tagIncest/TabooMandy and Me Ch. 19

Mandy and Me Ch. 19


Writer's Note: If you are new to this series, I strongly suggest you begin at Chapter 1, since each chapter builds on the previous. This chapter picks up immediately following the end of chapter 18 and covers most of four days, as the families travel and begin their honeymoons. As always, a big tip of the Stetson to you loyal readers, whose comments and suggestions do much to keep me working on this story. Thank you so very much. Enjoy and please vote.

Literary critics are advised -- I am a retired cabinetmaker, not a professional author.

Legal -- All persons engaging in described sexual activity are 18 or older.

Standard Advisory -- This is NOT a one-page stroke story. If that's what you want, look elsewhere.

Standard Caution -- There is tobacco use (smoking) in this story. The setting is 1967, and I am writing to reflect those times. If this bothers you, go elsewhere.


From Chapter 18

"Junior! What's wrong?" she demanded urgently.

"My god, Patsy, how do I say this?" he asked her in return.

"Say what?" she asked.

"That wasn't Bill, in the tack room with you, that night, Patsy. It was me!"


Chapter 19 -- The Prelude to Paradise

25 Mar


The other three of us -- Mom, Mandy, and I -- sat at the table in stunned silence, for several moments, while the inevitable truth contained in Junior's words sank into our minds.

"Are you certain?" Mom asked, her face plainly betraying the shock she felt, at hearing Junior's words.

"I was thinkin' that things sounded awful familiar, as you got to the part o' the story about what went on, in that tack room. Still, there was a chance that it could've been some other girl in there, with me, on my turn. What happened to me was a whole lot like what you said you did with that boy, but it still could've been just coincidence that made things sound alike.

Then, when you repeated what you told the boy after you finished, well, that was the last nail. It couldn't have been anybody else but you. I remember those words, 'cause I remember thinkin' o' askin' you if we'd lasted the regulation eight seconds any rodeo requires, for it to really be considered a 'ride'."

I wanted to chuckle, or even laugh, at Junior's last comment, because -- in just about any other situation but the one we found ourselves in -- the notion of the boy and girl in that story lasting for eight seconds would have been absolutely hilarious, but I couldn't find it in me to do so. A glance at the wan smile on Mandy's face told me that she was feeling the same way.


We moved like those miserable creatures in the zombie movies, for the next few minutes. Mandy and I finished cleaning up the mess, while Junior and Mom sat at the table, staring at each other in shock. Thoughts were rambling round in the back of my mind, but I wasn't ready to deal with them, yet.

Eventually, Junior got up and found another wine glass in the cabinet, and poured himself a refill, then topped off the rest of our glasses. We downed most of the champagne in a couple of long gulps, much like some of the characters we'd seen in countless movies, taking those long gulps of some alcoholic beverage as if it was 'liquid courage' that would help them face a deadly peril or a painful truth. For the next few minutes, we just sat there, silent, lost in our thoughts.

Finally, I took a deep breath, lit a cigarette, and looked over at Mom.

"Was there any more to the story, Mom," I asked her. I'm not sure why I came up with that question. My guess is that, subconsciously, my brain knew that it still needed more time to process what I'd just learned -- and the inescapable conclusion based on those facts -- but the silence in the room was too deafening to bear.

"Well, we got led out o' the tack room -- still blindfolded, mind you -- an' back to the circle o' kids that were there for the game, after a couple more minutes o' just kissin'," she nodded. "Then we sat around while another couple was chosen to play the game. Eventually, I lifted my blindfold just enough to sneak a peek at my watch, an' saw that it was gettin' late, way too late for Bill and me to have any time to go somewhere, stretch out a blanket like we usually did, an' make love properly, even if we left the party right then. The curfew my folks had set, for me, was 11:00, an' it was already 10:45. I called out to Bill, an' told him I needed to be gettin' home, an' he agreed. We pulled off our blindfolds, an' got up an' left the party.

"On the drive home, neither of us said anythin' to each other, apart from bein' worried about my situation. I was gonna be late gettin' in, an' I'd been drinkin', to boot. That made bein late even worse, for the both of us. Both Mama an' Daddy smoked, so they'd kind o' tolerated the fact that I'd started smokin', 'cause I was plenty old enough to do that. But, at eighteen, I still wasn't old enough to be legal, drinkin' beer. So we made the forty minute drive to my house with me holdin' onto the vain hope that my folks'd gone off to bed an' wouldn't know what time I stepped through the front door.

"As it turned out, Mama an' Daddy were both still up an' waitin' for me an', when they got a whiff o' the smell o' beer on my breath, they pitched a royal fit an' grounded me for a month. By the time the month was nearly over, I was already two weeks late, an' was beginnin' to get the idea that I might be pregnant. Which, it turned out, I was."

"The only real question, now, is which one of us was the father," Junior sighed. "It's obvious that I was the one makin' love to you, that night, but you an' Bill were makin' love, too, an' -- apparently -- neither one o' us used a rubber."

"That's only partly true, Baby," Mom shook her head, sighing deeply. "Far as the rubbers go, Bill an' I never used 'em -- leastways, not after the first couple o' times we tried 'em. The first time he made love to me was on the first day after I'd finished my period. I knew I was safe, an' I didn't want that silly thing 'twixt him an' me. I wanted the feelin' o' him cummin inside o' me. It was the same, the next couple o' nights. Then, when I got close to my fertile days, I gave in an' we tried one -- actually, we tried a couple nights in a row -- but they cut 'way back on what either one o' us felt, in the lovemakin', so we gave up on 'em, completely. Bill just pulled out an' came on my belly or -- better still -- in my mouth, when he got close.

"To be honest with you, I didn't really give a tinker's damn whether I caught or not. Bill an' I'd already been talkin' seriously 'bout gettin' married, or even elopin', if we had to. My mama an' daddy weren't the nicest folks to be around, back then. They mellowed some, after Mike was born but, back when I was eighteen, I'd had my fill o' the way they treated me, an' each other, an' I was past ready to be out from under 'em. Neither one of us cared if I got pregnant, 'cause that would've just speeded up gettin' me out o' their house.

"Where that thought o' yours goes really wrong, Baby," Mom told him, as she stubbed out her spent cigarette, shook a fresh one out of her pack, and then paused while he offered her a light, "Bill was just comin' off o' two weeks on the four-to-midnight shift, at the mill, the night o' that party, if you recall. So we hadn't had much chance to see each other, at all -- an' no time for makin' love -- for nigh on two weeks, an' I'd just finished my period as he started his two weeks on the night shift.

"Figure in that two weeks, an' that means that I was on one o' my 'fertile' days, the night o' that party. An' I was just drunk enough to be hopin' like hell that -- apart from showin' Bill that his woman could be darin' an' adventurous, by doin' it with him in that tack room, with all our friends tryin' to listen in, on it -- that this just might be the night I'd finally get myself knocked up by my man, an' then Bill an' I could get married an' I'd be out o' my folks' house, for good!

"We didn't make love after the party, that night, either, 'cause I was already gonna be so late gettin' home. We were both so worried about the time that, other'n worryin' 'bout me gettin' in so late, we hardly spoke a word on the whole drive back to my house, which -- I thought, at the time -- is why he didn't comment on what a brazen little hussy I'd been, with him, in that tack room.

"Of course, after I got grounded, I couldn't even call him to let him know I'd been grounded! He found out when he called a couple o' days later -- 'cause I hadn't called over here, to the house, to talk to him -- an' Mama took the call an' told him. Then I missed my period, an' had to 'fess up to the folks, who took me to the doctor -- once they got over pitchin' another royal fit, at me -- an' he confirmed what we suspected. I was pregnant.

"My folks partially lifted the groundin', so Bill an' your folks could come over to the house an' see me, an' so we could all sit down an' talk about what he an' I were gonna do about the baby I was carryin'. As far as I knew, Bill was the only boy I'd EVER made love with, so he had to be the baby's daddy. He knew damn well I'd never been with another boy, before him, 'cause he was the one took my 'cherry,' an' he trusted me when I told him that I hadn't been with any other boy since he an' I started datin', an' so he was ready to take the responsibility.

"That very next day, he went out an' bought a ring, an' he came over to the house that night, an' proposed to me. The weddin' was about two weeks later. In the meantime, it didn't make much sense to either Mama or Daddy, to keep me grounded for the whole month, especially when there was so many things to be done in order to make arrangements for the weddin'. Bill managed to find that house on the double lot, in town, an' he had just enough money saved up to make the down-payment an' get a mortgage, an' so we had to go lookin' for some used furniture, too.

"After the weddin', we were busy settin' up house -- an' fuckin' each other silly in every room an' on just about every piece o' furniture we thought would stand the strain. Plus, Bill had work -- both at the mill, an' also on the farm, here -- keepin' him busy, an' I had my studies for nursin' school to keep up on. Somehow, the events o' that night at the party just faded away in the background, as bein' unimportant. What was important to Bill an' me, at the time, was our love an' the baby that was growin' inside o' me, so we never did talk about that night at the party. If we had, we might have figured things out, sooner -- that it wasn't him, in that tack room, with me."

Throughout her narration of the aftermath of the party game, Mom had been puffing away at her cigarette, every couple sentences, and it was now spent. She stubbed out the butt in the ashtray, and immediately lit another one.

"I just can't see how I could have been so blind as to make such a colossal mistake," she said, with tears in her eyes.

"Stop an' think, for a minute, Mama," Mandy tried to soothe her. "We all heard Grandma tell us she was the one who taught both Bill an' Junior how to make love to a woman. It only stands to reason that she'd have taught 'em both the very same things, an' that includes how to kiss a woman passionately, right?"

"That's true enough, I suppose, Baby," Mom admitted, sighing.

"An' I've only been a part o' this family for a short while, but even I know what a stickler Grandma is, for good manners. It's a sure thing, she'd have taught both her sons o' the need for askin' a woman if she's willin' to be kissed, that very first time."

"I suppose that's true, too," Mom agreed.

"Dad, were you an' Bill at all alike, physically?" she turned to Junior. "I mean, were you the same height, an' build?"

"Yeah, we were," he nodded. "He was maybe a half-inch taller'n me, but it' be hard to notice a half-inch difference in height, even in broad daylight an' with your eyes open, an' we were all blindfolded for that silly game. We weren't all that different in build, either, since we'd both grown up workin' hard, on the farm. I was dark-haired, an' he had sandy hair, an' our faces were a bit different," he answered.

He paused, then, taking a thoughtful drag from his cigarette, and turned his eyes to Mom.

"But none of that's anythin' you'd notice in the dark, with a blindfold over your eyes, Patsy," he told her reassuringly.

"And I treated you just the way Mama taught me to treat a woman. She patterned her kissin' lessons after the way all those heartthrobs in the movies kissed their ladies, in the romance scenes. She wanted us to be different than all the other cowboy kids, around town, so's we'd be able to romance a woman 'properly' -- as she put it -- an' sweep her off her feet like none o' the other boys around town ever could. She said that she wanted to make sure that her sons were able to lasso an' put their brand on whatever cute little filly caught our eyes. She also taught both of us that the way a man treats his woman goes a long way to determinin' whether or not a marriage lasts."

"It worked, Baby," Mom flashed him a tired grin -- and the rings on her left hand. "You got me, didn't you?"

"But, what about these kids?" he asked, still in shock. "If all this is true, that means that Mike is my son, an' him an' Mandy are half brother an' sister, an' she's already 'tween two an' three months pregnant. What about the baby? What're we gonna do?"

"There's not a lot we can do at this point," Mom said softly. "'Bout all we can do is make sure she keeps up with her doctor appointments. I'll do some more research, although -- frankly -- I don't think it will do much good. First cousins marryin' an' matin' are legal in a few states, but brother an' sister or half-siblings is technically incest an', because o' the legal penalties that can be involved, most such pregnancies go unreported -- or get camouflaged as bein' normal ones. It's easy enough, if you stop an' think on it, for a woman to say that she went to a party an' got a little drunk an' made love with some man whose name she was too drunk to recall.

"Of course, there's the option o' her gettin' an abortion -- a legal one -- but, by law, she'd have to state that her reason for wantin' one is that the child was conceived as a result of incest, an' she'd have to name the father.

"The doctors'd be forced to turn that information over to the local law enforcement authorities, an' that means that Mike -- and maybe Mandy, too, would be arrested an' charged with incest. Now, we all know how this happened, an' that they're not to blame, 'cause neither one of 'em knew, back when they married, an' back when they made the decision to have a baby. We'd have to convince a judge o' that, though, in order to keep the two of 'em out o' prison.

"That means that you an' I -- and Charles an' Maggie, too -- would have to go to court to testify about our parts in all of this. It'd be all over the newspapers an' TV, then, 'cause folks just love juicy scandals. The scandal would tar 'way too many people with the same brush -- Mike an' Mandy, you an' me, Charles an' Maggie, an' likely even your three girls.

"Both these kids are healthy an' strong, which should improve the odds. Junior, y'all had those dairy cattle when you were growin' up, an' I remember Bill talkin' about how you would breed to a neighbor's bull, an' then breed that calf back to the same bull, an then breed that calf back to the same bull. If you look at each calf as a separate generation, how far would you go in breedin' back?"

"Well, as I remember, we'd sometimes breed back to the same bull three times. We kept an eye on the new offspring for any problems, but I don't recall ever findin' anythin' wrong. Wouldn't this be different, though? This would be like havin' the same bull breed two different cows, producin' a bull calf with one an' a heifer with another, an' then havin' the bull-calf an' the heifer-calf breed. Those two breedin' is the situation we're in here. In a case like that, I'm not sure what would happen.

"What you're talkin' about, with the cattle breedin', is like me havin' a child -- Mandy -- by Maggie, an' then havin' a child by Mandy, an' then maybe even havin' a child by Mandy's daughter," he explained. "That situation only really has two sets o' genes, to begin with, an' you're breedin' back into that same limited gene pool.

"Here, we've got three sets o' genes -- yours, Maggie's, an' mine -- to start with. That should spread out the risk o' any unwanted traits becomin' dominant an' causin' defects, as best I can remember from my VoAg animal husbandry classes, all those years ago."

"I see what you're sayin', Junior, I just wasn't thinkin' clearly. I'll have to do some more diggin' into it, when we get back, but there's no guarantee I'll be able to find much. Like I said, so much doesn't get reported to doctors because o' the potential legal issues."

As we listened to them have their discussion, Mandy and I held each other close and tight, and I gave her a soft kiss. We were both still slowly coming to terms with the realization that we were half-siblings, and with how it might affect our relationship. As I watched her face, I could tell that she was mentally processing this startling revelation, as was I.

So this was my sister. Even though we'd only known each other about six months, and been married for four of them, I already knew she was my soul mate, and that I'd never find another love quite like the one we shared. Still, so help me, because Mom had mentioned the forbidden and illegal aspect, I couldn't keep my thoughts from turning toward the physical aspect of our relationship.

If the sex that Mom and I had shared had been 'great' -- once I had enough practice and experience to give back as good as what I was getting from her, in the act -- then sex with Mandy had been 'fantastic,' right from the very first night we'd made love, when we'd gone on that camping trip to our lake, together.

Even at that moment, that night, when we still hadn't done more than kiss each other passionately, there'd been a sense of 'rightness' -- of our having been created to be each other's 'other half' and no one else's -- that I had never felt no matter how many times Mom and I had wrestled madly on our bedsheets. Mandy literally completed me, like nothing I'd ever in my life experienced, or could even imagine.

The sex between us had gone from fantastic to simply unbelievable, that night when we'd learned we were cousins, and I knew the reason behind that transformation was due to the forbidden nature of the relationship. All I had to do, for proof, was remember the thrill I'd felt when making love to Mom, knowing what we were doing was not only illegal, just about everywhere in the world, but also highly frowned on by society.

With Mandy and I now knowing we were even more deeply involved in incest, by being siblings, what was sex with my sister going to be like -- a nuclear explosion? I simply could not help myself, as those thoughts caused my cock to swell, even more, under that delectable ass and pussy that I knew and loved, so well. I found myself getting anxious for this long discussion to end, so I could take my newly-found sister to bed and find out.


Mike was my half brother? I should have suspected, from the way I'd always been attracted to him, long before we ever met. I'd completely fallen for him, that first day we were together and, until our camping trip, where we'd gone all the way, making love the first time, I'd dreamt about him and had pleasured myself at night, wondering what he'd be like in bed. I had wanted him desperately, and wanted to find out if the reality of making love with him was going to be anything like my dreams. I'd been almost to the point of committing a female-on-male rape, in order to find out, when he'd finally relented and agreed to our making love.

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