imprisoned cock. But it was soon out, still and ravenous, as I thrust into her soft yielding cunt, until she climaxed with a cry which must have been heard even at the villa as we simultaneously came.

We lay for a while, side by side, on the cool grass, recovering and chatting, until Linda said, "I wonder how the others are going on? Charles and Sue should be at the Villa by now, unless they have stopped for nookie like we did. But in any case we have not seen any sign of clothing being dropped, unless Sue has picked it up. After all, they were in front of us, weren't they? But Jeff will be showing Mandy and Tricia his porn videos by now –and they are good. I've seen them half a dozen times so far on this holiday, and they still turn me on. And in case you are wondering, which I am sure you are not, - Yes. Tricia was fucked in the alcove. I saw cum trickling down her leg as we chatted."

I kissed her again, and we stood up to continue our stroll, but she insisted that I carry her miniscule knickers in my hand and that I was to sniff them from time to time.

When we arrived at the villa, though, the lights were blazing all round, and the door was open. On entering we almost stumbled over clothing which was strewn everywhere, but the sound of laughter and glasses clinking told us which room was seeing all the action.

As we entered, though, there were shouts and boos from the six naked people inside! "No clothes allowed in here!" cried Mandy, whom we could see was completely naked and on all fours as Andy pounded into her from behind, with an equally naked Sue sitting on a low stool with her fingers spreading out her pussy close to Mandy's mouth, whilst she herself was sucking off Charles.

The orgy had already begun!

Linda and I were as naked as the rest in less than no time at all, and crossed the room to where Tricia and Jeff were sitting together, arms round one another, as they closely watched the antics of the other four. One of Tricia's hands was gently stroking Jeff's rigid cock, whilst one of his hands was beginning to make obscene squelches as it played with Tricia's glistening and dripping cunt lips.

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