tagExhibitionist & VoyeurManipulating Jenny Ch. 10

Manipulating Jenny Ch. 10


PREVIOUS: Eighteen year-old vivacious Jenny visits a sex therapist for advice about her father's concerns over her penchant for prick teasing, exhibitionist dress style and to him, an exceptionally high libido. She's on her way for the second of two visits where the therapist will introduce her to the practice's new understudy Paul, a handsome young part-time male stripper for female only parties, and who has just become a legitimately qualified sex therapist and now joining the practice.


Jenny dresses provocatively as instructed so the therapist can see first hand how she intends to present herself when she accompanies her boss on a three-day interstate business trip.

However, Jenny thinks 45 year-old Dr Hans wants to use the handsome young assistant as a decoy to camouflage his own ever- increasing desires for something more daring than a discussion. She intends to make it hard for him in case he thinks she's an easy touch, and if he's like that, she will do her best to make him squirm for trying to take advantage of her in a vulnerable situation.

Jenny approaches the waiting room at just on normal closing time, but at her allocated appointment time. Her dress is a one-piece skin hugging white belted full length thin lycra micro mini length outfit that leaves her olive complexion back bare right down to the top the crack in her buttocks. There it meets up with the two-inch high belt with loops and a vertical designed rectangle shaped buckle that allows it to be loosened so the wearer can slide it down her legs to get undressed and by lifting the top over her head where it comes around her neck The front is sensationally sexy. It has a very deep plunging cleavage drop that continues past her navel all the way to the belted micro skirt section sitting as low as it could possibly go on her body.

Because it has no back and the front is designed in an open V shape to merely cover her breasts but nothing else, the side profiles of her figure are remarkably sexy, especially the way her 38-inch B cup size firm breasts push forward and so upright. Her broad light brown pigmented puffy areolas push up just over an inch high like observatory domes with her prominent nipples capping them with perfect points that extend a quarter of an inch on each breast.

Wearing colour matching five-inch high platform shoes that strap around the ankle and across the toes she even has sexy suckable toes she keeps immaculate. Her jewellery consists of a deep plunging gold chain that falls level with her breasts, droplet earrings, slave chain around her ankle and of course, her coup de gras twin clit piercing.

She wears the bottom part of her micro bikini in place of panties as Dr Hans asked her to bring it along to see what all the fuss was about with her stepfather castigating her for intending to take it with her when accompanying her boss as his PA on a business trip interstate.

She enters the premises and rings the reception bell. Dr Hans emerges after a short wait. "Ah Jenny, thanks for being on time, we have a lot to get through in this final session. My,you look quite stunning young lady, are you going out with your boyfriend after this?"

"No, this is how I am dressing to go to the airport with my boss on Friday afternoon but I did bring along he micro bikini you wanted to see. It's under my dress actually. I suppose when I show it to you on me you will probably react the same way as my stepfather who thinks it is disgustingly brazen because it shows more than it covers. Ha, but at least I got him to eventually admit that it is actually very, very sexy."

"Yes of course young lady, I can imagine you could convince your father to think that if you were parading around in it and putting it up close to his face while he sat on the lounge. But I might have a different opinion when we come to that later. By the way, how did you get him to think differently about it?"

"Simple, Dr Hans, I just said if he was at the beach lying on the sand and a couple of young women wearing the same kind of micro bikini happened to be standing near him talking, and he saw as much of them as he saw of me would he turn the other way in disgust or keep looking. He said he would keep looking in disbelief, but still looking Dr Hans. Get it?"

"Are you trying to say young lady that all men are the same in that regard?"

"Yes they are and if I dress rather sexily I am giving men something they like to see." Dr Hans is already licking his lips as his eyes glide up and down taking in her stunning appearance for one so young, especially the way the design of her clothes accentuates her slim figure and perfect curves with lots of flesh on display.

"Well, come in and meet Paul, Dr Felicity Feelgood's new assistant, he will sit in on our consultation -- well it's sort of a dress rehearsal for him as he starts work at this practice on Monday when Felicity returns from her conference, and of course I'll be gone back on the stand-by circuit.

Jenny is still not happy about another person sitting in on her private consultation knowing how personal his questions were the day before. They greet each other with cordial smiles, Jenny trying hard to not blush knowing how sexily she is dressed and more convinced they will both believe she is a nympho to turn up in such a stunning outfit. Jenny looks at the younger man --just like the receptionist said, tall and handsome with long blonde hair down to his shoulders.

He looks more like the part-time girls only party stripper hunk she was told about rather than a sex therapist. She immediately tries to imagine what he's like underneath his clothes -- is he as good as the receptionist says? A girl always imagines a big cock is tucked away to be unfurled like on a flagpole.

He greets Jenny with a comfortable handshake She feels cornered two against one but is determined not to let Dr Hans get the best of her after the way he grilled her the previous day about the way the masseur and the body piercer got to her while undressed in those separate professional visits.

The younger man senses she is a bit nervous about him sitting in on her consultation so he tries to keep the mood relaxed. "I think you may not like me attending your consultation Jenny but believe me, two heads are better than one so let's just say you are getting twice the strength of opinion for half the price, but in saying that I understand you are here because your father had some concerns about your sexuality. Is that correct?"

"No it isn't quite right, I am here because I decided to make an appointment to see the female sex therapist but only because of stepfather was making me feel a bit guilty about how I dress. He never did tell me to come here but I am doing this to be a good daughter so I can tell him my behaviour is not a nympho in the making. Well, if that's the case after you inspect me, I mean interview me."

"I have to say Jenny that Dr Hans has given me a briefing on your situation but of course I am not as experienced as he is since he's twice my age and been a therapist for some 15 years. But I understand you said your reason for being what we men call a prick teaser is your way of exhibiting yourself because your stepfather didn't seem to take notice of you the way you wanted him to when you were growing up. Is that really the case?"

"Yes and it goes right back to when I was just seven and eight and I used to hear him and mom making out in their bedroom when they thought I was tucked up asleep".

"So you were sneaking on your parents having sex?" Did you do that often?"

"Yes lots and lots of times because each time I tried to find out more what my daddy was doing to make mom make those sounds. At first I thought he must have been hurting her until she shouted out one night keep doing it that way, it's so good. In my mind I needed to know what was so good because it kept my mom so happy.

"I didn't actually see anything as the room was in darkness and I had my head just around the edge of the doorway so I didn't get caught. I know I was being very naughty."

"Dr Hans tells me you think these experiences may be what led you to excite yourself into a more precocious kind of behaviour later in life, like now?"

"Well Dr Paul, it may be that because I always sneaked back to my room and touched myself wondering what daddy was doing and if it was that good I wished he would do it to me. Of course now I look back at my age that was preposterous but when you are seven and eight you don't think like you do as an adult.

"When I was at school some classmates had stories to tell when they were a bit younger like that but mostly young just want to look at a man's penis and feel it in their hand in some kind of fascination.

That's just girl's stuff. I didn't have much luck with my stepfather though; he always seemed to be one step ahead of me not letting me get out of hand.

Paul looks at Dr Hans and nods. "So in your mind and touching yourself your sexual desires started right back then?"

"Yes sort of. Well, I didn't know it was illegal but my stepfather never tried anything with me back then, I only knew it sure made mom happy. When she died when I was nine I felt as though I had died. It took us a long while to get over it. but we got closer because mom was so special to us. When he was alone and didn't remarry I felt so much for him.

"For the next eight years my pussy throbbed for him and as much as I flaunted around him as flirty as a young girl can, he never responded. At such a young age I didn't realise he was protecting our relationship and me until I turned 18 but my thoughts about sex and wondering about it never stopped. I couldn't wait until I was 18 and that's when we did it."

"What? Just like that? How did you coerce your prim and proper guardian of all those years to suddenly come across?" Paul asks while Dr Hans smiles, already knowing the answer. "Oh doctor, it was so funny. It was only last Monday night, this week mind you, that he actually went down on me."

The young therapist looks at the older practitioner as if to say he hopes all his future patients can be like Jenny. :"But you still aren't telling me how you got him to do that," he continues.

"Okay then," she replies. "It was just after I paraded about in my micro bikini and daddy had just come out of the shower and was only in a bathrobe that I sprang it on him. I think after 30 minutes of seeing me the best part of my pussy through the way the bikini bottom part if designed I could tell he had an erection and thought it has to be now or never?"

"You asked him for sex?"

"No! No! Heavens now. It was subtler than that. I got him at a weak moment with his greatest weakness -- honey. He absolutely is crazy about honey so I told him to stay on the lounge and keep his bathrobe on until I showed him something else. I came out of the kitchen with nothing on at all, and before he could say anything or get up and leave the room I lay down on my back at his feet and poured honey over both of my nipples.

"I then begged him in my best schoolgirl voice to help me as if I spilt it on me accidentally by licking it up so it wouldn't be wasted. He got off the lounge so fast I couldn't believe it. He was finally sucking my breasts, something I wanted since I was 13. While he was doing that I poured it all over my pussy and cried out in my most playful innocent girl voice again for him to help me clean it up. My God, I was thinking, after ten or eleven years waiting for it, he was actually going down on me."

Dr Hans chuckles softly. "See I told you Paul, this young lady has a good imagination. But now Jenny here is a question I have for you. If, as you told me yesterday you were a prick teaser showing off as a young girl and as an older teenager to attract attention to your lovely figure all because of your stepfather's non compliance over your sex urges, I mean, now that he has come around why do you still feel the need to keep dressing so provocatively?"

Jenny shrugs her shoulders and gives a teasing smile back at both men. "I guess I got to enjoy being noticed and I really believe most men are secret pervs, they like to see as much as they can get away with. I get kicks out of knowing I can sort of control them -- my boss especially -- by using my natural assets more than my brain to cajole him around. That's how I got my BMW cabriolet, bonuses to buy a new wardrobe and my promotion to be his personal assistant. I didn't get all that because I was more clever at work than the other women. They hate me."

Paul asks Jenny if she treats sexual attraction as a form of domination. "Maybe, maybe I do but I do like to get my own way." Jenny intends to keep it that way if she can. "Okay." says Dr Hans, "let's make some progress here, if you like showing off as your persona implies, let's see how your micro bikini so startled your stepfather and we'll go from there."

Jenny stands up in front of the two therapists seated a few feet from each other and lifts her skirt up just above her tanned look tummy. The style of micro bikini she wears is a g-string design with a matchbox size triangle shaped part directly above the clitoris with a single thin strip of material descending down over the clitoris and digging into crack of her vagina.

Ah, I see what your father means," says Dr Hans. "This little thing is supposed to cover your clit and pussy lips but in your case it's not a neat fit as many of these things end up like. I can see from your moving about since you put it on that the part supposed to cover your clitoris is has slipped to one side of the clitoris and your entire privacy is on public show."

Paul leans across for a better look and grins at Jenny. "Yes Jenny, it looks sensational on you and no wonder your stepfather got turned on for the honey pot trick after seeing you like this. These micro bikinis are fakes for covering up the essentials like your most erogenous sex organ and the entrance to your pussy. They are really for showing off the genitals where some form of material cover makes them legal or if you are on a yacht or some place private."

Jenny sighs and pulls her dress back into position. "Well I still intend taking it away with me when I go with my boss on Friday. I love to tease him. Anyway doctors, was it good, what you saw? she asks impishly."

The younger one of the two nods his head in total agreement. "Jenny I think you look great in that but I'd like to be in your boss's shoes when you take that away in his company. In fact, would you like us to give you your meter reader test now?"

"What do I have to do? I've never heard of a meter reader test on someone's sexiness if that's what it's about, why not just give me a 100% score now and save the trouble."

Paul laughs and his shoulder length blond hair swirls as he shakes his head. Jenny likes that. "No we can't give you a score without doing a full medical test on your erogenous zones. There are many more than you counted. For instance, did you know you could have a vaginal orgasm if I touched your X-spot?"

Jenny, so young, so much to learn looks surprised. "My X-spot? I've never heard of such a spot. I know I have a G-spot somewhere that is supposed to really turn me on but I don't think anyone's ever been there yet."

Dr Hans thinks this is a good time to make his move to get her undressed now that his young partner has her attention. Last time she put up a protracted refusal to take her clothes off so he's hoping for better luck this time. He moves up to her and in one click unfastens the big rectangle buckle that holds her wide belt in tight around her lycra one-piece mini length dress, allowing the belt to fall to the floor. He gathers her skirt from each side and starts lifting it up to get past her bare breasts and over her head but Jenny pulls back.

"Wait a minute Dr Hans, I'm not going to get undressed again for you both to stand there enjoying the view. If you want me to take all my clothes off for this test thing of yours I won't be in it unless you both take off your pants and undies. If you can look at my pussy, I can look at what you two have got. That's my prerogative."

Dr Hans and Paul didn't expect this but Paul has no hesitation being a male stripper makes it an easy objective. Dr Hans is flabbergasted and splutters his disbelief. "Young lady that's unheard of to ask working professionals to take their pants off just because we have to undress you for these tests. I mean, I've never heard of anything so preposterous."

Jenny sits on the chair. "Well I'm certainly not getting undressed to please you two men unless I see something in return. I want to see if you get an erection looking at me. I told you yesterday Dr Hans that I like to see the size of a man's penis. Why not?" And you Paul, especially you, the receptionist here said some good things about you after going to one of your girls only male stripper shows, Well, are we going to do as I ask?"

Paul says he has no problems but it's up to Dr Hans as the senior practitioner representing the clinic's chief sex therapist, Dr Felicity Feelgood who may be horrified to know this was happening in her absence.

"Jenny why can't you be a good girl and just do as I say, like get undressed so we can get on with assessing you. It requires you to be undressed as to test your responses on this erogenous reaction meter gauge. What this does is give readings on how your sounds leave different pitches in your emotional state to know what is a fake feel good response to a genuine erotic impulse It's quite amazing really but very accurate."

Jenny sits tight. "I am listening to you Dr Hans but if you want me to be relaxed about this whole thing, and I won't be the way you are going about it, I can't submit to you and your assistant having me nude playing around with my erogenous zones unless I am in the mood for that to happen in the first place. "

Paul says he thinks he knows what she needs to be more in the mood to strip her clothes off is to get sight of a stiff cock. It works every time in his part time fun job as a male stripper for girl's only parties. He starts taking off his pants and indicates to Dr Hans he should do the same.

"Hans, Jenny is the kind of girl that wants some excitement upfront before she does anything like getting totally undressed so let's on with the job and then we can do the physical assessments on her."

Jenny nods agreement and fixes her sights on the good looking, well built young man as he gets down to his underpants in a flash. She can see the large bulge already that tells her he packs something g pretty welcome inside his white briefs. She recalls what the receptionist said about the girls at the hen's party she attended almost lining up for a turn getting their mouths around his man meat so she expects something out of the ordinary.

The older Dr Hans is now thinking much the same and licks his lips discretely at the thought of this tight, taut and attrtactive 18 year-old teen submitting her Playboy centrefold type curvaceous body without anything on for their sexual examination.Before she arrived their plan was to legitimately do the right thing by her by addressing her original concerns but to come up with a plot in how best to arrive at their conclusions by somehow involving her in actual sex to see how she performs. They think that way is to play on her ability to tease sexually to stimulate her mind and when her imagination takes over she will be more likely to go further.

Paul knows and so does Dr Hans that invariably any chick that sucks a man's cock will want to feel it inside her pussy and he banks on Jenny, young and obviously sexy, almost certainly expecting to be fucked by the time her tests are done, but only if they can get her to the first stage and somehow making it appear as though intercourse is essential after the erogenous zone survey to fully establishing their results.

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