tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMandy's Sorority Initiation Ch. 03

Mandy's Sorority Initiation Ch. 03


Dust particles danced in the shafts of afternoon sun that leaked in through the window blinds. Madison's chair creaked gently as she leaned back, staring blankly out the second floor window.

"I enjoyed it a lot more when we gave them the full training regimen before we sold them. I was an artist back then; I brought joy to my work." Dirk broke the silence as he walked in the room and plopped in the large leather and wooden chair in front of her desk. The cushion audibly deflated as his weight settled in. "I also love these Morris chairs. Those Craftsman designers really understood their craft - that they were building something. I used to build things. Now I just break 'em."

The desk chair creaked again as Madison slowly turned to face him. "Like when you broke me?"

"You were one hell of a bitch when we brought you in off that Southern California campus. I'm still kind of surprised the sheik let you go. I built you into some piece of ass by the time I was done."

"The market's changed, Dirk. We couldn't keep up demand the old ways, and the buyers don't require that kind of product quality anymore," Madison replied, staring off into the corner of the room. "The sheik could always get another 'hot piece of ass.' The girls are smarter now, more careful, and with social media they're more connected. They were getting wise to our game. Like they won't take a drink from a stranger at a bar anymore."

"So he sent you back to recruit?"

"The sheik perceived that best strategy was to reinforce the personal -- to find girls seeking relationships and connect with them. So he sent me here to do that. I know what's expected, what's demanded of these girls and look young enough to still pull off being an upperclassman. Plus, everybody trusts a Southern girl."

"It sounds like BS, if you ask me." Dirk was skeptical.

"We'll see tonight. Are we set up?"

"It looks like the bastard child of Miley Cyrus and an Amway convention downstairs, if that's what you mean."

Madison rolled her eyes. She wouldn't have put up with Dirk's shit if he weren't the best. They didn't usually need to break the girls anymore -- that's where he was a fucking Rembrandt. Hell, he created "Madison" like she was made of clay, not the suburban wallflower she was a decade ago when Dirk pulled her into a windowless van during one of her early morning runs. But for such a gruff redneck he had a gentle touch and could work wonders in the short time they worked the girls. The sheik told her Dirk used to train bird dogs down in Texas, which is where he learned it. She called him the "slave whisperer."

"You just miss that goddamn child molester van," shaking her head.

"Damn straight. These parties are risky. The van always worked -- never got caught. You ladies run fast, but when its dark and you're alone, you cain't outrun the van!" Dirk chuckled and slapped his knees with open hands. "Girls will be here in 30 -- you better get ready."

"I'm not worried. We've got a good team working tonight, and we only need to take four more girls before we shut it down." Mandy trailed off as she walked out of the room.

Mandy and Kirsten trudged up the hill. "Are you sure you read the address right?"

"Yes, Mandy. I told you I couldn't find the website and I didn't have time to stop by the student activities office to verify the address. Wait -- I think this is it. 745 E 32nd street."

"Is that it across the street?"

"If I didn't know better, I'd expect Mike Brady to walk down that driveway. Jesus, their house looks like shit."

Neither of the girls were impressed by the low slung two story ranch house whose address matched the flyer. They felt better when they saw Greek letters on the front of the building. Two cute girls in short miniskirts walked out the front door and hung a rush banner.

"Um, hi. Is this the Lambda Epsilon Zeta house? We're supposed to be here for an open house."

"Well, hello and welcome! Y'all have found the right spot! We're fixin' to get started so y'all are right on time. How are you? My name is Amber Lynn and this is Veronica. We're on the Lam-Eps recruiting committee and we are so happy to have you join us!"

Kirsten took a step back. She thought if you could bottle the "personality" flowing out of this chick it would get people higher than a kite. As it was, "Amber Lynn" was a little strong for her taste. Mandy is going to owe me big for this, she thought to herself.

"Thank you, I'm Mandy and this is my roommate Kirsten. We're freshman and just moved to State. We're so excited to meet you!"

"I'm Veronica, but you can call me Ronnie. We're roomies, too, right here in the house. Have y'all thought about applying for a room here? We just had one open up."

Kirsten was just standing there with her mouth open when Mandy elbowed her in the ribs. I really should have prepped her on a rush party etiquette, Mandy thought.

"Uh, hello. I'm Kirsten. Mandy's roommate, but I guess you already knew that," she stumbled.

"Let's, um, not, like, um, spend all night on the front porch, y'all come on in," Amber Lynn smiled as she practically drug the two girls inside.

"So, Amber," Kirsten started.

"Amber Lynn, yes"

"Uh, Amber Lynn, didn't the semester just start? How did a room open up this time of year?" Something felt odd but she couldn't place it.

"That's a great question, Kirsten. I'm really only technically part of the pledge committee. I'm our academic officer and handle alumnae relations." Ronnie chimed in. "All of the social business that Amber Lynn and Madison handle is great, but we also stress academic performance for our Lam-Eps sisters. Amber Lynn, why don't you take Mandy in and start introducing her to the sisters? I think Kirsten is just here as her chaperone, anyway." Ronnie was a quick study and had sized Kirsten's personality up both quickly and correctly.

"Our sister Hannah was able to graduate in three years, plus the summer sessions this year. We're so proud of her - she just landed a plumb assignment in Hong Kong. Since we hadn't invited any pledges yet, we were happy to let her stay until they were ready for her in China. She moved out this morning."

"That's too bad. I wish Mandy could have met her," she recovered. "Ronnie, doesn't that put you at kind of a disadvantage for housing? I mean, don't all your pledges already have somewhere to live?" Kirsten wondered.

"Well, we sometimes have a semester with an open room or two, but we usually stay full. Most of our girls like life in the house so much it seems like they never want to leave. And you never know when plans change -- more people end up moving during the semester than you might think."

Based on Madison's early report, Ronnie thought that Mandy was the target. But while they talked, she discretely glanced Kirsten up and down. She wasn't a 'traditional' beauty, but she was trim and had perky but round, full boobs. Her hair was dark and short in the back with long blonde bangs constantly falling into her eyes. She didn't have any visible tattoos, but did have several piercings in her ears and a ring in the side of her nose. If she could take some punishment, she might be a fit for one of their requirements.

They walked into the living room of the house. About two dozen folding chairs were scattered around the room. It was reasonably furnished, although dated. But the pieces were high-quality. There were no "college apartment" couches in this house. A bar and a DJ setup along the west wall were flanked with a variety of hand-painted sorority posters.

Kirsten found Mandy across the room, turned to Ronnie and shook her hand before walking over to join her roommate. Mandy was sitting with three girls, each of whom could have been her twin. She started to introduce herself when Madison walked in front of the seated girls.

"If I could have everyone's attention, we'd like to get started. My name is Madison and I'm the president of Lambda Epsilon Zeta sorority this term. In case you haven't heard we go by Lam-Eps and are a little different from the traditional Greek group."

Kirsten zoned out during Madison's talk and looked around the room. Mandy's skirt had slid up her thigh, revealing her bare leg. Most girls put on the "Freshman 15" when they started school, but a month in, but her roommate seemed to be getting fitter. Mandy had encouraged them to workout at the gym and it showed. Medium height, her thighs were firm and ass was tight in her skirt. It helped Kirsten, too, because she had started a work-study job in the library -- although there weren't any books in the building anymore -- and had a tight schedule between classes and the job.

In fact, her head snapped back a couple of times as she drifted away. She lunged her head forward and stood up to walk around the room. Altogether there were 18 girls seated in the room. She figured it was obvious why half of them were here. They had no chance on sorority row and were desperate. They were either too fat or too ugly or just didn't fit the "sorority girl" prototype. The other half were beautiful -- kind of surprising no one had bid them. Maybe they were poor or annoying. What she didn't know was how many others were there like her -- just escorting a friend to something that was important to them.

Madison stood at the front of the room, and Kirsten almost didn't recognize her. Gone were the yoga pants and she instead wore a trim, light grey pencil skirt and a light pink sleeveless silk blouse. She looked even more fit in this outfit than the workout clothes she was wearing when they met. She was tall and had incredibly fit arms. Women always notice the arms. She had a tight, round ass. I bet she does a shitload of squats and lunges, Kirsten thought. She was maybe 5'10" and didn't need the 4 inch black alligator stilettos to be the tallest person in the room. More than anything, Madison physically resembled the State volleyball players that ate at the table across from them in the cafeteria.

She had long, wavy blonde hair and her tan skin offset her deep blue eyes -- not like pools of water, but more like sapphires set in her head. Not that Kirsten was into girls, but she was taken with this beautiful woman.

Behind her stood Amber Lynn, a short, Texan brunette, and former high school head cheerleader with the legs to prove it. All Kirsten could think was "this is not a democracy, it's a cheerocracy" every time she looked at her.

Ronnie stood next to Amber Lynn. She was about 5'5", thin but not athletic and vaguely Hispanic. She wore glasses and sported a "hot for teacher" look. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted what must have been the maintenance man -- stocky and bald -- shaven, really -- he had a shirt with a name on it, but she couldn't make it out. Kirsten noticed a few other girls behind Ronnie when Madison caught her attention.

"So that's what Lam-Eps is all about. I think we'll be having some alumnae later to mix with us, but for now are there any questions? Kirsten? You're standing up. I know you'd be interested in our academic support and the national writing contest scholarship! Can we count on you to rush Lam-Eps? Are you our first pledge class member this year?"

This was the second time today she had been caught flat-footed. Damn, I wish I had been paying attention. "Uh . .. I'm not, I don't ..." she stammered. She looked around the room for a lifeline and saw the other girls clapping for her. Before she knew it, she committed "Yes, uh sure. I'm interested in joining."

"Are you sure? You don't sound very committed. Let's hear your commitment to Lam-Eps!" Madison shouted.

"Come on! Let's go Kirsten! You can do it!" the other girls were shouting. Mandy was jumping up and down. I want to fucking kill her, Kirsten thought to herself. "Well, then I'm in!" She shouted back.

"Ladies, please welcome Kirsten -- our first member of this year's Lam-Eps pledge class!" Madison repeated back loudly. Ronnie ran over and put her arms around Kirsten.

"I know you probably didn't come here to join, but I'm so happy you've decided to become one of us. It will change your life in ways you can't imagine," Ronnie whispered in her ear. Her breath was hot and Kirsten swore Ronnie gave her outer ear a brief lick.

She was in a daze and didn't even notice who else joined. She heard squealing and crying and the faint hint of champagne corks popping in the background, although she never saw the bottles. Amber Lynn passed out glasses of champagne and the DJ cranked up the music. The ceremony was over and the party started as Mandy nearly knocked her over with a bear hug, jumping up and down. "I'm so happy you joined with me! We're going to be sisters forever! You won't regret this! You'll see - pledging will change your life!"

Early the next morning there was a loud knock at the door. Al Bustamante immediately reached for his cell phone to call 911 when he saw inside. The floor was littered with 14 unconscious nude women. Other than their clothes, some trash, and the rental furniture Al had been called to pick up, everyone and everything else was gone.

Madison, Ronnie, Amber Lynn and four of the pledges might as well have been ghosts. It would be Tuesday before anyone noticed that Mandy and Kirsten were gone; Kirsten had seen to it they didn't have classes until Tuesday afternoon.

As the other Lam-Eps pledges began to awake, they all had what they described as the "mother of all hangovers." It would be into the next semester before any of the girls found out about their star turn on the "Girls of State U" website, selling memberships at $99 per year, which featured their performance at the open house that night.

Mandy's eyes flashed open first. The first thing she saw were closed, smoky eyes inches from her own. Kirsten's bangs were stuck to the side of her own face. It was dark but she sensed they were moving. She tried to say something and realized she was gagged -- there was some sort of ball in her mouth and the other side -- was in her roommate Kirsten's mouth! She began to suspect that the fluid soaking her cheeks was either Kirsten's vomit or drool -- she knew the smell was organic -- but it was musty and vaguely familiar. She puked in the back of her throat but swallowed most of it back down before it came out.

She couldn't move her hands either and it felt like her shoulder had been ripped out of its socket. Mandy's eyes glanced down and she gasped in horror to see her nude body pressed against the naked breasts of her "sister." Tied together they rocked back and forth as their vehicle - it looked vaguely like the inside of an old van - rumbled over the highway. She wondered if the warm sensation rubbing her bare back and ass was another girl.

She couldn't see Amber Lynn when she heard her crow. "Looks like one of our little girls is awake!"

A man's voice she didn't recognize blurted out "We should get ready to stop. We've got to hose down the product before they all get stuck together." With that, Mandy felt a warm trickle run down her leg. She whimpered, partly because there was pee running down her leg, and partly because she didn't know whose pee it was. It wouldn't be the last time she was covered in someone else's urine, as she would find soon enough.

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