tagIncest/TabooMandy and Me Ch. 21

Mandy and Me Ch. 21


Writer's Note: If you are new to this series, I strongly suggest you begin at Chapter 1, since each chapter builds on the previous. This chapter picks up immediately following the end of chapter 20, and covers just one night – the night of April 1st and the morning after – as the families continue their honeymoons and explore the boundaries of their relationships in an incredible night of unbridled passion. As always, a big tip o' the Stetson to you loyal readers, whose comments and suggestions do much to keep me working on this story. Thank you so very much. Enjoy and please vote.

Literary critics are advised – I am a retired cabinetmaker, not a professional author.

Legal – All persons engaging in described sexual activity are 18 or older.

Standard Advisory – This is NOT a one-page stroke story. If that's what you want, look elsewhere. (Well, that's what I usually say; this one's mostly a stroke-fest... ; )

Standard Caution – There is tobacco use (smoking) in this story. The setting is 1967, and I am writing to reflect those times. If this bothers you, go elsewhere.


Chapter 21 – The Adventure Continues (aka "The Night of April Foolin' Around...")

1 Apr (Continued) "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?"


Mama and I stood, gazing at our reflections in the ornate mirror above the line of sinks in the restroom, freshening our lipstick. As I lightly blotted my lips with a paper towel from a convenient wall dispenser, I glanced over at Mama, and we shared a look and giggle.

"Do you still wanna do this, Baby?" Mama asked. "Last chance to back out..."

"This is what we've been talkin' about, for nigh on two weeks, ain't it, Mama?" I asked, in return. "I'm game, if you are. So, yeah, let's do it, since this is the only chance we'll have. I just hope that you remembered to bring them pills along."

"Got 'em right here!" Mama nodded, and the grin on her lips would've put the Cheshire cat to shame. She reached a hand into her purse and pulled out two of the little paper envelopes that doctors used for handing out pills that they prescribed for their patients. "I already crushed 'em into a powder, so the drug'll dissolve in the drinks, even faster."

"One thing, Mama," I added. "I still think we need to explain things to 'em, at some point, an' try to make it sound enticin' enough they won't back out on us. I wanna be sure Mike's okay with doin' it, otherwise it won't happen. It's all gonna depend on what he says. 'Course, that don't mean we still can't work at gettin' 'em wound up, while we're down here. I'm figurin' that the more worked up we can get 'em, the less likely they'll be to refuse, when we finally tell 'em what we'd like to have happen. I also wanna remind Dad about what I said, at home, on y'all's weddin' night, about findin' out what it'd be like to make love with my real father. After all, he did Grandma, and you an' Mike did it. I'm the only one that's been left out. Now, if we're gonna do this, what's the plan?"

"Okay, Baby. I know why you're wantin' to see what Mike says, an' I think it's a good idea, as well, 'cause we don't wanna make either one of 'em mad at us. We'll go to the bar and get the drinks. Remember, I told you it'd take about a half hour for 'em to start feelin' the effects, and it'll really be hittin' 'em after about an hour. We oughta have a fun night, tonight, once we get the two of 'em really goin'. I'll drop the powder in their drinks, while we're at the bar, an' it won't take but a few seconds for it to dissolve. Then we'll be ready to start playin' to their turn-ons, an' windin' 'em up. The alcohol in the drinks'll just get 'em more relaxed, and in an open frame o' mind.

"We'll have to keep tabs on how much they drink, though, 'cause they each had a couple o' drinks at the luau."

"So did we, Mama," I countered, not understanding what she was getting at.

"Yes, we did, Baby," she explained. "An' we'll be watchin' our own bit o' drinkin', down here, 'cause we wanna be tipsy enough to not be all nervous about what we'll be doin' – we wanna be nice an' relaxed, so's we can both enjoy the night – but sober enough to stay in control an' tell the boys what to do, an' when. But we don't want either of 'em drunk; just relaxed enough to be open to our naughty suggestions. The last thing we want is to have 'em wakin' up, tomorrow, stone-cold sober and rememberin' what went on, an' thinkin' that we got 'em drunk an' took advantage of 'em. That'd be liable to make 'em kind o' angry with us, for trickin' 'em into doin' somethin' against their wills."

"So, what do we do while we're waitin' for them pills to kick in, Mama?"

"I think we oughta get 'em out on the dance floor," she suggested. "A few slow dances, with our bodies rubbin' up against 'em while we're makin' flirty comments aimed at gettin' their minds in the gutter can't hurt, right? We'll need to do somethin' to pass the time, an' we both love dancin' with our men, so..."

"I like that notion, Mama," I chuckled. "I like it a lot!"

I paused, then, thinking and looking at mine and Mama's reflections, in the mirror. Seeing the way we were dressed, and the way we'd done our makeup, I pictured the effect we'd have on our husbands when we began our teasing. Neither of them would stand a chance against what we were going to unleash on them!

I saw my eyes lighting up as a totally wicked idea occurred to me. Pulling the folds of my sarong aside, I slipped my hand inside my bikini bottom, sliding three fingers around in the juices that coated my labia. Then, bringing the hand up, I dabbed the fingers behind my ears and at the pulse points on my neck.

"Mandy Jean, what the hell're you doin'?" Mama hissed quietly, as four other women – obviously quite intoxicated - entered the restroom, laughing and giggling.

"The smell o' my pussy drives Mike wilder'n any perfume," I murmured, leaning close to her. "I figure I might as well let it BE my perfume, tonight. The way he holds me close, when we're slow dancin', that scent'll be right under his nose!"

"Baby, the scent of a hot, juicy pussy'll drive any red-blooded man crazy with lust!" she chuckled, slipping a hand inside her bikini bottom to copy my move. "You've got a great idea, there!"

I rearranged the drape of my sarong and walked over to one end of the large restroom area, where there was a small sitting area, probably provided for women waiting to use the toilet stalls when the Tiki bar was more crowded. Mama followed and we took seats, lighting cigarettes while we waited for those other women to finish their business and leave. Fortunately, they were just in to freshen their lipstick, and left fairly quickly.

"You're not havin' second thoughts, are you?" she asked.

"No, Mama," I grinned at her. "I was just thinkin'... Why don't we swap dance partners, after a dance or two? We want each of 'em thinkin' about doin' both of us, tonight, so you an' I both need to be teasin' the both o' them. You know all o' Mike's turn-ons; hell, I figure you probably created a few of 'em – like that 'thing' that he has, about women who smoke bein' sexy – without knowin' it, while he was growin' up. The rest of 'em, you created last summer, when you seduced him an' made him your lover. It ain't been that long, since you had him under your spell, that you can't get through the chinks in his armor, no matter how much he wants to stay true to me, so long as I sit back an' let it happen!"

"So you think I can still get him all stirred up?" she asked me.

"Mama, I know you can! Fact is, I'm countin' on it. I'll get him started, and then you can take over an' give it a boost, kickin' it up a notch or three an' gettin' him to think about fuckin' the daylights out o' you. Then we can swap, again, an' kick their arousal into high gear."

"You're a pretty smart girl, Mandy," Mama mused. "I'd never really given much thought to it bein' me that gave him his turn-ons, but – now that I think on it – I believe you're right. I'm just glad you love him, the way you do, or I'd have to start gettin' a mite worried that you'd eventually do him the way Kathy did, Junior."

"Thanks, Mama," I giggled, acknowledging the compliment she'd paid me. "I'll take both o' those things as compliments on my ability to seduce a man, but you'll never have to worry about Mike. Tonight is a special time, but in the mornin' light, when tomorrow comes, I'll be his one-man-woman of a wife, again."

I fell silent, then, looking down at the floor past where Mama sat.

"What's wrong, Baby?" she asked me. "You ain't havin' a sudden bout o' second thoughts, an' gettin' ready to chicken out, are you?"

"Hell, no, Mama!" I giggled. "It's just that, well, it occurred to me that maybe I oughta ask you for some pointers on how to get to Daddy's turn-ons. I ain't nowhere near as familiar with 'em as you are, with Mike's..."

"Don't you worry, Sugar," Mama laughed quietly. "I'll take care o' gettin' your daddy nice an' hard, rubbin' my pussy an' tits up against him while he an' I are dancin'. Then, when you take over, you can rub up against him an' feel how hard he is. You can let out a little gasp, then, like you're shocked that he's hard while dancin' with you, an' then you can ask him why.

"Ask him somethin' like, 'Daddy, why on earth is your cock so hard, when you're dancin' with your sweet little baby girl? You ain't thinkin' naughty thoughts about me, are you? I mean, you couldn't be wonderin' what it might feel like, to slip that nice, hard cock o' yours into my steamy little snatch an' drive me out o' my mind, with it, now can you?'"

"Oh, Mama1" I laughed. "That's just so naughty! An' it's perfect! But, do you think it'll work, on him, the way I want it to?"

"Baby, if you're rubbin' up against him, all hot an' sultry, while you ask him somethin' like that, I bet that – even if he ain't been thinkin' them kinds o' thoughts about his sweet little girl when you start, he'll be thinkin' 'em by the time you get finished dancin' with him! It's just the nature o' the beast, when you're dealin' with a man!"

"What if he ain't thinkin' them thoughts, 'bout me?" I countered.

"Ain't gonna happen, daughter," Mama laughed. "Not once you've asked them questions of 'im! They'll drag his mind straight there, guaranteed! It's like me tellin' you not to think o' pink elephants in ballet costumes, for the next five minutes. All of a sudden, that's all you can think of!"

I laughed softly, as the image of a chorus line of pink elephants dressed in tutus paraded before my mind's eye.

"I see what you mean, Mama," I told her, grinning. "You plan on playin' real dirty, don't you?"

"We're gonna have to, if we're gonna get what you an' I want, out o' tonight, Baby," Mama shrugged. "They say that all's fair in love an' war, y'know, an' – though tonight's gonna be just a bit on the naughty side o' things – we both love those men, dearly. An' – if we do things just right – they're both gonna get as much pleasure out o' tonight as we do, which is exactly what they both deserve, for lovin' us as much as they do!"

"So, do you have any tips on anythin' else, to say to Daddy, to get him goin'?" I asked her.

"Just play it by ear, Sugar," Mama laughed. "I figure that just about any o' the things you can say to Mike, to get him in the mood, oughta work on your daddy, too. While we're sittin' at the table, enjoyin' our drinks, we can be makin' all sorts o' 'could-be-innocent' comments that they can take either in a nice way or a naughty way. Since they're probably already thinkin' about fuckin' the livin' daylights out o' their wives, in a little while, they'll take just about everythin' we say an' spin it to the naughty meanin', which is just what we want 'em to do.

"Once we've got their minds down in the gutter, where we want 'em, it'll be real easy to get 'em thinkin' about doin' exactly what we want, to the both of us, once we get 'em back to the suite."

"Sounds like a good plan, Mama," I grinned. "An' I guess we oughta be gettin' back to the boys, 'fore they start wonderin' what's happened to us."

"Yeah, I reckon so," she agreed and, reaching into her purse, she pulled out the two envelopes.

"You keep the bartender distracted, while I spike the boys' drinks," she told me. "You carry ours back to the table, an' I'll carry theirs. That way, we won't get the drinks mixed up. One last thing, though..."

"What's that, Mama?" I asked.

"I just had the craziest thought," she explained. "Junior knows that I love the taste o' his seed, an' so does Mike, for that matter. They also don't at all mind kissin' me, when I've still got the leftovers clingin' to my tongue, an' sharin' the taste."

"Mike an' I do that, a lot, too," I nodded. "He knows I love the taste o' his cum, an' he don't mind kiss-swappin' with me, after we've gone down on each other. He knows that I don't mind the taste o' my pussy, when I'm tastin' it on his cock after we get done makin' love an' we go to clean each other off. So, where are you goin', with this?"

"I was thinkin' that, after we each get a mouthful, we could share the tastes with each other... if the thought o' tongue-kissin' another woman don't turn your stomach, that is..."

I thought about it, for a moment, and my mind dropped back in time, to when I'd suggested to Mike and Mama that the three of us could share each other, so she didn't have to give up the loving she was getting from him. For some reason – and I couldn't have explained it, just then, even if I'd tried, because I've never felt that sort of sexual urge in connection with a woman – the thought of swapping cum in a kiss with Mama, and maybe even cleaning Mike's or Dad's cum out of her pussy had my mouth suddenly watering, my pulse pounding in my ears, and my juices flowing so much that I could swear I felt trickles soaking through my bikini bottom and running down my legs!

"Honestly, I think I'd enjoy that a lot, Mama," I grinned bashfully, blushing so badly that I felt the heat of it in my cheeks. "Though, I have to say that I ain't never done that sort o' thing with another girl, before..."

"Your Aunt Mindy an' I did some kissing', an' licked each other's pussy a couple o' times, back when we were teenagers, Baby," she told me. "It's been a long time, but just the thought o' doin' that with you – an' maybe even lickin' Mike's or your daddy's sweet cream out o' your pussy – has me so drenched 'tween my legs I'm half afraid I'm gonna leave a wet spot on that chair, back at the table!"

"Me, too, Mama," I giggled nervously.

"Do you think we oughta try a practice kiss out, so we're a little more at home with it, when we do it in front o' the boys?" she suggested.

"Sure, Mama," I nodded, suddenly feeling my heart start to pound inside my chest.

We stood, then, slowly moving into each other's arms, and she brought her lips to mine. I closed my eyes and let the contact happen, losing myself in the feel of a pair of lipstick-coated lips on mine, and another body pressing against me from chest to crotch. My mind spun as our mouths slowly came open within the kiss and our tongues ventured out to slide against each other. We Frenched each other for a few long seconds, getting comfortable with the idea, and then slowly pulled apart, looking at each other and grinning wickedly.

"This is gonna blow their minds, Mama," I told her, chuckling.

"Are you ready?"

"As I'll ever be, Mama," I grinned. "Ready an' rarin' to go!"

"Then, let's do this, Baby!" she said.

"No, Mama," I corrected her, giggling. "Let's do them!"

We took the last drags from our cigarettes, extinguished them in a nearby ashtray, touched up our lips again to repair what little damage to them our practice kiss had done, and left the restroom. As we headed toward the bar, Mama pulled a twenty dollar bill out of her purse and handed it to me.

"You pay for the drinks, once the bartender puts them up on the bar," she suggested. "I caught sight of a sign, on the way over, sayin' that mixed drinks are only two dollars each, tonight, so the bartender'll have to make change for that twenty. While he's doin' that, I'll spike the boys' drinks."

"Okay, Mama," I grinned back at her.

I followed her over to the bar, where she ordered four margaritas. As the bartender placed the drinks on the counter, Mama arranged them two and two, and then I turned to the bartender and handed him the twenty.

"Sorry, this is the smallest I have, tonight. I hope you can make change for it," I apologized.

"No big ting', Sistah," the stunningly beautiful Polynesian girl laughed, walking to the other end of the bar, where the cash register was located. While I had her distracted, Mama pulled the envelopes quickly from her purse and emptied their powdered contents into the two right-hand drinks, watching the drug dissolve almost on contact with the liquid. By the time I walked back to where Mama was standing, tucking the change from the twenty into my purse until later, I couldn't tell anything had been done to the drinks, at all.

"You get it done, Mama?" I asked her in a hoarse whisper.

"No big ting, Sistah!" she chuckled, mimicking the bartender as she gave me a wink.

I picked up Mama's and my drinks, while she grabbed the spiked ones to give to our husbands.

"Showtime, Baby," she giggled, looking over her shoulder at me.

As we skirted around the edge of the seating area, working our way toward our table, we caught sight of the dance band's members as they came back from a break between sets.

"Hold on, Baby," Mama told me, stopping in front of one of the band members, who was wearing a bright white-and-red Aloha shirt with a lei of red flowers draped around his neck.

"Do you folks play any requests?" she asked him.

"Not very often," the man answered, "but – for a pair of beautiful wahinis such as yourselves – we might be persuaded to make an exception. Though, we do try to keep our music in the tropical, Hawaiian style..."

"I don't think that'd be a problem," Mama grinned at him. "I'm here with my new husband, on our honeymoon, an' this is my daughter-in-law. She an' my son are also here, 'cause they didn't have time to take a honeymoon back in November, when they got married."

"Where's home, to you folks?" he asked.

"It's a little town called Gilmer, Texas – a little over a hundred miles east o' Dallas."

"I've been to Texas, once," he grinned, "but it was at San Antonio, over on the other side of the state, when I enlisted in the Air Force. What song would you like to hear?"

"Either Blue Hawaii or Hawaiian Wedding Song," Mama answered. "Either one o' them'll get our husbands to take us out on the dance floor, for a spin."

"Luckily, you happened to pick two songs that will be coming up in our first set, ladies," he smiled. "It'll be a couple numbers into the set, though."

"That'd be wonderful," Mama told him. "Thank you, ever so much!"

With that, the fellow turned and walked up the few steps onto the stage. Mama and I headed for our table.

"This'll be just perfect," Mama murmured to me, under her breath. "It'll give the first sip or two, o' their drinks, time to start movin' through their systems. By the time we get 'em out onto the dance floor, even the wind blowin' up their pants-legs oughta be enough to start 'em gettin' hard!"


Mom sat the drinks she carried in front of me and Dad, while Mandy placed hers in front of her and Mom, as they took their seats.

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