tagInterracial LoveMandy Ch. 03

Mandy Ch. 03


Mr. Coleman kept Abu fairly busy for the next three days driving him around town on his first day back than they both traveled to New York to see Abu's family leaving Mandy alone at the mansion.

Mandy didn't have very much to do during the day except read or sit near the pool. Mandy wondered how long it would take for her to become pregnant and if maybe she had already achieved that goal.

Mandy would have to tell George eventually who the father of the baby was going to be because he would know soon enough when it was born. She would have to pick the right time to tell him maybe this weekend when he returns.

Mr. Coleman was going to break the news to George himself but had changed his mind at the last minute and told Mandy she should be the one to tell him. Mandy certainly wouldn't tell him she had sex with Abu since he believed she was going to be artificially inseminated so she would leave it at that for now.

That Friday, Abu returned with Mr. Coleman from New York and the first thing he did was go up to Mandy's suite with a gift he had bought for her in New York. Abu had bought her a pair of diamond ear rings and gave them to Mandy. She thanked him by giving Abu a kiss which seemed to lead into another longer kiss than Abu was beginning to unbutton Mandy's blouse.

Mandy said. "Abu. My husband is supposed to be back from the cabin any minute now and maybe we should wait until he gets here."

Abu kept unfastening the buttons as he replied. "We have enough time for sex if we hurry."

Mandy helped Abu with the buckle on her shorts and slid them down her legs as Abu got out of his shirt and dropped his pants to the floor.

Abu grabbed Mandy and picked her up and set her on the bed as she pulled her panty's off while Abu climbed up next to her on the bed. Abu put his arm around Mandy and began to kiss her on the lips than moved down and started to kiss her tits.

Mandy reached down and took hold of Abu's cock which was already hard as she massaged it with her hand than felt his balls as she squeezed them with her fingers. Mandy lost contact with Abu's cock as he slid himself further down and began to lift her legs in the air as he started to kiss her inner thighs.

Abu didn't waste anytime when he hurriedly moved his mouth over Mandy's bare pussy mound and began to lick it than sent his tongue between her lips aiming for her clitoris. Mandy opened her legs as wide as possible for Abu to be able to lick her pussy.

Abu licked Mandy's pussy for several minutes until he moved himself into position on top of her and began to kiss her on the lips. Mandy laughed as she said. "You don't seem to be wasting anytime at all putting your cock in me."

Abu had his hand down between his legs as he held onto his cock and guided it to the entrance of Mandy's pussy as he starred into her eyes without responding to her question.

Mandy held her legs back until her knees were touching her tits as Abu placed his cock between Mandy's pussy lips and readied himself to enter her pussy. The large head of his cock was already dripping wet from the pre cum that was oozing from the slit.

Mandy had put her hand down to feel Abu's cock as he began to push forward until he popped inside her. Mandy moaned as she felt the big head of his cock enter her pussy as she moved her hand back to support her legs.

Abu pushed himself further into Mandy as she moved her hands onto Abu's ass cheeks and wrapped her legs around him as far as she could. Abu pulled out an inch only to sink himself back inside Mandy a little further.

Abu kept rocking himself until he had sunk his cock inside Mandy as far as it would go in her pussy. Mandy had moved her hands around Abu's shoulders as Abu continued to fuck her pussy.

Mandy knew that Abu wanted to cum inside her to make the baby but she wanted to have an orgasm very badly and whispered in Abu's ear and said. "Lift yourself up so I can play with my pussy while you fuck me."

Abu lifted himself up as Mandy lowered her hand down to her pussy and began to rub her clitoris while feeling Abu's cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Mandy had her fingers on her clitoris giving herself some extra stimulation while Abu kept fucking her.

Abu was driving himself into Mandy at a steady pace with only one thing on his mind at the moment as she worked hard on making herself cum until she hit the right spot and began to cum. Mandy's body began to shake as she reached her goal and her orgasm began as Abu started to cum at the same time sending a huge load of sperm deep inside Mandy's belly.

Mandy was gasping for air as she placed her hands on Abu's shoulders and Abu took one last stroke inside her pussy and held himself still for a few moments until they both caught their breath.

They had just caught their breath and Abu started to raise himself off Mandy when someone knocked on the bedroom door. Abu got up from the bed and walked over to the door leaving Mandy totally naked and exhausted from her orgasm and opened the door just enough to see who it was that knocked.

Abu looked through the crack in the door and said. "Can I help you?"

It was Mandy's husband standing outside the room as he said. "Oh. I'm sorry. I thought this was the suite my wife was staying in."

Mandy heard her husband's voice at the door and pulled the covers up over her naked body trying to figure out what she should do next.

Abu responded back to George and said. "Wait here for a moment and you can come in and see Mandy."

Abu closed the door shut leaving George in the hallway wondering what was going on inside the room and within a few seconds Abu opened the door again and said. "You can come in now."

George started to walk into the room with red roses in his hand as he starred at Abu who was wearing only a pair of pants and was picking up other articles of clothing off the floor near the bed.

George's eyes were still focused on Abu as the big man walked past him carrying his shoes and shirt and what appeared to George as a pair of red silk boxer shorts.

George than noticed his wife in bed under the covers looking at her husband as she said. "Hi Honey."

George looked at his wife wondering what was going on and said. "What was Abu doing with his clothes off?"

Mandy sat up holding the blanket against her chest as she replied. "George. Sit down and let me explain everything to you."

George looked down on the floor and saw Mandy's clothes laying on the floor and reached down and pulled the blanket away from his wife and saw that Mandy was naked.

George's face was getting red as he spoke and said. "What were you and Abu doing? Fucking?"

Mandy started to get up off the bed and said. "George. Please let me explain what was going on."

When Mandy got out of bed and stood up, Abu's cum that he had just finished putting inside her was making fluttering sounds from the air and liquid as it began to drip out of her pussy. Mandy had got out of bed so fast that all of the sperm dripped out of her pussy all at once and hit the floor.

George looked down at the floor and saw the big drops of sperm on the floor where Mandy was standing as she tried to wipe off her inner thighs from the trails of sperm that was still dripping out.

George through the flowers down on the floor and grabbed Mandy by her shoulders and shouted at her saying. "I leave this place for a few days and you turn into a fucking whore for that Nigger?"

Mandy started to cry as she tried to respond to her husband as eyes filled with tears and said. "Don't you see what is going on here?"

George shouted back and said. "I can see perfectly well what is going on here. You just got fucked by that bastard and look at your tits all bit up. I bet you squealed like a little bitch in heat for that big black dick. Didn't You?"

Mandy was crying much louder as she put her hands up to her face and tried to wipe off the tears from her eyes and said. "I shouldn't have to explain any of these to you."

George put one of his hands down on her bare pussy mound and rubbed his fingers across it and said. "I see you shaved your pussy for that bastard too. I hope Mr. Coleman catches you fucking his chauffeur and you can explain to him how you got pregnant with the wrong baby."

Mandy was crying very loud now as she responded to her husband and said. "Abu was in here trying to get me pregnant with his baby."

George interrupted Mandy and shouted back and said. "I can that for myself. Why don't you call him back in here and fuck him again? Go ahead. You can also tell him for me that I don't want you any more and he can keep his dam cock in you all night long if he would like to"

George roughly took hold of Mandy's left hand and grabbed her wedding rings with his fingers with his other hand and twisted them off her finger and said. "Now go and tell that bastard you're a free woman now and you can make all the babies you want."

George turned and walked out the bedroom door as Mandy ran close behind him and shouted to her husband just before the door slammed shut and said. "George. Read the dam contract that we signed."

Mandy was still crying as she put her hands over her eyes as she walked back to the bed and sat down starring at the pile of clothes she had taken off just minutes ago.

Mandy put her hand down on her tummy starring at her navel as she began to cry louder and laid down on the bed and cried until she finally fell asleep hours after George slammed the door shut.

The next morning Mandy sat down with Mr. Coleman and explained the whole mess to him and asked for his help and if he would speak to George. Mr. Coleman said he would talk to George and show him a copy of the contract and explain that Abu is the person he had chosen to mate with her.

Mr. Coleman also said he would point out that the contract states that the child would be conceived in a nature way.

Mandy sat in her room most of the day wondering if Mr. Coleman had spoken to her husband and wondered if he wanted to talk to her after what he had witnessed yesterday with Abu.

Mandy hadn't seen Abu since George had caught them right after they screwed yesterday and wondered why he was staying away from her right now. He may have felt embarrassed being caught naked with her in the bedroom yesterday.

Later that evening Mr. Coleman asked Mandy to come down to his office for a meeting and as Mandy entered the office, she saw George already sitting in front of the desk talking with Mr. Coleman.

George turned around and saw his wife enter the room, he immediately got out of his chair and walked over to Mandy and they embraced as Mandy broke out in tears.

George hugged his wife and kissed her forehead as Mandy said. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you what was going on, I thought you knew about everything in the contract."

George replied. "I'm sorry for blaming you for all this. It was just as much my fault for not understanding what was expected from you."

Mandy sat down at the front of the desk with George as Mr. Coleman said. "Mandy. Your husband wants to be part of this whole thing and has asked me if he could move into the room with you. I have no objection to that as long as George continues to wear the chastity tube. Now. Do you understand what I just told you?"

Mandy replied. "Yes. My husband can stay in the same room with me but what about Abu?"

Mr. Coleman replied. "Your husband is perfectly aware that you must mate with Abu until it is confirmed that you are pregnant with his child."

Mandy looked at her husband than back at Mr. Coleman and said. "I don't know if I'll feel comfortable with my husband being in the same room when I'm with Abu."

Mr. Coleman replied. "Mandy. Abu sleeps in the adjoining suite and you may visit him at your own free will. George. You must understand that your wife is fulfilling her obligation to our contract and I really don't care how you work it out with her."

Mandy helped George bring some clothes to the suite from their cottage and got him settled in their suite and was just finishing putting his shirts in the closet when George walked up behind Mandy and put his arms around her.

Mandy turned and hugged George in return as they kissed and than George pulled Mandy's wedding rings out of his pocket and slipped them on Mandy's finger.

George took Mandy's hand and lead his wife to the bed where they sat down as George said. "I want to be here and be part of everything that you do with Abu."

Mandy looked at her husband with a confused expression on her face and asked. "You don't mean that you want to watch me with Abu do you?"

George said. "No. I didn't mean it like that at all. I just wanted to be here and see what you have to do before you have sex with him. Do you just go into his room naked and tell him you're ready to screw him?"

Mandy sat starring at the floor as she hesitated answering George's question and than she said. "Well. I did buy a black teddy that he likes to see me wear so I put that on and he usually gets turned on when I wear it for him."

George looked at Mandy and said. "Why don't you put it on for me so that I can see how it fits on you?"

Mandy nervously stood up and took the teddy out of the dresser drawl and walked into the bathroom as George watched her shut the door. Several minutes later Mandy returned wearing the sexy little black teddy and modeled it for her husband.

George sat watching his wife turn around as he asked. "Do you plan on going over there with him tonight?"

Mandy looked at George for a moment before replying and said. "I never really gave it much thought to be honest with you." George replied. "Mandy. I want you to get this stuff over with as soon as we can so maybe you should go over there but I need a drink first to settle my nerves or something."

Mandy walked over to the refrigerator and brought out a bottle of whiskey and some soda and said. "I brought this back to my room in case I needed it myself. Let me fix you a drink."

George sat with his wife for over an hour having several drinks as they talked about Mr. Coleman's plans to make them part of his inheritance and what George had done while he was away at the cabin for those days.

Neither one talked about Mandy screwing Abu at all as they lay on the bed kissing and fondling each other. George had his clothes off and Mandy was playing with his cock with the chastity tube on it and said. "Don't worry Honey. It will be off you in a few days."

It was eleven and they were feeling fairly high as they both slurred their words when they tried to speak to each another. They heard a knock on the door which connected Mandy's suite with Abu's suite and Mandy placed her glass on the night stand and said. "I better go and see what Abu wants."

George took a sip of his drink as his hand rubbed against her ass when she got out of bed to answer the door. George watched Mandy's bare ass wiggle in the tiny black teddy she was wearing as she opened the door.

George could see Mandy talking at the door but she only opened it about a foot and George couldn't see for sure if it was Abu she was speaking to at the door.

George was feeling relaxed and tired as he tried to focus his eyes on his wife and said. "Who is it Mandy?"

Mandy replied. "It's Abu."

George said. "Tell him to come on in and join our party."

George watched Abu enter the room as Mandy walked back to the bed with Abu following right behind her as Mandy slurred her words and said. "Abu is here to see me."

George replied back slurring his words just as bad and said. "Get him a glass so he can have a drink with us first."

Mandy got him a glass and poured Abu a drink and gave it to him as George poured himself another drink and said. "Why don't you sit down here on the bed with Mandy so we can talk about this baby thing?"

Abu sat on the edge of the bed and sipped his drink as Mandy sat down near her husband as George said. "Mandy. Go sit with the man so I can see how he treats you."

Mandy got up and scooted down next to Abu and sat on the edge of the bed next to Abu and looked at her husband as if she was waiting for him to direct her again. Mandy was very nervous with George being in the same room and sat next to Abu stiff like a porcelain doll even with the liquor she had already drank.

Mandy still had her glass in her hand and finished drinking what she had remaining and walked back over to the refrigerator and got a second bottle.

George started asking questions to Abu about where he was born and Abu gave him the whole story on how Mr. Coleman brought him and his family to this country to live.

Abu was on his third drink and was looking at Mandy with passion in his eyes. Mandy was trying to avoid eye contact with him for the whole hour he had been in the room with her and George.

George was acting much differently than normal as he sat on the bed drinking with only the chastity tube as he stood up holding his drink in his hand. George was drunk and could barely walk but stood in front of Abu and put his hand on his locked cock and said. "Abu. Did you see what they are making me wear?"

George had no idea that Abu was actually wearing the key around his neck for the chastity tube as he stood in front of Abu laughing at his confined cock.

George sat his drink down and motioned for his wife and could hardly speak as he said. "Mandy. Come back over here and sit down with Abu. I want you to be friendly with our guest."

Mandy walked next to George as she starred at him wondering what he was doing. She could hardly stand straight up from the effects of the whisky she had drank as George said to Abu. "Why don't you take those clothes off and get comfortable with us?"

Abu stood up and began to unbutton his shirt and pulled it off exposing his large chest and began to unbuckle his pants when George pointed between Abu's pants and said. "Honey. Wait until you see what this guy has between his legs."

Abu stood along the side the bed facing Mandy completely exposed as George laughed and said. "Mandy. That's the biggest cock that I ever saw in my life!"

Both Mandy and Abu starred at each other with embarrassment as George sat on the bed pointing out Abu's cock to them.

George continued on as he chuckled and said. "Abu. Go ahead and sit down next to my wife and let me see you get cozy with her."

Abu sat on the bed next to Mandy but kept a small distance between them as he looked over at George who was so drunk that Abu realized the man didn't even know what he was saying to them.

George was trying to speak again as he pointed at his wife and stuttered several times before finally getting his words out and said. "Doesn't my wife look attractive in her little black nightie?"

Abu didn't say anything but looked over at Mandy and gazed into her eyes for a moment hoping she would respond back to her husband and stop any further humiliation.

Instead, Mandy reached out with her hand and took hold of Abu's hand as she continued looking into his eyes knowing full well that her husband was treating this man unreasonable under the circumstances.

George had stopped speaking and Mandy looked toward her husband to see his eyes had closed and he had passed out from all the liquor he had drank during the evening.

Mandy looked back at Abu who was still holding her hand and whispered. "I'm sorry George acted the way he did, he's been upset since he found out we had actually screwed to conceive a baby."

Abu pulled on Mandy's hand as he replied. "But your husband signed the contract and should have been aware how the baby would be conceived."

Mandy stood up pulling on Abu's hand and said. "Let's go into the other suit and talk and let my husband sleep it off."

Abu got up and followed Mandy into the other room where she guided him toward the bed and pushed him down with her hands and climbed on top of him.

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