tagIncest/TabooMandy and Me Ch. 05

Mandy and Me Ch. 05


Writer's Note: If you are new to this series, I would suggest you begin at Chapter 1, since each chapter builds on the previous. This is Chapter 5 of the continuing story of Mike and Mandy. It picks up the at the end of chapter 4 and covers about two months. Mike and Mandy consummate their love, and receive surprising support. Thank you to all the loyal readers so very much, and a special thanks to Ciguardian for his suggestions. Enjoy and please vote.

Literary critics are advised -- I am a retired cabinetmaker, not a professional author.

Legal -- All persons engaging in sexual activity are 18 or older.

Standard Advisory -- This is NOT a one-page stroke story. If that's what you want, look elsewhere.

Standard Caution -- There is tobacco use (smoking) in this story. The setting is 1966, and I am writing to reflect those times. If this bothers you, go elsewhere.


Chapter 5 -- Camping Together and an Unexpected Move

19-30 Sept

The next two weeks were much the same, school in the mornings, work in the evenings, calls to Mandy, and our weekend date nights, where we'd play around, learning more about each other's bodies, and what turned us on. Raymond's crew had the walls framed and the sheetrock hung in the shop. I'd also assisted Charles with his electrical rough in, so things were looking good there.

Mom and I made our first loads of clothes and personal items when planned, and would be staying at the farm now. Mandy was as thrilled as I was, since we would now be able to see each other every day, and Grandma was especially happy to have us there.

We'd finally decided on our guest lists for the wedding, and ended up with a total of forty-three, so she ordered fifty invitations. The moms were scheming about bridal showers and other related activities while Mandy and I were constantly bickering with them, trying to keep everything low key and as simple as possible.

Raymond asked me to meet with him on a Saturday morning. He wanted to discuss how I figured the cost of a cabinet, and began by asking what method I used.

"I'll figure each piece I use, and in the case of plywood parts, multiply the square footage by the cost per square foot. On the solid stock material, I'll figure the board feet and multiply by the cost per board foot."

"That's one way of doin' it, but that doesn't account for all the waste -- the small drops you can't use anywhere else, or for the sawdust when you're cuttin'," he explained. "That costs you, and there's no way to recover it.

"With standard cabinets, you can only get four base cabinet ends from a sheet of plywood, so each one will cost you one quarter the cost of a sheet of plywood, plus the labor to cut it out. The only way the drops are useable is if you have a 24" wide cabinet on the job."

The conversation quickly devolved into the minutia of saw cuts, yield of various sized pieces from plywood sheets, and the same for the solid stock lumber, used for face frames.

The end result of our conversation was that I learned how to estimate cabinets by the linear foot, and how to build in a large enough profit margin to absorb the cost of the waste.

Using the formulas we derived, I was able to estimate costs for any grade of cabinet, from the top of the line, built from all lumber-core plywoods, with solid stock face frames and raised panel doors, to a more economical cabinet, built with veneer core plywoods, and plain doors.

"Always use the retail prices when estimatin', Mike. The lumberyard is gonna discount your price, and that will be part of your margin."

"This can be a pretty competitive business, can't it?" I asked, after we'd largely concluded the lesson in estimating.

"Yeah, it can be, but always remember; if somebody's undercuttin' the price too much, he's shavin' costs somewhere. I've seen guys say they used solid CORE plywood with a cut rate price, and when you look at it, you find they used a fiber-core or particle board core material. The fiberboard won't warp, but it swells up and falls apart if it ever gets wet, just like particle board does. The guys that try usin' that kinda material always get found out, and don't usually stay in the business very long."

"Thinkin' about it, Raymond, I believe that if I'm gonna do work for multiple builders, I need to concentrate on just one area, cabinets and casework only, and need to set up my shop as near like a production shop as I can to minimize labor."

"I figured you'd end up doin' that, Mike, and I don't have a problem with it. In fact, I think it'd be for the best. I know a couple of crews, right now, that are doin' interior trim only. The business is changin' right in front of us, with folks wantin' to be specialists -- framers, cabinetmakers, trim carpenters, and the like. One of these days, it may get to the point you won't be able to find any one carpenter that can do it all.

"I'll start givin' some of the other home builders the okay to come and talk to you. The way it looks, right now, you'll be ready to start workin' in your shop before Thanksgivin'. I'm still countin' on you to do trim and cabinets for me 'til at least the first of November. After that date we'll see where we are."

"That sure sounds good to me, Raymond, and I do want you to know just how much I really appreciate you actin' as a mentor, showin' me the things you have, and helpin' to get me through this start-up. You've shown me some tips and tricks that'll really help me be more successful, right from the start."

"I've told you before, Mike, you learned the job faster than anybody I've ever seen. Your craftsmanship has continued to improve, and you've always done each job in a shorter time than I'd budgeted, which makes my bottom line look better. I've also been watchin' what you've done to bring Larry along. His craftsmanship has really improved, he seems to like the work, and I know you're plannin' to keep him with you. The two of you, together, are gettin' real close to bein' equal to a three man crew."

"I do appreciate the compliment. Larry is a hard worker, and pretty sharp. He's picked the work up quickly, and about all I've had to do was show him how to work smarter, instead of harder. He has come a long way, and is gettin' to the point I don't have to show him, because he already knows. He's also a fun to be around, and that does a lot to keep the job interestin'."

"I know he's always been a good friend of yours, Mike, and I've watched the way you treat him. You always treat him like a member of your family, 'stead of an employee. It's a bit different way than a folks do it, but it does get results."

"You're right. It works for Larry and me, and I'd like to keep workin' that way, although I do know it may not always work. I've always thought that a close knit crew, that cared for each other, would be the most productive, and have the fewest problems. It worked for me, after I got to know John and some of your other hands. Time will tell whether I'm right or not, because that's the way I'm plannin' to run things."

"Just keep in mind; you'll have to be careful about the folks you hire. Some guys are only gonna be there for the paycheck, and you may have to weed 'em out to do what you're wantin' to do. You'll be able to tell when you have a hand that just ain't workin' out, and when you do, don't agonize over it, cut 'im loose and move on."


Mandy and I tried to spend as much time as possible together, during this time. Many nights I would go by her house, on my way home, or she would be waiting at mine, when I got in, so we could spend time together. With our school and my job, the only time we were able to get away and be alone together was weekend evenings.

We would go out on Saturday and Sunday nights, usually to Longview, where we'd eat and go to a movie. There were two drive-in theatres there, the Twin Pines and the River Road, and we became well acquainted with both of them. Those were about the only places where we could indulge in our sex play, and it was both stimulating and frustrating for us when we were able to do it. The stimulation was from our explorations, and the frustration because we weren't able go further. We both could hardly wait for the county fair break and our planned camping trip.

1-16 Oct

The two weeks before the fair break were especially busy. Mom and I, with the help of a few friends, moved everything except the furniture and major appliances. Larry and I continued to work, and Karen started staying with Grandma during the days. Larry would bring her to the farm in the mornings, and he and I went to school and the jobs together from there, then he and Karen returned home when we got in from work.

Mom listed our home in town with the realtor, and I finished moving everything from my old shop to the new one.

Charles and I had the rough in finished and he was pulling wire. Raymond's sheetrock crew finished their work in the shop, and I hired a painter to tape and bed the sheetrock, and then prime and paint the walls and ceiling with a semi gloss white enamel, for easier cleaning. Charles installed the lights in the shop, and had them operating quickly. Mom and I could now move the furniture.

The decision was made to move the tools I'd purchased the first week in November, and work toward having my shop in operation by Thanksgiving. I made arrangements to have the septic tank installed, and began installing the flooring and plumbing fixtures in the office area. Larry and I planned to do the final finish in the office space over the Christmas break.

20 Oct

The fair break, from school, was Thursday and Friday. Larry and I worked the day, Thursday, and took Friday off. He planned to spend a relaxing weekend with Karen, and Mandy and I were going camping that afternoon 'til Sunday morning.

The Thursday night before we were to go camping, Mom insisted we walk down to the shop for a private conversation.

"Y'all're plannin' to have sex while you're campin' aren't you?" she asked, coming right to the point, once we were there.

"Yeah, we are. We've been foolin' around some, but haven't done it yet," I told her, with a blush. "I haven't even tried to put a finger in her yet."

"That's about what I thought, because I know you pretty well. I know you want y'all's first time to be as good for her as possible. You know how to arouse her and get her ready for sex, from what I've shown and told you. Just remember you'll need to play with her for a while, and bring her to orgasm a few times to really get her warmed up, so she'll be more receptive, before y'all do it, the first time.

"Speakin' of puttin' a finger in her, Baby, that'll be a good way to really get her goin'. Slip a finger in there, and play with that magic spot on the front of her vagina. You should remember that'll do two things; it'll make her cum like crazy, and it'll start loosenin' her up. When she don't feel so tight, add another finger, but be gentle about doin' it.

"When you're ready to put your dick in her, be sure to make her be on top. You remember how our first time was, and how I slid down on you gradually. Don't forget, Mandy's a virgin, and'll need to let her vagina stretch to you. She's gonna be stretchin' muscles she hasn't used before, so make her take it slow and easy, and don't just ram it in, because that'll hurt. Help her to take it slow.

"Once you do get it in her, let her be the one to decide when and how much to do. The first few times y'all do it have to be completely about her, since it may be uncomfortable for her at first. Once she gets used to you bein' in there, let her experiment with movement. You can play with her tits and reach between the two of you to rub her clit and labia, because the outside stimulation will help her get used to you bein' in there a lot faster."

"Mom, how will I know for sure that she's alright? The last thing in the world I want to do is hurt her, and I do want her to enjoy it, as much as possible, both now and in the future."

"Baby, just relax. I know you know what to do, an' how to do it, 'cause I taught you, an' you did it to me, often enough. I've been watchin' the two of you, when you're here in the evenin's, and I've noticed you're talkin' with her freely, now. Communicatin' with each other is the key, and y'all are doin' that.

"Make sure she tells you how it feels. You should also watch her body, tryin' to read her 'body language', since the way she reacts to different things will tell you what she's feelin', good or bad. Tell her how it feels for you, as well. She's gonna want to know that she's givin' you pleasure, every bit as much as you want to know that you're pleasin' her.

"Just take your time, with her, Son. You'll have done very well if you can get her to cum the first time. Just don't forget that the first few times have to be completely about her. Your whole object is to make it as pleasurable for her as you possibly can."



Dad was on his shift at the fire station, that Thursday night, so it was just Mama and me, having supper together. After the meal, Mama put a fresh pot of coffee on, to brew, while she and I washed and dried the dinner dishes, and put them away. Once we'd finished that task, Mama poured two cups of coffee, added the cream and sugar, and brought them into the living room. She settled onto the couch and put the cups on the coffee table, in front of her.

"Come sit an' talk with me, a spell, Baby," she invited, tapping the cushion next to her with her hand. The request was cordial enough, but I could see lines of concern on her face as I took a seat next to her. I knew that the conversation was going to take a serious turn, at some point, when she pulled a pack of cigarettes out of a pocket in her housedress, and lit up. I pulled my own from my shirt pocket, and did the same.

"I suppose that there's no sense in us beatin' around the bush, Mandy," she began. "I'm not rightly sure I know how to handle this, but..."

"I think I know where this is headin', Mama," I smiled at her, lifting my chin to blow a puff of smoke toward the ceiling. "Why don't you just go ahead an' get it out?"

"Alright, Baby," she returned my smile. "Have you an' Mike made love, yet, or was that somethin' y'all were plannin' on doin', this weekend, while you're campin? You haven't said much, but I'm sure that the two of you have been foolin' around, at least some..."

"No, Mama," I answered, and even though I'd invited her to just toss the subject out into the open, I couldn't help blushing slightly. "We haven't done it yet, but we're plannin' to, this weekend. Why?"

"Are you really sure you're ready, Baby?" she asked me. "You know that, once you do this, there's no goin' back. You'll be givin' him somethin' that you can't take back, and give to someone else, later on."

"Sounds like you're not so much askin' me if I'm sure I'm ready to make love with a man, but if I'm sure that Mike's the right man, for me, Mama," I told her.

"Well, there IS that, Baby," she smiled.

"Mama," I told her softly, "You, and Mike's mother, and his grandmother spent nigh on three years, or more, tryin' to get the two of us together, all the time tellin' me that he'd be perfect for me. Maybe I'm just trustin' three very wise women, to have gotten that much right. I'll grant you, Mike an' I haven't been together, that long, but we've spent an awful lot of time just talkin'. Yeah, some of it's been whisperin' sweet nothin's in each other's ear, but a lot of it has been about life, and the future -- where we wanna be, a few years down the road, and what it'll take to get there, and whether or not we're willin' to do what it's gonna take.

"I've never met a man more determined to make somethin', of himself, than Mike, an' he's already off to a darn good start, on that. It's true, he's had a couple o' pieces of good fortune, like inheritin' the house and land from his grandparents, but how many men his age do you know, who're just inches from opening their own business? Not only that, but -- the way it looks, right now, Mike is gonna be gettin' a fair amount of business, right from the start, from some of the local home builders, an' that's a good start.

"So, yes -- I'm sure that Mike's the only man I'll ever love. And, yes, I'm sure that I'm ready to make love with him, this weekend."

"When did I turn around an' miss you, gettin' so smart, daughter?" Mama asked me. She had a smile on her face, but her eyes glistened with more moisture than usual. I pulled a tissue out of my pocket and handed it to her.

"Thanks, Baby," she smiled as she dabbed at the corners of her eyes. "I guess there's nothin' much more, for me to say."

"There's lots, Mama," I told her. "If you're willin', that is."

"Like what?" she asked me.

"Is there anythin' you can tell me, about doin' it for the first time?" I asked her. "You an' Mike's mom, both, told us not to go doin' it in a car, 'cause there ain't enough room to do it good and proper. But, what's it like, that first time? Can you tell me, Mama?"

"Well, the first time may be difficult," she told me with a blush. "My first time hurt, when my hymen tore, but you had the doctor remove yours, and that'll help a lot. You need to remember that your vagina'll have to stretch, so don't let him go all the way in at first. The best way would be to take a little and then have him back off some, before givin' you a little more. Make him work it into you gradually, so you can get used to him bein' in there. You'll want to do it that way the first few times. Also, remember what Patsy said, about how you should be on top, the first few times, so you can control how fast and how deep he goes in you."

"That's what Mike told me too, Mama," I said, with another blush. "We've been talkin' about it, and he keeps insistin' I'm totally in charge, our first few times. Mama, he's made me a promise that he'll never do anything to hurt me and I believe him. I've wanted him to put his fingers inside me, but he won't even do that yet. I love him so much because of the way he treats me, and I'm ready to totally give myself to him tomorrow, and finally become his woman instead of his girl."

Mama leaned over and gave me a soft hug.

"Baby, if he hasn't put a finger in you, yet, maybe that'd be a good place for the both of you to start. Get him to slip one finger inside you, an' wiggle it around a little bit. Then, when you start to feel like you're not fittin' as tight around that one finger, ask him to add another -- and even a third finger, once you're handlin' two, nice and easy. That'll sure help to stretch your vagina, and get you ready for what comes next.

"I was already kinda plannin' on that part, Mama," I admitted, blushing. "A girlfriend of mine, from school, tells me doin' that can feel really good. I can hardly wait to find out for myself."

"Baby, you sound like you're ready," Mama nodded, "and I sincerely hope you enjoy it. One more thing; you may not have an orgasm the first few times you have sex. It'll come to you, as you and Mike learn each other's bodies. You'll both have to learn how read each other, and once you can do that, the real enjoyment'll start happenin'.

"If he really cares about you, as much as it looks like he does, makin' love with him'll be somethin' you'll really want to do, instead of bein' somethin' you feel like you have to do. Remember, Baby, makin' love with him is the physical demonstration of the love you have in your heart for him, and the more you love him, the better the sex will be."

"Mike's already made me cum, just rubbin' my clit with his fingers, Mama," I admitted, feeling the blush rise in my cheeks. "It feels so good when he does it, and he does it to me so much better than I can, when I rub myself. It's almost like he has magic fingers. I can hardly wait for tomorrow night, so I can really find out what it's all about, because I already love him so much."

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