tagIncest/TabooMandy and Me Ch. 20

Mandy and Me Ch. 20


Writer's Note: If you are new to this series, I strongly suggest you begin at Chapter 1, since each chapter builds on the previous. This chapter picks up immediately following the end of chapter 19 and covers about three days as the families continue their honeymoons. As always, a big tip of the Stetson to you loyal readers, whose comments and suggestions do much to keep me working on this story. Thank you so very much. Enjoy and please vote.

As always, a major hat tip to my friend Ciguardian, for his invaluable assistance keeping me on the 'straight and narrow'. I couldn't do this without him.

Literary critics are advised -- I am a retired cabinetmaker, not a professional author.

Legal -- All persons engaging in described sexual activity are 18 or older.

Standard Advisory -- This is NOT a one-page stroke story. If that's what you want, look elsewhere.

Standard Caution -- There is tobacco use (smoking) in this story. The setting is 1967, and I am writing to reflect those times. If this bothers you, go elsewhere.


Special Note from Mike and Mandy:

Over the years, we've been exposed to a lot of different music -- some, that we've always liked, and some, courtesy of our friends, radios on job sites, and also courtesy of our kids and their friends. Some of the songs have hung around, in our minds and -- as we started to set forth the events from our Hawaiian honeymoon trip, Mandy thought it might be cute to include little snatches of song lyrics that catch the mood of the various things that we saw or did, while visiting Hawaii.

Chapter 20 -- An Idyllic Adventure Begins (Paradise, Hawaiian Style)

29 Mar "All my life, I've wanted to see the islands know as Hawaii..."


Once the plane was airborne, and at cruising altitude, the 'fasten seat belts' and 'no smoking' signs winked out, and we unbuckled, lit cigarettes (yes, you could actually smoke on commercial airline flights, back in those days!) and settled in for the long flight. About an hour into the flight, I was really getting into the novel I'd picked up in the airport newsstand, when my bride leaned over, kissing my cheek and gently licking my right ear.

"Honey, I need to go to the restroom," she whispered into my ear. "Why don't you follow me in about five minutes? I wanna try somethin' Jenny told me about."

I only needed to hear the word, 'Jenny' to figure sex had something to do with whatever it was she wanted to try.

The plane wasn't fully loaded, so the aisle seat in our row was empty. I got up, and moved into the aisle, so she could get out.

She slid past me, flashing me a big grin, and headed for the lavatories at the rear of the plane. I watched to see which one she entered, and then took my seat again to wait out the allotted time. When the five minutes had passed, I noted the flight attendants were busy up in the first class cabin area, as I stood and walked nonchalantly to the lav, lightly tapping on the door. Mandy unlocked it, and let me in.

"Get your pants down, Honey, an' get that big cock o' yours out. I want you in me, now!" she hissed in a low whisper as I closed the door behind me. She wasted no time, and began to unfasten my belt and jeans.

Her urgency, combined with her kisses and the way she was stroking me, brought me to a full erection quickly. She raised her skirt, showing me her bare muff.

"You took your panties off, already," I said softly. "I thought that was my job!"

"What gave you the impression I bothered to put any on, this morning?" she asked, grinning wickedly. "I had a reason for wearin' this long skirt. Now, pick me up, so I can get you in me!"

I reached behind her, lifting her up as she raised her skirt and wrapped her legs around me, then lowered her down onto my erection, impaling her solidly, as she had one hand between us to guide me into the proper position.

"Welcome to the Mile High Club, Baby!" she moaned softly, as I penetrated her slick wetness. I made a few strokes into her, and due to the sheer brass balls naughtiness of what we were doing, was rapidly nearing a climax.

"I'm about to cum, Sugar!" I cautioned her in a hoarse voice.

"Let me down," she moaned softly. "I wanna suck you off."

"But, Baby," I protested quietly, "you didn't cum...."

"I've been so excited about tryin' this, ever since Jenny told me about the Mile High Club, two weeks ago, I came the second you shoved that wonderful cock into me, Baby!" she chuckled quietly. "Now, feed your sister a treat. Gimme that sweet cream o' yours!"

I let her down, and she sat on the toilet seat, sucking me into her mouth. It only took moments before she got what she wanted, as I fired shot after shot into her eager mouth.

When she finished, she leaned her head back and opened her mouth, showing me what she had, then swallowed, and moaned, "Mmmmm, mmmmm, good!" She stood, propping one foot on the toilet seat, plunging three fingers into her overheated pussy and coating them with her sweet nectar as she kissed me, trying her damnedest to lick my tonsils. When we finally came up for air, she pulled the fingers from her pussy and brought them to my mouth to give me a taste.

"Now that we've both had a taste, we'd better get back to our seats, 'fore we get caught in here, together. I'll go first, an' you follow in a minute or two," she whispered, as she slipped the lock on the door, opened it slightly to look out, and then left, trying unsuccessfully to stifle a giggle.


I had to include my thoughts here. After I returned to my seat, I had a couple minutes to consider what we'd just done.

I did it! Jenny told me about how she and her boyfriend joined the Mile High Club, when they went to Hawaii, a year earlier. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed it would be a fun thing to do, if I could talk Mike into it. He knows some of the things I've talked about, with her, and he's been especially aroused by some of the seductive clothing items I've ordered from the catalogs she's shown me.

Between talking with Jenny, and with Mama Patsy, and picking up little ideas from both of them, I've managed to do my part in seeing to it that Mike and I have a most enjoyable love life, and that day was no exception. I had been planning this little adventure ever since Jenny told me about doing it, and I have to say it exceeded my expectations. I was especially horny, when I awoke, and the feelings only got stronger throughout the morning. And that was in spite of my instigating morning sex with Mike, back at the hotel, to help take the 'edge' off of my seeming perpetual state of arousal. I actually had a climax when his cock plunged into me! The only other time that had happened was after Mama and I got back to the house, following our little "Girls' Night Out" with Aunt Mindy! If I could get away with it, I'd surely do it again, because it was so terribly naughty and also a hell of a lot of fun.

Of course, knowing that Mike is my half brother, and knowing we're not supposed to even be thinking of having sex together, let alone actually doing it, makes anything sexual, with him, much better. If only folks knew!


I followed her, after a couple minutes. By the time I reached our seats, she was relaxing, a big smile plastered across her effulgent face. I took my seat, chuckling softly to myself. As soon as I was seated, she kissed me, and then licked my ear again.

"You taste like pussy, Honey," she whispered to me.

"Yeah, an' you taste like cum, Sugar," I whispered in her left ear. I nuzzled her cheek and licked her ear for good measure.

"You keep that up, an' we'll have to go back there again," she giggled softly.

"An' if you keep on actin' like you are, right now," I chuckled back, "I'll be more'n ready!"

Mom turned, rising up on one knee and leaning over the back of her seat, looking at us both.

"Where've you two been, an' what are you carryin' on about, back here?" she asked softly.

"Should I tell her, Honey?" Mandy asked, with a big smile and a twinkle in her eye.

"Go for it," I told her, still chuckling. "I see no reason why we should try an' deprive 'em."

Mandy rose slightly, and began whispering in Mom's ear, while I watched the expression on her face change from one of disbelief to one of eager amusement.

"Y'all didn't really do that, did you?" she asked softly, looking into our faces, after Mandy resumed her seat. "I guess you did, though, 'cause those silly lookin' grins on your faces are answer enough."

"What're y'all talkin' about, Doll?" we heard Dad ask, as Mom turned to take her seat again.

We saw her lean over, and heard the low mumble of her voice, as she was softly speaking into his ear.

After about ten or fifteen minutes, he got up and moved into the aisle, looking at Mandy and me, grinning. Mom slid by him on her way to the lavatory. Within five minutes, he got up again, headed for the rear of the cabin.

When she returned to her seat, she gave us a glance and wink, giggling softly. He was back, within a couple minutes, chuckling softly as he took his seat again. We could see their heads move as they shared kisses for a minute or two.

We all gradually settled back into our seats for the remainder of the flight, resuming our reading. Each couple of us would periodically lean over and share a kiss with our seat mate and softly giggle.

About a half hour later two of the stewardesses were pushing the drink cart down the aisle of the plane, for the in-flight beverage service. When they got to us, one of them leaned over and spoke softly to Mandy and me.

"The entire flight crew knows what the four of you were doing, in the lavatory. The only reason we're not going to make an issue of it is because two of the stews overheard you talking about being on your honeymoons. Just don't do it again!"

After they moved on up the aisle, Mandy and I shared a look and a quiet chuckle. Talk about locking the barn door after the horse got loose!

A Note From Mike and Mandy: There will be parts of the following narrative neither of us could have witnessed. There was much talk between both couples of us, while we were here and afterward, so we were able to glean the information to make this story more complete.

Despite the novelty of flying, six hours in a big metal tube -- with not much to do other than talk, read, or sleep -- can get a little boring. We were all glad when the pilot announced that we were going into our descent and would soon be landing at Honolulu International Airport. As we deplaned, at last, we were met by a group of attractive Polynesian girls carrying bundles of flower leis over their arms. We each got a lei placed around our necks, and a kiss on the cheek, along with a pleasant "Welcome to Hah-vah-eee," and then we proceeded on into the terminal building and started looking for the signs pointing the way to baggage claim.

"That better be the last time you get lei'd by anyone else but me, on this trip, Big Brother," Mandy murmured into my ear, giggling, as we started off on the long trek down the concourse, following the 'Baggage Claim' signs. At the actual claim area, we enjoyed the interminable wait for our bags to show up on the conveyor belt, standing around and smoking about three cigarettes each. The bags finally showed up and we grabbed them, loading them onto a large luggage cart that Dad had managed to locate, and then found our way out of the terminal and onto a sidewalk, to wait for the shuttle for our hotel.

Fifteen minutes later -- we spent the time gawking at the tall king palm trees that dotted the landscape -- the shuttle arrived.

"Aloha, and welcome to Honolulu," the driver greeted us. "I'll load your bags for you, you can have a seat on the bus. We'll be departing for the hotel in about twenty minutes."

Several other passengers joined us, before the driver finally climbed on board. He welcomed everyone again, closed the door, and pulled away from the curb and out into the traffic.

We finally arrived at the hotel, where one of the bellmen loaded our luggage on a cart, to carry it to our rooms once we were checked in. We followed him to the front desk, and he stood by, waiting for us to be assigned a pair of rooms.

"Aloha! Welcome to Honolulu, and the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort," the desk clerk -- a pretty Japanese-looking woman -- greeted him. "How may I help you, today?"

"I'm supposed to have reservations for two adjoining rooms, one for T. J. Davidson, and the other for W. M. Davidson."

The lady consulted her reservations listing, and then checked it again, with a slight frown on her face.

"I'm sorry, but I only have reservations for a T. J. Davidson. The other name doesn't show, anywhere on my list."

"There must be an error, then," Junior said, "because the reservations would have been made at the same time, through the same travel agent." He reached into his carry on bag, and pulled out a file folder, opening it to show the lady.

"The reservations were made the 15th o' March, an' this is the confirmation I got from our agent, when I picked up everythin'."

The desk clerk was becoming flustered, by this time, and spent a few minutes comparing her reservations list with our confirmation, which listed both names, but under one confirmation number.

"Mr. Davidson, I'm sorry, but it appears we've made an error. I see, from your travel agent's confirmation, that two adjoining rooms were reserved. Unfortunately, it appears that only one reservation was entered into our reservation log. I'm not positive, but think the error came from both names having the same mailing address and telephone number. I say unfortunately, because we only have a single room, of that type, available."

"That's a problem," Junior countered, "because this is a honeymoon trip for my wife an' me, an' we gifted her son an' his wife with a trip to accompany us. They married about four months ago, an' didn't take a honeymoon due to other commitments. This was supposed to be the same type o' trip for them, as well."

"Mr. Davidson, I do want to extend our most sincere apologies for the booking error. What I can do is upgrade you both to one of our two bedroom suites, on the top floor. You will have two bedrooms, one with a king bed, and the other with two queen beds, each with an en suite bath, plus a common living room area with a dining table, for the same price. Each bedroom has a private lanai -- that's Hawaiian, for balcony -- plus a larger one off the living room. We do wish you to have an enjoyable stay, while you're with us."

Junior hesitated for a moment, and then accepted, knowing that Patsy would find the alternate accommodations to be much more enjoyable.

He came over to where we were standing, a sad look on his face.

"They messed up our reservations, Doll. We're not gonna be able to have adjoinin' rooms."

I could see the disappointment show on Mandy's face, and Mom's, right away, as Dad took Mom by the arm and led her to where the bellman waited by the elevator. I thought I understood their expressions, figuring that they were just disappointed that our rooms wouldn't be conveniently next door to each other, to make assembling in the mornings easier. Little did I -- or Dad, for that matter -- know of the plans they'd been refining for two weeks, plans which they were figuring were likely ruined by having to be in two rooms on different floors, and maybe even at different ends of the hotel.

We took the elevator up to the top floor and then followed the bellman down a short stretch of hallway, waiting while he opened the door to a room. I had a moment to wonder whether Dad would pull rank, or if I could at least talk him into flipping a coin to see who got the top floor room.

"C'mon, kids, we're all in here," Dad said, as he ushered us through the door, into the living room of the suite.

We walked in, took one look at the expansive living room area and balcony, and then stood there, wondering what was going on, as the bellman brought our luggage in.

"There was a mix up in our reservations, made here at the hotel, so they gave us an upgrade to a two bedroom suite," Dad said, with a chuckle.

"You! I owe you for playin' that on us," Mom told him with a glare that quickly turned into a hug and kiss. "I woulda expected you to try pullin' somethin' like that, if it was April Fool's Day, but it ain't."

"I just couldn't resist, Doll," he told her, while chuckling. "I think we'll like this a lot better, anyway."

"I'll say!" Mom and Mandy said almost in one voice, glancing at each other as their faces lit up in huge smiles.

Again, Dad and I missed the clues, even as they were revealed in front of us.

The bellman proceeded to show us through the suite, and how to access the balconies, then started to separate the luggage for us as he unloaded it from his cart.

"I think we can handle it from here," Dad told him as he tipped him, once everything was off the cart.

"Are you sure, Sir? I don't mind carrying the bags into your bedrooms for you," the bellman replied.

"I'm sure, but we don't mind. We thank you for your help, bringing our bags up."

"You folks have an enjoyable stay, here at the Outrigger Resort," the bellman told us, as he pushed the cart from the room and closed the door.

"Well, kids, we're here," Dad told us. "Why don't we get outa these travelin' clothes an' into somethin' more suited to the weather, here, an' go down and find a bite to eat. I'm a little hungry an', with all the time changes, it's about 11:00 at night, back home. Even though I napped some, on the plane, I'm gettin' a bit tired."

"So are we, Dad. D'y'all think we should meet back here, in the livin' room in about fifteen or twenty minutes? We'll go downstairs an' grab a bite to eat, maybe take a stroll along the beach, an' then call it an early night."

"That sounds good to me, Mike. We'll see you in a few."

Each couple of us grabbed our bags, carrying them to our rooms. Once we were in our bedroom, with the door closed, Mandy turned and hugged me tightly.

"We're here, brother dear; we've made it to Hawaii! Get those jeans an' that long sleeved shirt off. I'm gonna change also, because I want us to go down an' take a stroll on the beach, after we eat."

She started stripping, and I did the same. Once I was down to my jockeys, she called me over to where she was standing, in her bra and stockings.

"Take my stockin's off, Brother dear," she told me.

"You don't wanna leave 'em on, Sugar?" I asked her. "They make your legs look so fine, you know."

"Jenny told me that gals don't wear stockin's, in Hawaii," she told me. "Just like most men don't wear ties. 'Sides, they'd look a mite funny, if I wore 'em with shorts. So, take 'em off. If you do a good job of doin' it, I'll let you get a lick o' my wet pussy."

"I didn't get a lick, earlier, although I did get a taste, 'course I'm always up for a taste of you. I figure I'll get a lick of your pussy sometime tonight, anyway, now won't I? You realize if I start lickin' you now, you're liable to wanna start suckin' on my cock, again, now won't you?"

"I know what you're sayin', Honey. I was just figurin' we'd each get a taste, which'd be just enough to keep us interested for later."

I knelt to roll her stockings down, sliding them off her feet, and then reached around her to pull her crotch onto my face, licking through her slit and across her clit a couple times.

"Ooohhhh, you do that so well, Brother dear. It always feels so good when your tongue drags across my clit. Stand up so I can get a taste o' you."

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