tagIncest/TabooMandy and Me Ch. 02

Mandy and Me Ch. 02


Writer's Note: If you are new to this series, I would suggest you begin at Chapter 1, since each chapter builds on the previous. As promised, Mike and Patsy consummate their developing love in this chapter. This is a short chapter, but it lays the groundwork for what will follow. Thank you so very much for following along. Enjoy and please vote.

Literary critics are advised -- I am a retired cabinetmaker, not a professional author.

Legal -- All persons engaging in sexual activity are 18 or older.

Standard Advisory -- This is NOT a one-page stroke story. If that's what you want, look elsewhere. I will not tolerate complaints.

Standard Caution -- There is tobacco use (smoking) in this story. The setting is 1966, and I am writing to reflect those times. If this bothers you, go elsewhere.

Chapter 2 -- Seduction and Bad News

26 June

"Mike, it's time for you to make an adult decision, a decision that will affect us for the rest of our lives. Do you want to sleep with me? I've already said that I want you. Before you decide, you need to understand that this is something that has to be kept strictly between us, and can go no further. Now what'll it be? Do you want me as much as I want you?"

I stared into her beautiful green eyes for an eternity, thinking. How bad did I want to sleep with my mom?

"Can I have a little time, t' think it out?" I finally asked.

"Baby, take all the time you need," she said softly. I've been thinkin' about this for the past couple o' years, an' I've waited to say anythin' because I wanted you t' be a legal adult. You've acted like an adult since you started workin' for Raymond, but, legally, you are an adult now, since you're over eighteen."

I looked at my watch, and saw it was getting into the late afternoon.

"We need t' eat, Mom," I suggested. "We've been messin' around all day, and haven't thought about it since breakfast. Why don't we go to the Shamrock cafe an' get somethin', while I'm thinkin'?"

"Sounds good, t' me," she agreed.

We each went to our rooms, got dressed, got into her car, and left.


We arrived at the Shamrock Café at around 6:00, managed to find an empty booth, and ordered the day's special -- stuffed pork chops and green beans, with mashed potatoes and gravy -- and dug in when the platters arrived at our table. As we ate, we chatted idly about our jobs, and about school and how I was doing, there. Numerous times, people we knew stopped by our booth to chat with us. One or two commented that Mom looked happier, somehow, and she told them that she was, that things were better because I was finally becoming more outgoing. Of course, our visitors would immediately put Mom's claim to the test. They would ask me questions, which I answered, as I also paid compliments on their appearance or commented on things they said. All the while, Mom sat there with a pleased smile on her face.

Then, along came Darla, one of the nurses at the doctor's office where Mom worked. She and Mom were always kidding with each other, when they were at work or met socially.

"Evenin', Darla," I greeted her, touching my brow as I would if I was tipping a Stetson, to her. "You're lookin' good, this evenin'."

"I can't believe it; he can talk!" she exclaimed, looking from me to Mom. "As long as I've known him, I've never heard him say more'n two words at a time, an' here he is, usin' whole sentences! I'd say you have a reason to be happy, 'cause you have a hard workin' son that can talk!"

Both Mom and Darla had a big laugh, as a result of Darla's wisecrack, and I surprised them both -- I think -- by joining in with them in the laughter.

Darla slid onto the booth seat, next to me, hugged me, and kissed me on the cheek.

"If you were ten years older, I was ten years younger, an' I wasn't already married, I'd be chasin' you all over the place," she told me, looking me straight in the eyes. "I'm goin' t' find you a girlfriend, 'cause you're what all the women are lookin' for."

I glanced over at Mom, and saw that she was glaring at Darla. Then, she must have thought of something, because her glare softened and she broke out laughing at Darla's comment.

"Good luck with that," she laughed. "He's still scared o' girls, and I'm trying t' ease him into it gradually. As for you, you ain't the type o' influence he needs, right now."

"Look who's talkin'," Darla snickered. "He needs a woman, but you're the one who needs a man, 'cause you're the one that's goin' t' let it dry up, without one!"

"The only trouble with me, Darla, is that I'm a bit more finicky about the kind o' man I'll settle for -- an' that's the real difference 'tween me an' you!"

With that, Darla shut up, flustered, and stood to go.

"I'll see you at work tomorrow, Sweetie," she said, as she left.

After we finished our meal, I settled up and we left.

"I thought for a minute, there, we were goin' t' see a cat fight between you and Darla. You were sure givin' her a hard look," I said, kidding with Mom as I drove us back to our house.

"She's one of a kind, an' I wouldn't trust you with her for a minute!" Mom shook her head. "She's pretty wild, though, an' kids around a lot, so I'll have t' see what she says, tomorrow."

"Yeah," I said. "What did she mean it was goin' t' dry up? You're goin' t' have to explain that to me."

Mom erupted in laughter.

"You remember that we talked about arousin' a woman when we talked about sex, an' about how the vagina would secrete a slippery fluid? Well, my pussy gets really wet, especially when I've been kissed an' teased for a while. I'm surprised I didn't leave a big wet spot on my skirt, while we were in the back seat an' comin' home last night, because you really had me stirred up, just the way your dad always used t' do.

"Now you know why I've always worn those heavy cotton panties. They help. I was always wet around Bill, an' I'm the same way with you, most o' the time, especially when you wear them tight gym shorts. There's just somethin' about you," she said, giggling.

Back at the house, I parked the car and went around to open her door and assist her in getting out. She dug into her purse for her house keys, and I took them from her, unlocking and opening the door for her. Then, closing the world out, behind us, like the closing of the front door, we walked into the living room and sat on the couch, at opposite ends, leaning on the armrests so that we could face each other easily and comfortably. Our conversation continued, but then took a brief pause when I had to excuse myself to go use the bathroom.

"You don't think Darla'll be a problem, do you?" I asked, when I came back into the living room.

"Not really. She kids around a lot but's pretty serious most o' the time. We've gotten to know each other pretty well, so I know that -- when she starts havin' fun, or after a few drinks -- she'll say most anythin'. She'd had few, today, an' was pretty loose."

"I thought I smelled it, when she was sittin' beside me," I said.

"Bill an' I would drink a beer, every now and then, before he was killed," she said. "I've never smelled it on you, though. You've never had a drink, have you?"

"No. I've had the chance, though. Some o' the guys on the jobs keep it in coolers, an' they'll have one after work. They've offered it to me, but I was always afraid o' drivin' after drinkin'," I told her. "It never seemed worth the risk."

"It's not," she said. When I was workin' the emergency room, we hated t' see Friday an' Saturday nights. Those were always busy nights, an' a lot of it was from drinkin' an' drivin'."

She paused, then, and I guess she was mentally looking back to some of those miserable nights working the emergency room. I searched my mind for some way to change the subject easily, and finally came up with one.

"Speakin' o' doin' things after work, what're we goin' t' have for dinner, tomorrow, since we invited the Kellys?"

"Why don't we cook hamburgers?" she offered. "We can do those fairly quickly an', if you cook the meat on the grill, most o' the mess is outside."

"Sounds good, t' me. You'll need t' stop by the store, though. I'll be workin' on the job out at Center Point, and won't get back 'til about six, an' then I'll have to clean up. I know we'll need meat an' buns. Why not get ground sirloin? It tastes better, an' don't shrink as much," I said.

"What about dessert?" Mom asked.

"How about ice cream?" I asked, as a suggestion.

"Sounds good to me," she answered exactly as I expected. Mom never turned down ice cream, as a dessert.

I lit a cigarette and looked at her, from my end of the sofa to hers. Finally, I reached out and took her hands in mine, looking into her beautiful green eyes.

"Mom, I've been thinkin' about what we talked about earlier. You're completely serious about us sleepin' together, aren't you?"

"Yes, Mike, I am," she said. "I'm completely serious. Like I told you, I'd have let you have me in the back seat o' your truck, last night, 'til that damn guy with the flashlight showed up. I could feel your hard dick under my butt, an' that, combined with everythin' else that was goin' on, really had me goin', let me tell you! You know, for a young man who just started kissin' a woman on the mouth not all that long ago, you're gettin' to be a pretty good kisser! An' the way you were playin' with my tits, an' rubbin' my legs? Baby, you almost had me cummin' in my panties! I wanted you t' fuck me so bad, I couldn't stand it! I still want it, Baby! I want you in bed, with me, now!"

Now was the time. My ideal of the perfect woman was sitting a mere three feet away from me, offering her all to me, if I wanted her. All I had to do was say the word, and she was mine.

I was again staring into those beautiful green eyes.

"The answer to your question is 'Yes,' Mom," I smiled, and then watched the expression on her lovely face go from one of nervous anticipation and uncertainty to one of pure joy.

She threw herself at me, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me like tomorrow would never come. I hugged her and pulled her against me, mashing her breasts into my chest.

"Oh Mike," she whispered, "you've made me so very happy!"

"I hope you'll still be that way, an hour from now, Mom," I shrugged, giving her a nervous grin. "You're goin' t' have t' show me what t' do, at least this first time..."

"Come with me," she said, as she rose to her feet, and stood there in front of me.

I again followed her swaying ass, this time into her bedroom, where she stepped out of her shoes and turned to face me.

"Take my clothes off," she said. I wasn't sure whether it was a command or an invitation, but it didn't matter.

I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it from her shoulders. She was wearing the sheer bra I'd seen earlier. Her nipples were erect, making pronounced bumps on the bra cups. I reached behind her to fumble with the catch, before she quickly reached behind her back and solved the problem. Sliding the bra straps off her shoulders revealed her magnificent B cup breasts to my view. Her areolas were almost the size of a half dollar coin and her nipples were the size of the last joint of my little finger. They were a beautiful medium reddish brown color. I had to feel, kiss, lick, suck, and bury my face in these fleshly delights, all at the same time.

Mom finally pushed my head away.

"You're forgettin' what you're supposed to be doin'."

"Sorry, Mom," I said. "I was tit struck."

"I'll forgive you, this time, Baby," she giggled. "Just get busy, an' do what I told you t do."

I unzipped and unbuttoned the waistband of her skirt, watching it slide over her hips and flutter down her statuesque legs to the floor, where she stepped out of it and kicked it aside. She was wearing the panties I'd seen during our night at the drive in, or another pair like them. Her full bush of auburn pubic hair was plainly visible through the sheer fabric.

"Mom," I said, "I remember seein' panties at the restaurant, last night, but I felt hair when my hand was up under your skirt."

"I took 'em off, that second time in the restroom at the drive-in, because I was gettin' ready to give you everythin'," she laughed. "I was really gettin' excited, when I felt your fingers start brushin' through my hair, down there. Baby, you can't know how much I wanted you t' play with my pussy, last night. I was so excited, I'd've started cummin' the moment you touched me. Damn that guy, an' his flashlight!"

"We're here, now, Mom," I told her. "An' we're both sure that this is what we want, 'cause we talked it over when our heads were in more control than our bodies were, o' things. I think that's a good thing, ain't it?"

Kneeling before her, I leaned forward and kissed her panty-covered mound and then slid the waistband over her hips. The panties pulled free from her slit, trailing strings of her fragrant moisture behind as they slithered down her statuesque legs to the floor. Leaning forward again, I took my first ever taste of pussy, licking through her slit and up over her mound. I continued on to her navel, kissing it and then probing it with my tongue.

Mom pulled my tee shirt off while I was still on my knees in front of her, then told me to stand. She knelt, then, to unsnap and unzip my cut offs and pull them down my legs. She grabbed the waistband of my jockeys and eagerly slipped them down my legs to expose my seven-inch circumcised erection. Wrapping her hand around me, she began stroking me, smiling mischievously as she leaned forward to take the head into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around and over the underside of the head, driving me wild with lust.

Releasing me, she stood and moved in for a full body hug and kiss.

"This side o' the bed is mine," she informed me. "Go to the other side, an' help pull the covers down."

I kicked my shorts and jockeys off, and walked around the bed to where I could help her pull the covers somewhat neatly down to the foot, to get them out of our way. She lay down and patted the bed beside her. I got into the bed and we met in the middle. Taking her into my arms, I kissed her. As I tried to remember everything she'd told me, about arousing a woman, I continued the kisses over her face to her ears, licking them and lightly nipping at her earlobes. I continued kissing on down her neck and upper chest to those wonderful breasts.

I gently kissed and licked over her breasts to her nipples, which were delightful things, just begging to be kissed, teased, and lightly nipped. She moaned softly and began to squirm around as she pushed me onto my back. She quickly turned and straddled my shoulders with her knees, thrusting her pussy into my face.

Her outer labia were swollen and had darkened to almost the same color as her areolae and nipples. The pubic hair trailed down along them and onto her taint. The inner labia were already a dark pink, flaring open, and very moist, and her swollen clit extended from its hood. It was the same deep pink and size as a pencil eraser. I could see her vaginal opening, which was weeping fluid. The smell of aroused woman was intoxicating, and I was entranced, staring at the pussy I'd come out of eighteen years earlier.

"Hey, it ain't goin' t' lick itself, so get busy down there," Mom giggled, wiggling her luscious ass in my face.

I used my hands to spread her labia further and licked up through her slit several times. Each time my tongue crossed her clit, her moans grew louder. I licked up once more and pushed my tongue into her vagina. Inserting and withdrawing it several times -- and taking pleasure from the sound of the moans my actions pulled from her throat -- I moved down and sucked her clit between my lips, alternating between flicking it with my tongue and gently nipping at it with my teeth.

Mom was sucking on the head of my dick, alternating between swirling her tongue around the head and probing the slit, when she wasn't bobbing her head up and down. The feel of her warm, moist mouth on me was driving me wild with lust.

Tearing my attention away from the feelings she was causing in my nether regions, I finally pushed my left forefinger into her vagina, rubbing it on the front wall, feeling for the roughened area of the magic spot she'd told me about. When I finally found it, Mom groaned loudly and pressed her pussy harder into my face. She was beginning to shudder and the muscles of her thighs and hips were tightening.

The feel of her mouth on me was amazing. The wet warmth, combined with the suction, was fast driving me to the edge. I could feel my balls drawing up and knew I was getting close to cumming.

"I'm goin' t' cum," I groaned.

"So'm I," she moaned.

She thrust her pussy hard against my face as her orgasm began. Her vagina clamped down on my finger as fluid flooded from her. She tightened her thighs around my head, and humped my face madly. I could no longer hold it back, and began shooting into her mouth at the same time.

When our climaxes finally subsided, we lay limply for a minute. She finally turned to lie on top of me, face to face. A small amount of my cum was in the corners of her mouth and her cum was all over my face. We kissed and began to lick each other's face clean, in between tongue dueling kisses and exchanged endearments.

"Thank you for that. I haven't had a cum like that since your dad died. I sure needed that, an' I love you so much for doin' it t' me, Baby."

"Thank you, Mom, for sharin' with me," I said. "That was my first experience, and I'm glad you enjoyed what I did for you."

"Baby, you can do that for me any time," she giggled. Wiggling her hips she said, "Ooohhh, you're still hard. Good."

She rose up and straddled my waist, raising up just enough to rub the head of my dick back and forth through her slit until I was well coated with her fluids. Moving me back to her vaginal entrance, she slowly lowered her pussy onto me.

And, just like that, I was no longer a virgin.

Her vagina felt like a tight, warm, oiled, velvet sheath as it slowly descended onto me. She paused, rose slightly, and lowered again, repeating the move until I was fully seated in her, as deep in her body as I could get. The feeling of being fully ensconced in the vagina I had come out of, eighteen years earlier, was exquisite.

"I need t' sit here, for a minute, an' get used t' you," she told me as she stilled her motion on me. "I'm so full now, because you're every bit as big as your dad was, an' it's been over eight years since anythin' bigger than a finger's been in there."

"That's okay, Mom," I replied. "Right now, I'm just enjoyin' the feelin' o' bein' inside your pussy, like this. It's amazin'!"

"Baby, this is just 'nice,'" she giggled. "Amazin' comes, later on!"

She leaned down and kissed me deeply, our tongues slipping lazily from her mouth to mine, and back, and I thrilled to the little moaning sounds she made in the back of her throat.

After a couple minutes passed, Mom began to move her hips, alternating small circular motions with back-and-forth movements. What she was doing felt really good, on my dick, and I finally realized that I needed to be doing something to make her feel good, as well. I reached up and cupped one of her delightful breasts in either hand, massaging the globes with my fingers and then tugging gently at her nipples, alternating that with twirling them between thumb and forefinger, eliciting a series of heated groans from her, along with hisses of indrawn breath. It seemed as though my every move was giving her pleasure in some fashion or other, and it thrilled me to know that I was making her feel good, like she was making me feel as she moved on my dick. I didn't have to 'remember' to let her know how good she was making me feel, because my body took care of that, on its own. Low grunts and groans of exquisite pleasure came unbidden from my throat.

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