tagIncest/TabooMandy Can Fuck Dad

Mandy Can Fuck Dad

byThe Needler©

I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs. It seemed unreal, everything that happened the day before, and I was still figuring things out. I got up, ran through the shower, dressed and came into the kitchen just as Mandy was putting breakfast on the table.

"Hi Daddy, sleep well?"

She was wide awake and cheerful, and the only thing she wore was an apron. It wasn't terribly broad, and I could see the outside of her nipples at the edges of the cloth. She had dimples on her bubble butt, and they were very distracting. "Mandy, we didn't let you come to the table naked when you were growing up, and I'm not gonna let you do that now."

"Sorry, Daddy," she said, a frown on her face. "You know I like to run around naked as much as I can, I do it downstairs. When I get together with Fran and Lucy, we sit up naked all the time talkin' and stuff."

It was true: when she was a toddler she stripped down every chance she got. Once she did it at a Sunday coffee and donuts after church when she was three years old. JoAnn and I had a time getting her to realize she had to wear clothes before we sent her off the kindergarten. "I may have to punish you if you're not careful."

"That's OK, Daddy. I'll put somethin' on for breakfast." A blur sailed past, and I sat down to my meal. It wasn't long before I heard the padding feet return, and she was wearing a tube top and shorts. Didn't do much to conceal her, but at least she was dressed. "Better?"

"Better," I replied, and we started eating. It was fairly quiet that morning, and when we finished I said: "Sweetheart, you don't have to convince me you're beautiful. I've always thought you were beautiful, from the very beginning."

"Thank you, Daddy. I always thought you thought Jenny was cuter."

I shook my head. "It's not a contest, baby. Jenny is beautiful, your Mother is beautiful, and you are beautiful. Like different kinds of flowers in the garden."


"And Sweetheart, I don't want to have sex every minute of the day. You don't have to seduce me any more, and you don't have to go overboard to get my attention. If it happens, it happens."

"Okay, Daddy, but Daddy, I get horny, too. It's been years since I been fucked."

I was lucky I didn't have a mouthful of coffee: there would have been a mess on the floor. "You've been fucked? Who?"

She blushed and looked away. "Daddy, I told you I wasn't a virgin. You aren't mad 'bout that, are ya?"

"No, I'm not." It wasn't surprising; Jenny wasn't a virgin when she graduated high school, either. "All right, I'll remember that, but. . ."

"I know you and Mommy fuck or suck or do something twice a day. You don't want your dick to go limp when she's away, you might not get it up agin."

I don't know where that came from, but I caught her drift. "All right, point made. Just let me decide what I want to do, and when."

"Okay, Daddy. Whatever you want." There was a look of disappointment in her face as she put the apron back on. She took the leftover dishes to the sink, and started running hot water. Her ass was round with dimples; I don't know whose genes gave her those, but I thanked God for them. Her face did look a little forlorn that I hadn't wanted to do anything before breakfast.

After a couple of minutes watching her wash the dishes, I made up my mind to offer her something. She meant well, and didn't understand why I hesitated. Her spirits needed lifting. "Mandy, ever had a boy eat out your pussy?"

"No, Daddy." She turned around and looked at me quizzically. "What do you mean eat? Like eating dick or somethin'? "

"Yeah, something like that. You done with the dishes?"

"Yeah, Daddy. Ya wanna show me what ya mean?"

"Yes, Baby. Take off your panties and have a seat on the table."

She giggled and took off all her clothes, sitting in front of me, her legs spread and swinging, her face beaming in expectation. I stroked her legs from thigh to knee a couple of times, and gave her lower lips a pass with my fingertips. "You sure no boy's ever done this to you before?"

"Well, Aaron fingered me once for a little after I blew him, but it was late 'n he had ta get home."

I traced her pussy lips slowly and stroked her thighs again. She shuddered and gasped, and I repeated it. "Well, Baby, this will be different that anything you've done before."

"I trust you, Daddy. Go ahead." Her face was earnest and tone was very solemn; I almost laughed out loud at her attitude. Leaning over, I licked her thighs on either side. My hands started stroking her sides, being careful not to tickle her since she was extremely ticklish, and I teased her a little, licking around my destination but not quite getting there. Her pubic hair was very light colored and wispy like her mother's; I nuzzled it with my nose as I nibbled her clit. She gasped and lay back a little on her hands.

Her breathing was getting deeper, and I could tell she was aroused by her musk. "You ready, Sweetheart?"

"Yeah, Daddy."

I plunged into her love canal with my tongue, moving around, and my hands went to fondle her breasts. They were two soft, firm pillows, and her nipples hardened immediately. I was hooked on JoAnn's taste and hungered for it still, but Mandy was delicious. A strange thought entered my head, and I did something Sam Kinison recommended in one of his comedy routines. I started tracing letter of the alphabet on her private parts: her mother loved it when I did that. It took her up another notch, and she moaned: "What are you doing, Daddy?"

"I'm writing you a love letter with my tongue, Baby."

She purred and put her hand on my head, her fingers entwining in my hair.. "I love you too, Daddy."

It didn't take long before she was getting close to an orgasm. Increasing the speed of my efforts, I worked her clit and lips, taking a few little nibbles of her delicate flesh, and squeezed her tits. "Yeah, Daddy, yeah. Oh my God this is so good, don't stop." When she came, she bucked up and down, grunting and gibbering, and I didn't stop until she pushed my head away. I gathered her into my arms and let her sit on my lap facing me as she rode the wave.

When she recovered her senses, she didn't say a word, but gave me a look I've never seen before. Her blue eyes were dancing. Her arms around me hugged me hard and she pressed herself against me like she would never let go. After a while, she stood up and brought me to my feet, pulling my shorts down with a rough gesture, a hungry look on her face.

Kneeling before me, she started with my nutsack, licking and sucking and almost devouring my balls like a starving animal. I got rock hard right away and she started stroking me with her pink nailed hand. My dick oozed a little and she smeared the pre-cum around to lubricate me for more stimulation. Then she went up my shaft and worked over my corona. It wasn't long before I was ready, and when I was close she pulled off: "Give it to me, Daddy, give me your cum. I want your cum in my mouth, Daddy." A few more moments of intense sucking and I obliged her as if I'd be celibate for years. I didn't think it would stop: I kept shooting streams of goo and she drank them all down, eager for more. She didn't stop until I was completely soft again.

It was a bit before I could recover my thoughts as she kissed my groin tenderly. "I gotta do some errands, Mandy. You straighten up the house and I'll see you before I go to work, maybe."

"Okay, Daddy. I might be at Lucy's house when you get back."

"That's all right, Baby."

She stood on her tiptoes and kissed me on the lips. "Bye, Daddy."

It was tough to focus on my chores as I went through the day. Mandy was gone when I stopped by the house to change for work. My crew noticed I was distracted and harassed me mercilessly until they had my attention. I had to call campus police to drive off an intruder around 8, and that got my head out of the clouds for good. I shut everything up at the usual time and made my way home, a little anxious because I knew Mandy was off tonight and didn't know what she might have dreamed up for me.

When I got home, I heard the multiple giggling of feminine voices from downstairs. A faint aroma wafted up from below: they were smoking marijuana. JoAnn and I never did, but we never said much to our kids about it, knowing they had access and we monitored their groups of friends carefully. Mandy's friends Lucy and Fran were all right, and weren't interested in doing harder drugs, so we looked the other way when she came home a little high or a little drunk. We let Mandy smoke cigarettes in her place, but one thing we didn't allow was smoking weed in the house.

To say I was pissed would be an understatement. After all, if Mandy thought our policy was unfair, she was free to move to place where she could indulge freely. She agreed to our condition when she moved in after the big move from the old house. Liberating her libido must have liberated too much; maybe she thought I'd put up with anything from her now.

I went straight downstairs and found the three of them, Mandy, Fran, and Lucy, sitting around her L shaped couch stark naked, smoking cigarettes and passing a joint between them on a roach clip. The other girls were taller and heavier than Mandy: Fran had bottle red hair, long fingernails, and was about three inches taller and 30 pounds heavier than Mandy; Lucy was a BBW that dwarfed Mandy with blonde hair and multicolored nails. "Hi, Mr. Nelson," Lucy chirped, cradling her huge boobs and swinging them provocatively. "My girls and I just wanted to say hello to you. Hello." She moved them up and down separately, playing puppets with them.

Fran smiled and leaned back, sticking out her fat breasts. "Hey, Mr. Nelson, ya wanna to go upstairs and stick your dick through the floor? Mandy said we could take turns sucking it and see who made you cum."

Mandy immediately looked down, a cigarette hanging from her lips awkwardly, morose and silent, aware she was up shit's creek. The other girls laughed a little, but my outrage settled them down fairly quickly. I couldn't speak, however I glared at them and they got the message. After a moment, they extinguished their smokables and scrambled to put their clothes on, dashing for her door as soon as they were dressed and could grab their purses. I glared at them and said nothing as they left.

When they had gone, Mandy hadn't moved. I folded my arms and just looked at her, waiting until she was ready to talk. Finally, she started: "We was just havin' a good time, Daddy. Sorry we was smokin' weed here, I was just bein' dumb."

"Among other things. Maybe you thought things would be different after last night and today."

"Sorry, Daddy. I love you, wouldn't wanna make ya mad at me. Know ya think I should do better."

I sighed and took a deep breath. "You're young, Mandy, you've got your whole life ahead of you. Your mother and I want you to be the best you can be, the happiest you can be. I think any parent wants that." Moving close, I touched her chin and pulled her face to look up at me. "You're a sweet girl, Mandy. I guess doing whatever you want to do with your life means you can work at the nursing home and live in the basement, if that's what makes you happy."

She smiled a little. "Ya gonna tell Momma?"

"No. There's that car insurance company that talks about accident forgiveness: I think we can let this one pass. But no more. . ."

She shook her head violently. "No, Daddy, no, never again."

"Lucy and Fran can come over, just don't. . .you know. I don't want to deal with cops bustin' in and searchin' the house."

"No, Daddy, I promise."

"And what we do is between you and me. I don't need a choice of young women, dealing with you and your mother when she gets home is going to be tough enough for me."

"Yes, Daddy. It'll be okay. I promise."

I tapped my foot and she smiled, but didn't relax. "Maybe we need to find some way to punish you."

She bit her lip and looked down, smiling. "Yeah, I been a bad girl."

After pausing for dramatic effect, I ventured onward: "Maybe you deserve a spanking."

"Maybe I do," she said, looking at me, daring me. "Maybe I need to bend over this pool table and let you spank my ass with your belt like you used to."

The look in her eyes was incredible, so I gave in. "All right. Bend over the table."

She pushed the balls on the table toward the pocket, and laid down with her breasts pressed on the felt. Wiggling her butt, she said: "I been a bad girl, Daddy. I'm really sorry."

The few few swats were to find the range, since I hadn't spanked anyone for a while. She took it stoically with a little smile on her face. I gave her a good lick and she groaned, and followed it with another. Red stripes appeared on her white skin, and she wiggled her ass again. Several more followed in quick succession, and a tear started running down her face as she murmured: "I'm sorry, Daddy, I'm really sorry. Won't do it again. Please, Daddy."

After a short time, her butt was cherry red, and she parted her legs. Her voice rapsed: "Fuck me, Daddy, please fuck me. I want your dick inside me." A trickle of clear liquid ran down her thigh, and my dick responded like Pavlov's dog.

"All right, here it comes. Get ready." I dropped my shorts and lined up, she reached around and grabbed me to guide me in.

I couldn't believe how good she felt. Her cunt was hot and slick and gobbled up every inch, she bucked back against me eagerly, and soon we were pounding hard. It didn't take long before she shuddered and gasped and came hard against my dick, grinding her hips. Staying with it, I slowed down to let her recover, then started again, hoping to wear her out. Mandy was young and easy excited; it only took a couple more minutes before she orgasmed again. When she recovered, she looked around at me with a smile on her face: "Ya cum yet, Daddy?"

"No, not yet."

"Wanna fuck me up the ass?"

"No, thanks, I don't think so."

She pulled out from under me and was on her knees in an instant. Her mouth attacked my balls so quickly I thought she would devour them then and there, causing the sperm to boil and start to leak. The first shots hit her shoulder, but she quickly moved up my shaft to suck the last part of my load into her mouth, keeping me there until I was soft again. Releasing me, she scooped the white deposit from her shoulder and sucked it off her fingers.

"All right, Mandy, I think you've learned your lesson."

"Yes, Daddy. I won't be a bad girl again. At least. . .not that kinda bad."

"We'll talk about this in the morning when you're straight again."


"You know what I mean. When you've come down."

She nodded gravely, still licking her fingers. It took me a while and three beers before I was calm enough to sleep.

The next morning, I awakened to the sound of rain and the distant rumble of thunder. It would be a nice morning to stay in bed. The other half of the bed was occupied: Mandy was curled up next to me, her hips pressed against my torso, like she did when she came to our bed as a little girl when thunderstorms came overhead. Unlike her mother, she was snoring slightly.

I put my arm around her waist, and she nuzzled back against me. My hand wandered up and cupped her breast, and she purred in her sleep. Her nipple became a hard bud, and I started milking it gently, squeezing rhythmically. In response, she wiggled her hips back into me, making me hard again. My cock pushed forward, and her thighs parted to envelop me, holding the head just below her lower lips. Her hand went down and started fingering my corona, playing with the crevices, making me wet.

Listening to the sound of rain on the roof was calming, and it was nice to lie together floating in a half stimulated, half asleep state. Mandy moved her legs gently, keeping me pinned, and her other hand started fingering her slit. My hand kept its obsessive attention to her breast, my fingers playing with her nipple and a small smile played across her lips while her eyes stayed closed. She gasped, and I murmured: "Good morning, Baby."

"Good morning, Daddy. Sleep well?"

"Yes, Sweetheart. You?"

"Yeah. I like this."

"I do, too."

I chuckled, and savored the sensations. "What would you like this morning, Mandy?"

"What would you like, Daddy?"

I pinched her nipple hard. "Don't start this. It's your choice."

She thought for a moment. "I'd like ya to fuck me like ya did last night, but this time I'd like ya to play with my tits. Couldn't do that on the pool table."

I pulled her up on all fours and she reached around to grab my cock. It slid it easily, and I reached down to gather her tits in my hands. "Squeeze them, Daddy, squeeze them hard when you fuck me."

A rumble of thunder rolled through, shaking the window slightly, and I started pounding her. She bucked back against me, murmuring incoherently. The pace was moderate: she wanted to go faster but I held her back. The sensations of my cock inside her, my hands on her breasts, her heavy breathing and muttering, her body moving underneath me were so wonderful I was reluctant to bring things to a conclusion. I looked up at a mirror: her face was glowing, her eyes closed, her teeth gently biting her lower lip. She was beautiful.

"Oh Daddy, don't stop, I'm gonna cum," she shouted, and I relented to picking up the pace. She started doing pushups with her ass clinging to my stomach, so I had to let go of her breasts. It didn't take long before she let out a low moan that lasted almost forever. I slowed down but didn't pull out as she rode the wave to its conclusion. "Oh Daddy, you're still hard."

"Yeah, baby. I'm gonna keep it inside you."

She smiled and kept her hips up, clinging to my cock with her cunt. After a minute or two, she started moving again, and I got to savor the great glide of thrusting in and out of her while my hands latched on to her tits. "Twist my nipples, Daddy, twist them," she moaned, and I obliged her. Three minutes later, she orgasmed again. This time she flopped down on the bed, letting me fall out, and I landed on my side next to her. "Oh Daddy, that was so good! It's a dream come true."

"You're funny, Mandy."

She snorted in confusion, then giggled at her bad humor. "Dream CUM true. Hahaha. You're still hard, Daddy." Her pink nailed fingers reached out and began to stroke my erection. "Gotta keep ya happy. You like this?"

"Yes, baby. Love it when you milk my cock."

A sly smile creased her face. "Me, too. Love how it feels in my hand, love how it feels in my mouth." Moving down, she sucked on it a little bit. "I want your cock to feel at home in here." A few more licks and sucks. "It tastes so good with the juices all over it. I'm glad you didn't want me to share it with Lucy and Fran. It's all mine, now, at least till Mommy comes home."

I touched her head. "What about when Mommy comes home?"

She looked away a moment. "You'll have to talk with her a little more. I know she comes first with you, I'll take sloppy seconds." Her hand moved up and down my cock, squeezing a little. "It's so hard to just look at it." With that she started sucking it again, moving down to slather my balls with saliva, and back up again. My cock throbbed in delight, and soon the familiar sensation started below. I didn't think I had anything left, but she proved me wrong. Taking a break, she pulled off, stroking me fast, and I shot my load all over her face. She sucked it back in quickly, sperm hanging off her face, and licked as I finished my orgasm.

We lay there for what seemed an eternity: me on my back, she across my thigh, her face dripping and leaning against my cock and balls. Every now and then she would kiss it, lick the glowing skin a little, murmur her love of it.

The rain continued, and she feel asleep again. I was happy just to lie there, listening to the rain, with her weight against my legs, her face in my groin. Looking at the clock, I saw it was 9:45. The phone rang, and it was JoAnn. Her voice sounded a little tired: "Good morning, Sweetheart. How's it going?"

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