tagIncest/TabooMandy and Me Ch. 18

Mandy and Me Ch. 18


Writer's Note: If you are new to this series, I strongly suggest you begin at Chapter 1, since each chapter builds on the previous. This chapter picks up at the end of chapter 17 and covers seven days as the families conduct another wedding. This is a no sex chapter, other than by reference, which lays the groundwork for many of the following chapters. As always, a big hat tip to you loyal readers, and my friend, Ciguardian,, whose positive comments keep me writing. Thank you so very much. Enjoy and please vote.

Literary critics are advised -- I am a retired cabinetmaker, not a professional author.

Legal -- All persons engaging in described sexual activity are 18 or older.

Standard Advisory -- This is NOT a one-page stroke story. If that's what you want, look elsewhere.

Standard Caution -- There is tobacco use (smoking) in this story. The setting is 1967, and I am writing to reflect those times. If this bothers you enough to complain, go elsewhere.


Chapter 18 -- Plans, Another Wedding, and a Shocking Surprise

19 Mar


I'm taking over narrating the first part of this chapter, because there was something that happened -- at about this point in Mike's and my life-long love story -- that neither Mike nor I were aware of, at the time. It all stemmed from something that I've already included in my part of the story, though, so we figured you might be interested in reading about it.

We had a typical Sunday morning, sleeping in a bit later than most days. Mike and I were first in the kitchen, and had breakfast mostly done by the time Mama and Dad made their appearance. The girls had gone back to my mother's, a little early, the night before; in order to make sure they had all their homework done, since Mike had promised to take them skating, this afternoon.

Mama Patsy and Dad had taken another look at their house plans after the girls had headed home, Saturday, and had decided on a couple minor changes they wanted. Dad planned to go to Tyler, Sunday afternoon, to meet with Harrison and to ask about the changes they'd come up with, since the starting date for construction was so close at hand.

The girls had returned, about mid-morning, assuring Cousin Mike that all their homework was done. He was talking with them, out on the back porch, when the phone rang. I answered, to find it was my Aunt Mindy, wanting to talk to Mama. I passed the phone over, and walked out onto the porch, to see what was happening between my husband and our soon-to-be sisters.

"What did Aunt Mindy want?" I asked, when Mama came out to join us.

"She wanted to know if I'd be here, this afternoon. She wants to come out and visit, for a while. I told her I'd be here, an' everyone else'd be gone for a few hours this afternoon. She's comin' over about 1:30. That'll work out perfect, since I was gonna be here, by myself, otherwise."

Mama and I worked together, to prepare lunch. Once the meal was eaten, and cleaned up, Dad left to meet Harrison, while Mike and I took the girls to town.

A Note From Mandy: Because Mike and I had taken the girls to the roller rink for the afternoon, I wasn't at the house to hear the conversation that went on between Mama Patsy and my Aunt Mindy. Mama filled me in on it, though, when we had a few minutes alone, later on in the week. She figured that it'd be okay, since she knew I could be counted on to keep it a secret just between her and me -- and Aunt Mindy, of course, and because it was an extension of a conversation that I'd already been part of, during that little "girls' night out" party Aunt Mindy had invited us to.

Aunt Mindy arrived about fifteen minutes after Mike and I had left with the girls.

"Come on in, Mindy," Patsy greeted her friend. "I just made a fresh pot o' coffee."

Once the coffee was poured and pleasantries were exchanged, they each lit a cigarette and Mindy got right to the point.

"I need some help, Patsy, an' you're the only one I can ask. We are alone, ain't we?"

"Yeah, we're alone. Mike and Mandy just left, takin' the girls skatin', an' Junior's gone to Tyler for a few hours, so we've got plenty o' time for girl talk. What's goin' on, Mindy?"

"Where were you, yesterday? I kept tryin' to get in touch with you, but you must've been out all day. I was goin' out o' my mind, thinkin' about what you'd said, Friday night. I had to quit tryin' to call, though, when Fred an' Bud finally came home from their fishin' trip."

"Mandy an' I had taken the guys to Longview, to do some shoppin' for our honeymoon trip."

"I thought you'd done all your shoppin', when you came into my shop, that Saturday mornin', girl! What else could you've needed?"

"Well, we got all o' my shoppin' done," Mama chuckled, "but then Junior an' I decided that we were gonna take Mike an' Mandy along to Hawaii, with us. They went straight from gettin' married to openin' their business, in about three days, an' didn't take time for a honeymoon, figurin' they'd do it later on in the year. Then, when Mandy got pregnant, they realized that they were gonna be too busy raisin' a little one, to do a proper honeymoon, for a few years. So, we decided they needed to go, an' go now.

"That meant that Mandy had to do just a little more shoppin, an' -- as for Mike an' Junior -- well, neither one had a stitch o' clothin' fit to wear on a trip to somewhere like Hawaii, so we had a bushel o' shoppin' to do, for the two of 'em, an' we didn't get back 'til after 4:00, yesterday afternoon. Now, quit stallin', an' tell me what's so all-fired important!"

"Girlfriend, you remember how we got to tellin' all those tales, Friday night?"

"Yeah, I remember all that."

"Well, after y'all left, I was so horny I couldn't stand it, an' I'm figurin' you an' Mandy were the same way. Y'all were able to go home to your men, an' their nice, stiff cocks, but there I was, stuck there alone, tryin' to deal with it. I wanted Fred there with me so bad I almost couldn't stand it. I'll tell you, Girl, I simply can't remember ever bein' so horny, an' all I had was my fingers!"

"I sorta figured that was gonna happen," Patsy giggled. "There's no need o' you tellin' me what you did!"

"You got that right!" Mindy laughed. "Pretty much all night. I just couldn't get it out o' my head. I was tryin' 'bout every way I could, to get me some satisfaction, but it wasn't nearly enough. I had a NEED, Patsy, an' nothin' I did worked.

"I tried daydreamin' about havin' Fred there, but even that didn't work. In the middle of all of it, you tellin' 'bout you an' Mike popped into my head, an' the next thing I knew, I was imaginin' that it was Bud, in that bed with me, an' I was ridin' him like a bronco. I even imagined his face gettin' all scrunched up with the pleasure o' slippin' in an' out o' me, an' him lookin' up, tellin' me, 'Mama, nobody ever told me it would feel this good!'"

"Sounds like you've got it bad, Mindy. I'm gettin' the idea that you're thinkin' o' doin' the same thing I did, with Mike."

"If I wasn't thinkin' seriously on it, before yesterday, Patsy, I sure as hell am, now!" Mindy groaned, smiling. "But, hold your horses, 'cause there's a whole lot more, I need to tell you!"

"Then, don't just sit there, lookin' at me, Mindy; get on with the tellin'!" Mama chided her.

"Well, since I went to bed without really gettin' any satisfaction out o' my fingers, I woke up just as horny, Saturday mornin'! Try as I might, I just

couldn't get those thoughts o' doin' both o' my men out o' my mind. I was also wrackin' my brain, tryin' to come up with a way to get the kids out o' the house for another night, so Fred an' I wouldn't have to be worried about 'em hearin' what I got up to, with him, when he got back.

"I was pacin' through the house, thinkin' about what I wanted to do with Fred, an' have him do to me, when I walked past the door o' the den an' spied the humidor on his desk. Seein' it reminded me o' that story that Mandy told, 'bout her an' Mike, an' what he did to her when she smoked a cigar in front o' him. I pulled up short, an' thought to myself, 'What the hell; maybe I oughta give one o' them things a try?'

"So I took one, an' went out on our back porch, an' lit up. I was surprised by how sweet an' mild the thing tasted that -- 'stead o' just takin' a few test puffs, I wound up smokin' the whole thing while I sat there, thinkin' o' just how I might try Mandy's idea out on Fred, to see what he'd say or do.

"Anyway, a while later, the phone rang. It was Kenny Sims -- he's a friend o' Bud's, from school an' scouts -- called, wantin' Bud to go to the drive-in with him, that night. They're showin' last summer's Our Man Flint, plus the new follow-on movie, to that first one, In Like Flint. Then Bud was to spend the night at their place, so he an' Kenny could start plannin' for their next scout campout. 'Course, that fit right into my plans, so I told Kenny that it'd be okay, an' that one o' us would bring Bud over, after he got home an' cleaned up from the fishin' trip."

"That only left you figurin' out what to do about Missy," Patsy chuckled.

"Don't I know it, Girl!" Mindy laughed. "An' I swear, somebody up there must've heard my wish, 'cause it wasn't half an hour 'til Missy called. Her friend's folks had invited her to go with 'em, that night, to see those same two movies at the drive in. Since they'd be gettin' back from the drive in well after midnight, they'd invited Missy to spend another night at their place."

"Sounds like your lucky stars were all puttin' in overtime hours, girlfriend," Patsy laughed.

"Ain't that the truth, Pats!" Mindy giggled wickedly. "I had most o' my preparations done, by the time Fred an' Bud got home. I'd showered an' shaved where I needed to, an' picked out the sexiest 'come an' fuck me' negligee I own, to wear.

"Bud was eager to go, when I told him about Kenny's invitation, so he cleaned up while Fred was stowin' all the fishin' gear away an' straightenin' things up. Bud was ready in no time, flat, but Fred wanted to shower an' change, 'fore drivin' him over to the Sims' house. Bud went on out to the car, but I waylaid Fred 'fore he got out the door. I told him I'd missed him way too much, while he was gone, an' that both Bud an' Missy were gonna be gone from the house all night long, an' he could guess what that meant. I winked at him, then, an' it didn't take him but a second or two to put two an' two together an' come back at me with a kiss an' a naughty smile. He knew what I had in mind, alright, an' he told me that he was every bit as much in the mood for some canoodlin' as I was!

"Fred drove Bud over to the Sims' house, which took about a half hour, an' then stuck around a few minutes to chat a bit with Jake Sims -- that'd be Kenny's dad -- an' insist that Jake take some money to cover Bud's movie ticket, an' some for food an' stuff at the concession stand.

"When he got back, I'd ditched the negligee idea, an' was waitin' for him, naked, layin' across the bed an' lookin' like one o' those pictures in those men's magazines, with a freshly lit cigar 'tween my fingers. I think he must've smelled the smoke 'fore he got to the bedroom, 'cause he came in lookin' all curious. Caught me just as I was takin' a long draw on the cigar an' blowin' a nice plume o' smoke across the room. Girl, you should've seen the look on his face!"

"What'd he say, though, when he took in the sight o' you, layin' on the bed all naked, blowin' smoke from one o' his stogies?" Patsy asked, giggling.

"He asked me, 'Who the hell are you, an' what have you done with my wife?'" Mindy laughed. "I swear, those were his exact words! His eyes were all bugged out, like he couldn't believe what he was seein'!

"I told him he had somethin' I needed, an' he needed to get in that bed with me, an' give it to me. It didn't take him but a few seconds to shuck off his clothes, an' slide onto the mattress beside me. First thing, I gave him one o' those 'smoky kisses' Mandy told me about, an' his cock fairly snapped to attention! One thing led to another, an' next thing I know, I'm givin' him a blowjob, an' blowin' smoke rings around his cock. You shoulda seen him starin' at me, when I'd do it. I honestly believe he thought he'd died an' gone to heaven!"

"So, how'd the night go, from there, Mindy?" Patsy asked, leaning forward across the table.

"Girl, we had some o' the finest lovin' we've ever had! He started off by lickin' my pussy an' suckin' on my clit 'til I came, once, an' then he slid up an' slipped himself into me in one smooth push! He was doin' me, then,

while I was smokin' that cigar an' sharin' those smoky kisses with 'im, an' it was drivin' 'im wild.

"He was on top, for a while, an' then he rolled us over, puttin' me on top, ridin' him. I even got him to do me in the ass, for a finale, an' it was great! I don't know if it was the cigar, or what, but somethin' sure kept him goin'! He never lost his erection, not even after cummin', the first time! I swear, that ain't happened, 'tween us, since before he knocked me up with those kids! I'm gonna have to thank Mandy for tellin' that little 'cigar story' o' hers, 'cause it sure worked, on Fred!

"Once we'd finished up, an' were layin' there, talkin', he wanted to know what happened to me. Our lovemakin's gone a bit stale, of late, an' we've kind o' been doin' things by rote. Everythin' I was doin' to him an wantin' him to do to me kind o' surprised the heck out of 'im."

"I can just imagine," Patsy laughed. "I've done the same thing to Junior, a time or two already, an' I know Mandy's always comin' up with somethin' to keep Mike interested. What did he have to say?"

"First thing he wanted to know was what had happened to me, to get me so hot an' bothered. I told him a little bit about Friday night. Mind you, I kept it general, an' didn't tell him exactly what went on. I just told him that it was us three girls, sittin' an' swappin' sex stories. He asked, but I told him that he knew all o' our sex stories -- an' what the two o' y'all told me was just between us girls an' none o' his business. He got the message, an' he knows that he can't pry a secret out o' me, when I promise someone I'll keep it, even with a crowbar!

"I did finally break down, though, an' told him about the night o' my eighteenth birthday -- an' that's a tale he hadn't heard from me, before.

"He sort o' surprised me, then, admittin' he'd had the same kind o' feelin's 'bout his mama, back when he was in his teens, but he never had the nerve to do anythin' about it. He acted kind o' embarrassed to admit to it, an' I understood that. To soothe his worries, I told him that I'd heard tell that most young men daydream about beddin' their mamas, so he needn't think he was some sort o' sick pervert.

"I told him that a lot o' girls feel the same way about their daddies, too, an' wonder what it'd be like, to make love with 'em -- an' that a lucky few, like me, get to find out! I told him that my daddy'd said that he'd enjoyed every minute o' makin' love with me -- an' that I knew of a couple o' mothers who'd taken their son to bed an' loved every minute of it.

"Of course, that gave me the perfect openin' I needed, to bring Bud into the conversation. I told Fred how Bud was always watchin' me, an' that -- fairly often, I'd catch him with a hard-on while he looked at me. The upshot of it was that Fred finally asked me if I'd been thinkin' 'bout takin' Bud to bed, to train him, the way my mama an' daddy had done me.

"I admitted that the notion had crossed my mind, a time or two -- thinkin' about givin' him the same sort o' lessons that my mama and daddy gave me, back then -- but that I didn't want to do anythin' about it without his knowin' about it an' givin' his approval. When I told him that, he surprised me, Patsy. He told me Missy'd been after him, for the same thing, an' then he admitted that he'd done somethin' I should know about.

"I was layin' there, with him, starin' into his eyes, watchin' him turn red. 'Get it out in the open, an' let's talk about it, Baby,' I finally told him. 'It can't be any more embarrassin' than my tellin' you that I've been toyin' with the notion o' makin' love to my son, Baby! Go ahead, an' just spit it out!'

"He told me that it had all started on one o' their Saturday 'dad-daughter' fishin' trips, about three or four months back. At first, he told me, it was just 'Daddy, can I have a taste o' your beer?' an' he'd let her have a swig or two. She'd turned out to like it, so -- next time they went out -- it was, 'Daddy, can I have a beer, too?' Of course, she'd made a big fuss, the time she'd tasted it, about how she really liked it, so he'd anticipated her move an' brought a few extra bottles along, that trip, an' gave her one. About an hour later, she asks him, 'Daddy, can I have a taste o' your cigarette?'

"Turned out, after he gave her a whole one to try puffin' on, she liked the taste, an' then she wanted him to teach her how to suck in the smoke, like he does. Now, you need to know that Missy's his darling baby girl, an' he dotes on her like all fathers do, with their daughters, so he gave in an' taught her how to inhale. He told me that he was glad he'd brought an extra pack along, on the trip -- more'n he usually took -- 'cause she wound up smokin' most o' the whole pack, 'fore they came home. An' -- that afternoon, as they sat by the campfire, with her smokin' a cigarette an' him puffin' on a cigar, she asks him for a taste o' that, too."

"Why do I have a feelin' that I know where this story's headed, Mindy?" Mama asked, chuckling the way she does whenever she's thinking naughty thoughts that touch on sex.

"Because that's where it's headed, Girl!" Mindy laughed. "But, let me tell it, my own way, how about?"

"Okay, Mindy; go ahead."

"Then, one afternoon -- this was about a month ago -- she told him she had a big problem. Well, Fred jumped right to the notion o' her havin' a bun in her oven, an' she had a real laugh, when he asked her if she did. Turns out, her problem was at the other end o' things. Accordin' to her, there was a boy she thought was gonna ask her out to one o' the spring dances, at school, an' she wanted to learn how to kiss a boy the right way. Said that she wanted to be able to knock his socks off, when it came time for them to kiss goodnight -- or maybe even earlier in the evenin', if it came to that. So, 'Daddy, will you teach me how to kiss a boy, the way you kiss when you're in love?'

"At first, Fred said that he refused, tellin' her that it just wasn't proper for a dad an' his daughter to be kissin' like lovers. She kept after him, though, tellin' him that it wasn't like they'd really be lovers; he'd just be teachin' her how kissin' like that gets done.

"To make a long story just a tad shorter, just like with everythin' else she'd asked him, she eventually wore him down an' he finally gave in an' taught her. The last time they were out, fishin', she asks him if he'd let her practice her kissin', on him, to make sure she remembered everythin' about how to do it. After he hemmed and hawed for a bit, he finally gave in. He said that, almost before he knew it, their fishin' lines were gettin' neglected while they laid on the blanket he always took along, an' spent time kissin' like lovers."

"Sounds to me a bit like Missy set her cap for her daddy, an' just kept after him 'til she wore him down," Patsy commented, smiling softly.

"That's what I was thinkin', as I listened to him spin out the tale," Mindy agreed, nodding. "Then, he told me that, after they'd 'practiced' her kissin' for a while, she asked him flat out if he'd make love to her. She told him that she wanted her 'first time' to be with a man who'd treat her kindly an' gently, an' she couldn't think of a man who'd be kinder an' gentler with her, than her daddy.

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