tagInterracial LoveMandy Ch. 02

Mandy Ch. 02


The sunshine came through the bedroom window as Mandy opened her eyes looking around and realized where she was. She felt tired and different between her legs as she moved her hand down touching herself on her pussy mound.

Mandy remembered getting drunk last night and coming into this bedroom and fucking Abu in the dark. Mandy had begun to fulfill her obligation with Mr. Coleman last night and with Abu for that matter.

Mandy didn't see Abu around and wondered if he had gone out or was still in the shower. She slipped the covers off and got out of bed and saw a tray sitting on the table with fresh fruit and a bowl of cereal, freshly baked muffin and a warming pot with coffee.

A red rose sat in the center of the tray with a note attached that read. "I fixed breakfast for you and will see you soon. Abu."

Mandy showered than simply put the wrap back on that Abu had bought her and sat down to eat her breakfast. Abu had gone out of his way to make everything as comfortable as he could for her while she stayed in the mansion.

Mandy wondered what her husband was doing that morning as she finished eating and sat drinking her coffee when Abu returned.

Abu smiled when he saw Mandy sitting at the table and walked in and sat down next to her and pulled out a box which was a gift wrapped for Mandy. Abu gave the box to Mandy and said. "I bought this special for you, please open it."

Mandy took the gift from Abu and said. "You didn't have to do that for me, I really shouldn't take this from you."

Abu replied. "Please. This is something special from me to you because you are a very special lady."

Mandy took the gift and began to open it as she pulled the red bow and ripped off the paper and lifted the lid off the box. Her mouth opened as she saw what Abu had bought her and she took the item from the box and held it while she admired what he had bought.

It was a gold chain with a gold rose pendent attached which had small diamonds circling around the roses peddles. Mandy smiled as she examined the gift and said. "It's really so beautiful, and I didn't expect you to buy a gift like this for me."

Abu replied. "You beauty reminds me of a pretty rose and I would like you to wear this as a reminder to yourself how beautiful you really are to everyone."

Abu got up from his chair and put the neckless around Mandy's neck and hooked the small clasp together as she got up to see it in a mirror.

Later that morning, Mandy was back in her own suite combing her hair wondering if Abu's seed had been planted in her womb last night or would it take another try or more to insure he would have his baby.

Mandy wondered if perhaps Abu would take her again that night or would he come into her room wanting to have sex with her again. Would she have to initiate sex with him again as she did last night, getting herself drunk or would she just climb on top of him until he finishes shooting his seed into her again?

Mandy still felt stretched from Abu being inside her last night and when she examined herself earlier she had noticed how puffy her labia's lips were and the way her pussy was still gaping open from Abu's size.

Mandy couldn't imagine herself staying as tight as she was if Abu decided to take her every day for the next few weeks. Mandy was thinking about her husband and decided she wasn't going to tell George anything about the way the baby was conceived.

Mandy put the brush down on the dresser and wondered how George would even take the fact she would carry a black child.

Abu knocked on Mandy's door not long after she finished combing her hair and Mandy opened the door for him. Abu was dressed very casually and said. "Would you like to ride into town with me and go shopping? Since everyone is gone this weekend including Mr. Coleman, there is no reason for us to stay in the mansion on a nice day like today."

Mandy smiled and replied. "That is a wonderful idea, let me change into something and I'll be right with you." Mandy didn't bring much with her and wanted to go back to her and George's cottage and pick out something to wear and decided to inform Abu she wanted to stop by her house and change clothes.

Mandy smiled at Abu and said. "I just need to go back to my place and change into something nice to go out with you this afternoon, and it'll only take a few minutes."

Abu replied and said. "What you have on will be fine because I'll take you out and buy you something nice for a beautiful lady to wear."

Abu drove Mr. Coleman's BMW out of the garage and lowered the top and opened the door for Mandy and drove off into town.

Mandy tried on various thinks and found a casual dress she could wear for the day besides buying a few other things she liked. Mandy had been in the fitting room while Abu waited for her to finish.

Abu was admiring a black teddy hanging on a rack in the woman's department when Mandy came out. She stood behind him while she watched him look at the material. The teddy was very quite and plunged down to the navel in front with ruffles along the ass but would leave most of her ass checks exposed.

Mandy smiled as she watched him play with the material and walked up behind him and said. "Do you see something there that you like?"

Abu looked embarrassed because Mandy caught him looking at the teddy's on the rack and said. "Oh. I was just looking at these little things here."

He smiled at her as they walked out of the store as Mandy said. "Abu. Would you mind waiting here for me while I go back inside for a moment? I think I forgot something in the fitting room."

Abu smiled and took her packages while she walked back inside the store and came out a few minutes later with a small bag in her hand.

Mandy and Abu spent hours shopping in stores than riding into the next town where they ate dinner and drove back to the mansion. It was early evening and still very hot as the sun was setting when Mandy made the suggestion to go swimming with Abu.

Mandy did pack her bikini in her bag and quickly changed into her suit while Abu got into his and they met out near the pool a few minutes later. Mandy's bikini was green and her favorite swim suit and dove into the pool as soon as she reached the deep end.

The water was warm, Mr. Coleman kept it heated as Mandy came back up to the surface and looked around for Abu. He was standing near the edge in a red tight bikini style suit and Mandy thought he looked handsome and masculine.

Abu dived in the water and came back up near Mandy as he cleared his eyes and dove back under again. Abu came up out of the water right next to her this time and said. "I feel like this whole big house belongs to us this weekend."

Mandy laughed and smiled at Abu as she replied. "Yes. It's sure is nice having the place all to ourselves this weekend."

Abu dove under the water again, coming up for air on the other end as Mandy followed and bumped into his leg when she got to the other side. Abu smiled as she stood next to him I the water and said. "Get up on my back and hold on to me."

Mandy climbed up onto his back putting her arms around his shoulders and locked her legs around his waist as he started to walk out into deeper water with her on his back.

Abu laughed and said. "You're very light and easy to carry around the pool. I'm going to put you back down and you can carry me."

They both laughed as Mandy replied. "OK. Walk back to the shallow water and I'll show you how strong I really I'm!"

Abu placed her down in the shallow water and Mandy turned and tried to pick him up taking hold of his leg but couldn't budge him and laughed as she said. "OK. You're much larger than I but if you were my size, I'd carry you all over the pool."

They played around in the water for several more minutes before going into the bath house to shower. There were two showers and Mandy watched Abu as he stepped into the other stall and hung his suit over the door as she stepped out of her bikini bottom placing it on a nearby bench.

Mandy than removed her top and stepped into the shower washing off the chlorine from the pool water. Mandy got out of the shower wrapping the towel around her and noticed Abu standing near the door of the bath house watching the sun set.

Abu hand a towel wrapped around himself as Mandy walked up behind him and put her hand on his back which startled him. Mandy said. "I didn't mean to startle you, I noticed you watching the sun going down and wanted to take a look."

Mandy had her bikini in one hand as Abu reached and took it out of her hand and said. "This material is very soft and looks very nice on you."

Mandy smiled and replied. "Thank you. I thought you looked really nice in your suite as well." They walked back into the mansion and Mandy told Abu she would knock when she was dressed.

Later that evening, Mandy put on a yellow dress she had bought during their shopping spree that afternoon and knocked on Abu's suite. Abu was dressed in shorts and a tropical shirt and pointed at the table which had a fresh bunch of flowers laid across it along with a bottle of wine.

The flicker of candles burning in the dim light graced the room as Abu motioned for Mandy to sit down while he poured them a glass of wine. Mandy sat down and picked up the roses that were sitting on the table.

Mandy smelled the scent putting her nose next to the rose peddles and said. "Abu. Maybe I should put these in some water."

Abu reached down behind the table and brought out a vase with water already poured into it and smiled as he took the roses from Mandy's hands and unwrapped the paper and placed them into the vase in the center of the table.

Abu poured wine into their glasses and gave Mandy hers as he sat down next to her and toasted and said. "This is to a wonderful day of shopping." He laughed along with Mandy as they drank the wine.

Mandy and Abu sat talking for over an hour when Mandy finally asked the question. "Why do you think it's so important for Mr. Coleman for you to have a child and spend this great deal of money for me to be the Mother?"

Abu put his head down and looked at the vase of roses sitting on the table for a few moments before giving Mandy his reply. "When I met Mr. Coleman when I was a little boy living in Africa, I told him I had a dream of an angel that would come and take me away to a better place to grow up and live."

Abu put his glass of wine down on the table and continued. "The angel was a very small white woman beautiful with long flowing blonde hair and green eyes and always held a red rose in her hand."

Mandy swallowed knowing that description resembled her appearance and listened to Abu as he continued. "I remember the first time I told that story to Mr. Coleman and he cried and from that day, he helped me live my dream by coming to the United States and has taken care of me ever since."

Abu got out of his chair and walked over to a dresser and brought out a picture which appeared to be an old picture and gave it to Mandy and said. "Mr. Coleman had a daughter and her name was Rose and she was killed when she was only twenty-one in a car accident."

Mandy gasped and put her hand over her mouth as she looked at the old photo and said. "Oh my God, she looks a lot like me!"

Abu had tears in his eyes as he said. "Mr. Coleman told me she always loved red roses since she was a little girl and she traveled doing volunteer work for the poor and that's what she was doing when she died."

Mandy had tears in her eyes as she said. "It's very sad that Mr. Coleman lost his daughter when she was so young, but he can't bring her back through someone else just because they resemble that person."

Abu replied. "There is something else that I haven't told you about Mr. Coleman that you should know."

Mandy still had tears in her eyes as she listened to Abu as he continued. "Please don't tell Mr. Coleman that I told you this but he is a very sick man and only has a short time to live and he told me one day not long ago that he would do everything in his power to help me fulfill my dream to have children with my angel before he died."

Mandy replied. "So that's how I became involved in becoming selected to be the Mother of your child."

Abu said. "There is more to the story that I shouldn't tell you but I will because you should know the truth. Mr. Coleman's fortune is worth more than two hundred fifty million dollars and he has already made out his heir's to his estate."

Abu took a deep breath and said. "He has named me along with you and your husband the heir's of his estate."

Mandy was stunned when Abu told her she would be an heir to the estate and couldn't believe he would include her in all this and said. "Doesn't Mr. Coleman have any other family members that he would leave his estate with?"

Abu looked at Mandy and said. "We are Mr. Coleman's family and all that he has left in the world and as you can see, to him you're his daughter Rose."

Mandy was completely flabbergasted and finished drinking her wine as Abu poured another glass for her as she continued to look at the picture of Mr. Coleman's daughter.

Abu than said. "You can see now why it's so important to him for you to have this baby right now."

Mandy and Abu sat a while longer before she returned to her own suite and sat in bed reading a book when her cell phone rang. Mandy answered it and it was her husband who was calling her as and his voice was full of excitement as he said. "Mandy. Your not going to believe what Mr. Coleman did today, he gave me the keys to this cabin and said it belonged to you and me!"

Mandy smiled and said. "Yes. I can believe it, and how are you doing up there?"

George replied. "I'm doing fine, and I've been busy cutting down some trees today when Mr. Coleman told me about the cabin. Isn't that wonderful?"

Mandy said. "I want you to be careful up there and I'll see you when you get back later this month."

George said goodbye to his wife and told Mandy that he loved her very much and missed her. Mandy had tears in her eyes as she said goodby to her husband and she loved him to and hung up the phone thinking that Abu was telling her the truth about Mr. Coleman.

Mandy placed her cell phone on the night stand along with the book she was reading and fluffed her pillow up behind her head and laid thinking about the photo Abu had let her see.

Abu had finished cleaning the wine glasses and had brushed his teeth before he put the old photo of Rose back into the drawer. He felt much relief after explaining to Mandy about Mr. Coleman tonight.

Abu changed out of his clothes all except a red satin pair of boxer shorts and slipped into bed and just laid there with the dim light of the moon shining into the window.

After laying in bed for several minutes, Abu got himself back out of bed and slipped his robe on and went down to the first floor of the mansion. Abu thought to himself how deserted the big house seemed with only two people staying there.

Abu just walked around into different rooms as his mind drifted back to different moments he spent with Mandy during the day.

He walked from the library and down the hall and turned into the next room not caring much which room it was he entered. It happened to be the billiards room he was now standing inside and walked over to the table and started to pull all of the balls out of the pockets.

Abu racked all the balls and leaned down and took his first shot watching the balls bouncing off the different rails. Abu took another shot sending one of the balls into a pocket and was about to make another shot when he saw someone standing in the doorway.

It was Mandy standing in the door watching him play as he stood straight up to look at her. Abu smiled at Mandy as he looked into her eyes.

Mandy was absolutely beautiful standing with her long blonde hair flowing down her shoulders and down her back. She was wearing the black teddy that Abu was admiring at the store that day.

She stood in the doorway for a few moments than said. "I'm sorry I'm I interrupting an important game?"

Abu laid the cue stick on the table as Mandy walked toward him switching off the room light on her way in. Mandy stood in front of Abu looking into his eyes in the dim moonlight.

Abu was speechless as Mandy stood in front of him wearing the revealing black teddy. The teddy split almost in two down the front right down to her navel but held her breasts in form to show off her cleavage.

Abu could smell the same scent of perfume Mandy had wore the night before in his room. Abu finally answered Mandy and said. "I saw that teddy on the rack this afternoon and was thinking how beautiful you would be wearing it"

Mandy moved forward putting her hands up to his chest where the robe split and slid them down until her hands meet the belt which tied it together and pulled it apart exposing his bare chest and the red satin boxers.

Abu put his hands on her shoulders as Mandy reached up and pulled his robe down and let it drop to the floor. Abu put his hands back on her shoulders and held her as he starred into her eyes.

Mandy leaned forward and kissed his chest as he put his hand on the back of her head. Abu height was about a foot and a half taller than Mandy and when she kissed his chest, the top of her head came up even with his nipples.

Mandy had Abu very excited and he was poking her with his cock just above her navel so she took hold of his red boxer shorts and slowly pulled those off and let them fall to the floor below. Mandy moved close again and took his cock in her little hand feeling it pulse with excitement as she tilted her head up to kiss him on the lips.

Their kiss was very passionate as she allowed his tongue to enter her mouth as Abu's hands touched her tits as he slid one of his hands under the teddy. Mandy's nipples were rock solid hard as he teased them with his thumb.

Abu kept his other hand behind her head as they continued to kiss and ran his fingers through her long blonde hair. Mandy was still holding his cock in her hand running her fingers gently over the large mushroom head making it leak from excitement.

Mandy broke the kiss and lowered down and kissed the large head with her lips feeling the wetness on her lips that leaked out of the small slit. Mandy knelt down put kept her knees up off the floor otherwise she wouldn't be able to reach him with her mouth.

Mandy hand both hands on his gentiles, one holding his testicles and the other hand holding his large cock as she poked her tongue out giving the head a gentle lick. Abu had one hand on the back of her head again as she licked the head a second time than began licking around the side.

Abu moaned as Mandy put the head into her mouth and licked the tiny slit tasting the pre cum that leaked out. Mandy tasted his cum and it was much saltier than her husband's as she continued to lick circles around the head and side.

Mandy moved her head toward his legs as she licked along his long cock and lifted it up to take his balls into her mouth. Mandy held them to her mouth and sucked on each one for several moments than worked her way back over its long length than focused back on the head.

Mandy was afraid he might cum and stood back up and kissed his chest again as Abu took hold of her teddy and gently pulled it off her shoulders exposing her tits in the moonlight. It was his turn to bend down as he took one of her tits in his mouth and began to suck it as she placed her hand on the back of his head holding him tight against her chest.

Abu still held the material of her teddy and slipped the garment all the way down to the floor and began kissing his way down to her navel. Mandy rubbed the palm of her hand on his bald head as he continued to lick his way down to her patch of hair and pushed his tongue over the slit making her shiver from his hot wet tongue.

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