tagGroup SexMandy Ch. 05

Mandy Ch. 05


"I love you, baby."

Joe spoke those words to Mandy two weeks ago, as she lay passed out and cradled in his arms. Joe had just beaten a stalker to within an inch of his life to protect Mandy. Joe was not ashamed of his actions or those words, but he wondered if things were getting too complicated.

Joe drove the entire distance to Las Vegas. As his four-door sedan passed through the barren but paradoxically gorgeous desert southwest, he realized how much he enjoyed being the leader of the three, the person both Mandy and Melissa could rely upon to keep things moving forward safely. The girls enjoyed their freedom, talking and laughing and working crossword puzzles as Joe pushed the vehicle ahead toward Vegas. Melissa took notice of her stolid, silent husband – particularly how much pleasure he received from his de facto position as the ringleader. He behaved much like a father taking his children on a vacation to some exciting new territory.

Joe was clearly troubled, however. This 'three-way relationship' had developed beyond anything he could have imagined. He could not see an endgame. He could not see the future, how the three would manage as the coming weeks and months progressed. He felt they were all headed for disaster.

- - - - -

"You're right." Mandy shook her head. "He's bothered by something."

"He doesn't understand," Melissa replied. "He thinks this will all fall apart. He thinks we'll regret this and we'll all get hurt."

Melissa and Mandy were downstairs in the lobby of the hotel, sitting at one of the many barstools. The establishment was a combination hotel and casino, the likes of which Mandy had never seen before. Lights flashed everywhere, beckoning patrons to risk their money on the potential for untold wealth, but Mandy felt overwhelmed and stayed away. Joe had checked in and made sure their luggage arrived in their rooms safely.

"Do you love Joe?" Melissa asked seriously.

"Is it bad if I say yes?"

"The truth. We've been through so much together..."

Mandy looked down. "Then, yes, I admit I do."

Melissa looked down and played absent-mindedly with a button on her blouse.

"Can we make a relationship like this work? The three of us?" Melissa finally asked.

"I don't see why not, if that's what we all want."

"I never imagined this..."

"I'm sorry," Mandy stammered.

"Don't be. This is what I want, too."


"I can't imagine anything else..."


"I love you both. I want you both. Isn't that awful?"

"That's not awful..." Mandy held Melissa's hand. "Is it?"

- - - - -

Joe sat in his room brooding. He flipped through a million channels on the remote control, finding nothing worth watching. He was mentally prepared to discuss the entire relationship with both girls. He knew he would need to be direct, tell them that they were taking big risks, that the relationship probably wouldn't work out and they needed to be mentally prepared. A knock on the door interrupted him. He went to the door and looked through the eyehole, and saw Mandy waiting alone. Where was Melissa?

"Hey," Joe said as he opened the door. "Is Melissa coming?"

"Not yet," Mandy answered cryptically.


"I thought you and I needed to talk first." Mandy sat at the edge of the bed and crossed her legs. Her fingers played idly with the edge of the blanket. "Joe, your wife and I talked for a long time. We love each other. We all love each other, don't we?"

Joe was surprised by her bluntness, but welcomed it just the same. "Yeah, we do. Of course we do."

Mandy looked toward Joe. Their eyes met and stayed glued on one another for many seconds.

"Would you make love to me, Joe?" Mandy said.

"Without Melissa?"

"I asked Melissa if I could be with you, one-on-one. She said yes."



"Make love to you? Mandy, we agreed that it wouldn't happen..."

"I remember."


"I'm ready. I want this so much. I think you do, too. We all do."

Joe looked down at his hands, fumbling for the right words. "I'd love that, but I don't want any complications or any regrets..."

Mandy knelt on the floor in front of Joe, trying to catch Joe's attention. Joe smiled slightly, knowing he wasn't going to be able to hide away. She placed her hand on his right cheek, gently pulling his face to hers. Mandy kissed Joe, softly and tenderly and full of love.

"I know you're the strong, silent guy, Joe," Mandy whispered as she rubbed her face against Joe's cheek. "You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and you keep it deep down, locked away." Mandy held Joe's face in her hands then and climbed into his lap. "But we are all adults, baby. All relationships have good and bad times. All relationships have misunderstandings and hurt feelings, but we try to work them through, right?"

"I just don't want anyone to..." Joe began but was cut off.

"...get hurt. I know, I know. You have this need to watch over and protect everyone, and I love you for it. It's just not necessary."

"I admit, I worry about you and Melissa. If it doesn't work out, what will happen?"

"We're big kids now. Besides, what is the alternative, smart guy? Give up? Is that what you want? To end this?"

Mandy's line stopped Joe cold, because deep down he knew that he could not simply stop what the three of them had started. They had come so far, learned so much about each other, to end everything arbitrarily.

"God, you're right," Joe replied finally. "Giving up isn't an option anymore."

"Life is too short to turn your back on love, sweetie," Mandy kissed him again, holding his face between her hands.

Joe finally returned Mandy's kisses full force. "I never wanted to give this up. I guess I just hope we all know what we're doing."

"You love us both."

"Yeah. Of course I do."

"I want you inside me, Joe."

Joe scooped up Mandy, walked her to one of the double beds, and laid her down upon it. He leaned across Mandy and kissed her passionately.

"No limits?" Joe asked one last time.

"Take me hard, sweetie," Mandy responded one last time. "When your wife returns, I want her to see me dripping your semen."

Mandy's words sliced through Joe's consciousness like a knife through butter. His desire for Mandy, long tempered by her requirement to avoid full intercourse, was permitted to run rampant. Joe's erection grew impossibly thick in anticipation.

"I want to fuck you good, Mandy," Joe pressed, with a mischievous expression..

"Yes, please...do it..."

Joe removed Mandy's top and took each of her tender nipples into his mouth, one at a time, savoring each. He bit down gently and kept a tight grip on her left nipple as his hands worked feverishly to remove her jeans. Mandy squirmed under Joe, providing every opportunity for him to succeed. Joe fumbled repeatedly. Once her jeans were removed, he immediately studied the pink panties stretched tight against her.

"You're already wet," Joe prodded. "You must want this pretty bad."

"Quit teasing and fuck me, Joe..."

"This pretty little pussy wants my cock, does it?"

"Oh yesss..."

Joe smiled, lowered her panties and dipped a finger into her labia.

"So wet..."

"Please...fill me..."

Joe undressed, then pressed the head of his cock against her pouty pussy lips. Leaning over Mandy, Joe slowly rocked his manhood inside of her. Joe knew this was a momentous development for their relationship. He felt honored that Mandy was open to him now. At the same time, entering her tight little pussy felt so good that he lost all reasoning capacity. As he filled her, Mandy appeared calm and concentrated. And happy. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, welcoming him inside of her.

Joe made love to her with deep, smoldering energy. He made hard, firm thrusts inside of her as he held her pinned to the bed below. He maintained a smooth pace for a long time as Mandy moved and danced beneath him. She enjoying every one of his thrusts, squealing in delight every time his cock filled her completely. Joe held both of her wrists above her head and cranked himself up further, fucking faster and faster, forcing them both toward a powerful climax. Mandy bit her lip, closed her eyes and focused on the powerful man above her. Her new lover, a married man, was ready to empty his cock deep into her body. The power behind each thrust told her how much he needed to do exactly that.

Mandy looked up at Joe, expressing a mixture of lust, love and wonder.

"Please feed my pussy, baby...please...I need it so bad..."

Mandy's words, both comforting and erotic, pushed Joe over the edge. Finally, he exploded and pulsed deep inside Mandy. Mandy came as well, clenching tight around his erection, sucking every drop of fluid from him. They smiled, laughed and kissed as their pleasure gradually subsided.

Several minutes after, Joe heard the door crack open. Melissa cautiously walked in and peered around, finding her husband on top of her best friend, still several inches deep inside. Joe's heart nearly skipped a beat – he hadn't expected her entrance at all, but he relaxed after Melissa smiled.

"I texted her..." Mandy told Joe to relieve his confusion. Joe looked over and saw a cell phone on top of the night stand near the bed. How she had managed to reach the phone and send a message to his wife was a complete mystery.

Melissa joined them in bed. Her hands carefully explored each of their bodies, pausing to feel the exact place where Joe was entering Mandy. Once again, Joe was becoming fully erect.

"Oh my god..." Joe gasped.

Joe and Mandy began fucking once again. Melissa wrapped her hand around Joe's balls and held them tight while fingering the edge of Mandy's pussy, exactly where her husband's cock entered. Melissa was intrigued.

"You're wife is enjoying our fuck, baby..." Mandy teased.

"You two are so sexy," Melissa whispered. "I want to watch you two make love."

Joe certainly wanted Mandy again. He was keenly aware that his wife watching this time. Joe felt very self-conscious, wondering if each happy grunt and every thrust would tear into his wife, make her feel angry or jealous or insufficient. He glanced back at her, but her head was turned sideways as she watched with great childlike wonder as their bodies merged. Melissa seemed calm, relaxed and happy. Her fingers played tenderly with her own pussy as she enjoyed the action.

Melissa was, in fact, quite calm. Watching her husband penetrate Mandy was a surreal experience, but she felt none of the waves of jealousy she might have anticipated. She loved them both, and she knew they both loved her. She watched the penetration, and loved how Mandy's pussy lips grasped Joe's erection as he pulled out. She heard them both sigh together in anticipation as their passion built – she found herself rubbing her own pussy more earnestly in response. Occasionally, a thick mixture of their fluids would leak from them as they fucked – Melissa gathered up whatever she could with her fingers and smeared the mixture across her clit.

Joe came once again inside Mandy, and Melissa was elated. She kissed them both, and told them how amazing it was to watch. Joe and Mandy slowly merged Melissa into their activities. They squirmed around and played, changing positions constantly, exploring each other in every way imaginable. By the time they were finished, the three of them lounged happily together, a mixture of sweat and semen and fluid coating various places around their bodies and on the bed.

Over the next three nights, the three made love in endless variation, finding new and creative ways to make love as a threesome. Joe enjoyed having one of the women suck on his cock and the other sucking his balls, a fact that he did not keep hidden.

"I love this, this feels so good, please don't stop...please..."

The women didn't stop. They knew he loved it.

Mandy, for her part, enjoyed intercourse so much that she found herself spreading her legs for Joe whenever the opportunity presented itself. She loved kissing Melissa while fucking Joe, and even enjoyed the light verbal exchanges between them as they fucked.

"Your husband feels so good in me, Melissa..."

"You are a naughty, slutty girl..."


By day, the three ran around Vegas and experienced the city. They gambled a bit, watched a few shows and saw every amazing sight the Vegas Strip had to offer. By night, they made love, openly and freely, without limits or rules. They slept together peacefully.

On the final night of their trip to Vegas, they ate an expensive meal at one of the fancier restaurants near the hotel.

"I think I underestimated you two girls," Joe tried to explain at dinner.

"Oh? How so?" Melissa replied giddily, her elbows on the table, her chin resting in her hands, as if waiting for Joe's next words with great reverence.

"I didn't think you two understood where this was going, but you knew better than I did."

"No, I think you have it wrong," Melissa interjected. "We can't see the future. But, we can't turn our back on this, either. It's amazing."

"What, it's like some kind of roller coaster? Once you get on, you have to see where the ride takes you?"

"Exactly," Melissa laughed.

Joe drove the entire distance home. He no longer smoldered with concern. He no longer worried about the future. He hoped, like both girls, that this was a roller-coaster ride that would last forever, that the three of them would be a tight unit until the end of time. He knew there were no guarantees, but he also knew he would enjoy and love both women in his life openly and completely, for as long as humanly possible.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I apologize for the amount of time that elapsed between Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 of this story. Life intervened. I am not sure if this is the final chapter of Joe, Melissa and Mandy. Please let me know if you feel this is a story worth continuing.

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