tagLoving WivesMandy's Special Examination

Mandy's Special Examination


Mandy lay there on the couch waiting for her doctor to return to undertake her rectal examination. She had a strong sense that there was something else wrong with her, but after describing the symptoms the doctor has suggested that it would be worth undertaking a rectal examination as a preventative check to rule out some of his concerns. After lying there for what was a very long time Mandy was starting to get a bit worried. It was certainly taking an unusually long time for Dr Willy to return to his consulting room.

What Mandy didn't know is that Dr Willy was tied up in the next room while a biker and his girlfriend robbed the doctor's surgery of all its salable medications and other items.

Jim, looked at Dr Willy, and asked him, "who's is that other room doc?"

The doctor replied, "one of my patients is in there waiting for me to come back in and finish her rectal examination of her."

Jim smiled to himself, maybe he could find some entertainment that would satisfy him, as he was feeling so horny. He really needed some fun. Life had been so boring with Ruby lately.

The doctors response gave him an idea, so he turned to his girlfriend and said, "Ruby can you look after the doctor while I go and check to see what else I can get together, and can you keep the doc quite so we don't get discovered before we're through here?"

Rudy nodded her head, and thought to herself that she'd have to keep an eye on Jim otherwise he might take off without her. He was getting to be a real drag. It was hard to have any real trust in him when he seemed to ignore her most of the time.

A plan had formed in Jim's mind to create some entertainment for the bored biker. So Jim went into the closet and found a doctors cloak to put on, and he grabbed a stethoscope and draped it across the back of this neck. He looked in the mirror. Yep, Jim looked like he'd pass as a doctor.

Jim's mouth nearly hit the floor when he entered the other room. The woman lying on the examination table was a real stunner. Great! My luck has changed, he thought to himself, as he gazed at Mandy's exquisitely beautiful arse he knew his cock was really appreciating what he saw.

His cock liked the view so much, it started to grow and swell in his pants. Jim loved the great sight he had of Mandy's fantastic naked arse. His desire to just walk over to her and start running his hands all over her invitingly gorgeous bottom was overwhelming. How enticing to slide his hands up her legs, to squeeze her pussy, and then to play with her enticing butt? Patience was needed, and his overwhelming lust had to be kept in check for the moment.

When Mandy looked up, to express her surprise to Dr Willy about his long absence, what she saw totally surprised her. Yes it looked like the man who had just entered the room could be a doctor but disconcertingly it wasn't her Doctor Willy.

Being caught in such a compromising position made her reluctant to be too demanding. She felt her situation was very strange and awkward for her. Lying there with her body so fully exposed to this apparently unknown new doctor's gaze.

And so she looked quizzically at him and asked Jim, "where is my Dr Willy, I've been waiting for him for ages and he said he'd be right back?"

Being a quick thinker, when it came to lustful opportunities, Jim replied, "Doctor Willy has been called away to an emergency, I work with him, and my names Dr Jones. Doctor Willy has asked me to finish off the internal examinations for him."

Mandy wasn't happy that her Doctor Willy wouldn't be finishing her examination. She thought Doctor Willy such a gorgeous man. Lying in her bed this morning she had spent a good half hour having naughty thoughts about Doctor Willy kissing her, touching her, and playing with her body. She had slowly played with her clit in her bed as she imagined him touching her arse and taking advantage of her in ways that made her feel so dirty.

And now, looking at Doctor Jones, Mandy was lamenting that he wasn't anywhere near as gorgeous as her doctor. But as these thoughts crossed her mind, Mandy's attention was caught by the really huge bulge in Doctor Jone's pants. That just made her look up into his eyes, to see if his face showed the lust that his pants suggested he felt about her.

She found lying on the examination couch totally naked and exposed a very erotic experience. Mandy was being a naughty dirty girl prior to Jim entering the room. She had been quietly playing with her pussy and clit in a way that no-one else would notice if they entered the room. She had been slowly fingering herself, rubbing her swollen outer lips and then pushing her fingers up inside herself and twisting them in a way she had loved to do, to create maximum friction and erotic tension within herself.

Mandy didn't stop at just pushing her fingers up inside herself. She loved playing with her clit, running her fingers gently at first up and down, and teasing her clit until it was rock hard. And then after a while she would start using two fingers to push hard on her clit and sometimes she would feel herself compelled to create explosive tension by pinching herself until it was an overwhelming feeling of pleasure and pain.

A women with an incredible sexual appetite Mandy loved to get herself almost to the point of coming and then prolong that state for as long as possible; by rubbing her clit hard and then slowly teasing her clit. Again and again she would almost orgasm, and then by slowing down her pressure on her clit she would enjoy the sensuality of her body's pre-orgasmic state.

Part of her teasing of herself entailed slipping her two of her fingers into her pussy and then fingering herself like she was getting a good fucking. She loved to fantasize about being taken against her will, and the sensation of the sliding friction during her imaginary rough treatment was delightfully exotic. For she knew exactly where to rub inside her pussy, to give herself the maximum sensation, to feel herself almost there, and yet pull back without coming.

She swam in the sexual tension she created in teasing herself so much. And after playing with herself on the doctors couch, she was certainly feeling really warmed up for more attentive action, and little frustrated that her Dr Willy wasn't going to be fingering her arse liked she hoped he would.

However remaining positively horny as hell, and after seeing the front of Dr Jones pants with a huge bulge, she felt overcome with lust, and desired nothing more than to see just what sort of hot silky tool lay inside his pants. Of course it did seem a little odd to her the way Dr Jones looked at her; with his lustful stare, was he really licking his lips? Perhaps she was going to be extra lucky today. Given how horny she was feeling after playing with herself for so long; waiting for Doctor Willy, she didn't care if this new doctor was bit horny too. She just wanted something to happen soon so she could get herself off!

Jim walked right up to where Mandy was lying on the table. She was lying with her stomach on the table and her bottom exposed to his gaze.

"What exactly was Dr Willy about to do to you before he needed to leave", asked Jim.

Mandy looked at Dr Jones again, he had placed his pants so close to her face that she could now see just how huge the bulge was in his pants. It just made her pussy feel hotter than ever. She could almost see his erect cock moving about in his pants. She watched the front of his pants, fascinated by the jerking around that was happening. It was so closely she could almost taste what she imagined was leaking juices from his horny cock. She was licking her lips thing about what she might be able to do if only she could get hold of that hard throbbing cock that would hopefully be all hers.

And, as if by purpose, Dr Jones pushed his bulging pants right against her cheek and hard up against her face. She could feel his huge erect cock jerking around as it was rubbing against her face. As he turned himself around she could actually feel his cock as it jumped, as he pushed it across her lips and cheeks.

Oh what the hell! Mandy knew this doctor must have the hots for her. Why should she resist the temptation? She was feeling so horny; after that teasing.

She looked up at him and into his glazed lust filled eyes, as she reached over and grabbed the front of his pants. He smiled at her as she felt his hardness, and with her other hand she slowly lowered the zipper on Jim's pants. She could smell his cock once she had his zipper down. His masculine desire for her filled her nostrils, and as she had gone this far, she did what she wanted to do and put her hand inside the opening to his pants.

She grabbed his hard fleshy cock through the underwear Jim had on. It felt so good and it was all hers to have fun with. She was so horny for his thick hot cock. Watching the lust written all over his face, Mandy worked his cock through the opening on Jims underwear, and his cock sprang out through the front of Jim's pants.

Her pussy was tingling with lust as her nose was filled with the smell of his horny body. She had his cock in her hand, she controlled him through his engorged cocks desire for her body, and she slowly pulled his foreskin back to expose the crown of his cock.

The top of his throbbing cock glistened with his pre-cum juices. She rubbed the pre-cum all over her hand and all over his cock. Mandy began to slowly manipulate the crown of Jim's cock, and to massage the full length of his pulsating cock. Jim was in heaven, he really couldn't believe what was happening, it was a dream come true for him. Not only was this beautiful woman completely naked, she had taken out his lust filled cock, and here she was giving him the best handjob of his life. Slowly caressing and teasing his cock, his mind out of control with desire for more, he just stood there as she took control of him and his cock.

He knew he couldn't control himself much longer, so he leant over and started to kiss her shoulders and back. Licking and nibbling on her neck with his playful teeth and tongue. He then gently kissed and licked her ears, and was using his tongue to massage her ear lobes and ears. He never stopped his mouth massage as he paid particular attention to the underneath of her ear lobes.

It was such an erotically new experience for Mandy, so sensual she wanted him to keep going. But she was also determined to keep herself concentrated enough so she might get Doctor Jones to a point where he might give her a special kind of rectal examination.

The truth be told, Mandy was very bad (just like we want her to be). She had been fantasizing before about Doctor Willy coming back into the room and being naked, and then using his cock on her to conduct his rectal examination. She knew she was a filthy slut, she wanted to be a filthy slut, she hoped that Dr Jones would allow her to be his filthy little slut.

Jim had a real fetish for kissing. He loved to kiss women all over. Licking, sucking, nibbling, and kissing their succulent bodies. He so enjoyed using his lips to explore every part of their bodies. As a biker he was a dismal failure, he was far too sensual and a disappointment for many of his rough biker brothers.

Mandy could feel Doctor Jones paying attention to exploring her body with his mouth, in place she never expected him to touch but so welcomed nevertheless. She loved his erotic nibbles and kisses, and it was very strange that his face was so rough and prickly for a doctor. She would have thought he would have had a shave that day before coming to work. His stubble scrapped against her soft flesh and she felt herself tingling behind her knees and around her ankles.

Jim was feeling really turned on by the mouth fun he was bestowing on this gorgeous woman. He couldn't help himself, with his hard pulsating cock under her control, he just kept kissing, nibbling, and licking Mandy feet, legs, back, neck, and shoulders, as she kept up her attentions on his hard pulsating cock.

Jim felt the need to stop her controlling his cock, he decided to take a break from kissing her upper body, and so he slowly maneuvered himself so that he could kiss Mandy succulent lips. He just felt compelled to kiss her as she looked at him with her luscious and succulent lips turned towards him. Her delicious lips were so sweet and soft. Those heavenly and serene lips were divine to kiss, she had a peach flavoured lip gloss on, and it made kissing her lips so silky, smooth and yummy. Jim's kissing fetish had now got the better of him, his mind was floating away as his cock trembled and jumped about uncontrollably (but out of Mandy's reach).

But Mandy was on a mission and she reached out to take his hot cock back under her control. And when she had his cock once again in her hand he was again under Mandy's control. Mandy started playing with his the tip of his cock with her nails, running them across the opening of his juicy cock. Wow it was overwhelming for Jim, he felt like shots of painful electrical currents were running into the tip of his cock.

He wanted more of Mandy's attention on his cock. And as Mandy watched, more pre-cum juices leaked out of his cock, and she used her nails to spread it all over the tip of his cock. Jim wanted to please her as she was pleasing him. His leaking cock made Mandy's hand all sticky with his juices.

It felt like she had to have all that gorgeous man juice inside her so she rubbed her sticky hand all over her juicy wet and yes, saturated, pussy. And with her other hand she slid it all over the tip of his big luscious cock, he was leaking pre-cum profusely and everywhere now, she loved the control she had over Dr Jones cock.

She switched hands again, thus allowing herself the chance to smear his sticky juices with her own pussy juices. It felt so wrong and so it felt so good. Her mind full of the images and smells of the juices mixing, flowing together, inside her own wetness; it was everywhere it should be. Mandy then started rubbing her pussy juices all over Jim's cock, making his cock all slippery and sticky with her juicy wetness.

Jim looked felt himself so close to coming. He leant over and whispered in her ear, "I need to push my slippery hot cock into you, are you ready for me?"

She smiled at him and nodded her head.

But Jim actually had other plans for Mandy before he used his cock. He moved around her and positioned himself at the end of the consultation couch. Then he grabbed her legs and lifted them into the stirrups. That ensured her pussy was openly displayed at the end of couch for his desires to be satiated.

Jim started to play with her pussy, using his huge rough fingers on her delicate horny soft opening. Her wetness made it easy for him to slip his finger inside her pussy and to explore her hot and inviting wetness. He was using his finger to work it in and out, like a cock would, tickling and teasing the inside of her very hot and wet engrossing pussy.

He could see that Mandy had started to breath more deeply, and was tensing up, as she could also feel herself approaching an orgasm. Jim continued to roughly finger Mandy yearning drenched pussy. Then Jim introduced a second large rough finger into her pussy, pushing and rubbing inside the walls of her pussy with his two massive toughened fingers. Mandy couldn't help herself she was overcome by the sensation of the double pressure on her pussy, they filled her, and to her surprise she started to scream as she came.

"Yessssssssssss ...............Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ........... babe beeeee, ohhhhhh fuuuckkk that is beautiful," she screamed out.

And then she was telling him to keep his fingers going until she'd finished coming. He kept his two fingers moving in time with the rhythm of her lust. She was pushing her pussy against his hand and fingers, she was successfully getting the maximum pressure from his fingers and hand onto her desperately horny pussy. She was consumed by the delightful pleasure that washed over her again and again. Mandy reached down and took hold of his hand.

"Please, no ... no ... enough, I've had enough, please no more for now", she begged.

Jim leant over her and caressed her lower back. He ran his hands all over her body. Mandy enjoyed the sensuous feeling of relief as she relaxed under his caresses. His roughened hands dragging erotically across her delicate flesh. Jim continued to run his hands across her invitingly smooth and tender skin until he felt her once again come back to the real world.

"Now that you have come back to me my dear", said Dr Jones, "I will need to finish off my internal examination of your body."

Jim then picked up the lubricant that was on the table close to him and smeared it all over Mandy's arse and his cock. Mandy watched as he did this and smiled in anticipation of what awaited her. Jim placed the head of his cock against her butt and slowly slid his cock inside her arse. She delighted in what was happening; it was just as she had fantasized about earlier, because she felt that cock filling her with pleasure. Yes, her tight arse was squeezing and sucking Dr Jones cock into where it wanted to be.

Mandy wanted this gorgeous cock all the way up inside her butt. She wanted to entice Dr Jones to have his cock buried deep inside her arse. It just felt so wonderful to feel it gliding up inside her.

Purposefully, she could feel herself tightening her grip around his pulsating cock. Jim's whole body was trembling as he felt Mandy's butt grasp him cock and, yes, he was sure of it, it was sucking his hard cock deeper inside her. She was the most truly amazing woman he'd ever been inside; every part of her was so erotic, so sexual and lust charged.

Once again, that euphoric feeling was enveloping his mind, and he could tell he was very close to coming. He just needed something to push his buttons. To help him reach his second orgasm. Inside his mind he felt the urgent need to erupt and spray a load of succulent cream inside her.

And just then, with that delightfully sensual feeling of his throbbing cock inside her, Mandy herself started to come again. Once again she was screaming and yelling at the top of her lungs.

"Yesssss, ohhhh, please, fuuckk yes, give me more and more ..... yesss, squirt me, fill me up, fuck me ... ohhhhh yes fuck my arse," she was begging Dr Jones to fuck her in the arse harder.

That trigger was all Jim really needed. Mandy's tight arse had such a dynamic grip on his sensational cock, so he couldn't control himself any longer; because he knew she was using her muscles to suck his cock into her arse, it was like having his cock in a cum milking machine. She loved her control of him and what was happening to his cock inside her, she could feel him coming again and again, she was wanting to make him shoot all his hot creamy cum inside her arse, so that she could keep coming over and over again.

As he exploded his hot goo inside her arse, she could feel her butt filling up with gooey creamy cum. She came again, and she could stop herself as she came again; she knew she couldn't stop herself so was using her arse muscles to suck every last drop of cum out of his convulsingly juicy cock.

Finally, exhausted, Dr Jones slowly pulled his cock out of her. Mandy could feel Jim's cum flowing out of her arse and all over her bottom. That sticky feeling was all over her, and Jim was now rubbing his cum all over her wonderfully silky arse.

Mandy looked up at him and smiled. With a grin on her face she said, "I have no idea who you are, my god you certainly aren't a doctor, but that was the best fucking I've had all week."

Jim laughed and smiled back at her and said, "I mightn't be a doctor but I'd be pleased to give you an internal rectal probing with my cock any time you'd like."

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