tagBDSMMandy's Online Master Ch. 02

Mandy's Online Master Ch. 02


I was still feeling the rush of pushing my breasts out and up into the cool summer night. It was about eleven thirty and I was walking downtown, as ordered. It was a Wednesday and there weren't many people about. The bars were still open and pumping music could be heard from a few places. Cars were rare enough that I heard them individually. I must admit that the cars made me excited. I felt like the people driving by might know that I wasn't wearing anything underneath my short little red summer dress. They must be able to see my full breasts swaying unsupported. Part of me wanted a gust of wind to blow the hem way up so that a car load of people could see my bare ass. I was very horny.

I didn't know what was going to happen next. I know I was following Daniel's instructions perfectly. I had not masturbated for two days and given the fact that I was used to release at least twice a day I was about ready to climb a telephone poll. The only time I touched myself was when I pulled out my ass plug before I left. I nearly came just from that. It had been stuck in all day since Daniel told me not to leave my apartment until tonight. I put on the red dress and my Birks and headed out at ten o'clcock. Daniel let me wear comfortable shoes because I'd be doing some walking.

He told me to take nothing else. I was even to lock my keys in my apartment. That made me feel strangely vulnerable even though I knew I could get my landlord to let me in. I turned and left and started walking downtown. I had the route Daniel gave me memorized. I figured it would take me about an hour.

Once downtown I circled block after block looking into five different bars. I was to walk up to the door, open and peek in, then walk away to the next bar. I felt silly doing this I didn't understand why Daniel had me do it, but I was too turned on to think straight. I had been walking around practically naked for over an hour.

Having that much time to myself sent my thoughts on a roller coaster. I didn't know what was going to happen. I didn't know if I'd be able to do whatever he asked. I was scared of what he might ask me to do. I had already agreed that there would be know limits on this encounter. I hoped I was strong enough.

With each passing minute my mind jumped to extremes. One moment I wanted to run away and the next I was outdoing myself with increasingly deprived fantasies of what Daniel would have me do. One minute I was ready to suck everybody in the bar. The next minute I was close to tears. I think I needed to come in order to get some perspective.

I sat down on a bench near a little bus shelter and waited. Daniel had written that I should stop here when I needed a rest. The bench felt cold on my legs. I tried to pull my dress down further, and that placed a lovely tightness on my breasts. I was a little worried that my wetness would spot through my dress, but it felt good to sit down. I slipped one of my sandals off and stretched out my tired foot. I wanted to touch myself. My mouth was open and I kept licking my lips. As I collected my thoughts I knew I would do whatever Daniel asked. My skin felt electric as I sat on this bench in the cool night. I was aware of how little fabric kept me from being naked. I felt naked. I felt delicious. I felt alive.

There was a man walking slowly across the street. I licked my lips under the lamplight and spread my knees a little. He may not have noticed anything but I felt happy, and ready, and horny. My heart started racing and I got the shivers. I could feel my wetness cooling in the air between my legs. I closed my eyes and tipped my head back, arching my back and stretching. I tried to take a deeper breath, but I was fired up, my nervous energy and my excitement combined to make me feel like my pulse was visible. I felt like my whole body was pulsing in and out, my throat was dry, my hands slick. I thought I was going to orgasm.

Then the payphone behind me rang. My heart stopped.

I turned slowly and looked at the phone. No one was there. I could hear my heart beating in my ears. Then the sound fused into the ringing phone. I was outside of myself as I walked around the bench and picked up the phone.

"Hello?" I said.

There was silence on the other end.

"Hello?" I asked again.

"Hello Mandy, you look beautiful sitting there on the bench. It is almost a shame to disturb you."

It was Daniel, my knees felt weak.

"Still, I think it's time we had some more fun. Don't you?" Daniel sounded amused.

"Yes Sir."

A pause and I could here the sound of footsteps nearby, but I couldn't see very far because the payphone was brightly lit. "Put your hand on your belly and scrunch up that little dress of yours."

I took a handful of the material, the hem raised up an inch or so.

"Higher, show the world your belly button."

I closed my eyes and lifted my hand. Cool air flowed over my bald pussy and up to my belly button.

"Stand with your legs further apart."

I complied, delirious.

"Now I want you to lean forward at the waist and place your head on the ledge beside the phone.

There was a little shelf beside the bottom of the phone. It came up to my thigh. I leaned slowly forward, exposing my ass to anyone who might be there. My face touched the cool metal of the shelf. I hoped that it was clean.

"I want you to kiss the metal of the shelf. Do it slowly. Be sexy."

I turned and kissed the cool metal.

"Lick it."

I licked it slowly in short soft strokes. I heard footsteps approaching.

"Don't stop licking." Daniel's voice was firm. "Stick your ass up. Get on the balls of your feet."

I kept licking. I was feeling horny and humiliated. I stretched up lifting my ass higher in the air. I even pivoted my heels outward to spread my cheeks a little more. The footsteps got closer.

"Shit! You okay?" I didn't recognize the voice.

"Don't stop!" Daniel insisted over the phone. "Don't answer him. Just reach back and stick a finger in your ass."

I reached back, sliding a finger quickly in my pussy to lubricate it and then I easily popped deep into my ass. I heard the stranger gasp.

"Tell him you want to taste his cum. Don’t turn around. Keep pumping your ass."

"I-I want to taste your cum." My voice was quiet and wavery.

"Huh?" the man was confused to say the least.

"Tell him again, louder. Say please."

"I want to taste your cum, please." My voice was stronger. I can't believe I just said that. I was about to come from my finger in my ass. I pulled up on it hard to show the man my anus. I wanted to give myself to him.

I heard him take two steps closer. He put a sweaty hand on my ass.

"Right here?" the man sounded nervous.

"Yessssss." I was an animal.

A sudden shriek of tires skidding jolted both of us. I could feel my hot moist breath against the metal of the shelf. I flicked my tongue out savoring the feeling.

I heard voices coming from the car. The hand fell from my ass and the stranger ran away.

I didn't know what I was feeling.

The car drove off.

"You can stand up now." Daniel's voice was calm. I was ragged.

I still held the phone to my ear. I didn't know what to do. Daniel told me in one word.


I came and came and came, my hand flaying at my clit as I rubbed faster and faster. My juices gushed out and puddle at my feet. My knees slowly weakened and I slouched down to the ground, sitting in my juices. Spent. Legs askew, pussy still showing to the world, hand lingering over my labia, one sandal on, one off, phone in my ear, and not a care in the world.


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