Mandy Sucks


I've written this fictional story in a POV style depending on what feedback I receive I may write more like it.

I've been chatting to an older man for several ages and finally get up the courage to meet him. I dress up in one of my sexiest outfits and meet him at the appointed time and place. He drives me to a warehouse on an industrial estate before I know what's happening he has a leg spreader bar clipped to my ankles.

We've chatted many times on-line about that cock being pushed into Mandy's mouth. I looked down at it in disbelief it looked so much bigger than he'd ever described and now seeing it in real life, I started having doubts. Do I really want this to happen, it's a little late to start thinking about it now. Slowly I turn my head and look into the mirror covering the entire wall. Mandy's caught by surprise at her reflection and any doubts evaporated. Looking back was a scantly clad busty woman. The super short tartan mini skirt had no chance of hiding Mandy's lilac suspender straps and the sheer totally see-thru white blouse couldn't hide the matching lilac bra. My face is covered in what could only be described as slutty make-up, dark eye shadow, blue mascara, blush and one of the reddest shades of lipstick available. My long silky red hair is pulled up into a pair of pony tails on either side of my head. I stare at him as he comes to me. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me against him. With my 4" heels I'm as tall as he is. I feel his huge cock press against my pelvis as mine does to him. God, a cock against my body, it can't be happening half my brain is saying make it stop the other half is screaming yes yes yes. His hands grab my ass and squeeze.

"Mandy, I'm going to enjoy using you. You're my toy and there's nothing you can do about it."

He steps back and puts his finger in the collar and pulls, "come here bitch." He pulls me and I lean forward. If I don't move I'll fall on my face. I awkwardly take a small step, then another. "Good" he says, letting go. "Now come forward." I

Look at him. What can I do? I'm truly at his mercy. I step forward, aware that my clit flops up and down with each tortured step. I see him stare and feel so embarrassed.

"Okay stop there slut and sit on the couch."

I turn and fall on the couch. He sits beside me on my left our legs touching he reaches his right arm around me, his hand resting on my lilac suspender. I feel him press his hand into me as he draws me closer. His left foot reaches across his right and steps on the spreader bar.

His left hand rests on my left knee and starts to rub. I stare as his hand moves up and down my stocking covered thigh each motion moves it closer to my throbbing clitty standing at attention trying to poke a hole in my panties. I try and squeeze my legs together but the spreader bar prevents that. I try to move my legs, but his foot holds down the bar. As his hand reaches the bare leg between my stockings and the panties another involuntary gasp escapes my lips. His thumb grazes my clitty I scream and wanting more try to move forward, but his foot on the bar holds me firmly in place.

"Ready to have a man grab your sissy cock Mandy?"

He asks, rubbing my rock hard clit through my tented G-string panties. I shake my head no while giving a loud "oooaaammmm uhhhh."

Grabbing my clit and squeezing he says.

"Good I'll take that as a yes Mandy?"

Not trusting my voice I nod my head vigorously. All I could think was a man is holding me. I can't believe it. I'm intoxicated by his musky aroma. Even though I've fantasized about this very thing happening many times I still can't believe it and each time he squeezes my clitty it sends electric shocks to the base of my brain. He roughly strokes his hand up and down a few times.

"Nice and hard Mandy, you love it I can tell."

Dressed like a slut and my cock responding to this strange mans touch I'm so humiliated and I love every second of it. I look from his huge bear like paw stroking me to his enormous cock. It's fully erect and noticeably bigger than mine. Well over nine inches long and thick as a policeman's truncheon. He stops stroking and pushes me back into the lounge cushions while getting up and saying.

"Mandy, I want you to kneel in front of the couch."

I struggle to stand up, turn around, and slowly bend down and then ungracefully drop to my knees. He kneels behind me and I feel something against my hand.


He says as I feel it hit against the side of my hand.

"You know what that is, don't you?"

I close my eyes and nod yes.

"Well, grab it, you want to I know, you know too, so grab it ya little slut."

Not really thinking about it I grab it and hold it. It's huge in my hand, twice as long and thick. It's rock hard, but still soft and pliable too. I stroke it a little.

"You like it don't you you little slut? Come on, nod that you like it."

I nod yes, blushing terribly. He pulls away and sits on the couch in front of me. His cock is sticking up in front of my face. He pulls my head forward and I resist, but have no leverage.

He stops my head right as his fat knob touches my lips. I try to pull away again but he holds me tight. My mouth is held wide open by the ring gag and his cock is right there. When he finds the ring gag with the head of his monster cock he pulls me forward. My mouth is quickly filled with his dick. The ring keeps my mouth wide open but my lips get stretched too and my mouth is stuffed. Again I try to pull away, but my head is held with the cock at the back of my mouth, but thankfully not in my throat.

"Mandy, I can either gag you on my cock or you can suck it. Moan if you'll suck

You only get this one chance."

I don't want to choke and I've secretly wanted this for years.


I moan around his huge cock. He let's go a little.

"Then show me what a good cocksucker you are."

My mouth is kind of dry I pull out a little then go back down, then more and then more until I'm slowly bobbing his cock in and out from his head to about 5 inches. I press my tongue against the bottom of the shaft and tilt so the top of the head runs along the roof of my mouth. I open wide to keep my teeth clear and do my best to clamps tight with my lips. I also suck in as much as I can. When I do it right his head slides along the roof of my mouth while my tongue presses and moves on his shaft as it slides between my tight lips. At first he uses his bear like paws on either side of my head to guide me, but as I get into it he lets go and leans back. Thinking about me kneeling in my slutty lingerie bound tight while sucking my first really huge cock is so embarrassing I blush brightly. His tool is so big and my mouth is so full as I take the cock deeper into my throat. It actually makes me feel good and I get into it.

"Yes Mandy you slut."

When I hear that it makes me feel good and I start moaning each time her goes deep. My mouth is slippery now and my bobbing makes a squishy sound.

"Your mouth feels like a cunt, fuck me with your cunt Mandy."

I try harder as he talks to me like a girl. I go faster and try to put more pressure on his cock. Then I just work on the head, then do slow deep thrusts, then go back to tight and fast.

"That's it Mandy you cocksucking whore, make me cum you little bitch."

It's better than I'd ever imagined and I do want to make him cum I want to make him cum so bad and I know I can. My technique gets better each time I bob up and down. I'm taking the head almost to my throat, moaning each time, bobbing up and down, up and down. I hear your breathing change as you let out a small moan. I feel your shaft swelling and I keep at it as your hands rest on my head. Up and down, up and down. The next down stroke you grab tight and I feel your cock convulse and then hot cum is shooting in my throat. Still bobbing I try and pull off at the end of the stroke but you hold me fast and push me down. You keep shooting cum. My throat involuntarily gulps each load since your fat head and the ring gag keeps my mouth open wide. I moan and gulp and try and bob a little, trying to be a good girl and swallow it all. Still more cum shoots until you finally collapse and hold my head still with your cock deep in my throat until the last spasms force the last of your cum down my gullet. God, I think with this huge cock in my mouth, I just sucked a cock and swallowed a huge load of cum. I'm such a slut whore. And this guy can do what he wants and

I'm can only go along, God I'm so stupid to get caught dressed as a whore, then again this is just what I really want in life and I have a massive the lingerie to prove it. Your strong voice brings me back from my day dreams.

"Mandy don't stop sucking that cock. Keep it hard so I can fuck that sweet ass of yours."

I greedily work my way along your shaft using my tongue to spread saliva, if I'm gonna have this monster in my ass I wanna make sure it's nice and lubricated. Between licking sucking and a hell of a lot of slurping your cock is ¾ just hard enough for me to sit on. I stand up and bend over in front of you, tossing my long red hair to one side I look back over my shoulder I invitingly pull my round butt cheeks apart.

"Can I please have some of that beautiful big dick?"

Your reply is simple.

"If you want my cock in there Mandy dear you'll have to stretch it open for me first."

Its strikes me as funny that he seems to know all about my fantasies (I didn't know he'd seen the photos of my self fisting). Automatically I began licking my fingers and hand spitting on it and spreading it around, I couldn't believe what I was doing. It was like I was watching myself in a movie or something, I just couldn't stop myself even if that was what I wanted which it definitely wasn't. Then you start talking to me calling me your dirty little whore.

"That's it Mandy you dirty little whore show me what a little slut you are."

Reaching back I push two slippery fingers into my gripping anus, a loud moan escapes my lips. As this is part of my daily masturbation ritual the digits slide in easily, working them in and out several times I start pulling them apart inside my gripping hole. Concentrating I relax my sphincter and quickly slip another two fingers deep inside my ass.

"Aghhhhhh ohhhhh mmmmmmmm ohhhhh aghhhhhh."

Come on Mandy ya dirty little whore open that fuck hole for me."

With all my effort I force my thumb in as well and redoubling the pressure slowly work my way towards my wrist.

"Ohhhhh aghhhhhh ohhhhh aghhhhhh. Am I open enough for you yet?"

"Fuck yes my little slut but I'm enjoying your kinky little show to much to stop you now. Come here ya little whore get that hand in there, show me how much of a whore you can be Mandy fist-fuck that slutty hole for me."

Pushing as hard as I possibly could given the angle I was at, I eventually managed to insert my whole hand (I always knew I could). The full sensations pushed me towards an orgasm but I wanted his huge cock inside me before that happened. Balancing on one arm I tossed my hair out of my eyes and I looked back over my shoulder slowly I pulled my slippery fist from my gripping anus.

"I think my Boi-pussy is ready for you now Sir. Please fuck me with that gorgeous cock oh please fuck my slutty hole. Use me as your plaything Sir do whatever your heart desires but please please fuck my ass."

I moved slightly to one side and gripped the coffee table for support there I was in the classic doggie position when he approached. Stepping behind me he grasped his monster tool around the base and began slapping it down against each of my creamy white cheeks, side to side he went for what seemed like ages. After a few well aimed slaps against my slippery anus he moved a little closer and started sliding his huge dick between my cheeks. This was a whole new sensation that I'd never encountered before and I loved it. The way his hairy peach sized balls scraped against my smooth skin sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it. He pulled my hair, forcing me upright then whispered in my ear.

"I'm gonna fuck your slutty brains out Mandy I'm gonna pump so much cum in your slutty ass it'll be leaking out for the rest of the day."

Al I could do was moan my approval.

"Mmmmmmmm please sir."

Luckily my sphincter was still relaxed because I'd hardly felt the massive purple mushroom head of his dick touch me once before he began thrusting like a demented bucking Bronco. With the first half dozen strokes he managed to impale me on half of his eleven inch love muscle. I was amazed my sphincter allowed the enormous head entry at all, now it was inside me it felt like I was being fisting deeper than ever before not even my largest dildo went anywhere near making me feel this wonderful. Gradually he slowed his pace and concentrated on giving me more length, pulling back until only that huge mushroom knob was still inside me then he'd plunge back down driving another inch deeper.

What he did next blew my mind he pulled out and slid his cock between my cheeks just to make sure it was nice and slippery. Gripping my hips firmly he pushed his fabulous tool in six or seven inches before quickly pulling out then plunging back in again.

"Fuck yeah fuck yeah fuck yeah."

He moaned in time to his strokes while I half moaned and half gurgled in my throat.

"Give it to me give it to me give it to me please."

Each time his huge cock came out of my slutty ass air rushed in after a dozen or so strokes we both felt the built up pressure. He stopped thrusting and gradually sank his massive tool into me trapping the air suddenly I heard and felt my stomach rumbling and both of us felt the pressure as it was relived. Once again he started pumping his cock in such a way that more air was trapped and after another dozen or so thrusts the pressure was back. Again he stopped and slowly sank into me trapping the air then waited for the inevitable release of pressure.

It wasn't long and my stomach gurgled as the trapped air made its way deeper into my bowels. This process was repeated twice more my belly was slightly distended it felt a lot like an enema. After the fourth time my bowel accepted its inflation he was moving around heaps then said.

"Get ready to hold in what ya can Mandy this time when I pull out I'm gonna squirt some more lube in that slutty hole it's getting a bit dry."

My sphincter was so well fucked that when he pulled out it stayed open by about an inch or two. Looking back I was just in time to see him squeeze an entire tube of KY-gel into my Boi-pussy. He pulled me back towards his huge dick spearing it at my open hole my sphincter relaxed and accepted the huge purple head as it invaded me again and again pumping more air. When the pressure built up he didn't stop but kept on pistioning his hips at me until a rush of air and a little KY-gel squirted out from around his big cock. Then it was straight back to trapping air he made it into some sort of perverted game seeing how much air he could trap in me.

I was in awe of his stamina (the wonders of Viagra) it was ten or twelve inflations before I finally called uncle. My stomach looked like that of a malnourished child you see on those save the world posters, my stomach was so distended it looked like I was pregnant and let me tell you I felt like I was about to give birth to (well almost). All the extra lube and my ballooned bowel allowed his entire cock to slide into me grabbing my hips he renewed his rough fucking. Each stroke I felt the air being pushed to and fro this was way better than any normal enema I'd ever had. Eventually he stopped pumping I felt his huge dick beginning to twitch I hoped he didn't cum in buckets because I wasn't sure my over inflated Boi-pussy could take it. I had less than a second to find out. I felt the spasms start at the base of his delicious cock then with a pulsating type of feeling they traveled up towards the huge knob where they erupted splashing my bowel in wet sticky yummy cum.

This was more than my kinky brain could handle I exploded spraying my sissy seed all over the floor it was the hardest I'd ever cum in my life. His tool kept pumping his seed deep into me each time his cock pulsated he let out a huge prime evil grunt and as feared my poor over stretched Boi-pussy just couldn't take it and I just had to bear down and fart out some of the air. This backfired on me though not just air squirted out but about a cup and a half of a slippery mix of KY and cum. It splattered all over his thighs and over my ass cheeks squirting out a little between us to. It was a huge mess to say the least but he amazed me yet again by saying.

"That's it Mandy squirt those slutty juices out for your Daddy Sir."

Thusly encouraged I tensed my stomach and tried to empty my bowel of his huge cock. This had a double effect firstly it out incredible pressure on his cock and secondly when I concentrated and relaxed my sphincter it was like a fountain, cum and lube went everywhere. He was covered I was covered it was all over the floor and we both almost slipped in it. Reluctantly he pulled out his dick as he did large sloppwoosh sound came up from between us as the air rushed back in. I was about to stand up when his hand stopped me.

"Stay right there young lady that Boi-pussy looks so wet slippery and inviting then knowing just how much slutty Mandy likes it Daddy is gonna show his little Sissy slut what fist-fucking is all about."

I didn't dare move but was skeptical he'd be able to get one of his massive bear like paws in me but was so turned on that I was willing to try. Reaching back I pulled my gaping hole wide open as I possibly could. The roughness of his hands made me gasp in pleasure and he didn't waste time he pointed three fingers and pushed then pulled downwards opening my Boi-pussy further and further. Feeling him rotate his arm to cover his wrist in the mixture of cum and KY I readied myself for a right royal fisting.

Just like his huge mushroom headed dick it took some persistence before he managed to get all four fingers and his thumb past my sphincter but manage it he did. His dick had been out of this world but it had nothing on what he could do to me with his fist buried half way to his elbow as he punch fucked me. The way he massaged my prostate with his chunky gold wedding ring made my clitty spring to life noticing he said.

"Stand up Sissy Mandy I want better access."

Doing as directed I stood he knelt in front of on the floor between my shackled ankles then taking my rapidly hardening clitty in his mouth he pushed his massive fist back where I wanted it so so so so so badly. I bounced from foot to foot as he sucked and fisted me rhythmically when my clit was in his throat his fist was only just inside me and vice versa. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that this treatment had me ready to explode in no time flat. I was gonna warn him I was about to cum before the following kinky thought struck me lets see if he likes cum.

To this day I'm not sure if he planned what happened or not. Just as the first thick white rope of cum squirted from my clitty he pulled back to say something and before he could it hit him right in the mouth then another, the next hit his nose and started to dribble down. I knew he didn't mind when his tongue snaked out to lick it away and he moved closer taking the head of my spurting clitty into his warm wet sucking mouth he drank my cum with much relish.

Pulling away from my wilting clitty he looked up and asked.

"Wanna hop in the shower with me before you go Mandy?"

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