tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMandy's Sorority Initiation Ch. 05

Mandy's Sorority Initiation Ch. 05


Madison walked into the room where she had heard screaming and glanced over at Dirk. "How's it going?"

Both Dirk and Madison eyed over Mandy, completely nude with her arms bound above her head, suspended from the ceiling. Her toes barely touched the floor, causing her to sway. Her breasts were large enough that when hanging freely they almost swung at an opposite arc to the rest of her body. Mandy's face was streaked with black tears from the last of her mascara that hadn't come off in her earlier hosing down. Her blonde hair was matted against both sides of her head.

"She'll be fine." Dirk grunted as he took a long drag from his cigarette. Its amber end glowed brightly, shining on his face briefly before he took it from his lips and pressed it into the soft skin on Mandy's thigh next to her pussy. She screamed and tried to squirm away. "She just needs to learn to shut the fuck up and listen to what I tell her." He put the cigarette back in his mouth. "That's gonna leave a mark. Will you hand me those nipple extenders, sweetheart?"

"Sure thing. Do you want the clit vibrator, too?" Mandy's head shook to attention and her eyes darted to the corner of the room; she hadn't noticed a small table.

"Might as well, don't know from the sheikh when the customer wants to pick her up." Madison walked over to Dirk and handed him the instruments. They clinked together as he shook them in his hand.

She walked over to the suspended girl and grabbed her by the nipples. Mandy shrieked as she swung toward her tormenter. Madison tongued her ear briefly and twisted her nipples, whispering in her ear: "Didja every play with Barbies, slut?" Madison's hot breath sent a chill down Mandy's spine and she moved her head to look in Madison's eyes. "I figured you did. Rich girl like you probably had dozens of them." Tears streamed down Mandy's cheeks – her eyes kicked in the full waterworks treatment. "Well, your dream's about to come true, sugar, because when we're done, you're going to be a fucking Barbie – a Barbie made for fucking, I should say!" She cackled and let go of the girl's now sore buds.

As soon as Madison let go, Mandy felt cold steel latch onto her nipples and pull. She looked down and there were large forceps hanging from each tit. "No, please, no. I don't have that much money but I'll pay you anything. I promise I won't tell anyone what happened, just please let me go – don't do this to me, please!" Her entire chest heaved with sobbing. The pain in her nipples was so intense, but nothing compared to what was about to come.

"Do you want the gag, Dirk?" Madison looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Nah. Nobody's here but us and I think it will help the other girls to hear what's goin' on." He took another drag from his cigarette and pressed it back into Mandy's thigh, putting it out.

"Aaarrrgh!" She screamed.

"You know, it's like when the patients in the waiting room can hear the drill at the dentist's office." He grabbed the forceps dangling from her right breast and pulled it tight. "Pfft." He fired the piercing gun through a hole in the forceps.

"Aaarrrgh!" again. "Hmmph, Hmmph," She panted.

"Just one more, darling.

"Pfft." He pierced the other side as she continued wailing. He grabbed her sore and bloody nipples by the shiny bars that protruded from each and twisted them. Mandy jerked back from the sensation. "Hold still sister. This is the tricky part. You jump too much and you'll rip out the front of your tits. You'll be fucking donkeys in Tijuana in 24 hours if that happens."

She still arced back a little and bit her lip as he snapped a clamp at the base of her areolas and screwed the bars in at the top of her nipples. They were under constant pressure and stung a little as he rubbed down each breast with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol.

"Didn't tell ya what these were for, did I? Well, they don't really want your nipples pierced – we'll let those close back up. But right now, your nipples are about a half inch long, and they'll want an inch of nipple at least, nice and puffy. So, we're going to have these clamped up for about the next week, and then another week or so of clamps plus weights. You should be good to go then, and we'll pull out the piercings.

"Not all the girls react so well to having their nipples constantly stretched, so I brought you a 'friend.'" With that he stuck two fingers inside her snatch. She wasn't soaked, but was definitely moist. "Well, I can see this may be easier than I thought."

"No, please don't, I ... I've never, I mean, I'm a .... Virgin," Mandy stuttered, still heaving from the pain inflicted in her crotch and chest.

"Well, you won't be when you leave here, so don't worry about that." Dirk slipped something small inside her slit and fingered around the front until he found her clit. He rolled the tender bud between his index finger and thumb before pinching it. She jumped as he clipped something onto it, but oddly it didn't hurt – she mainly just felt the pressure.

"What, what are you doing to me?"

He lit another cigarette with the lighter in his pocket. "This little device is your new friend. That clip is a sensor that sends minute electric shocks to your clit. It's kind of like a vibrator – has the same effect any way. And the part inside you – pure genius – responds to your state of arousal based on your muscle contractions. The more aroused, the lower the effect, and vice versa." He slapped her on the ass. "Wanna make you forget all about that little pain in your ... chest."

Her head turned to her side quickly as she felt a prick in her arm. Madison had inserted a needle into her arm. "IV. You're probably thirsty and hungry, and we can't have you pass out. And, you won't be able to eat with this in your mouth." With that, she held a giant black plastic dildo up to Mandy's face and shoved it in her mouth before she could even protest. It went all the way down to her throat and she started to gag. Madison clipped a strap behind her head and brushed the side of her face with the palm of her hand. "Now that's a good girl. Don't go getting sick on me. We worked pretty hard to find you. Wouldn't want you to drown in your own vomit." She took her hand away and kissed Mandy's cheek gently and sweetly, almost like a mother kisses her own daughter. "Good night." Madison and Dirk walked out the door without looking back. The light automatically shut off when they left the room, which became pitch black.

Twenty four hours ago, Mandy was walking into the house north of campus to rush a sorority – not even the sorority of her dreams, but what she thought was a back up. Now, she was here; wet, nipples bloodied and pulled tight, her crotch on fire, swinging from the ceiling with a giant dick in her mouth. As much as she wanted to fight it and figure out how she got here and more importantly, how they were going to get out, she was losing the battle. In the quiet darkness, she gently swung to and fro, occasionally whimpering and jumping as the device attached to her clit worked away, raising and raising her state of arousal until all she could do was roll her eyes back, drop her head and let the drool drain from her mouth around the base of her giant gag as her pelvis twitched ever so slightly. She didn't even notice her own juices begin to drip out of her pussy and down her legs, pooling under her feet.


They had left Kirsten in a ball on the floor, her hands secured behind her back with a cable tie. At least they had day-old panties out of her mouth. If she ever saw duct tape again, it would be too soon.

Her mind raced as she heard Mandy's screams. She thought, OK, I could smell salt water, so we must be near the water. But I don't know how long we drove. There's four of us and four of them, but I guess we're probably three now. I don't know what they did to Mandy, but suspected she would be of no help. "That girl's not much help anyway," she thought, without realizing she said it aloud.

"You're right. Mandy's not going to be much help. But I'm here with you." Kirsten couldn't turn around to see, but recognized Ronnie's voice.

"Look, bitch. I don't know who you are or what the fuck you think you are doing. I'm not intimidated by that little show your friends put on out there. I'm going to get out of here and fucking kill ALL OF YOU. With YOU first!" Kirsten growled, kicking at her restraints.

Ronnie leaned over her and grabbed Kirsten's exposed breast. She squeezed and nibbled on the side of her ear. Then she whispered. "Look, sweetie. I know you think you're tough. But I've spent the last 18 months getting fucked up the ass everyday by the sheikh's six sons and two sons-in-law. You don't think that's real? The mother fucker kidnapped me so that his sons -- and the men marrying his daughters could fuck ME up the ass whenever they had urge instead of defiling his precious offspring. Do you think he or anybody else gives a shit about you? Only how much money we're getting out of you, and from what I understand we're getting a pretty penny to send you out to eat pussy 24-7."

Kirsten shrank back, more in horror than submission and spit in Ronnie's face. Ronnie slapped her across the cheek. The force of the blow bounced Kirsten's head off the concrete floor.

"That's enough, the two of you." Dirk growled. "Ronnie, she'll be taking care of you in good time. Leave her be for now."

"Yes, sir."

"Stand her up and get her over on this table, and get a gag in her mouth." Dirk sat in a rolling chair and scooted up to what looked like an examining table, looked up and turned on a light on a giant arm over his head.

What is this, some sort of perverted dentist's office? Kirsten thought as Ronnie jerked her up. She fought mildly but not too much – she knew there was no point and her head still her pretty bad. Ronnie pushed her down on the table and secured her legs with leather straps. She cut her arms free from under Kirsten's back and snapped them into metal cuffs on the side of the table. The cold steel cut into the girl's wrists.

"Get her started on a saline and nutrient IV." Dirk barked. "Well, Kirsten, is it? Have you seen The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? I loved that girl in it. Apparently one of our clients did too. But unlike the rapist bastard in the movie, our client is a woman who LOVES cunnilingus. And also unlike the movie, neither one of us is getting 'rapist' tattooed on our foreheads. But you'll come out of here the spitting image of Lisbeth Salander."

She screamed through the gag and tape and started to squirm around. "Shit, girl. There's no way I can draw these patterns on you with you squirming like this. Do you want to do this the easy way or the hard way?"

She gave him the kiss of death look from atop her gag and bucked violently against her restraints. He shook his head from side to side and put on his reading glasses. "You girls always want it the hard way. There's a reason they call it the easy way." Dirk picked up a needle and injected it into the IV. "We'll deal with your outbursts later."

Kirsten saw stars and rainbows, and maybe even a butterfly and a unicorn. She felt like she was spinning, falling away until everything went black.

When she woke up, the first thing she notice was that she was vertical but not standing. Kirsten flexed her arms and tugged but her wrists and ankles were still firmly secured. She felt pains in her crotch, her nipples and her eyebrows, and in fact most of her chest and back. And, oddly, her tongue.

She looked down and saw that most of her chest and breasts were covered with tattoos and two shiny rings dangled from the tips of her multicolored orbs. "Thit," she said, realizing the gag was gone. Something hard clicked against her teeth. "They pierthed my fuckick thug!" She began sobbing. Her chest heaved up and down. And that's when she noticed a little clinking sound, like a small bell. She couldn't see it and dreaded to think just where that might be.

Just then the door opened and flooded the room with light. Madison walked in, beaming.

"Good morning, sunshine, or is 'thunthine?" She chuckled with delight.

"Fuck you you fuckick bith. You pierthed my tith and my fuckick thug? My thug? Fuck you." Saliva with a faint mixture of blood pooled up in her mouth and she spit it out.

"Not just there, sweetheart." Madison held a large mirror up to Kirsten's crotch, revealing four rivets pierced into each labia running the link of her pussy, and a small little bell dangling from her clit hood. She flicked it with her index finger – the pain shooting up her body caused Kirsten to wince. She began sobbing again.

"You were lucky. The last girl we did had the anatomy to get pierced right through the clit, and she was awake and not sedated. Hannah – did you meet her? I guess she 'moved out' before you 'moved in.' Right now she's probably sucking forty dicks somewhere in China."

She grabbed Kirsten's chin with her left hand and shoved a pair of forceps in her mouth, clamping down on her tongue. She rubbed some yellowish substance around the piercing and released her grip. "You'll be better off if you don't talk. It will heal faster. Dirk's done with your piercings and about halfway on the rest of the body art. And, I understand there's some disciplinary issues as well, no?" She slipped her hand into Kirsten's crotch. She tried to move away. "I'm not trying to get you off, I need to clean up your piercings." She wiped the outside of her pussy with alcohol and it burned tremendously.

"I'd encourage you to kiss and make up with Dirk. He can be pretty brutal if he's pissed. She wheeled a piece of equipment over to the table.

"Whath that?" Kirsten asked quietly, fear slowly spreading over her face. It looked like a two drawer file cabinet with a curved top. Two small metal bolts came out of the top at odd angles and there was a small patch covered with nubs in front of the first bolt.

"Why it's something to get you in the mood." The bottom half of the table cushion snapped off and Madison wheeled the cabinet between Kirsten's legs. Her ankles were still secured to the side of the bed frame. She saw Madison open the drawer and pull out a large white dildo, and an even longer black dildo and screw them onto the bolts. Both rubber implements brushed against Kirsten's crotch, still sore from the "work" she'd had done. She pulled out a giant tube that said "Astroglide" along the front. "Now, sweetheart, you'd better start to pay attention because you'll need to know these things. No matter how wet you think you are, you ought to lubricate these before you put them in, especially your ass. And no, you can't use spit. You're not a fucking porn star. Use some lube, like this. She squirted the lube over both dildos and tossed the tube into the trash can at the back of the room.

"No, pleath no, Not my ath! Pleath, I'll do anythik."

"That lisp is so cute. I hope it stays. And you're right. You will do anything, including getting your pussy and ass fucked at the same time by this sybian right now." Madison was firm. She pried Kirsten's lips apart and pushed the white dildo into her slit. Her virgin ass was more difficult. The rubber penis was flexible enough that she was able to bend it so it pointed toward her hole.

Madison walked around the back of the sybian placed her foot on a pedal and lifted it up slowly until it spread her thighs wide apart and both dildos were buried deep inside the poor girl, shaking from fear and pain. "We'll turn it on slow at first to get you used to it. You can look up at the clock on the wall in front of you." There was a small round clock with a white face and black numbers on the wall above the door. It looked like it came from Target.

"Pleath, Pleath," Kristen sobbed. "Don't do thith to me. I didn't even want to be there that night. Pleath let me go."

"Now I said that's enough of that. Do I need to gag you like your friend? Because I'd prefer she get to hear in the room next door what you're ... experiencing." Kirsten pulled out a small remote from her pants pocket. Kirsten felt the members inside her slowly start to pulse up and down and vibrate. They also had some weirdly warming sensation.

"Now that's a level 2. Most sybians go to ten. We've souped ours up. It goes all the way to 11." Madison winked and chuckled, placing the palm of her hand on Kirsten's cheek wiping away a tear. She dropped the remote into her pocket and brought the other hand to the other side of the girls faced, leaned in and kissed her. Kirsten felt the older woman's tongue dart in out of her mouth. The pain from her tattoos and piercings, confusion, the sensation in her crotch and now this assault on her mouth kept distracting her from planning an escape.

Madison pulled away and left the room without another word. As the door shut, she said to Ronnie outside, "I've set the sybian on autopilot. Leave the lights on so she can see and set the clock to run at half speed. After eight hours, wait for her to look way and adjust it back to the correct time. She needs to be completely disoriented. And I need a nap."

"Yes, mistress," Ronnie responded officiously.

"Also, activate the monitor in that room. Run the film we shot at the party of all the girls on continuous loop. I want her to see how easy it was for us to make carpet munchers out of all them."

"Right away. Get some rest." The younger women turned away and began adjusting settings on the tablet in her hand. Madison trailed away to another building at the warehouse complex.

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