tagIncest/TabooMandy and Me Ch. 15

Mandy and Me Ch. 15


Writer's Note: If you are new to this series, I strongly suggest you begin at Chapter 1, since each chapter builds on the previous. This chapter picks up immediately following the end of chapter 14 and covers six days as the families undergo more changes. As always, a big tip of the Stetson to the loyal readers, and to my friend Ciguardian, whose comments and suggestions keep me working on this story. Thank you so very much. Enjoy and please vote.

Literary critics are advised – I am still learning how to spin an entertaining yarn. Additionally – this story may be slightly harder to read, since I write with the East Texas dialect, and lackadaisical speech mannerisms so prevalent in the location where this story is set, since I feel it adds to the overall color and completeness of the images I'm trying to portray.

Legal – All persons engaging in described sexual activity are 18 or older.

Standard Advisory – This is NOT a one-page stroke story. If that's what you want, look elsewhere.

Standard Caution – There is tobacco use (smoking) in this story. The setting is 1967, and I am writing to reflect those times. If this bothers you, go elsewhere.


Chapter 15 – A Resolution, An Explanation, and a Promise

28 Feb

A Note From Mike:

As noted at the beginning of Chapter 14, Mandy and I learned what occurred – while Junior, Mom, and Grandma were gone – second hand. Since we were not there, I've had to use a bit of literary license when it comes to some of the conversations and events, particularly those that occurred when Mom and Junior were alone, together. Mandy was able to gather some of those details, in later – and very interesting – conversations with Mom, passing the information to me for inclusion at the proper places.

Patsy awoke, that Tuesday morning, still lying entwined in the bed with Junior. As a memory from the night before surfaced, she slowly slid her arm between them, grasped his semi-erect penis, and slowly began to stroke him. Keeping her movements slow and steady, to avoid waking her bed partner, she gradually untangled herself, so she could move down and suck his erection into her mouth. He awoke to the feeling of something warm and wet, sucking on his cock.

"Mornin' Pats," he mumbled as he reached for her, to pull her on top of his body so that he could get to her pussy.

She released him, and moved up, giving him a kiss.

"Baby, I need to shower and clean up before you go down on me. You'll like it better. Besides, I need to pee anyway, and I don't want you tastin' that. I want to be as fresh as I can, for you, when you lick me, Baby."

"OK, let's get up and hit the shower, since I should be clean for you, too, now shouldn't I?"

"Too late, for that, Darlin'," she laughed. "I've already cleaned all o' the important parts, about as much as they need be."

"Well, I think that the 'unimportant' parts o' me ought to be clean, for you, as well as the important ones," he countered.

Laughing, they both got out of bed and headed for the bathroom, to take care of business.

After the shower – which I hear tell lasted nearly as long as one of Mandy's versions of a shower – they both returned to bed, where she climbed on top of him in the classic 69 position, sucking his cock back into her mouth as he attacked her pussy with his tongue. He inserted two fingers into her vagina, teasing her G spot as he licked and sucked on her clit, while she ran her tongue around the crown and over the frenulum of his cock and used her hands to cup his scrotum and roll his balls around. When she felt her orgasm approaching, she turned and mounted him.

"Fuck me hard and fast, Baby. We don't have a lot o' time, this mornin', and I want you to give me your cum. Fuck meeee!"

He rolled them over, and began to pound her pussy with rapid strokes, which was exactly what she wanted, as she wrapped her legs around him to put the impacts on her clit.

Within just a few minutes, they came together, his seed filling her to overflowing.

She held onto him as he rose and carried her into the bathroom and the shower. She released her grip on him and lowered her legs, as his cock pulled from her vagina. His cum drained from her onto the shower floor as he started the water, so they could quickly clean up again, get dressed, and head out to find breakfast.

They arrived at Paula's office, to find her waiting in the reception area. She welcomed them into her office and, after inviting them to help themselves to fresh cups of coffee and find a seat, she launched into her agenda for the day's meeting.

"Junior, I'm glad you're here," she began. "The District Attorney issued arrest warrants for Kathy, and for Paul Conrad, last night. The grand jury returned a bill of indictment against the both of them after less than half an hour's deliberation, after the particulars of the case – and samples of Kathy's diary entries as evidence of the charges – were presented in a hearing that was held yesterday afternoon. By now, I suspect that they've already both been booked and arraigned. The District Attorney is scheduled to meet with them, this afternoon, to explain the charges against them, and the potential penalties for the offenses."

"It couldn't happen to a nicer pair o' scoundrels," Patsy murmured dryly.

"Sounds like there's no love lost, between you and your estranged sister-in-law," Paula chuckled.

"More like the love I've found, now that she's shown her true colors," Patsy smiled, blushing, as her hand reached out for Junior's.

"Well, in that case, I guess I ought to get to the parts of my agenda that you, in particular, are going to find most interesting," the attorney nodded.

"What would those be?" Junior asked her.

"Well, I guess the first thing – I suppose – is what's going to happen to both Kathy and Paul," she began. "There's no way that the two of them will not be doing time in prison. The evidence against both of them is simply too damning to overlook. Plus, the good people of this county don't take too kindly to folks living high on the hog on the backs of the taxpayers – and that's just when it comes to discussing salaries of elected officials. When it comes to people like Kathy and Paul, who've cheated the people out of money that was supposed to go for the education of their children...?"

She shrugged her shoulders, smiled, and drew an index finger across her throat in an all-too-meaningful gesture.

"So, like I said, Kathy and Paul will both wind up being convicted of felony offenses and sentenced to prison. How much time either one of them do will depend on how stupid they are. They can either play it smart, and take the plea deal that the DA will offer them, or they can be stupid, and try their luck in a jury trial. Either way, they'll do time – a minimum of ten years, as based on the penalties called for under the law, itself.

"The plea deal will be offered in order to save the county the expense of a trial. If Kathy and Paul accept the deal, they'll likely be given concurrent sentences. That means they'll serve ten years for each of the four counts of fraud they're charged with, and serve those four terms at the same time. If they try their luck with a jury trial, the plea deal goes away, and they'll get their sentences issued as one after the other – in other words, serving a full forty years in prison."

"Kathy may be stupid," Junior chuckled, "but she ain't that stupid. She'll take the deal."

"Then she'll become a convicted felon, serving time in prison – which then qualifies you to take advantage of a sub-section of the Texas 'No Fault' divorce law, known as a 'unilateral' divorce," Sands explained. "This type of divorce is permitted under state law when one spouse in a marriage is convicted of a crime. When a spouse is convicted of a felony and serving over a year in prison, it allows his or her spouse to file for divorce without the imprisoned spouse's consent. Originally, it was aimed at wives of men who committed felony crimes. Very few women would want to remain married to a convicted felon, and it's too easy for the prisoner to simply object to the divorce. The state would have to provide him with an attorney at no charge, and it's just not in the budget. And, in most cases, objection to the divorce would be purely out of spite. The innocent party deserves to be able to move on with his or her life, without being tied to a person whose reputation is in disgrace – and who'll likely never hold any sort of good job, even when he or she is released from prison. This kind of divorce can usually be done in as little as a few days, nor is there any 'waiting' or 'appeal' period. Still, I'd advise that you give it a good thirty days before you two go looking to tie the knot."

"What happens, next?" Patsy asked.

"We will need to wait until after the District Attorney meets with Kathy. I think he will give her the option of either going to trial, where he will press for consecutive prison terms, or offer her a plea deal in exchange for letting the prison terms run concurrently. Either way, the evidence against her is in her own handwriting, and it's sufficient for her to go to prison. If she elects to plead guilty for the lesser sentence, I can get a copy of her allocution, which is her admission of having taken part in the crimes.

"Once that happens, I can take your divorce petition to the judge. Once he reads through her allocution, he will sign your petition almost immediately.

As a convicted felon, Kathy loses all her rights to your jointly-held property, so you'll be free to dispose of the house, cars, furnishings, and so on, as you wish."

"How long do you think the whole process will take?" Junior asked her.

"Junior, there is a very good possibility that we can have all this done within the next two weeks, or sooner, depending on what Kathy does."

"Paula, what does this do for Liz and Jen, since Kathy has been arrested? Can I get them today?"

"You're getting ahead of me, here," she said, with a chuckle. "I've prepared a petition to take to the judge, this afternoon, to grant you custody of both girls. Unfortunately, the earliest appointment I could get is at 2:00 PM, today, but you will be able to get your girls this afternoon, and take them with you. Permanent custody of all three girls will be part of the Unilateral Divorce petition and, since you are named as the father on their birth certificates, there will be no problem getting the judge's approval.

"Why don't you meet me here, at the office, at 1:15 this afternoon, and we'll go see Judge Jackson together. Once he signs the custody petition, you'll be free to go to the school and get the girls."

"That sure sounds good to me, Paula. Patsy and I'll go get lunch, and we'll be here just after 1:00. Thank you so very much for all o' what you've done, for me."

They left Paula's office, heading for the nearest restaurant.

"Junior, what are we gonna do with the girls, tonight?" Patsy asked, as he was driving away from Paula's office. "Do you plan to get another room at the motel, with two beds, or what?"

"What do you think we should do, Pats? I sure don't want 'em to spend the night alone, because o' what they've been goin' through. I've got a lot o' fence mendin' to do with 'em an', the sooner I start, the easier it'll be. They're really gonna need a lot o' help, an' a warm, lovin' home, to get over everythin'."

"Baby, I think we should keep 'em close to us, tonight. We'll have to take 'em home, so they can get some clothes, so what would you think about stayin' at the house, with 'em tonight, so that they can be in some familiar surroundin's, while we sit down an' explain what's goin' on?"

"That might be the best idea, Darlin'. Let's just grab somethin' fast to eat, and go check out of the motel. We've got time to do that and be back at Paula's office by 1:00."

They headed for the motel, where they quickly packed everything and checked out. There was a drive-in hamburger place on the way, so they pulled in and placed their orders.

"Remember that joint where we met, Baby?" Patsy asked, with a giggle. "You an' Bill were so handsome, and able to shoot such a line, the both o' you swept me off my feet."

"Yeah, I remember," he said with a chuckle. "You an' Mindy Sue were so cute, in them tops an' shorts you both wore. Bill and I used to go in there just to talk to the two of you. We both had a hard time tryin' to decide which one o' you we liked the best. Mindy Sue was a lot o' fun, but there was – an' still is – somethin' special about you. She seemed to be kind o' flighty, where you were more down to earth an' level headed. I loved you for it then, an' I still love you for it, now."

After they ate, Junior drove to Paula's office, arriving at 1:10. When they walked in, she was waiting for them.

"Good, you're here. Junior, if you will follow me to the judge's office, we'll get this taken care of," she said, as she picked up her briefcase and headed for the door.

Junior and Patsy followed her to Judge Jackson's office, and then inside. Paula made the introductions and presented the petition for temporary custody to the judge. He read everything carefully, before looking at Junior.

"Are you prepared to provide a proper home for Elizabeth Jane Davidson and Jennifer Leigh Davidson?"

"Yes, Your Honor, I am. I'm fully prepared to provide a proper home for them."

"Usually, custody remains with the mother, but your attorney has provided documentation that their mother was arrested this morning and will not be able to post bond for some time. Further, based on copies of the evidence that will be presented against the mother at her trial – should she refuse the plea bargain the District Attorney will likely offer her – it's apparent that she stands to be convicted and imprisoned for some considerable length of time. Therefore, I hereby grant you full temporary custody of both girls. Further, I'm going to allow you to take them both out of school, here, and enroll them in the schools in Gilmer, where you now reside, pending what I expect will be an eventual change to permanent full custody."

"Thank you, Your Honor," Junior replied.

With the custody hearing completed, Junior was now free to go to the school and get the girls. He and Patsy waited until they were out of the judge's chambers to thank Paula.

"Paula, you've done a wonderful job for me. I can't thank you enough," Junior told her.

"It's not over yet, Junior. We have to see whether she'll want to go to trial, or accept a plea deal. I'll watch things, down here, and keep you informed about what's going on. You need to go get your daughters and take them home."

He and Patsy got in the car and drove to the school campus. They went to the elementary school first, to withdraw Jennifer from school. She was brought to the office, where she stared at Junior with her eyes wide.

"Hello, Jen. My, it's good to see you, Baby," he said, as she ran into his arms.

"Daddy, I've sure missed you," she said through her tears. "I'm so glad to see you again."

Patsy handed her some tissues to dry her eyes.

"Aunt Patsy, what're you doin' here with Daddy?"

"I'm here to see you an' Liz, and to take you home, so you can be with Laura an' us," she said, as she hugged Jennifer. "We'll explain everything after we get Liz, Baby. That's where we're goin' now."

"Where's Mama?"

"Baby, she did somethin' bad an' got arrested by the police this morning," Junior told her. "We'll explain it all in a bit, because, right now, we need to go get your sister. That way, we can explain it to both o' you at the same time."

They walked across the campus to the junior high office, where Junior told the secretary he needed to withdraw Elizabeth. She was summoned from her study hall period and had the same reaction as Jennifer, when she saw her dad.

"Daddy! Mrs. Becker told me today that she'd talked to you, an' you're here!"

"Yes, Baby, I'm here. I'll always be here, for you, from now on."

"Dad, what happened to Mama? Some of the kids were sayin' that she had to leave with the police, this mornin'."

"Liz, your Aunt Patsy and I'll explain it all to you tonight. Please be patient with us, while we get everything taken care of here. Then we'll go home an' sit down with both of you, to tell you what we know. Can you do that for us?"

"Sure, Dad. Are you takin' us out of school?"

"I'm going to take them outside, while you finish the paperwork," Patsy told him. "It'll be easier to deal with their questions, while you take care of the rest of the paperwork."

"Sounds good, Patsy," he nodded.

"It shouldn't take more than half an hour to get the transcripts ready for both girls," the lady behind the office counter informed them.

Patsy nodded her thanks, then turned and led the girls out to her car. Once they were seated inside, and had the windows rolled down, she lit a cigarette and began to talk with the girls.

"Liz, you asked if your dad was taking you out of school. That's true. He an' I are here to take you back home to Gilmer, with us. Now, your dad an' I still need to stick around here, in Texas City, until tomorrow, at least, so we're gonna stay at your house, tonight. We'll go back to Gilmer, either tomorrow afternoon or the next day, dependin' on a couple o' things. But you'll see your sister, Laura, soon enough. You three, and your dad, are all gonna be together, from now on."

"Aunt Patsy, I'd sure like that, because we've really missed her an' Daddy both. We're not gonna have to stay up late, cleanin' house tonight, are we?"

"No, Sweeties, you won't have to worry about cleanin' house, tonight. When your dad gets here, we're gonna go somewhere, to get somethin' to eat, an' then we'll head back to your house, where we'll all sit down and talk for a bit, so that your dad and I can explain what's been goin' on for the last few days. Then, it'll be off to bed, for both of you.

"Tomorrow mornin', we'll likely go somewhere for breakfast, an' then come back to the house. Your daddy may have to run a couple of errands, but I'll stay with you. I'll help you pack up some suitcases with some of your clothes, and sort through your things, to get you ready to go home with us, to Gilmer.

"The both of you'll see Laura, soon, an' you'll get to meet Maggie Reynolds. She's Mandy's mom, and Laura's been stayin' with her, for a while, 'cause we haven't had enough bedrooms to go around."

"Will we be stayin' there, too?" Liz asked. "I called the number that Laura gave me, the last time she called to talk, yesterday, an' she said that might be what's gonna happen."

"You and Laura have talked?"

"Yeah, she's called a few times, in the evenin's, when Mama was gone, an' we've talked," Liz nodded. "She always waits to call 'til after Mama leaves to go out with her new boyfriend. I called her, last night, while Mama was gone, an' she told me that you an' Dad were down here, lookin' to take us to live with you."

"Well, you probably will be stayin' at Maggie's house, for a couple o' months," Patsy told her. "But it won't be for too long, I promise. Laura has her own car, so she'll bring you over to spend time with your dad, every day. You can even come over, every mornin', an' eat breakfast with us, if you want."

"Uh, Aunt Patsy?" Liz ventured, then, "can I have a drag off your cigarette? I sure need one, just now."

"I kind of thought you would be, Sweetie," Patsy smiled, handing the cigarette to her. "I figured I'd wait 'til you asked, though."

"Thanks, Aunt Patsy," Liz nodded, taking a long puff and then handing the cigarette back.

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