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Mandy Entertains


It was a warm, sunny June afternoon, with the birds singing as if in praise, so I wasn't cold in my tight, black leather miniskirt and black halter top. When I stood, the skirt came about 4" above my knees, the halter showed a generous sample of my large breasts, and the outfit bared my waist. The black contrasted with my bare, white skin to enhance my partial nakedness. Sitting in my recliner, I saw my skirt ride halfway up my thighs, as I finished a double whiskey and soda to relax.

My husband had encouraged me to wear sexier, more revealing clothes. My feeling that I was too old to display my body vanished when a woman friend, who is young enough to be my daughter, said, "Show your shape! You have good legs. Why not show them?"

She even complimented my husband on the glow I had. Another woman my age said I was blooming. These compliments from women came after I'd begun posing for sexy photos and flirting with our old friend and my new admirer.

My husband, Ben, and I were about to entertain company, our horny friend and neighbor, Fred. I was to be the entertainment. For several months, I had flirted with Fred. Our foreplay had become me posing for Ben to take erotic photos. My husband would e-mail copies to Fred, and I would read his e-mailed compliments on my body and dirty comments about how he masturbated looking at my pictures and what he'd like to do to me. This excited me so much that I often began to cum as soon as Ben entered me!

We enjoyed driving into Fred's driveway while his wife was at work so that he could ogle my legs in a miniskirt or mini-dress and view some luscious cleavage. Sometimes, Fred would lean on the open window of the passenger side and ask me to show what panties and bra I was wearing. He'd urge me to pull my skirt up around my waist for a good look at my naked thighs and the little strip of bikini panties that hid my pussy from him. Since my pussy is natural, Fred could sometimes see some of my blonde pubic hair curling out the sides. Once, I teasingly invited him to feel my thighs, but he balked at going so far in public.

Lately, Fred had been making obscene phone calls to me. He'd ask me what I'd like him to do to me. Then, he's say what he'd like to do to me. They were very stimulating calls.

Although I am well into my 50s, my admirer's lust and my husband's renewed excitement about me made me feel sexy, desirable, and even beautiful by their compliments.

Ben had the bright idea that I not wear panties today! If Fred asked what panties I was wearing, I could say, "I can't show you, because I'm not wearing any!" Then, I could flash Fred my pussy whenever I crossed and uncrossed my legs, slowly. The idea both excited and frightened me. I declined.

Then, Ben had an even brighter idea:

"Keep your panties on, but when he asks to see them, take them off, walk over and hand them to him!"

"That's likely to get him even more excited!"

"I dare you!"

I hate to refuse a dare, and it would serve Ben right if he got more than he wanted, so I agreed. Ben had one more refinement: he reached between my thighs and rubbed the crotch of my panties into my pussy until they were wet with my excitement and scented with my sex.

"If he's lustful enough to sniff them, he'll get a treat!" Ben smirked.

I don't usually drink alcohol in the afternoon, but Ben wanted me uninhibited. He poured me a second double whiskey.

At about 2 p.m., there was a knock on the front door, and our little dog barked. Bob asked me to open the door to give Fred a look at me standing. I am 5' tall, and Joe is 6' 2", so he got a good look down my cleavage. He grinned his approval. His own wife had let herself go to fat. Ben found her devoid of sex appeal. Fred was not quite my type. He had a rugged, manly appeal, a bit crude and increasingly lewd, but I was becoming his type.

To tease my husband, I put my little hands on Fred's hips, stood on my tippy toes and gave him a light kiss on his lips. He responded by embracing me, forcing his tongue into my mouth, and grabbing my ass! Blushing, I walked away, feeling his eyes burning on my ass.

Fred sat on the couch opposite me and Ben in the recliner beside mine.

"Mandy, you look good! I like how that halter and skirt show off your tits and legs!"

"Thank you." Whenever he referred to my "tits" and "cunt, the words embarrassed me but gave me a dirty thrill. His attention was on how far my tight skirt had hiked up to bare my thighs for him. I took another swig of my drink, crossed my right leg over my left, showing Joe my bare thigh almost up to my hip.

"Doesn't she look sexy?" Ben asked.

"Oh, yes! She's getting me excited! Show me what panties you're wearing!"

I took another swig and looked at Ben. He nodded encouragement. I was floating on the attention, their admiration, my power to excite them, and the alcohol.

I stood and my skirt slid down, until I pulled it up to my waist. I curled my fingers under the waistband of my black bikini panties and peeled them down, the skirt falling to hide my pussy. I sat down to pull my panties over my feet, flashing Fred some pussy when I had to part my thighs. Then, I stood, walked over to Joe, bent forward to show more of my breasts, and handed him my panties. His eyes were popping. He was very surprised at my boldness.

"Wow, that's hot!" he said as he took them.

"Do you like my panties?"

"God, they're wet! Yes, I like them!"

Then, he sniffed my wetness.

"Your cunt smells good! I'd like to lick it for you!" He licked where my love juice wet my panties.

I found that startlingly erotic, blushed, smiled, and walked back to my chair. I proceeded to give him a sexy leg show with glimpses of pussy by slowly crossing and uncrossing my legs. Finishing my second drink, I felt quite relaxed and relaxed my legs, parting my knees about 6".

Then, Fred got a bright idea. On the pretext of playing with our dog, he got down on the floor, picked up a dog toy, and squeaked it at our dog. Now his eyes were level with my legs. I felt mischievous and spread my knees about a foot apart.

Fred asked, "Spread your legs wider! Put your hand between your legs and rub your pussy!"

I looked at Ben and received encouragement. I didn't spread wider, but I rubbed my mound, fingered my clit, and slid a finger up and down my labia.

"Stick your finger in your cunt and finger-fuck yourself! I dare you!"

Had Ben told Fred about my inability to resist a dare? I inserted my middle finger into my pussy and finger-fucked myself while Fred watched. I felt slutty but very excited. My pussy was wet before I started, and it soon became wetter. I closed my eyes and sighed with pleasure. Then, I decided I'd gone far enough and removed my finger.

"Don't wipe your finger off! Let me suck your pussy juice off it!"

Flattered and thrilled, I let him suck my finger. On his knees, he braced himself with his hands on my thighs. While he tasted my sex, he stroked my thighs. It was very erotic. I saw he had a big hardon for me.

"Why don't you take that halter off and show me your big, beautiful tits?"

"It looks like you're ready to fuck me now. If I let you see my tits, you'd want to get your hands on them. Then, you'd get me so excited that I might let you fuck me!"

"That's the idea! Then, take your top off and cover your nipples with your fingers."

"My hand would get tired soon, and I'd have to uncover my breasts."

"I could cover your nipples for you!"

"You'd like getting a feel!"

"You'd like it, too!"

"I'm afraid I would. Then, you'd want to kiss them and suck my nipples. You'd keep wanting more and trying to excite me to let you do what you want."

I folded the top of my halter's cups under to expose more of my breasts, just short of my aureoles.

"That's all for today. Now, show me what you've got!"

Still on his knees, Fred unzipped, pulled out his big, hard cock, and said, "I salute you!"

"I can see what you want to do to me, but it's too big!"

"It's big and hard for you. Feel how hard you got me!"

I gingerly grasped his cock and gently squeezed. It was a hard, powerful cock! If Ben's cock were about 6", Joe's must have been at least 7", and its head was thicker. Some precum oozed out.

"Stroke it, please!"

I stroked his cock. Ben supplied a thick sofa cushion for Fred to kneel at the right height for me to handle his cock. Fred caressed my thighs while I stroked his cock. I watched his cock swell even bigger and harder while more precum oozed onto my hand. I wondered how it would feel if he made me take all of it, turning my pussy to jelly.

"I jack off fantasizing about you naked with my hands on your tits while I fuck you."

Fred reached for my breasts, pushed the cups until my nipples popped out and began feeling my breasts. I was too excited to let go of his cock and cover my breasts. I kept stroking it, mesmerized by this tribute to my sexuality.

"Make him cum for you, a love offering to our sex goddess!" Ben urged.

I wanted to see Fred cum. I squeezed his cock and stroked it faster. I was so excited that I was ready to let him cum on me. His cock swelled harder and began to shoot gobs of his sperm all over my thighs. Ben had taught me to keep stroking until he'd finished ejaculating, so I kept stroking until Joe had emptied his load onto me. I felt so naughty and sexy watching his sperm spurt onto my bare skin that, at Joe's urging, I rubbed his sperm over my thighs. He dipped some onto his fingers and rubbed his sperm over my nipples!

He stayed for about two hours, because he was so excited about me and hoped I'd eventually let him fuck me. I was shocked at how far I'd been carried away with excitement. I had been very naughty, very dirty, and very excited. He said he hoped to visit again soon. I said he was welcome to visit us anytime.

After he left, I asked Ben, "Are you pleased?"

He showed me by stripping off my halter and taking me down on the floor.

"Lick Joe's sperm off your nipples!" he urged.

I was so excited that I did.

"How does it taste?"


Ben entered my wet pussy and fucked me hard, calling me his sexy slut.

A week later, I was taking my morning shower and had just stepped out of the tub when Ben entered.

"Fred is here to visit. Come out to greet him."

"Just wrapped in a towel?" I had a big bath sheet that covered me from my neck to my ankles.

"Not that towel! This one!"

He handed me a towel that was about 2' wide and 4' long. It barely covered my nipples and pussy! If I sat down, one or the other would show. If the towel slipped in the least, my breasts would be completely exposed.

"I dare you!"

The possibility that my towel might fall off in front of Fred only excited Ben more. He helped me tuck the towel into place so that it covered my nipples and pussy. I walked into the living room to greet our guest and my admirer.

"Hi, Fred! You caught me naked!"

"My timing isn't usually that good. Drop the towel then and be naked!"

"Sit down for a minute," Ben suggested suggestively.

I sat down. To cover my pussy, I crossed my legs, baring my right thigh up to my hip. Joe had a wide smile while he ogled my thighs.

"You're looking good, Mandy!"

"Thank you." I squirmed about trying to get comfortable with towel under me, and it slipped down, exposing my very erect nipples.

"Good show! Those nipples want to be sucked!"

"I think I've shown enough. I need to get ready." I stood up.

Both men dared me to drop my towel, so I did. I put my hands on my hips and flaunted my breasts and pussy at Fred. Then, I gave him a view of my bare ass while I walked to the bathroom.

"Ben, I'm ready to be creamed now." I had youthful skin, because I put expensive lotions and creams on daily and avoided exposure to the sun's aging rays.

Ben entered the bathroom and said, "Fred wants to cream you this time!"

"Are you crazy? Isn't he excited enough by seeing me naked? If I let him rub lotion all over me, he'll be feeling me up all over. He'll get so excited that he won't leave me alone. He'll try to fuck me, and he'll get me so excited that I might just let him! Is that what you want? It is, isn't it?"

"Once you gave in, you'd probably enjoy letting him fuck you."

"If I gave in to him once, he'd enjoy me so much that he'd want more. He'd expect me to put out to him whenever he wanted a good fucking."

"Just let him rub lotion on you. You'll both enjoy it. I'll be watching, and if you don't want him to fuck you, we'll stop playing."

"You have a hardon already, don't you? You dare me?"

He double-dared me.

"Fred, Ben's tired of rubbing lotion all over my naked body. I need a pair of helping hands!"

Fred appeared in the doorway. Ben got Fred his kneepads, took the bathroom stool and sat in the hallway. I faced Joe to give him a full frontal view and then turned toward the sink.

"Wow, you're beautiful! Are you sure?"

"Start at my feet and ankles. Then, work your way up."

Joe knelt on the kneepads, spread some lotion on his big hands and did my feet and ankles.

"This is play, not work!"

He did one leg at a time, rubbing up and down my lower leg. My pussy was already receiving messages from his hands. As his hands moved from my knees, up and up, the pressed the edges of my sex. He spent many minutes stroking up and down, up and down my right thigh and many minutes stroking my left thigh. I was becoming very excited and felt my pussy becoming wet.

"You certainly take a lot longer than Ben does!"

"I love my work! You're so sexy! It's like a sport but more fun than any other sport! Should I do your ass next?"

I nodded. He lathered up his hands and caressed my buttocks. He grabbed them and kneaded my ass like bread dough being prepared to rise. I rose on my tiptoes. Then, he rubbed my back, moving faster, and then my shoulders and arms. He stood up.

"Now for the best part! You want me to rub your tits next?"


He paused and I thought I heard him unzip. I looked at Ben.

"You know how tight Fred's pants are. He's gotten too big for his britches!"

Fred's hands reached around to rub my upper chest. I was trembling with excitement. I felt his bare cock against my back! He cupped my breasts and squeezed them. He caressed lotion all over them and gave my nipples special attention. He lowered himself and stuck his cock between my thighs! He continued to massage my breasts while he rubbed the top side of his cock back and forth over my sex.

My breasts heaved with my excited breathing. He must have spent 5 minutes on them. Fred moved his hands to my belly, which already had butterflies in it. Then, he took some more lotion and began rubbing it on the outer lips of my cunt!

Ben doesn't do me there! You don't need to do that!"

"But I love my sport!"

His middle finger rubbed my now swollen clit and inside my outer labia. It separated my inner labia and rubbed between them. He began to work his finger into my cunt. I looked at Ben. He had his cock out, and it was stiff. No help there! I was too excited to deny his finger and let him stroke my clit and finger-fuck me as long as he wanted.

"I know what you need now!"

He released my pussy, withdrew his cock from between my moistening thighs, and turned me to face him and his big, hard cock. He lifted me onto the edge of the sink, knelt on the pads again, spread my legs over his broad shoulders, and kissed my open cunt. He licked my swollen clit and inside my wet cunt! He resumed finger-fucking me. I sighed. I moaned. I whimpered. I screamed as he made me cum!

Then, he stood and pressed the head of his cock against my open cunt. It oozed precum, which he rubbed into my slit. He tried to penetrate me!

"No! Stop! It's uncomfortable to sit here. Besides, you're too big. It will hurt me!"

Fred lifted me down. He turned to Ben.

"She's ready! Take her to bed and fuck her! I want to watch!"

Ben led me to the bed. I was extremely excited but embarrassed by the dirty liberties I'd allowed Fred. Letting him watch my husband fuck me, instead of fucking me himself, was a compromise. I lay on my back on our bed, my knees raised and my legs spread. Ben put a towel under my ass, which looked lewd, to catch the sperm when it came out of me.

Fred sat on the stool, his eyes devouring my naked body and his cock pointing rudely at me. I was embarrassed, ashamed and extremely excited to have him watch my husband mount me. A few thrusts brought him home to me, and I was cumming! Ben just held his cock in me to keep from cumming himself. Then, he twitched it a few times, making me gasp each time, grasped my breasts, and began to fuck me slowly.

"You like showing off your beautiful tits and legs and what a pretty pussy you have!" Fred exclaimed.

I turned toward him and nodded slightly. My face must have showed my intense desire.

"Now you're going to show me what a good fuck you are!"

"Tell Fred you like showing him what a good fuck you are!" Ben urged as he fucked me harder and faster.

"Yes, Fred, I like having you watch! You'd like to do this to me, wouldn't you?"

"Damn right! You're beautiful and the sexiest babe I know. You look even more beautiful now when you're getting fucked!"

"It's been a lot of fun flirting with you and hearing you say I'm beautiful and sexy. You got me so excited I let you go further and further."

I did feel beautiful. I'd never felt more desirable or more excited! Fred got onto the bed beside me, and I grasped his cock. Ben offered him my tits. He took them in his hands.

"Kiss my cock! Lick it under the head!"

I was so excited that I kissed the tip of Fred's cock and tasted his precum that was hopefully lubricating his cock to enter me. I licked under the head.

"Take the head in your mouth and suck it a little!"

I obeyed, reasoning that if I made Fred cum using my hand and mouth, he wouldn't be able to fuck me. It was very exciting to lick and suck his cock while he played with my tits. All of this was too exciting for Ben. He groaned and pumped his sperm into me. I released Fred's cock and closed my eyes, embarrassed by the sex show I'd performed.

I felt Ben dismount. Opening my eyes, I saw Fred take my husband's place between my thighs! I was still spread wide, my cunt open and inflamed with excitement. Fred rubbed his cock up and down my cunt; its head wetly kissed my wet, open labia. As I was about to protest, Ben said,

"Give in, Mandy! You're woman enough to enjoy flirting and exciting him. Be woman enough to satisfy him!"

"Bob brags what a good fuck you are. I want to find out for myself. Let me show you how well I can fuck you!"

"Yes, show us how well you can fuck my wife!" Bob was inflamed with excitement to mate this stud with me!

Fred pressed with his thumb the head of his cock into me. That fat head penetrated my compliant entrance, which Bob had fucked wet and open for him. He spread my legs as wide as he could.

Ben lay beside me, his cock hard again, as he watched Fred make me take all of his 7". His cock opened me up to him as he drove it home, thrilling me to another orgasm. Fred was only the second man to possess me. I felt him deeper in me than my husband could get, and he knew I liked his cock in me so much that I came on it. Fred lay with me a while to savor my cunt. I felt it twitching inside me. Each time, my cunt responded by squeezing his cock.

"Thanks, Mandy! Ever since Ben sent that pic of you in your black bikini, I wanted get my hands on you, strip you, feel you up, and fuck you! I love how your tight, wet cunt grips my cock! Ben, you primed her well for me. Now, I'll open her up so you can penetrate her easier. Say, you wake up hard one morning thinking about how much fun we had with her today. You can slip it in almost before she knows what you're up to, and pump her! Then you can go back to sleep."

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