tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMandy's Sorority Initiation Ch. 02

Mandy's Sorority Initiation Ch. 02


"Mmph." Hannah was jolted awake by the most intense pain in her ass that she had ever felt. She was screaming at the top of her lungs. But "Mmph" was all that came out. The air smelled of smoke and vaguely like burnt bacon.

"That should about do it. I think it should come out very nicely. The brand comes out really well on a fair skinned ass." Her eyes darted to see a stocky middle-aged and bald man with tattoo covered biceps standing over her, holding a glowing iron rod.

"Good morning, sweetheart. I didn't realize you were up. It's so nice of you to join us." Hannah tried to turn her head when she realized it was restrained. She moved her eyes scanning the room. It was cold and that's when Hannah realized she was naked. Behind "Mr. Clean" were bright, surgical lights. As best as she could tell, she had been secured to some kind of medical table; her creamy, smooth legs were hiked in stirrups, and her sex was exposed to the open air. Hannah tried to scream again but it felt like she had a racquetball in her mouth. The more she screamed the more drool ran down the side of her cheek.

"Calm down. You can fight all you want but in another day, it's not going to make a difference." She recognized that lullaby southern drawl and her eyes turned to panic. "Yes, Hannah. At least that's your name for now. It's me, Madison, the 'sorority pledge captain,' and you should be proud that you've just completed the first step of your initiation."

Madison's long blonde tresses fell onto Hannah's face as she reached over her body to unfasten the leather strap across her forehead. With her head free, she could move to see the mirror Madison was holding next to her left butt cheek to reveal a swollen, red and black Greek character branded onto her ass.

"That's a lambda, in case you're wondering, so everyone knows where you came from, 'pledge.'" She chuckled, staring in to Hannah's eyes, deep emerald pools. "We have a few more modifications to make, but we won't know which until your negotiations are complete. It will make me sad to get rid of this. I love gingers." Madison grinned as she grabbed a fistful of Hannah's exposed public hair and yanked it. "I had been wondering if you were a natural redhead, firecrotch." Hannah tried to kick but could only thrust her pelvis pitifully with her legs so tightly secured.

Water pooled up in her eyes as a solitary tear rolled down her faintly freckled cheek. "You can cry all you want but ..." Madison trailed off as her cellphone buzzed. "But I guess I have to take this. " Madison pulled the phone out of her pocket and pressed the Skype icon.

"Ahs soolamb alaykim, Master," Madison lilted.

"Wa alaykumu a-salam, Madison. How are things coming with the Irish girl? Were you able to verify her virginity?" The master gently stroked his beard as she rotated the phone to show him the merchandise.

"Good, your highness. She's intact and on the table for preparation. Have you selected a winning bidder?"

Hannah whipped her head back around toward Madison; she had always been so proud of keeping her abstinence pledge – she had stupidly even mentioned it in her pledge interview. Had it cost her freedom, or maybe even her life?

"Yes. It would appear that Liu Chen has won the bidding upon verification. He will be arriving tomorrow to pick up the goods and has a few special requests."

"Certainly, sir. What shall we do?"

"Madison, have Dirk complete piercing package B and tattoo her with Mr. Liu's bar code. We were able to secure $250,000 for this one, and your cut on delivery will be the standard 20%."

"Thank you, Master. Is there anything else?"

"No. Just have a good crop ready after this weekend's recruitment event."

"Yes sir." Madison ended the call. "Dirk, she needs package B, and I'll text you the QR code for tattooing."

Hannah's head darted back and forth frantically as she looked over the two people planning what to do next to her body. Dirk saw the panic in her face and calmly stroked the flat spot between her large breasts and said in his gravelly voice "Don't worry, darling. I'll be gentle with you."

Dirk grabbed her left breast and squeezed it a couple of times – Hannah was well endowed but because she was lying down on her back, her breasts swayed and flopped. He grabbed her tiny pink nipple and started squeezing and tugging on it. She couldn't imagine reacting to him in this position – totally exposed with her ass still on fire. Yet the nipple quickly snapped erect as Hannah let out a soft moan.

Hannah became so distracted by Dirk's manipulations that she didn't notice the needle before he pushed it through her nipple. "Hermpph," she panted, her head jerking up and down.

"That's not so bad, now is it?" Dirk chuckled. "One down, two to go." He lifted up her left tit to show her a shiny silver ring hanging down from her still erect nipple. He dropped her tit and flicked the ring, watching it bounce back and forth across her areola. The tears welled up again in those emerald eyes and trickled down both sides of her face.

"Two to go?" she thought; where else was he going to pierce? "Hermpph" she yelled again. In her worries over the piercing on her left nipple she hadn't even noticed the right breast. Dirk looked up and smiled, flicking the right nipple ring just like he did the other side.

"Now this one's going to hurt a bit. I think I'll shave you first." She felt Dirk's warm but weathered hands brush across her pubic mound as he lathered her up. The water and shaving soap drained down her slit and mixed with her own juices which had begun to flow. She tried to jerk against the restraints but it was to no avail. He made short work of her muff and wiped her off with a towel.

Dirk snapped the top of a latex glove as he slid two fingers inside her pussy. "Well, you are enjoying this, aren't you? You girls fight it, but everyone I've ever had on this table gets wet. Never fails. I'd love to take it further but the master would cut off my nuts if the buyer showed up and you weren't a virgin." He paused, then smirked "I guess I could help you out a little."

As he talked, he squeezed her clit between his thumb and index finger, slowly rolling it around and tugging on it. Hannah first shot him an evil look and then pleaded with her eyes, "Please, don't."

"Darlin, you're eyes say no, but the cunt says yes. At then end of the day, all you college girls is just cunts." As he tugged and twisted her clit, Hannah's head jerked and her hips started to buck up and down. He worked her so that his hands and her hips reached a slow rocking motion and juices started to run down her thighs. As she bucked back and forth against his rough fingers, Dirk grabbed a large needle and a wine cork with this other hand. He slipped his cold, shiny forceps onto her engorged clit and Hannah let out a huge moan, drooling all over the sides of her face. He slid the needle through the forceps and Hannah lunged backward with a jerk.

"Hrmpph! Hrmpphhh!, Hrrrmmph!!!" she screamed through the gag. Her eyes rolled backward as her head slammed back onto the table. Her chest heaved up and down and she started to shake and wimper.

"Damn, girl. I'm going to need a shower," said Dirk, shaking her juices off of his hands. She began sobbing uncontrollably as she realized she had squirted all over him. Hannah's entire upper body blushed and she couldn't meet his eyes – at the moment of the most intense pain she had ever felt, when she was completely out of control of her body, she also had the most – the only – orgasm she had ever experienced. She shuddered again and started to cry.

"It's ok, sweetheart. You're not the first." He reached up to wipe the tears from her eyes and she was overcome by the musky smell on his fingers – immediately she knew it as her own scent. "This one's nice, though." Dirk held the mirror between her legs. Hannah couldn't figure out what it was – she saw a shiny ring pierced through her clit with a small silver cone dangling from it. Dirk flicked it and it clinked. "You know they say, every time a bell rings and angel gets its wings. I guess you'll be making lots of angels."

He bent over her – his tongue brushed against her face like sandpaper as he licked her before pecking her on the lips and slapped her ass. "It's been real. Yǒu yīgè liánghǎo de lǚxíng! That's Mandarin for 'Have a good trip.'" He walked away, and she was left alone in the room for the first time since she woke up.

Mandy blonde tresses bounced up and down in the mirror as she blended in her blush again. "I'm glad you did the smoky eyes, K. I think they make you look sexy." Kirsten leaned into the bathroom.

"Let's go over this one more time. I'm happy to go with you tonight so you have a friend – and I'll be a character reference but I AM NOT joining this sorority."

Mandy leaned over and gently kissed her on the cheek. "You're a good friend. I do appreciate your coming – and I am pretty sure they'll change your mind about signing up." She winked and patted Kirsten on the ass as they walked out of their room and into the long concrete hallway.

"Let's go," said Kirsten, grabbing Mandy by the hand and her clutch in the other. "You don't want to be late for your first interview. The open house starts in 30 minutes."

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