Mandy and Me Ch. 24


"It kind o' got me wonderin', though. Nothin' was said about Bud an' Missy doin' anythin' with each other, but they'll have to, if they get into that double teamin'. It makes me wonder if those two won't end up together, fuckin' each other's brains out, the way you an' I do.

"What's really got me to thinkin' that way was Aunt Mindy, tellin' us that Bud an' Missy are both goin' off to college, up at UTA, an' that she an' Uncle Fred are goin' to find an apartment or house for both of 'em to live in, together. With their folks bein' okay with 'em bein' in bed with them, together, it makes me think they'll end up foolin' around with each other, while they're away at school – or maybe even 'fore that."

"You know your cousins a lot better'n I do, Baby. It may well happen, but if it does, it's their business, not ours, ain't it?"

"I guess you're right, Honey," I mused. "We'll just have to see what happens. But, you've seen my cousins. Don't it get you the slightest bit hot, to sit an' picture them two, fuckin' each other's brains out? I mean, you an' me are only half-siblings. They're full brother an' sister!"

While we were talking, it finally came to me. I realized what I'd said, right before my aunt and cousin had left. I let loose a horrified gasp and clapped a hand to my forehead.

"What's wrong, Sugar?" Mike asked me, suddenly alarmed by my actions.

"I may've made a big mistake, today, Baby. We got to tellin' those stories, an' I wasn't really thinkin' about what I was sayin'. I think I said somethin' I shouldn't have, an' I'm afraid it may come back to bite me."

"What'd you say, Sugar? Tell me, an' we'll try an' figure a way to deal with it."

"Okay, Honey," I told him. "But first I have to go back just a little bit, an' fill you in on some o' what we were talkin' about, so you know how what I said actually came up."

"Go ahead, then, Sugar," he urged me quietly.

"If you recall that night when Aunt Mindy invited Mama Patsy an' me to that 'girls' night out' party, at her house, we got to swappin' all sorts o' hot, sexy stories about things we'd done with our men. One o' the stories that Aunt Mindy told, that night, was the one that Mama Patsy an' I told you an' Dad about, back on April Fool's night. It was the story about how she had taken on those two brothers at the same time, windin' up with one of 'em in her pussy an' the other in her ass."

"I don't think I'll ever be able to forget that 'Mindy Sue' story," Mike laughed, "or what happened between the four of us, that night, because o' your Aunt Mindy havin' told it to you an' Mom."

"True enough, Honey," I giggled. "Well, the other story she told us was the tale o' how – on the night o' her eighteenth birthday – her mama an' dad invited her into their bedroom. She sat an' watched, as her mama an' dad licked an' sucked each other 'til they both came, an' then as the two of 'em made love to each other. Then, they asked her if she'd like to try any o' what she'd just seen. She wanted it, of course – she'd fancied her dad the way you fancied your mama, for a long time – an' so that night her dad took her cherry an' made her a woman."

"I'm not quite seein' where you're headed, with all o' this, Sugar," he told me.

"I'm nearly there, Baby," I pleaded. "Hold on, just a tad longer, please?"

"Okay, Sugar. Go on."

"Aunt Mindy also told us about how she'd caught Bud – quite a few times, as a matter o' fact – starin' at her with pure 'want' in his eyes an' a big lump in his trousers, an' how she couldn't figure out what'd gotten into him. Mama Patsy said that, from the sound o' what Aunt Mindy had described, it wasn't so much a matter o' what had gotten into Bud, but who he'd like to get into."

"That's cute," Mike chuckled. "Mama has a way with words, I have to hand it to her."

"Yeah, she does," I admitted. "Anyway, that's when Mama Patsy told Aunt Mindy about havin' been almost exactly the same situation, with you, an' what she'd done about it – namely, seducin' you an' takin' your cherry, an' then teachin' you how to pleasure a woman.

"Apparently, Aunt Mindy decided to talk it over with Uncle Fred – an', as it turns out, Uncle Fred had been dealin' with almost the same thing with Missy, 'cept Missy had flat-out asked him to make love to her and make her a woman. They talked about it, for awhile, an' thought on it, some, an' they wound up decidin' to go ahead an' give Missy exactly what she wanted, an' give Bud what he needed – an' likely wanted, but was afraid to ask for. Aunt Mindy seduced Bud, an' Uncle Fred went ahead an' gave Missy the special night she was askin' for.

"Now that that's happened, the next step in Aunt Mindy's an' Uncle Fred's plan is to take both Bud an' Missy into their bedroom, an' teach 'em a few 'fine points' o' love-makin', together."

"Are we gettin' close to where we need to be, in this story, Sugar?" he asked me, then.

"We're about a cunt-hair away from it, Baby," I giggled.

"You'd best be right, Darlin'," Mike laughed. "That's an awful fine degree o' measurin', seein' as cunt-hair is thinner'n head-hair..."

"Right about then, Mama Patsy asked Aunt Mindy if she was goin' to try an' get Uncle Fred an' Bud to double-team her, when they have that 'together' night, an' Aunt Mindy grinned an' said that she hoped to have it go that way, an' that she figured Missy'd likely want it, too, after she sees her mama gettin' done, that way.

"Missy piped up, then, an' asked Mama Patsy an' Aunt Mindy what they meant, by 'double-teamin' – an' Aunt Mindy was tryin' to explain it to her, endin' up by sayin' it'd felt like nothin' else Missy'd ever feel, to have two men doin' her at the same time, like that.

"That's when I let my mouth run ahead o' my brain, an' I said, 'Yeah, it sure is good.' An', of course, Aunt Mindy had to go an' pick up on that, right away. There's no way I could have said what I did, about double-teamin', unless I'd experienced it, an' she figured that out, real quick! So she asked me – in a kind o' 'I've got you now, my little pretty!' tone o' voice – how I could know such a thing.

"That pretty much forced me an' your mama to tell 'em the 'short' version o' that wild an' crazy night we had, over in Hawaii. I wasn't really thinkin' when I was tellin' about you makin' love to your mama while I was makin' love to my dad. The way I said it, it was somethin' like 'since I'd known about you an' your mama, I wanted to do the same with my dad, an' Junior was available, givin' me the chance to do it.'

"My aunt got the funniest look on her face, when I said it, an' I just knew she was goin' t' start askin' questions about it. But, before she could say anythin', Mama looked out the window an' saw y'all comin' back to the house for lunch. That was when Aunt Mindy told us she an' Missy needed to get back to Longview.

"Honey, that woman never forgets anythin', an' I'm afraid that she'll say somethin' in front o' my mama an' dad. That'll bring the whole thing with me an' you out into the open, an' I don't know what'll happen, if it does!"

I looked down at Mike's chest, then, waiting nervously for his response.

"I see what you're sayin', Sugar," he told me softly, stroking my cheek with a light touch and then gently lifting my chin so that I faced him. "It might not bad as bad you think, though. After all, your aunt an' cousin already spilled the beans on what they've been up to, an' that gives us somethin' to hold over 'em. I don't imagine they'll want your mom an' Dad Charles – or any one else, for that matter – knowin' about what they're doin'. When you get down to brass tacks, incest is some pretty serious business, far as the law is concerned. Bud an' Missy might get off with probation, bein' as they're the kids an' could be said to bein' under their folks' influence at the time. But your aunt an' uncle would be facin' some pretty serious prison time.

"Remember too, we went to all the trouble o' gettin' married in Florida, just to protect us, 'cause we thought we were first cousins. We have the right kind o' documents, to prove that, far as anyone else is concerned, an' your mama an' Dad Charles already know all about that. An', like Dad told us, so long as we keep quiet about it, nobody can ever find out we're related any closer'n first cousins, let alone prove it, to cause us problems.

"Like I said, I really don't think your aunt will go tellin' anyone. Far as you've said, it don't look like they have anythin' like we do, to provide some cover for what they've been doin'.

"I'm wonderin' if maybe we shouldn't talk this over with Mom an' Dad, explainin' the situation to them, an' see what they think. It also has me wonderin' if we shouldn't go ahead an' tell your mom an' dad about us bein' half brother and sister."

"I'm not so sure about that, Honey. Don't you remember how upset Mama was, when she thought we were just first cousins? I'm afraid she'd really get wound up if she knew we were half brother an' sister, especially with me bein' pregnant."

"I know what you're sayin', Baby, but I think we're probably goin' t' end up havin' to tell 'em, sooner or later. It'd be a whole lot better, if it was in a situation we could control, 'stead of just hittin' 'em with it, all of a sudden. That's why I think we need to find a time to talk to Mom an' Dad about this, to see what they think.

"Maybe I can get a chance to discuss it with Dad, this comin' week, if you think you can talk to Mom about it."

"I'll ask her, tomorrow mornin', Honey."

"Then I guess I better find time to pull Dad aside, tomorrow, an' have a talk with him. You go tellin' Mom, an' she'll for sure want to talk to Dad, about it!" he sighed.

17 Apr


That morning, after we'd cleaned up from breakfast, and Mike and Dad had left for the cabinet shop, I approached Mama Patsy.

"Mama, I think I screwed up, yesterday, when Aunt Mindy an' Missy were out here. I was thinkin' about it, last night, an' I'm afraid I said somethin' that might lead her to figure out that Junior's my real dad. My aunt has a memory like an elephant, never forgettin' anything, an' I'm afraid she'll go askin' my mama about it."

"Mike an' I talked it over, last night, an' he's goin' to talk to Dad about it. What're we goin' t' do when my aunt starts askin' about this? Mike had the idea that the four o' us get together, to figure out how to handle it."

"We'll figure somethin' out, Baby. The biggest problem will be findin' somethin' for the girls to be doin', while we get together with Charles an' Maggie. I might suggest Laura take the other two to the skatin' rink, one evenin'. She'll be over, this afternoon, after school, an' I'll ask about her schedule."

"That'll work, Mama. Thank you. I'd better get to my classes."

Giving Mama a hug and kiss on the cheek, I was on my way to Kilgore.


"We may have a problem, Dad," I began, as we strolled down the lane to the shop.

"What's goin' on, Mike?" he asked.

"Well, Mandy might've said somethin' she shouldn't, when her aunt an' cousin were out, yesterday mornin'. Those women were all there, in the kitchen, havin' a hen party . . ."

"Oh hell, Mike," he interrupted. "Don't you remember the last time that bunch got together, right 'fore Patsy an' I married? I think I know where you're goin' with this. Now I know, for sure, why Patsy was so damned horny, last night."

"It's worse than that, Dad. You're right about 'em settin' around tellin' a bunch o' sex stories. The thing is, Mom an' Mandy got to tellin' about our trip to Hawaii, an' were gettin' pretty graphic, from what I understand. The upshot o' the whole thing is Mandy let it slip about you bein' her dad, instead o' Charles.

"From what she told me, her Aunt Mindy don't forget nothin', an' she's afraid her aunt'll end up askin' Maggie about it. We talked about it, last night, an' we're wonderin' if we shouldn't go ahead an' tell her folks everything, possibly even about us bein' half brother an' sister."

"I don't know about that, Mike. Let me talk with Patsy, one evenin' this week, an' see what she thinks. Whatever we do, it'll have to be handled carefully, to keep things under control."

"That's what we were thinkin', too, Dad."

We were unable to continue this conversation, due to the staff coming in to begin their day.

17 - 26 Apr


These next eleven days were extremely busy. The first Sunday afternoon saw us firming up our long-range plans, as a family group, making decisions that would affect our businesses and lives, over the coming years. Dad and I had done the mowing around the barn, and to marked the locations for the corrals and loading chutes, the afternoon of the 16th, originally planning to begin work the following Monday.

Mandy's faux pas (she says that's French for a minor social blunder, an understatement, if I ever heard one), postponed the beginning of Dad's and my work, due to having to take a night for a family discussion. The end result of this was a decision for Mom to call her friend, Mindy, and offer an opportunity to have a group, family discussion, sometime not long after school was out. We all felt this would be for the best, since the next few weeks would be extremely busy with all the upcoming end of school activities.

Mom stayed busy, with her work at the doctor's office, and Mandy was occupied with her college classes and her accounting for our cabinet shop. I had the cabinet business to occupy me, and was able to hire four new hands, one of which was especially helpful.

Additionally, I had to take one day away from the shop, on the 18th, to make the trip to Dallas. It turned out that the architect already had the plans drawn, plus a specification sheet detailing how the reception desk and credenzas were to be finished, and the hardware to be used. Fortunately, I had three weeks to have the bid prepared, since the material was cherry, not something we normally stocked, and I would have to contact a supplier in Houston, to get prices.

One good thing was that the project had a two month lead time, from the date the contract was let, which would be the week following the close of bidding. It would be a challenging project, but I felt my staff would be able to handle it. This was one I would want to photograph thoroughly, both during the construction, and during and after the installation.

We knew Grandma would be returning home soon, for her six week stay, recovering from her chemotherapy and getting the last bits of the chemo compounds out of her system, before her surgery. I knew Karen would prefer being her caregiver, when she returned, and we would have to replace her in the office.

I'd hired three students, two of whom would be coming to work full time, after graduation, and one experienced man, and they were all adapting to our shop methods. Chester Johnson – an experienced cabinet maker, and one of the new hires – was married, and his wife, Jane, worked as a secretary in Longview. Since they lived in Gilmer, she was faced with a long drive, each day, on a narrow, rather crooked and hilly highway.

I asked him if she would be interested in working for us, which would allow them to ride together, each day, and received an enthusiastic response. She gave her bosses the courtesy of a two-week notice, and they turned around and immediately terminated her. Jane was now working for us, learning our system from Mandy and Karen.

The one other thing I have to say, about this short period in our lives, was that – totally unbeknownst to both Dad and me – there was an even larger storm brewing, and – when it finally broke – it was going to have ramifications far beyond anything either Dad or I had ever experienced!

I know, I know; you want a hint, at least, but it ain't going to happen. Y'all get to find out about that little 'storm' the same way Dad and I did – when it hit. And that's a little later on, in this story, so just poke it somewhere in the back o' your mind, for the moment.

The truckload of treated posts and corral boards, that Dad had ordered, were delivered Tuesday, after we'd mowed. Following the delivery, we began working at the barn, in the evenings, concentrating first on structural repairs and, when the last of those had been dealt with, building the corrals and loading chutes we wanted.

It took a week for the REA co-op to get the poles put in, down our lane all the way to the campsite, and run electricity to the barn. We'd been working with power provided by long extension cords stretched from the shop, up to that point. Once we finally had the breaker box in the barn, we began rigging additional lights and outlets – with help and advice from Charles – and worked late into the nights, after we'd finished our days in the cabinet shop. We'd trudge up to the house, grab a quick bite of supper, and trundle down to the barn, every night, working ourselves until sometimes midnight or later, in our effort to get everything finished.

In my mind, there were three 'high points' that stand out during this time.

The first was Mom getting the results of her pregnancy test, confirming what Grandma'd told her. Dad and her new daughters were completely over-the-moon thrilled with the prospect of a new baby in their family, and the girls were all chomping at the bit to start shopping for baby furniture, baby clothes, and baby-everything-else.

The official pregnancy announcement wasn't without a downside, though. Dad's knowing that they definitely had another baby coming seemed to spur him on, driving him to get everything ready in the barn as soon as possible. His near-obsession proved to be contagious, rubbing off onto me – largely because of Mandy's steadily-advancing pregnancy.

The second highlight was a reply to the letter I'd written to the Martin Guitar Company. They confirmed what I suspected. The guitar I'd picked up for only a few dollars, at that pawn shop in Honolulu, had originally been sold to Elvis Presley. Sitting in a guitar stand, in my living room, was a guitar that had been played by The King, himself!

I pondered what to do, for a couple days, finally deciding that the honorable thing to do would be for me to write a letter explaining how the guitar came to be in my possession, include my contact information, and offer to return it, if he wanted his property back. I had no idea how to address the letter, until Mandy suggested that I simply send it to Graceland, allowing it to work its way through the system Elvis likely had set up, to ensure his privacy.

"Surely, he's got a bunch o' folks who go through his fan mail an' sort out what things they think he might really be tickled at seein', Honey," she told me. "Once they see your letter, they'll realize you've got some legitimate reason to contact him, an' it won't wind up in the stack o' letters from folks just wantin' autographed pictures."

The third event was when I went by the local Ford dealer, looking for another truck. He had a regular cab, long bed, four wheel drive, three quarter ton in stock, and I was able to negotiate a decent deal, since it hadn't been all that long since I'd purchased the other truck. Another trip to the trailer dealer, in Longview, gave me an additional box trailer, completing my second installation rig.


I'm taking over this story, for a moment. I was there, on the 20th, when Mama Patsy called my Aunt Mindy. Since she placed the call in the living room, using the speakerphone, I heard everything.

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