tagGroup SexMandy Loves to Fuck Ch. 03

Mandy Loves to Fuck Ch. 03


Hey there! Me again! Yes, another week has passed, and it's time for me to fill you in on what I've been up to. I'll give you the good news first—I've finally got a proper boyfriend again, and I couldn't be happier! There were a few twists and turns to get there, but they were all good fun, and if I may say so, accompanied by some seriously good sex! I've been more-or-less permanently wet all week, and after the week before, where I went nearly four days without sex, and hardly masturbated at all, let's just say I made up for lost time!

Yes, yes, I know it sounds weird to say I didn't have much sex that week—I had two threesomes and the night with Dave! But the spell in the middle of the week was really hard on me. I've learned my lesson though, and even though there was another difficult episode in the middle of the week, it all turned out okay, and I ended up having night after night of delicious fucking! Yes, that's right—I got laid every night for the past seven days, and every night was amazing! I can tell you're dying to hear about it, so I'd better get on with telling you all the juicy details.

So the first thing is, at the end of the last update, I was sat around on Friday afternoon, waiting to meet Hayley so we could go clubbing. Nothing unusual about that, and when I got to Hayley's, everything seemed normal until she told me Simon wasn't going to come out with us. She didn't really say why, except he was busy, and she just wanted a night out with me. This was all a bit strange, but Hayley can be pretty persuasive sometimes, so I went along with it all.

We hung around at Hayley's place for ages, gossiping and drinking Bacardi and coke, and just having bit of a giggle. I told Hayley all about the threesome with Matt and Dave, and the week I'd just gone through, and she was impressed at the threesome and sympathetic about the rest of the week, which is pretty much what you want from your best friend. It was nearly midnight before we got a taxi and headed out clubbing.

The next strange thing was as we were driving into the city, Hayley said she didn't want to go to any of the usual clubs—she wanted to try somewhere different, some place I'd never heard of. Anyway, I went along with what she wanted and the cab dropped us off outside a club a block or two away from where we usually go. There was no line-up, and it was only when we were inside and I was looking at the crowd trying to figure out what wasn't quite right Hayley dropped the bombshell. It was a lesbian nightclub!

That's right! This was Hayley's big idea! She was whispering in my ear, trying to get me to stay cool, telling me we could just get a drink and leave if we didn't like it, she just wanted to see what it was like. I let her take me to the bar, and we ordered drinks. When we both had a rum and coke in our hands we found a spot to lean against a wall, and I tried to get Hayley to explain what the hell was going on.

Well—it turns out Hayley couldn't get the girl-on-girl part of our threesome out of her mind—she'd been thinking about it all week, and wanted to try some more, and was really curious to see what a place like this would be like. I don't think she'd got it all straight in her head—she wanted to try some more with girls, and not just as part of threesomes. She knew I liked guys too much to really want to do lesbian stuff with her the whole time, and was more up for another threesome, but she didn't want to come to the lesbian club by herself. It wasn't clear whether she wanted us to just hang out and kind of get the lesbian vibe, then go home and play together, or whether she wanted to pick someone up and leave me in the lurch or what. I got the impression she'd decided she wanted to check this place out, and she was going to wing it and see what happened. The only other thing I wasn't sure about was what the deal was with Simon. Did he know what Hayley was up to? Hayley's answers were vague and didn't really answer my question but I suspected Simon didn't know his girlfriend was checking out lesbian nightclubs.

While our whispered conversation was taking place, the club had been filling up around us. By the time Hayley went back to the bar to buy us another drink, the floor space in the middle of the room was pretty much full. This was my first chance to check the place out and see what the girls who came here were like. To be honest, apart from the fact there weren't many guys, it just looked like the crowd in any other club. A few girls were a bit boyish, and there were one or two quite dyke-y ones, but mostly they just looked like girls who go to clubs—some fairly ordinary, some really gorgeous, all of them dressed up for a night out dancing.

One girl saw me looking, and I think she almost came over to talk, but just after she smiled at me, Hayley came back with the drinks. As soon as my Bacardi and coke was in my hand, Hayley was telling me all about how she'd been chatted up at the bar—when I looked over, a tall girl in a tight dress turned around and smiled at Hayley. Whatever reservations I was having, it was obvious Hayley loved it here. We sipped our drinks and chatted for a while, but Hayley soon suggested we went to the dancefloor.

I love dancing, so I just treated it like any other dancefloor and went for it. There were a few couples close to us making out or grinding their bodies against each other, but I quickly stopped noticing that both halves of the couples were girls—it was just like any other nightclub really. Hayley was even more into it, and she moved around the dancefloor, dancing with any girl who was by herself for a while, before moving on to check out the other dancers. Every so often she ended with me again, and one time, right in the middle of the dancefloor, she threw her arms around my shoulders and leaned in to kiss me.

What else could I do but kiss her back? Hayley was so turned on—her kiss was deep and really passionate, and she wrapped her arms around my body, squashing herself against my boobs. When Hayley's mouth went to my ear, she whispered to me, "I'm so horny right now, I have to eat some pussy tonight."

Hayley gave me a wicked grin, then moved away from me and whirled across the dancefloor, straight towards the tall girl she'd been talking to at the bar earlier. Feeling abandoned, I stepped back into the crowd and went to the bar to get another drink.

As I stood at the bar sipping my drink, I thought about Hayley and what she was up to tonight. One thing was clear to me after spending some time in this club—I'm not a lesbian. That probably sounds a bit funny, doesn't it? I mean, I was more than happy to have sex with Hayley, and I kissed her just then perfectly fine. I'm not going to deny any of it, and you know what? The sex was fun, and I'd do it again any time. If you want to call me bisexual, then I'm fine with that. What I mean is, the girls at the nightclub, they were chatting up other girls not because they liked eating out pussy every once in a while, but because they really fancied the girl they were chatting up. When I'm at a bar and a guy is flirting with me, I go really weak at the knees—I don't just want to have sex with the guy, there's something extra, something deeper and more primal going on. Most of the girls in the club were obviously getting that feeling from other girls, but I wasn't—for me, sex with a girl was just a bit of fun, another way of getting an orgasm.

Where all this thinking was leading to was Hayley. I was starting to wonder where she sat on the scale. Was she just a tourist here, like me, or was something else going on? The idea of Hayley hooking up with some girl, one who was really into girls, just because she fancied having a go at lesbianism for one night, seemed kind of disrespectful. If all Hayley wanted to do was eat some pussy tonight, perhaps I'd better take her home and play with her, rather than have her picking up some poor girl who thought Hayley was after more than a one-off lesbian 'tryout'.

Yes, yes, I know! Look at me, the queen of the one night stand, worrying about people getting their hearts broken! Maybe I was changing. I think I was. The experience with Matt and Dave had taught me something—going out looking for fun is all very well, but it can have consequences.

Anyway, the upshot of all my thinking was I headed back to the dancefloor, intent on taking Hayley home. She could have her lesbian experience with me, and nobody would get hurt.

I was too late! Hayley and the tall girl were on the side of the dancefloor and were full-on making out, with their tongues well and truly down each other's throats! The girl's dress was rucked up—her leg was pressed between Hayley's legs, really hard, so her thigh rubbed against Hayley's pussy. They'd been at it for a while—they were both really flushed and their hair was messed up like they'd been running their fingers though each other's hair.

My night was over. It was too late to head over to the club we usually go to, so it looked like I'd be heading home by myself. I turned to leave, but just at that moment Hayley saw me and disentangled herself from the other girl long enough to call me over.

Her name turned out to be Tess, and she and Hayley both had big sloppy lopsided embarrassed grins on their faces. From the way their lipstick was smeared, it was obvious they hadn't done much else but kiss since I last saw them. Hayley was talking really fast, telling me all about Tess—according to Hayley she was twenty four, worked behind the scenes in television, and was 'really cool'. As she spoke, Tess's hand slipped into Hayley's, and they kept on looking at each other, with shy little smiles. It was really sweet—except for the fact one half of the lovey-dovey couple was Hayley, who a week ago, was letting me share a threesome with her boyfriend!

Anyway, I chatted to them both for a while. I wanted to get Hayley to herself for a while, to ask her what the hell was going on, but she was stuck to Tess like glue. In the end I said something like, "So yeah I'm gonna head home now, I'll leave you two to it," and Hayley dragged me to one side to whisper in my ear.

"What do you think of Tess? She's nice, isn't she?"

"Yeah, I replied. "But what are you doing?"

"We're going back to her place," Hayley said.

"That's not what I meant!" I replied, forcing myself not to shout, "Does she know you've got a boyfriend?"

"Shh!" Hayley said, panicked, "Don't tell her! I haven't mentioned him."

"What!" I said, appalled, "She's a proper lesbian right? How do you think she'll feel when she finds out you've got a boyfriend?"

"I'll deal with that later. She thinks I'm into girls, but kind of new to the scene. I told her you were my straight friend who was curious about things."


"I told her we'd fooled around a bit. Tess wondered if you wanted to come back to her place as well."

"Are you serious?" I asked, with my eyes widening. This was not going at all as I expected.

"Yes. She's hot, isn't she?" Hayley said, casting her eyes back towards Tess. There was serious lust in Hayley's eyes.

"You're playing with fire Hayley," I said, but part of me thought of all the times I'd done similar things with guys, and I felt bad for being a hypocrite. Who was I to lecture Hayley?

Hayley smiled at me, then pleaded, "Go on. She's cool. You wanna get laid tonight, don't you?"

Hayley turned and walked back to Tess. Once she was alongside the other girl, Hayley snuggled up close to her and put her arm around Tess's waist. Tess leaned closer, giggling, and kissed Hayley on the cheek.

I looked at the two of them, wondering what to do. Hayley's remark about wanting to get laid had hit home. The charged atmosphere was starting to get to me, and there was a niggling thought at the back of my mind about how much fun it would be to tick another type of threesome off my bucket list.

Hayley seemed oblivious to the trouble she could get herself into. I still wondered how she was going to square this with Simon, and what Tess would make of the news Hayley was just 'trying' lesbianism out. As I was wondering what to do, Tess separated herself from Hayley and came over to me.

"Hayley says you're curious about girls."

Tess's tone was friendly, and genuine, but something about the way she spoke made me think she could take care of herself. Not knowing what else to say, and reluctant to get Hayley into trouble, I just nodded, very cautiously.

Tess smiled at me, and said, "Come back with us. You can try some things out. It'll be fun."

I looked hesitant, but maybe not for the reason Tess imagined.

"Go on. It'll be easier with three of us. It'll be more physical, less like a date—it'll freak you out less, honestly."

Tess took my hand and squeezed it. I smiled shyly at her. She gave my hand a gentle tug, and I looked across at Hayley, who gave me a pleading look. I looked back at Tess. She was taller than me, and slimmer, with small breasts. She had a great figure though, and was really pretty. Then she smiled again, really broadly, with a kind of wicked sparkle in her eyes. Something about the smile told me I'd have a lot of fun if I went with her. I know I said I'm not a lesbian, but remember, I did say I'm happy being called bisexual, and was definitely open to new opportunities for a good orgasm!

I stopped resisting Tess's tugging, and said, "Okay."

We left the nightclub not long afterwards. The sexual tension in the taxi back to Tess's house was obvious, but all three of us sat in a kind of nervous silence. When we got back to Tess's place—a quaint Victorian terrace, near the city center, very tastefully furnished in a kind of minimalist style—Tess fiddled in the kitchen with a corkscrew and a bottle of wine, while Hayley and I sat on the couch in the living room, wondering how things would begin.

Tess handed us both a glass of wine when she returned from the kitchen then sat down between us. As soon as she was settled on the couch, Hayley's hand went directly to Tess's leg. She traced a fingertip up the inside of Tess's thigh, from the knee, up to the hem of her dress. When the finger could move no further, Tess took Hayley's hand in her own and kissed the fingers, one at a time. Hayley sagged back into the couch and let out a deep sign, which turned into a low growl of pleasure when Tess took Hayley's middle finger, and placed it between her lips to suck on it.

I sat watching all this from the other end of the couch. It was intensely sexy, but Tess and Hayley were very focused on each other, and I was beginning to wonder what my role was meant to be. Just then, as if she was reading my mind, Tess turned to me and smiled. I couldn't help but smile back, and Tess leaned forward and very delicately placed her lips on mine. Her lips were soft and yielding—I opened my lips very slightly and the first tentative kiss quickly became something more passionate. It wasn't long before we got carried away, and I put my hand on Tess's small, conical breasts, and she returned the favor, feeling my much more sizable breasts through the fabric of my top.

When we came up for air, Tess turned back to Hayley and kissed her, with all the passion of our kiss, plus some more. When Hayley's hands went to her breasts, Tess responded by unzipping the back of her dress and undoing her bra so Hayley's hands could roam freely. From there, it was only a tiny step for Hayley to place her lips on Tess's nipples, which revealed her excitement, standing out prominently on her small breasts.

Now it was Tess's turn to arch her back and moan with pleasure. After watching Hayley suck deeply on Tess's elongated nipples for a few minutes, Tess turned to me and motioned I should join them. Just like Hayley, I placed my lips very tentatively on Tess's chest, then became more confident as Tess responded to my lips and tongue pleasuring her nipple. We stayed like this for a good long time, the two of us suckling on the older, more experienced woman while she moaned with pleasure beneath us.

Eventually, Tess suggested we swap, and Hayley eagerly pulled her top off and lay back so Tess and I could suck on her boobs. Tess delighted in squashing Hayley's breasts into her mouth, and sucked eagerly. The effect on Hayley was electrifying, and she couldn't resist reaching between her legs to rub at her panty-covered pussy.

When Tess saw this, she stopped her tit sucking long enough to pull down Hayley's panties and push up her skirt. Tess sat alongside Hayley and kissed her again. This time though, Tess's hand went between Hayley's legs, and she fingered her, gently at first, then when Hayley relaxed and spread her legs wider, more forcefully. I watched for a few seconds, then sat on the other side of Hayley and kissed her breasts, feeling her writhe and arch her back beneath me as Tess's fingers worked their magic on Hayley's receptive clit.

Well, from this point it wasn't long before all three of us were naked on the couch, crowded around each other so we could swap kisses and suck on each other's breasts. All of us had our hands between another girl's legs—at one point it would be Tess fingering my pussy, a moment later, Hayley's hand would be there instead. Best of all, as soon as I was stripped bare and Tess saw my big soft boobs, I got lots of extra attention! Although it was obvious the real chemistry in the room was between Tess and Hayley, neither girl could resist playing with my squashy tits and pierced nipples. Better still, once Tess placed her mouth on my nipples, she soon strayed elsewhere, and kissed down my stomach until she was only inches away from my pussy.

Tess looked up at me with a mischievous grin on her face. A moment later her tongue was flicking expertly at my clit, and I was biting my lip and arching my back as her tongue worked its magic, sending waves of pleasure washing through me. Now the ice was well and truly broken, and mutual pussy licking became the main game in the room—from then on, my head was always between one of the other girl's legs, and I was being eaten out pretty much constantly. It was all so delicious!

We all came, hard, a couple of times. Once the initial frenzy died down, Hayley and Tess kept returning to each other, and in the end I sat watching them from the couch, while they played with each other on the floor below me. While I idly fingering myself, they enthusiastically sixty-nined each other, then ground their pussies together until they both climaxed one last time. When they finished, Tess and Hayley curled up together with Cheshire cat grins on their faces—there was something about the way they touched each other, and kept on breaking into a smile then kissing each other. I figured they'd be there all night, and after chatting with them for a while I called a taxi and took myself home.

There was a lot on my mind on the ride home. Firstly the sex! Having a threesome with three girls was so different to one with a guy in the mix, and SO different to being fucked by two guys. I'd liked it—we really focused on pleasuring each other—but it didn't bring out the same feeling in me having sex with a guy did. It was fun, but for me, the really intense lust I love so much, it just wasn't there. When it comes down to, men turn me on, and I love the feeling of a cock buried in my pussy too much!

That bought me round to the other thing on my mind—Hayley. I'd always thought she was like me, into guys in a big way. The way she was behaving with Tess though, I wasn't so sure anymore. The lovey dovey way they were looking at each other? It wasn't just lust, it was something more. What was Hayley doing? The rate she was going, she'd end up in big trouble, both with Tess, when she found out Hayley had a boyfriend, and with Simon, when he discovered Hayley was into girls in a big way, such a big way she didn't want him around when she went hunting for a girlfriend.

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