tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMandy's Sorority Initiation Ch. 04

Mandy's Sorority Initiation Ch. 04


Looking around, it appeared to Mandy that they were in some sort of van; its speed slowed significantly and shook considerably. The van had pulled off of pavement and was rumbling over a rock drive way. It jerked to a stop and Mandy heard a door slam. The van slowly pulled ahead and stopped again; the driver turned it off.

The inside of the van was flooded with light; the back doors flew open. A man's gruff voice shouted "Rise and shine, sweethearts! We're home." With a jerk he lifted the conjoined Mandy and Kirsten out of the van and to the ground. The rough shells on the driveway cut her feet. Kirsten violently shook awake; pulling Mandy's head back and forth. "Mmpphhh!" she screamed repeatedly when she realized she was nude, bound to Mandy inches from her face. Squirming, she pulled the two of them over with a start, screaming as they both hit the caliche.

"Shit, Dirk," a honey sweet voice drawled. Kirsten's eyes darted up and saw a blonde mane drooping down over a shadowed face.

"UUUHHHH!" was all she managed to scream through the gag that bound her face to her roommates'.

"Uh, yeah, it's me, sweetheart. Bless your heart, you slept the whole way. Didja have a good trip?" Madison's bright white smile broke up her backlight silhouette. With a handful of each girl's hair in each fist, she pulled them back to standing. "Shit, Dirk. There's blood all over these girls arms. Ronnie, darling, go with him and get these girls cleaned up. I've got to take off this damn wig."

"Yes, ma'am." Ronnie snapped back. "C'mon, ladies. We're not getting any younger." Kirsten felt the cold touch of the side of a knife blade and with a jerk her arms sprung loose. She bent over and cut the cable ties around her ankles as well. After doing the same for Mandy she looked the two of them in the eyes. "Which of the two of you is going to bitch the most? Mandy, I think that's you." She unbuckled the gag from the back of Kirsten's head.

Shaking her head from side to side, Kirsten screamed "Holy shit! What the fuck are you doing to us? Let me out of here."

"Bad move." Dirk's rough hand slapped her on the back of the head. He grabbed her by the arm, squeezing her bicep and cut off her panties in one motion. He stuffed the torn fabric in her mouth and shouted at Ronnie. "Honey, if you're going to do this, do it right. Never cut their arms free until they're inside, and always have a gag ready. Get in my bag in the front seat and bring me two large cable ties and a roll of duct tape."

Ronnie ran back with the bag. Dirk grabbed the silver roll and wrapped tape around Kirsten's mouth a couple of times. She struggled against his grip as he zipped her wrists behind her again. "Here you go." He handed a zip tie to Ronnie and she did the same to Mandy. "Now, let's go inside."

Ronnie led the two of them inside; Kirsten looked her up and down. Her "sexy librarian" look was gone and was wearing tight black tactical pants that tightly hugged her perfectly round ass. As she turned to talk to the girls, Kirsten could see her braless, ample cleavage hanging out her black cotton oxford that was only halfway buttoned. Her hair, black streaked with blonde highlights, was in a tight bun. Everything about her look said "ruthless efficiency."

Kirsten and Mandy stumbled into the rollup doors of a small warehouse. The air smelled of salt, and faintly of dead fish. Kirsten thought she heard the plaintive cries of a seagull overhead pitying the fate which had befallen them. Dirk walked just head of Ronnie and stopped in front of a 72" monitor mounted on a wall.

As she looked around the room, it was spartan and the floor and walls appeared to be painted a light gray color. The ceilings were high with a variety of chains and hooks overhead. There was a blue hose—it looked like a garden house -- curled up in the corner. A small desk with four computer screens on the wall in front of it.

A gruff, bald man with sleeves tattooed on his bulging biceps was in front of the room, next to Ronnie. Everyone called him Dirk. Mandy stood next to her. She was shaking and sobbing. Kirsten really wished she would shut the fuck up. They needed their wits about them to figure out to get out of this. Next to them were two other girls – they looked vaguely familiar – maybe she recognized them from the party. One was a tall, thin Asian girl with a round face and small boobs. The other was a short black girl with a light caramel colored skin. She wasn't fat but had extremely large and sagging boobs, large hips and buttocks. That girl's got some back, she thought.

"Hmmmmh." Dirk cleared his throat. "We're ready."

Everyone's eyes turned to the back of the room. Madison had removed her blonde wig to reveal a dark black pixie cut. She was leaning backwards in a folding chair, without pants, her head against the wall as a blonde ponytail moved side to side to side between her legs. "I'm not – I'll need a minute."

Kirsten immediately recognized the true blonde as Amber Lynn. She saw Amber Lynn's tongue flick in and out of Madison's slit. Her head moved and she saw black lines on the girl's hairless pudenda mound. Madison's fists clinched in Amber Lynn's hair and she let out a soft moan. The blonde slurped and puckered around Madison's engorged clit. Everyone heard a popping sound as Madison let out a yelp. Panting, she leaned forward and pushed Amber Lynn's forehead away from her dripping snatch. Surprised, the smaller girl fell backwards onto her ass. Recollecting herself, she wiped her mouth on the sleeve of the grey hoodie she was wearing. "Now get yourself cleaned up, cunt, before the sheik calls."

"Yes, Mistress," Amber Lynn snapped. She jumped up and ran out of the room. Madison stood up and grabbed the black cargo pants that had been underneath her on the metal folding chair. As she bent over to put them on, Kirsten got a closer look at her crotch. Shiny and dripping from Amber Lynn's saliva, she felt some weird stirring inside her own body. There was a slight tingle in her back and she was sure her nipples were hard. Madison turned and Kirsten saw the black lines more clearly – her eyes widen with shock as she realized it was a UPC code tattooed on her crotch.

She had stared too long. "Take a picture, it will last longer, slut" Madison drawled. Everyone but the four girls in the center of the room chuckled. "I never figured you had a taste for girls, but after last night, and then now today, we'll have to take that into account in our plans for you." Kirsten blushed and looked away. "Oh, or was it my tattoo? You'll have one soon that you can look at."

Madison walked to the front of the room. While everyone else was watching the show, Dirk had grabbed the hose and turned it on. He sprayed the four girls down and the forceful, cold water made each of them squeal and jump back.

"Enough fun, ladies." Dirk growled. "We've got to get you cleaned up before we get started." Ronnie moved quickly behind them removing what shreds of clothing remained on their shivering bodies. Dirk hosed them down again. Ronnie walked back up and showered them with a white powder that resembled flour. "That's for delousing. I don't really think you have lice. But after I saw it in the Shawshank Redemption I thought it was so dehumanizing, I've done it to every group of girls since then. The girls stood completely naked and shivering, each now crying and covered in delousing powder. They looked like giant chicken fingers ready to be dropped in a fryer.

"Ok, Dirk. That's enough for now. Hose 'em down again." After another round of squirming and squealing, the girls settled into a soft whimper. "Ladies, my name is Madison and I'd like to welcome you as the newest additions to the inventory of the Lambda organization. We are the world's largest provider of female sex slaves. You are now are property and will be selected for specific positions either within our brothels or in the service of one of our customers. Regardless of your final destination – your bodies, your thoughts, your lives – are no longer your own. You belong to us. The sooner you realize this, the easier the rest of your lives will be. And, who knows, if you play your cards right and you survive, you could move up within the organization. I was standing where you are a decade ago. Each of the girls before you are also property of Lambda. Amber Lynn is one of our more recent 'recruits.'"

Mandy heard a chair by the small desk- she turned her head quickly and saw Ronnie scoot up to the desk and turn on the monitors. At the same time, the large screen in front of them flashed on with the image of a man with a fine beard, aviator sunglasses and a colored scarf secured to his head with a black band.

"Mah-dee-suhn," he clucked. "I see you have last night's haul. Looks very nice from here."

Kirsten looked around but couldn't see the camera.

"Yes, sheikh. The event produced some quality additions to our inventory. Shall we go over disposition plans? I knew you had orders in hand."

"Certainly, my dear. Firstly, we have an order for a 'bimbo pet.' Large breasts, blonde hair, not very bright. I was thinking Man-dee?"

"Yes, sir." Dirk walked behind her and grabbed her arms, dragging her to the back of the room.

"Nahhhhh." She squirmed violently back and forth trying to break his firm grip. Her soft, smooth skin was still wet and slippery. She escaped his grasp but fell, unbalanced from her bound position. She landed with a hard smack on her shoulder.

"That does it." Dirk lifted Mandy up over his shoulder, her legs kicking above his head as she screamed around the rubber ball gag still tightly squeezed in her mouth. As he walked toward the back of the room he heard the sheikh's final words.

"Give her the full bimboization treatment, Mr. Dirk." A metal door slammed behind him.

"Who is next, Ms. Mah-dee-sun?"

"The punk girl, your highness, Kirsten?"

"Yes. We've had an order from Scandinavia for a 'butch.' Why don't you handle her training with Mr. Dirk's supervision?"

"Yes, sheikh."

Dirk had re-entered the room and didn't intend to make the same mistake. Before she knew what was happening the ceiling spun before Kirsten's eyes and she was looking at the floor from Dirk's muscular shoulder. She let out a muffled cry and began kicking. Dirk took her out the same door.

"And the other two, sheikh?"

"We need another anal slut. How's the black girl? Olishia, is it?"

"She has a very nice ass, sir. And the Asian, Mikki?"

"Prepare her for the brothel. Mr. Dirk can handle the two of them."

"Yes, sir." The monitor switched off. Amber Lynn walked in as Madison turned to Ronnie. "Crate these two up, and go help Dirk with the bimbo."

Ronnie led the two bound women through a door on the right side of the room. In front of them were two large dog crates. The women wrestled but were no match for Ronnie and Amber Lynn. They stuffed Mikki and Olishia each into a mesh steel crate and locked the doors. Ronnie flicked off the light and shut the door as they left.

The two girls could already hear a woman screaming from the room next door.

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