tagExhibitionist & VoyeurManipulating Jenny Ch. 04

Manipulating Jenny Ch. 04


Summary: Voluptuous 18 year-old office flirt Jenny in stockings and garter belt, helps her boss make a decision, and she learns of another woman wanting to meet her for a lesbian encounter.

Tuesday arrives a week after Jenny's 55 year-old grey haired boss says he will discuss giving her a substantial pay rise. He gives her the day off so the staff will not get suspicious of her lingering back late. The women there are already very jealous of her and wish she's get a job somewhere else.

She is to turn up at 6 pm, late enough for the office to be well and truly closed in case any staff member is delayed getting out of the place. Jenny uses the day to carefully prepare for her vital meeting.

She thinks wearing something very executive looking might be the go instead of her usual prick teasing mini skirts that only just cover her firm shapely buttocks.

She wants to be alluring as possible to make him more generous than he might want to be so she decides for sheer stockings and lace garter belt, something she figures any good secretary close to her boss is probably wearing.

Returning home she tries on the sheer pale blue stockings set. Very raunchy, she thinks. Her choice of g-string panties she bought from an adult store is a brand called Daddy's Girl It is skin coloured ultra fine silk that when stretched tight becomes almost see-through.

It fits very tight either side of her well-developed outer vulva lips, pushing the hot centrepiece of her pussy into a prominently upraised position that strains her crinkled vagina lips and well formed clitoris into the flimsy silk as though it could burst through. Now that, she thinks, is stunning; it stirs the undercurrent of passion deep wwithin her.

She knows her boss Raymond is fascinated by her natural beauty, especially her 38-inch firm breasts that turn upwards slightly at the points where her thick two-inch high puffy nipples really stand out behind her transparent bras and white cotton blouses in normal office hours every working day.

Her penchant for showing off her long shapely legs in mini skirts and provocative blouses with such deep low cleavage never fails to enrage the other female office staff where to them, she is the office junior The older women wish the boss would fire her for being so cheeky.

This Tuesday she chooses a new bra to match her sexy panties. It is also skin coloured but made of sheer lightweight nylon with holes where the nipples are exposed.

It fits so perfectly and seems made for her own big puffy points as they jut out aggressively. like something from a 3D artist's handbook. She paints her nipples for a richer and more lustrous appearance. It definitely heightens her sexuality Her natural lipgloss matches her Latina complexion but gives her mouth a sexy moist look around her well-formed lips

She dons her two-piece navy business suit purchased from an upmarket boutique. The skirt zips undone from the back and comes halfway to her knees. The top is made of matching navy with a button up front that goes right to the neck.

For the first time in her office life, Jenny is actually fully covered. No low cleavage, no exposed thighs or see-through blouses. What will the boss think, she wonders as she clips on her tiny ankle slave chain, neck chain, bracelet and ear rings and finally her matching high heel shoes.

Arriving at the office just after 6 that day as arranged, she is ushered into the boss's office where she spies a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket and two flute glasses.

Raymond stands back astounded at his new look junior. The well-endowed teenager has suddenly become the executive look businesswoman – at least that's in his mind at first glance.

"You look splendid Jenny, I haven't seen you before looking so er, business-like."

"Well sir, now your secretary Marilyn is leaving to get married and move away I expect you will be advertising for a new secretary an maybe, just maybe, I could be her." Raymond looks her in the eye and says "Jenny, I've been thinking about that too, but there are certain skills like shorthand and financial things that you haven't mastered yet and..."

Jenny looks sad for a moment, suddenly realising that despite how she is dressed, he will still see her as the office junior "Let's have a drink while we're talking anyway," he says and pours her a glass of French champagne.

After a second glass and small talk the boss says he is considering making her his personal secretary if she qualifies and leave an older secretary to do the shorthand and other stuff that requires several more years experience.

"What does a personal secretary do then?" Jenny asks innocently. "Well mainly just to be there on hand in areas of confidentiality. A boss has to trust someone implicitly and he takes that person away on cross border business trips involving air travel and staying in penthouse hotel suites. Sort of like the Pretty Woman movie, he jokes, but I'm not Richard Gere unfortunately."

Jenny's mood picks up. "Gee, I could do that, if only my stepdad doesn't mind me being away for a while if the opportunity came up." My daddy is pretty strict with me since he raised me on his own after mom died, he's made me into the woman I am today."

The boss pours Jenny a third glass of the champagne and says, "Your daddy will be proud to know you are being promoted because your work is very good. Let's toast the prospect you could soon be my personal secretary and perhaps accompany me on a very important business dinner soon where I hope to close a very big deal I've been negotiating for months." Jenny's eyes light up and she swigs down the bubbly without further hesitation.

"And tell me, how does a nice looking executive personal secretary like my Jenny dress for the office before she puts on her outer suit? Is she conservative as the outside looks," he asks half seriously.

Jenny is already imagining she could soon be like Julia Roberts and the boss like Richard Gere. After all, she thinks, I've got the hair colour and a body just as sexy as her.

"Oh sir, you are so cute. When you told me you were considering giving me a substantial pay rise I just had to come to the meeting dressed sort of businesswoman-like rather than turn up in my usual mini skirts. I will show you if you promise not to tell anyone."

"Go ahead Jenny, you have my word, here let me unzip you at the back". Jenny ducks into his adjoining small bathroom instructing him to shut his eyes until she comes out again. She takes off the skirt and matching top that goes to her neck and returns to his big office dressed in only her bra, g-string panties, stockings and garter belt with navy high heel shoes that matched her outer clothes. "Open your eyes sir, here is your new personal secretary – I hope."

It is not what he is expecting; it's more. His eyes light up as he looks up at her from his lounge seat chair, a stunning sight He doesn't know what to look at first – he's never seen her in stocking before especially sheer nylon with its lace garter belt. She twirls around slowly as if on a catwalk and he gets a good look at the shoelace string g-string running up between her bare cheeks and the front view literally lifts him out of his seat.

Beneath her exposed and projecting hairless mound of Venus her skin coloured sfine silk woven panties grip her outer pussy lips so tight both the already smooth labia are squeezed in from each side and accentuate the high shaped curve of her complete vulva as it sweeps down in a graceful arc between her thighs.

The boss can see this is a tight fit with the vagina and clitoris areas crammed so tight they leave nothing to the imagination. Her painted, upturned thick puffy nipples seem as though they are bursting through the designer holes in the tips of her sheer bra. The boss is almost speechless as he also does a quick bit of navel gazing around the flat stomach of her trim 22-inch waist.

"Jenny, you are beautiful. Do you, know, it is my ultimate fantasy to have a secretary come into my office dressed in skimpy underwear, high heels and sheer stockings. I did not expect this. Here, have another drink and let's celebrate you making a big impression. Please walk around the office for me and let me admire you just the way you are. Just imagine it's a normal working day and I call you into my office."

Jenny walks out the door and re-enters with innocence written all over her face and says coyly: "Sir, here are the reports you are waiting on. Would you like me to stand her while you take a good look at them?" Jenny cheekily cups her hands under each breast as though she is talking about her body, not some imaginary business reports.

She knows her boss is agog at her natural beauty and she wonders where this will end. She feels randy and wishes he could make this all very worthwhile.

She is on her fifth glass of wine now and she feels very liberated as Raymond beckons her to sit on his lap while he discusses her pay rise, her new position and the benefits of working for him in a more personal way.

She plonks her bare bum on his lap and without thinking, puts one arm right around him. Her nipples press into his silk business shirt and he can feel them against his skin. He can't take his eyes away from them, they command his attention with such prominent mounds jutting out one an a half inches from the satin smooth light brown skin of her breasts. This is a dream come true for the greying business owner.

He gathers himself, reminding who's in charge here. "Jenny, first the downside then the upside. The downside, if you can call it that, is that as you are only 18 and by office seniority by age you are still the office junior. There is still so much to learn. The upside is that I am making you my personal secretary, answerable to nobody but me."

Jenny throws her arms around him and hugs Raymond and their lips almost meet. "Sir, I will not let you down, you don't know how much this means to me."

"Jenny, I haven't finished and when I finish you must take notice that your pay, your extra benefits and your title are commensurate with you meeting my terms and conditions. If you do, the job and conditions are effective tonight."

"Jenny is swooning at the prospect of feeling important – like Julia Roberts was to Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, the movie she sat through four times. The difference is that in the movie, thinks Jenny, she was a hooker and I am a personal secretary in a big city office.

Raymond empties the second bottle of champagne and hands her the top-up. "Your salary will increase 500 per cent and I will provide you with a BMW cabriolet, fully insured and maintained by the business as long as you stay with me."

Jenny almost chokes on her drink and splutters at what she heard. "My God, are you serious sir, you will provide me with a European sports car?"

"Jenny, I am outlining what's in it for you. This is just the start. If you do your job really well and impress me, you will discover other nice surprises coming your way. I am taking your trust very seriously. Anyway, you can earn an additional $1000 a month cash in the hand bonus for coming up with ideas...."

"What kinds of ideas, sir?"

"Well, I'll explain more about that later but I am sure you will rise to the occasion and I am sure I will too, in working on them with you. Now my terms are that you consider various requests I put to you, and thinking of what I am offering, accept those as orders or forfeit the benefits."

"Of course sir. That sounds very simple and I understand. You are being very generous. Of course I will accept your terms sir; you are the boss and I am your personal secretary. I follow orders like everyone else and I will try my hardest so you know you are making a wise decision tonight."

Raymond looks pleased with himself."Good, that settled, and from this very moment on you are my very personal secretary and your pay conditions commence retrospective from tonight. You will get the keys to the BMW before the end of the week."

Jenny is so stung by this incredible generosity by her boss she can't believe it's happening. She stands square on in front of him and without knowing she is saying it, the words fall out of her mouth: "Sir, I want to kiss you for being so kind. Let me kiss you."

He stands up and wraps his strong arms around her lithe body, and pulls her into him. It is a moment he never dreamed could happen. Not only to have those sensuous moist lips of her inviting mouth pressed against his mouth but to feel the supple skin of her tight naked buttocks as he slides his hand across them, squeezing as their lips meet.

He tastes Jenny's firm tongue sliding into his mouth and probing around his tongue. His left hand moves slowly upwards across her tummy and finds the big mound jutting through the open tip of right hand bra and his index finger and thumb glide across it, tweaking, rubbing and pressing until the already large nipple hardens and sticks out further.

She puts both her hands either side of his head and holds him to her mouth, taking his tongue between her lips and gently biting it and sucking hard. She feels his erection pressing into her lower abdomen and the passion is mounting until Raymond suddenly pulls away.

He blurts out, "Jenny, have you ever made love to a woman?"

His words came like a bolt of lightning out of the blue. "No, no sir."

"Could you?"

"No one has ever asked me; I don't know anyone like that; I don't know. I suppose I could if something happened to make me want to try it."

"Jenny, the reason I am asking is that my golfing partner's 20 year-old niece is arriving from the country next week for a visit and doesn't know anyone. She's bi and wants to try a lesbian experience with a pretty girl her own age while in the big city.

"My associate, who's done me some good favours, hopes I can help find her someone sexy through personal introduction rather than go on the internet in search of someone. Frankly, she wants to be intimate with a woman that's trusting,not on drugs and is clean, you know"

"Gee, I don't know what to say, sir, is she pretty?

"Yes, very much so, I have a photograph here I'll show you that he gave me to give to the person she hope to meet."

She studies the picture and agrees the young women looks about her own age and has blonde hair tied in a ponytail. Her smile reveals beautifully formed bright white teeth and full lips. Large earrings dangle from each of her lobes. The picture does not show her figure but Raymond says his associate reckons she has a really good body.

"Jenny, I can trust you to be the girl she needs to meet, can't I?"

The teenager's mind is racing. She thinks of her new position, the new cars, the extra money, and the hot kiss they just shared. She visualises good things coming her way if she plays her cards right because her boss is very influential and very wealthy.

"Sir as your personal secretary you know you can trust me and if I do this I know it is helping you and it's my new job to help you in private matters." The boss smiles with relief."

How do we meet? When and where?"

Raymond gives her naked bottom a little squeeze as she stand there, still holding the photo of a person destined to become her first female lover. "I am booking an executive suite for you and the lady called Danielle at the Ritz. It is a $2000 a night suite with your own spa, open bar, lots of trimmings and with views across the city from the 30th floor.

"It is for Saturday week and you and Danielle can get to know each other over a private dinner on the balcony. It's very romantic actually. You might even get romantic Jenny," he says with a wink.

"Will you be there sir, how do I go about it?"

"Just be yourself. It comes naturally to you."

The boss runs his index finger along the top of her tightly compressed vagina still struggling to stay inside the skintight g-string panty. She squirms as he runs his finger up and down teasingly a few times.

"I will be there as I must introduce you and I have things to do, like get some records of the meeting. I'll tell you about that later. I will give you the address where to go and we will meet up in the foyer."

Jenny looks him earnestly in the eye and promises she won't let him down. "And now Jenny, while you are looking so totally ravishing and we are on our last bottle of champers, I have a confession to make." She looks at him puzzled.

"I am a bit of an adventurous person like I think you are Jenny, only in a different way, I admire female beauty so much I like to record it on my movie camera. You see, I have my own small theatrette with a massive 20feet wide by 9 feet high screen for my digitally made high definition films.

What I want to do now is make you my personal film star so I can go there at night, sit in the front row of the theatre and leave the other two rows of 10 seats empty while I am entertained by guess who? You!"

"You want to make me your film star sir? It sounds exciting but what kind of pictures are you taking of me and will other people, any other business associates you must have see them?"

"Oh no Jenny, this is my private thing. I only invite certain business associates around when we run the big games – you know sport stuff. Most of them are golf tragics".

"Well that sounds all right sir, I wouldn't want other men to see me doing private things for you. And what kind of things is the movie about? He gives her now moistened cunt lips another few strokes while she is still in her sexy underwear, looking ever so glamorous in her nylons, garter belt and the tiniest of g-string panties.

"All we need is for you to simply be yourself. I have my video camera in the office and we start with you coming into my office dressed in your underwear as you are now in those ever-so-raunchy stockings, walking around and talking to me. Then I want you to slump back into my executive chair, raise each leg over the arm rests and run your hands all over your body."

Jenny, chuffed by her new sense of importance to the boss and fuelled by the wine breaking down any inkling of resistance, carries out his orders. "Sir, I want to look and act like a really good personal secretary so that when you look at the video movie on your huge screen at home you will look at me in larger than life size and say that's my girl, isn't she just something."

The boss agrees as he zeroes in for close-up angles of Jenny's exposed nipples poking out through the skin coloured bra and moves down to between her legs. He takes up a position on the floor and brings the lens in for the maximum enlargement so that later at home, the whole screen will be filled with just the image of her inner thighs showing through the skin tight transparent g-string panty, the shoelace thin sides of the panty clinging for life at the base of her outer vulva lips and squeezing the contents higher, her fingers running up and down each side of the bulging package.

"Gee sir, if you show this on your big screen you will think I've got the biggest pussy in the movies," she jokes. "No Jenny, just the smoothest, best formed, sweetest, sexiest and most inviting pussy I've ever been so close to and privileged to enjoy in all your natural beauty."

Raymond is stroking her ego and Jenny likes the way he says the most beautiful things about her beauty. She is thinking of what it must be like to have another women touch her as the boss orders her to take off her bra and unhook the g-string, but leave her stockings and garter belt on so that's all she is wearing.

The most private parts of her beautiful body are totally exposed and he moves the camera around her as she lightly tickles her clitoris and runs her fingers around the inside of her vagina, making the lips stiffer and open wider.

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