Mandy's Kink


Mandy gasped, trembling. "Oh, yeah," she sighed, and started moving back and forth, massaging my dick with her pussy as it slid in and out. "Oh, fuck yeah, baby! Fuck me, Charlie! Fuck your sister's pussy! Make me cum all over your big fucking dick!"

I groaned, pushing my hips up as Mandy impaled herself over and over on my dick. She moaned and panted, hissed through her teeth, tossing her hair about wildly. She rode me hard, slapping her hips to mine, grinding her clit against my pubic bone. She kept telling me over and over how good my cock felt, how her cunt was stretched and filled, how she wanted to make me cum. She kept accentuating the fact that we were brother and sister; it clearly turned her on.

She sat up straight, ran her hands through her hair as she bounced up and down on my rod. My sister was lost to pleasure, sucking and nibbling her fingers, her eyes closed as she savored our fuck. Her full round tits bounced on her chest as she pumped up and down. I watched the incredible sight of my glistening dick sliding in and out between her bulging, dark pink pussy lips.

"Oh, Charlie! Oh, Charlie!" she cried at last. "I'm cumming! Oh, baby, cum with me! Cum in your sister's pussy!"

I let out a moan, gripping my sister's hips as she slammed down hard on me, her cunt squeezing me more tightly and hotly than before. Mandy shuddered as she came, throwing her head back and crying out hoarsely. Her abandon inspired my own orgasm, and I groaned as my dick throbbed and pulsed and gushed a flood of semen deep into my sister's womb.

Mandy gasped again, squeezing my dick, sliding up and down to heighten my orgasm. "Oh, yeah! I can feel it! Keep fucking me, little brother! Fuck, your cum is so hot!"

We shook and moaned and spasmed together, sharing and enjoying our orgasms to the fullest. Mandy kept cumming over and over, and I winced as the sensations of her sucking pussy almost burned my cock. Finally, my sister collapsed atop me, her face in my neck, breasts mashed to my chest. She wrapped herself around me, holding me tight as she panted.

For long moments, neither of us said a thing. We caressed, kissed, touched each other, languishing in our afterglow. My head was spinning and my body felt totally relaxed. I had never been so satisfied.

Finally, Mandy lifted her head, staring at my face. Her own was flushed and sweaty. She smoothed back strands and tangles of blonde hair away from her face. Her eyes were quivering, her lips trembling. "Oh, Charlie . . . ."

I stared back, suddenly afraid that Mandy would regret what we had done. I couldn't read her expression. Then abruptly, she slipped up and kissed me deeply, whimpering into my mouth. Her pussy twitched around my dick as it slowly softened.

She eased back a little, touching my face as she smiled upon me. "Damn . . . the best sex in the world and it's with my own brother," she commented. Her smile faded. "Are you okay with this?"

I took a deep breath, slowly nodded. "Yeah, I'm just . . . I mean, it's incest," I said.

Mandy bit her lip, her eyes drifting away a moment. She smiled slyly, looking back to me. "Kind'a makes it hot, doesn't it?"

I laughed softly, lifted my head to kiss her. "When did you . . . I mean . . . ." I sighed. I didn't know how to ask what I wanted to ask.

Mandy's eyes flashed. "Yesterday, when I saw your dick. I just couldn't take my eyes off it. I'd heard the rumors that you had a big one. I remember Jessica and . . . what's her name, Kelly, talking about you one time at the burger hop. Kelly was going on and on about how big and thick it was. She didn't know I was listening. And then—"

Mandy reached past me to her bedside table, opened the drawer. She fished around, then took out a well-worn cheap paperback, showing it to me. The cover showed a teenaged couple holding each other, the girl in a cheerleader skirt and her blonde hair in pig tails, the boy wearing a high school letter jacket. The title was 'Sibling Love.'

Mandy blushed. "I don't know why I got it, not at first," she said. "But I saw it at that adult novelty store, and . . . I don't know. I read about two pages, and it turned me on. Then I got this one—" she pulled out another dog-eared paperback, which showed a young man from behind as he stood over an open toilet, and a smiling girl peeking through the open door. The title was 'Golden Dreams.'

"Damn, Mandy," I said, looking at the two books. "I never thought you were this kinky."

My sister giggled, cheeks coloring. "Neither did I," she said. "But . . . I just got so turned on, reading these books, and I'd think about you, and with all those rumors . . . I never really thought that I'd ever have the opportunity to be with you like this, but after yesterday . . . I had to go for it."

I chuckled. "So this morning, you set me up."

Mandy bit her lip and nodded. "Yeah," she admitted. "It was just the perfect way to do it. I wanted to know what it was like to drink pee, and I wanted to be with you, so . . . ." she trailed off with a shrug and a smile.

"So what now?" I asked my sister.

Mandy breathed in, licking her lips slowly as she set the books back in her drawer and closed it. She stared into my eyes, and her own blazed brightly. "Now we fuck each other silly."


It's been a few weeks since Mandy and I started fooling around. We usually confine our sexual antics to the late mornings and afternoons when Mom isn't home and we're both home from school. But sometimes, even when Mom is there, or we have friends over, Mandy and I will give each other little horny looks, and she'll meet me in the bathroom to suck the piss out of my dick and then blow me until I fill her mouth with cum. And I always return the favor. I'm not sure what turns me on more; drinking Mandy's pee or sucking out her sweet cum.

I honestly don't know what's going to happen now. Mandy and I date other people, of course, and I feel a little jealous now and then when I know she's out getting fucked by her boyfriend. Similarly, guilt washes over me when I'm with one of the girls I date and she's screaming her lungs out as I pound away at her snatch.

All I do know is that I have the most incredible, satisfying, and kinky sex in the world with my own sweet sister.

And I don't ever want it to end.


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