tagExhibitionist & VoyeurManipulating Jenny Ch. 09

Manipulating Jenny Ch. 09


Jenny, the precocious 18 year-old office secretary with the Playboy centrefold body, confuses her very high libido with nymphomania and makes a visit to a wily mature sex therapist for an expert opinion. But the erotic outcome only adds more spice to her adventurous life as a prick teaser.

This week the teenage sex bomb's life started with a real bang when on Monday night she finally cajoles her handsome stepfather into licking spilt honey off her pussy and puffy nipples, and once aroused, he simply couldn't help but go all the way.

On Friday she will be jetting off with her boss Raymond on a business trip to the capital and will be away for three days as his personal secretary. It is her first such trip and she wants to be fit as a fiddle, or perhaps fit for a fiddle, so she books a soothing massage with the therapist in her office tower that looked after he crook knee a few weeks ago. That is locked in for Thursday, and he can squeeze her in as his last appointment for the day.

Today however, she wants to end some nagging doubts about her sexuality. Her extremely high libido is a concern raised by her stepfather. She always dresses provocatively in short mini skirts, likes very flimsy underwear and tends to tease maybe all too often. Is she really a nymphomaniac or just a healthy young teenager with a zest to be outrageously flirtatious?

She decides to get an expert opinion if only to pacify her daddy as going away with her boss on a business trip at the end of the week just adds to his concerns. Is she going as a personal secretary or as a cheeky young woman out for opportunity to have maybe an adventurous encounter? As she enters her office tower she notices on the main directory board that there is a female sex therapist called Doctor Felicity Feelgood in the same building. She telephones the reception for an appointment,feeling much better about talking frankly to another female rather than a male practitioner in case it's embarrassing.

"I'm sorry miss, but our regular therapist Doctor Felicity is away interstate at the moment attending a conference and won't be back until next Monday. Oh, but we do have a fill-in therapist who specialises in female problems and he is very good."

"You said he is very good," replies enny. "Don't you have a female practitioner?"

"I'm sorry miss but Doctor Hans is very experienced. He is one of our industry's standby therapists who fill in for regular practitioners on special occasions and although I only met him today as Felicity left last night, I am sure he will do you well, I should say do well for you."

Jenny is not impressed. "I think I should try somewhere else as I must get an appointment today sometime."

The receptionist wants her to reconsider. "Oh I'm sorry miss and it must be important but I do know that all the sex therapists in town are booked out this week. We don't know why there has been a run on our services but everyone is in the same boat and some of the others will be short staffed this week now as some are also attending the same conference as Felicity. I can fit you in after our last appointment if it's important, but the doctor won't be able to see you until just after 5.30pm. Is that too late?"

Jenny is annoyed and curses under her breath. Just her luck; like getting all the red lights at the traffic signals. She even sounds a bit cranky with the receptionist. "Oh all right, but I did want a female therapist that's all. I suppose I'll have to fit in with him so I will make the appointment."

"Oh good," chirps the receptionist. "I will let Dr Hans know you are coming. Now I finish work at 5.30pm so if you make sure you are a bit late I will leave our front door unlocked for you to enter, but the front office lights may be out so don't think I've locked up on you. We are on Level 15; just follow the arrows from the elevator.

"You may have to sit in the dark for a few minutes because Dr Hans will be finishing with his 5 o'clock patient and he will be seeing that lady out the door and he knows you are waiting. Thank you and have a good day."

Jenny gets off the phone at least satisfied she's done something about it, even if it isn't what she wanted exactly. She assumes they are probably all much the same anyway in their knowledge. She is glad now she is wearing her navy business suit which makes her look a bit less sexy even though she has her pale blue matching nylon stockings and garter belt on with her matching g-string pale blue lace tree leaf shaped panties and high heels.

She figures that because her navy business suit skirt reaches to within six inches from her knees it is not as provocative as the much shorter skirts she usually wears to work to drive the men crazy and upset the other women. In any case, she only has to talk to him and ask his opinion. It's quite simple.

At lunch time Jenny breezes down to the building's big cafeteria and after paying for her snack meal she sees a man waving to her as she is walking out.

"Hello Jenny, what a co-incidence running into you. I see you have booked in for a massage on Thursday," he says as she is walking his table where he is sitting with another man. It is the old therapist who worked on her injured knee a few weeks ago.

"Oh hello, yes my knee is much better now thanks for your help. But no injuries it's just that I need to wind down a bit and relax, it's been a frantic fortnight for me and I'm going away on a business trip on Friday so I just want to tone up, you know."

He smiles his rugged look smile. He is old but masterful. "Well young lady, you know you're in capable hands with me; I will see you when you get in on Thursday. I believe my girl booked you in at the end of the day because I must say it's been pretty busy lately and I guess you got the last available time slot even though it the late one."

She waltzes off without being introduced to the man sitting with the old physiotherapist. Jenny will discover when she goes for her sex therapist appointment at six o'clock that the man friendly over coffee with him is none other than Dr Hans. Felicity Feelgood's consulting rooms are on the same floor as the masseur and the two men struck up conversation heading for the elevator at lunchtime. What a coincidence. Did he ask the old man what was that all about with the spunky young woman with the busty low cleavage? Did one man let slip what can go on behind closed doors? Do men ever talk to each other about sexy women? Is the Pope Catholic?

The day goes fast when you are enjoying your work but Jenny is glad it's time to pack up. The quicker she can get the sex therapist visit out the way the better she will feel. She gets held up with a late request from her boss and arrives 10 minutes after closing time, finding the door unlocked as the receptionist says. The remainder of tenants on the same floor have all gone home. She hears voices in another room and hopes he won't be too long. She doesn't have to wait more than 10 minutes and the previous patient, a woman aged about 30 who is in office attire, comes out adjusting her hair. She closes the door behind her and within a minute Dr Hans appears and says, "Please come in."

Jenny enters the consulting rooms, which consists of a desk, a long sofa, an examination table with a pillow and white sheet, which Dr Hans has just replaced, a full-length mirror, a change room and two visitor chairs. There is a door to another room but it is closed.

He turns to meet her. "My goodness, you are the young lady I saw in the coffee shop today. What a coincidence," he says. Jenny is taken aback for a moment, not expecting that man with her psythiotherapist to be this man here. "Oh yes, pleased to meet you Dr Hans," she replies with a slightly embarrassed look on her face already wondering if the other man said anything about her. "Yes, it's a small world," she laughs off.

He gestures to a seat. "Now tell me in the shortest most simplest way, why you are here."

"Well doctor, I feel a bit silly saying this but my stepfather is sort of concerned that I sort of might be sort of getting a bit like a nymphomaniac. Well sort of."

"In one sentence why would he think that young lady?"

"Maybe because my sex drive is quite strong and I tend to go out of my way to tease men with my looks, the way I dress and my good figure. I just want to know is that normal or am I needing help?"

"Ah, young lady, Jenny isn't it, your problem is quite common among young women today. We are living in a very liberated society and sexual overtones abound everywhere. It is often hard to escape sex in some form or another. Naturally your father, or your stepfather I think you said, is being the typical parent. He must care a lot for you."

"Yes he does doctor, he and I are very close. So doctor Hans I am not a nymphomaniac am I?"

He laughs gingerly. "Well Jenny, it's a matter of professional interpretation. Look, I need to have a really good heart to heart talk with you and ask you a lot of fairly personal questions and you need to be quite frank with me otherwise I can't help you."

"Oh doctor, I will do my best since we're only having a talk aren't we?"

"Yes of course. There is no physical examination involved." She breathes a sigh of relief.

"Now to get started please lie down on the examination bench with your clothes on so just as you are so we can talk. I want you to relax completely and sitting up on that narrow chair you won't relax enough. Now about your question on what makes a young lady a nympho and what doesn't when there could be a thin line between normal and abnormal behaviour that's a decision I arrive at after a full consideration of the information I get from your answers. It is largely about your attitude too, very much a frame of mind thing to find out how healthy you are in your total outlook on the more private side of your life. You know, what makes Jenny the young woman tick under that nice business suit."

"Oh doctor, I am quite healthy I don't need to be examined or get undressed. I just want to know if my behaviour is normal or abnormal."

"Jenny you look quite normal and sound quite normal, but what is normal? The way we dress for example, often disguises the real person that we are. Some people dress a certain way to cover up, some dress a certain way to show as much of their body as possible.

"Now when I look at you I see what appears to be a young woman in a sophisticated business uniform. You look very pleasant in your high heels but who is the woman under the clothes? Is the real person hiding behind a fake image for example? We often say people are sometimes not what they seem. It is only when we strip away the exterior veneer that we can see who we really are. Now in your case I think your problem is in the mind, in your attitude to things, so I want you to take off your skirt and top and just be in your normal underwear while I ask you some personal questions."

Jenny's face drops. This is not what she expected but since he is the professional he is in control but she resists, thinking he is just like all the other men wanting to take advantage of her good looks in a vulnerable situation. "Please doctor, I don't want to take my clothes off. I only came here to have a talk. That's all I thought I had to do, is just talk to you and you would talk back to me but nothing more. I can't see any sense in me undressing."

She wishes she had not put on her transparent low cut black lace bra that only just lets her bulbous puffy nipples sit behind cover with the rest or her choice of skimpy semi-transparent matching black lace panties that make her look ever so stunning in her sheer nylon stockings and garter belt with high heels ensemble. She was, after all, expecting the female sex therapist to be on duty.

He folds his arms and states his case. "Jenny, I am a working professional and you must expect when you go to a sex therapist there should be nothing to hide. If you can't trust me, how can I help you with your problem?" Besides I am not asking you to take everything off."

"But doctor, I am not sure if I even have a problem. I only wanted to talk."

They continue for the next five minutes bartering with each other. She doesn't want to strip off her clothes and just be in her underwear knowing how sexy she is attired underneath, yet she is afraid he will tell her she is wasting his time.

"I'm sorry doctor but I'm so young and maybe if I were a lot older I wouldn't worry so much but to take my skirt and top off is asking too much."

"Are you ashamed of your body Jenny? Is there something that prevents you from being open and honest with your doctor?"

"No of course not. I am proud of my body, it's in good shape but I thought this is about my state of mind, not my figure. Besides if I take my skirt and top off, I'll only be in my underwear."

"Precisely young lady. In your underwear. Not really undressed at all. And I must correct you in saying that this consultation is not about your body as your mind because it seems that it's your lovely looking body that so concerns your father to have you come here."

She knows she can't push her charade with him any further at this point. "Well I'll take them off only if you don't take too much notice of how I am in my underwear."

Ah, he thinks, the ice is melting at last. They always give in eventually. He knows that a lot of women like to exhibit their body in certain sheltered circumstances and then act innocently as though it's an invasion of their privacy while all the time enjoying the experience. He is not quite sure yet whether Jenny is one of them.

"Okay Jenny, just do it so we can get on with this session. I will try not to look at you too much but you must surely know it's my professional objective to study you to get to the root cause of your concerns" The busty teen. removes off her skirt and top and rests them over the back of the second visitor's chair, standing momentarily in just her high heels, pale blue nylon stockings garter belt and her beautiful curvaceous figure adorned by a pearl necklace, matching pearl earrings and her favourite slave chain on her left ankle.

He is sitting down and she has her back to him in some kind of useless modesty and the first view he gets of her without clothes is her completely bare and perfectly shaped firm buttocks. Just like he'd expect from a young teenager. Her skirt falls to the floor and she bends over to pick it up and from where he sits he gets a gratifying view between her legs and the full shape of her pussy held in by the skimpy black lace material. She puts the skirt back on the top of the chair more carefully and then lies back on the white sheet.

"Now that's better Jenny. You can leave your high heel shoes on and your nylons. I must say they suit you very well, you have good taste in clothes."

Jenny smiles as soon as she ever hears anything said good about her. It is also one of her weaknesses. "Thank you dor, I do try to be pretty."

"Now just pout your head back on the pillow, let me gets your legs more comfortable so you can relax properly He shifts her shoes about two feet apart. He compliments her on her choice of underwear and colour matching.

"I see you are a young lady with real style," he says caressing her ego. "Now, where were we? Oh yes, now Jenny I will ask you questions you must answer and there is a real reason for these personal questions as I must get into your mind as to how you think and why and to ascertain your particular psyche. Do you understand?"

"Yes Dr Hans."

"We will start by going back to your early years growing into the beautiful young lady you are today, right back to where your first inclinations of sexuality started if you can remember. This gives me an idea of what motivates your attitude today, which is somewhat confusing. You are a very attractive teenager who on one hand worried about possibly being or becoming a nymphomaniac due to your perceived high libido and yet this same young lady is shy attacking off some clothes in front of her sex therapist.

"Well if you put it that way Dr Hans, I will be in your hands to know what's best."

"That's better young lady. Now I am going to talk about you and your decisions. Let's start with your early sex life. When did you first want to be intimate with someone and who was that person?"

"It was my adopted father, my step daddy, but we never did anything like sex until, would you believe, only last night and I've been 18 now for just over three months. When I was 17 it nearly happened but it was more in my mind than daddy's and nothing happened. I always wanted to do something with him years and years ago but he was just the perfect gentleman and brought me up from eight to 18 without ever touching me until last night."

"What about your mother? How was your relationship with her."

"Mom died in an accident caused by a drunk driver just before I turned nine and my new father married mom when I was just four. Her first husband took off with another woman and my stepfather is the only father I can really relate to. thought that was wonderful of him but I always felt he was missing out on love and as a young teen I yearned to be there for him in that way because I felt he deserved intimacy."

"Was there any nudity involved then?"

"Yes, but not when mom was alive. When they were together I used to sneak down the hallway at night after they thought I was tucked up asleep and I could hear them making out in bed. I didn't know or understand what they were doing except that they were being lovers and whatever lovers do. On a few occasions I would grab a sneak peak but they were mostly in the dark and there was a lot of puffing and panting noises.

"One night though they did have the light on and I was petrified I would be discovered crouching just outside their door. Lucky for me daddy was too busy looking at mom who was sitting on top of him, like between his legs somewhere and she was bobbing up and down and moving herself forwards and back and sort of swivelling around. Mom was looking at daddy's face so this night I did get a good look at them making love and that was the only sex education I ever had. I never forgot what I saw and after that I wished I could be like mom who was over the moon being so happy at what they were doing."

All the time Jenny is speaking about her early life Dr Hans is looking appreciatively at her immaculate thighs as he sits alongside her and level with the tops of her stockings. Jenny always looks stunning in her lace garter belt and nylon stockings. He listens to her but is also intently studying her body. His eyes skate in slow motion across the surface of her silken skin, reaching her pubis area as it arches up high and curves over into her pussy just inches away.

Her semi-transparent panties hold her pussy in tightly, squeezing upwards the shape of her vulva. It gives him a deep cameltoe offered by the generous cleavage in the crack of her pussy and makes his heart skip a beat as he takes in the sight of her tightly restrained clitoris hood and protruding inner lips buckled under the paper thin material.

"Tell me Jenny, what affect did it have on you seeing what you saw?" he asks.

"Well Dr Hans I was almost nine at that time and I would always go back to my room and touch myself where it felt good because I did get excited. Maybe that's because Iwas being naughty and should not be where I was at the time so being naughty then made me more excited."

"Did they ever find out about you spying on them?"

"No, would you believe it was only last night I confessed to my daddy what I did."

"And what did you tell him?"

"That when I heard them in their bedroom and sometimes took a look when I could get away with it, I wanted to find out how it could be so nice as momma really did go off. The only clue I had one night daddy told her loud enough for me to hear to open her legs wider so he could get in.

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