tagExhibitionist & VoyeurManipulating Jenny Ch. 12

Manipulating Jenny Ch. 12


She's sweet 18, scrumptious and a cock loving office prick teaser.

After visiting two opportunistic sex therapists Jenny's convinced more than ever she's simply a sexy exhibitionist with stunning looks and a gorgeous body who loves to tease. She's turned on by turning on anyone who'd love to have her, but can't. Sometimes they can but only after she makes out she's innocent and they have to really work for it.

The personal assistant to a wealthy businessman is not your average girl next door. She's got the cover girl looks for a glossy quality magazine with big brown bedroom eyes and long eyelashes, shiny long jet black that falls halfway down her back in a pony tail, a booty that's taught, tight and tantalising and firm 38-20-34 inch vital statistics featuring fulsome firm breasts capped by erotic looking two-inch high puffy nipples. She makes men's mouth water for good reason. Standing 5 feet 8 inches in bare feet, her full lips give her mouth a sensuous appeal, her Latina tanned look skin and miniskirts fall just three inches from her crotch giving her a sex goddess appearance.

She knows she looks hot and thrives on the attention. She's no one's slut. She's all style and her own gal.

Jenny's on her way have lunch with the sex therapist's new receptionist Alison and they plan to attend together the upcoming women's only male stripper rock disco at an underground club that attracts on average 80 chicks a time, most of them horny singes 18- 25 letting their hair down (and some other things as well) or just there to perv on the studs' tight butts and thick dicks as well as swigging the cheap bubbly and dancing the night away to the non-stop thumping music.

Alison got two tickets from the sex therapist's assistant Paul, a handsome guy with shoulder length blonde hair in his mid 20s and an Adonis-like body. He does the females only strip club shows part time just so he can show off his nine-inch cannon.

Alison's only spoken to Jenny on the phone when she booked her in for her late appointment and once again since so having lunch together will bring them face to face. Alison, who only started work at the therapist's clinic two weeks' ago, is naturally curious but can't ask questions unless something is spoken first, and Jenny can't wait to tell her about something she saw in a private room at the back of the clinic.

After Jenny makes contact by phone to check the restaurant they'll meet at they describe what they're wearing so they instantly recognise each other. Jenny's in a striking one-piece red dress that comes just four inches below her crotch and sporting a deep V cleavage with her breasts filling the space but held up tight without the need of a bra. Alison, just three months younger than Jenny at 18.3 years, is a 5ft 6in honey blonde in tight curls to her shoulders with 34-19-34 inch measurements wearing a white satin blouse, pleated navy blue skirt midway to her knees, pale blue nylons and navy high heel shoes.

They greet each other with a big smile as Alison, already seated, gets up to wave her to where she's sitting. "Nice to meet you after talking twice on the phone," ventures Jenny as they sit. "Me too, it's good to put a face to a name." Both women do small talk about their jobs for the first 10 minutes as they start to feel positive vibes about each other, ordering their meal and sharing bottle of white wine. They complement each other on how they look in more small talk until Jenny opens the door to more personal things.

"You know I must apologise for sounding rude to you when I rang the clinic and asked to see the regular therapist, Felicity, arguing that I didn't want to see a male sex therapist. I never envisaged needing two appointments and his assistant Paul at the second visit."

"Yes, but isn't Paul gorgeous. I thought to myself you'd get a surprise as he's quite a hunk. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw just how much of a hunk he really is down below when I accepted the ticket to the rock disco last week. Wow! I thought to myself he can put his shoes under my bed anytime."

"Alison! I'm surprised at you. They were saying to me what a quiet, shy young woman you are."

"Yes but that's at work you know. That's different."

"Well Alison I must confess I'm me all the time. I go to the office intending to make my boss get a horn every time he sees me. I have him like putty in my hands. He can't resist having a perv on me. That's how I got my BMW sports car."

"You're joking! Really?"

"Downright sure, he's quite wealthy and single again so he shows his appreciation in a big way."

"That's unreal! Just for showing some leg and what? Panties too?"

Laughing as she says it, but not too loud, Jenny confesses. "Come on Alison, even a dumb wealthy guy is not that dumb. Of course he wanted more than a street type flash. He wanted a good 60- minute long voyeuristic session after hours with me in his office so he could video me for his home entertainment.

He said I get the showroom Beamer all running expenses paid by his business if I come to work wearing high heels, stockings and garter belt, a teeny thong and half cup lace bra in a business type suit and stay back so I could do a strip act in his office and use a vibrator on me that he'd bring along. I've got to admit, just knowing how it turned him on just put me on a real high." (Ch 4)

"The two big things I got out of it for being so adventurous were being made his personal assistant or PA not long after joining his firm and getting the flashy red Beamer. The older women there hate me. "

"Eh? He made you his personal assistant after just joining his firm as a junior? Does he own the business or is he a CEO of a big company?"

"Na, it's his own firm and he runs it like he's a Robbie Williams running a rock concert. He rocks! For an old guy at 50 he's built like a stud and rather handsome frankly in a sexy sort of way.

"But Jenny, how could an office junior suddenly become a personal assistant to a businessman that age and know how to do the confidential business stuff, take shorthand or whatever. You need real experience for that and you were new there. Was he that crazy over you?"

"Ha, I thought you'd ask that. It's exactly what I thought. But he said he had another dumpy senior lady to do all the serious stuff like that as his secretary but I was his personal assistant for things more private to him. I think he liked the sound of personal.

"What turns me on though apart from his money and his appreciation of my looks is his confidence and power. He's quite influential. I've heard him on the phone. That Friday I tripped in the stairwell and hurt my knee going home to avoid the women from our office at the elevator I hobbled back to thankfully find everyone gone and poured my woes on to the boss. He got on the phone immediately and told this masseur guy upstairs in our tower to fix me up straight away and send him the bill on Monday no expense spared as I was an important person in his office. Actually I was still the office junior at that time but I think he made out I was a senior person to make sure the guy see me straight away. "

"And did he see you straight away?"

"Yeah, did he ever!

"This old guy got me on my back turning my legs this way and that, even up behind my head one each side. My panties gave up being see-through after half an hour of this. They ended up slipping to one side of my pussy so he got the 100% Jenny bare beaver right under his nose. He could have come in his pants for all I know, but he just kept going as if nothing was any different." (Ch 1)

"Actually it so happened on the Monday at the end of the day the boss called me in to see how I got on with the masseur fixing my knee just after 6 on the Friday. He got the bill that morning and was quite surprised to see no charge.

"That raised his eyebrows and he wondered why no charge when it was an after- hours emergency type call. He said at the time the guy is very expensive so he wanted to know exactly how he went about looking at my skinned and bruised knee to see if he was taking advantage of me. He asked what kind of underwear I wore on Friday under my mini skirt as that day he didn't get to find out. When I told him skin colour see-through silk ones he just groaned like he was real jealous. I didn't know when I put them on Friday morning I'd be lying on my back on a massage table getting my knee treated before I got home. I wear that stuff to turn my boss on.

"Yes, Raymond was sure jealous I could tell. So he asked me to show exactly what happened up there. He cleared his desk and asked me to lie down and go through the Friday thing step by step so he could decide if the masseur was acting improperly. (Ch 2)

"He wanted to be the judge on whether the guy upstairs had a loan of me. Imagine my boss pretending he was the expert on everything but I still had to go through it all over again, step by step, describing what he did with my legs and all that. Raymond could see I was quite raunchy in that helpless situation. After all, the masseur got a treat with a busty long legged shapely 18 year-old turning up for massage treatment to her knee wearing a short mini skirt and see-through thong. It must have made his day but I had no choice as my knee was hurting and it was after work on a Friday. As for my boss, was it jealousy or just another opportunity?"

Alison seems turned on trying to imagine it.

"Ooh, it does seem pretty saucy. Did you get turned on by the masseur when you went there on Friday with the crook knee knowing you were on your back in such a revealing way? I mean, you must have been feeling embarrassed or turned on."

"I sure did feel helpless. My panties, being see-through, were very thin and he could tell I was wet. I saw him looking between my legs most of the time. That's why he dragged the treatment out for ages."

"So what was the outcome with your boss? Was he angry about the man?

"Well for a start, because it was already after 5.30 and the office was locked, it took about an hour and a quarter to go through all the same motions as each and every one of them took a fair bit of time. For example, when he had both my legs stretched back behind my head and my bum in the air, my panties soaking wet dragged to the side of my pussy he held me there like that for what must have been five minutes. Everything was stretch and hold for ages.

"I felt so helpless and vulnerable as though he was having me for dinner. So Raymond did much the same, enjoying the perv of his lifetime I'm sure, but what could I say? I'm his office junior and I want to get up the ladder so I put up with it knowing in the long run I'll get rewarded somehow. I was thinking while this dragged on that maybe he could become like a sugar daddy.

"In the end Raymond believed the old guy did not take advantage of me at all. He said that's what you've got to expect in these situations and it was a pity it was embarrassing for me having such provocative gear on at the time. I still think he was glad I did."

"Yes, I bet he did Jenny. Aren't all men the same though?"

"Right on, but what about you Alison, I've been telling you about myself and you're 18 like me, so anything sexy to tell me that will make me go mmmmm?"

"Compared to what you just told me I'm pretty ordinary. I think I hide my real feelings pretty much."

"Okay then Alison, when's the first time you went down on a guy? You must have done that before you left school. Was it a boyfriend, a teacher maybe? Hmmm?

"Ha, wishful thinking! I'm embarrassed to say nothing like that."

"Oh come on, tell me the first time you tasted a man's cum. No cheating!"

"No I never have. Truly. I want to though. All through school some of the kids bragged about getting facials as if it's a status symbol and I always felt out of the circle. I was adopted when I was a baby and my foster father never once showed me although one day in sheer frustration I went close to asking him, He's too strict though with me and he'd be horrified if I even thought about it?"

"He sounds like my step daddy. So close and yet so far. But he's not your natural father anyway so you asking isn't that bad," Jenny suggests in the hope there was a breakthrough. "Well Jenny that may be all right to say that now I'm 18 and it's fair crack of the whip but not the same in my early teens."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. That's the trouble with mixing with kids at school; there are always some of them travelling way ahead of the pack when it comes to finding out what goes on. What about any pats on the bum, kisses on the mouth, anything at all sexy that doesn't involve the serious stuff? Come on, there must be something you've done once or twice in the past 10 years to make me want to think of it and get turned on with myself!"

The blonde with the tight curls suddenly grins. "Well...."

"Well what? Come on Alison be good and don't hold back now. No one else will know."

"Okay then, but it's a private thing really, nothing to do with sex."

Jenny's face drops. "Well, tell me anyway."

"Okay, the closest thing I ever got being sort of personal with pop was when I sunbaked on our back deck. It's a very private yard and perfect for getting the sun without any clothes." Jenny is all ears again.

"Okay Alison so what's the big deal about sunbaking in the nude? Girls do it nearly everywhere in virtual or complete nudity on less busy beaches"

"Well, let me finish pop always rubbed the sunscreen oil on me."

Jenny likes the sound of that. "Really? That's cool. Was your mom there?"

"Oh yes, most times she was right there but head in a book at the other end of the deck in the shade right through all the summers and that's why I've got such a good brown tan. Pop always insisted I protect my skin or I wasn't allowed to do it."

"And you took everything off?"

"Yeah, sure. There was no sex involved in anything, Even though pop was really strict ever since I was a kid he didn't do anything wrong. I was their only child and they both doted on me. They encouraged free expression in our home, but not in public. Pop always said there is nothing more innocent and naturally beautiful as the naked body of a young girl growing up. Mom said it was as close to purity you can get provided the freedom of free expression wasn't abused. Pop always said a pristine nubile female nude is the epitome of erotica and much more so when younger because of the innocence factor.

"You know Jenny, most young girls, especially when you get to about eight, like to show off as we are proud of our figures and why not? Usually they are immaculate and as pop used to say, a treasure God made for mankind to behold and enjoy. Pop encouraged me to feel free in the home to dress as I like and right through the years never batted an eyelid when I'd get about in nothing or just panties.

"Even now at 18 when I get home I'm into something like my silk thong and slippers only. Pop always compliments me on looking after myself. Mind you, having an all-over tan makes me want to parade in the home if only to please him, but I'm not one for showing off anywhere in public."

"I agree with you Alison about the growing up bit as I was a real wag that age. But coming back to a girl's favourite subject, a man's cock and cum, are you saying despite that freedom at home you never even once got the chance?

"Gee Jen, I'm sure I got the chance but didn't. And my pop never tried."

"He sounds like my daddy. Every chance but little Jenny has to wait. So you've got an all-over tan, that's great. Is it really all-over though? I mean, you know what I mean?"

"Yes, it's every inch. Pop said from day one if I want to look beautiful I must protect my skin and he made it his responsibility to ensure I didn't forget by putting the suntan oil on me, back and front. Mind you, mom was there much of the time her head in a book. She's a real bookworm."

"You're making me jealous now Alison. What a wonderful feeling to have cool hands moving all over your hot body while you lie there starkers eye shut enjoying the pampering. It is pampering you know, that would really turn me on if my daddy did it. So how long have you enjoyed this? One summer, two, three?

"Wait for it, for the past nine years."

"Tell me you are joking, you're making this up to impress me."

"No way. It's true. After I turned nine I asked mom and pop could I get a suntan on our back deck? I had a nice olive complexion but it was not a tanned look and I saw pictures of these kids modelling stuff in a fashion magazine mum brought home and they had great tans. I wanted to be like them.

"Naturally my folks spoilt me as their only but they were also very strict about boys and things like that. I never heard a swear word from them and they never once had to even shout at me. I was a good kid.

"So my pop's been rubbing the cream all over ever since, every summer, every year right to now and did it last Saturday again. You're right Jenny, it's so exhilarating lying there eyes shut relaxing while you feel these hands spreading oils and creams all over and then gently massaging it into the pores of the skin until it's just shiny damp."

"Alison, if my daddy was rubbing me all over with sunscreen oil right through every summer for the past nine years I'd be off my nana by now wanting it. I'd cum for sure a long time ago, too.

"Do you realise that's nine years to 18 now with say, 25 weeks of summer season two-day sunshine each weekend, making it more than 450 times your pop massaged suntan creams all over your naked body. Gosh! That makes my little story of the masseur look pretty ordinary doesn't it?

"How exciting and you say you're pretty ordinary! I can agree with the part that you must hide your feelings. Oh my gawd!"

"But Jenny it wasn't two days every weekends. Sometimes it rained but I guess three quarters of the whole time you mentioned would be right. Anyway, it wasn't about sex. That's the last thing on pop's mind. If it was about sex he had countless opportunities to hop on board but never took advantage of me. He's just wonderful to me and I love him as if he's my real father whoever that person was."

"Okay then, just take any one year, say the halfway mark between nine and 18 you are say, 13 something. How far does he rub the sunscreen oil into you?

"All the way of course"

"No I mean, what parts does he skip over? I suppose he does your chest but surely not your pussy? "

"Of course, he always did and still does."

"What? Jeez Alison, your pop must be the horniest unsatisfied man around. Look at those lovely big breasts for example. I suppose you shave your pussy too?"

"Yeah, been there, done that and I keep it that way. It's easier. It was pop's idea.It was easier to keep things clean from the very start. He did it the first time to show me and then it's up to me to keep it spotless. Mom bought these expensive essential oils to rub into my pubis area to keep the skin supple and fresh looking. They really do go out of their way to make sure I take care of myself."

"Well I can agree with that. But you're giving me ideas Alison. You must invite me over one weekend and let me join you. He can do me too."

"Are you serious? You'd like that? My pop?

"Yeah, why not, I'm 18 now and he can't get into trouble. He might like a bit of fun in his life as where you can't, or maybe you can but won't, I can grab his hand and push his fingers in to let me know he can go further. Hey, maybe then he will do it for you especially now you're old enough."

"Oh shit! Jenny, you are incredible. You have such imagination. Do you really mean that?

"Of course I do. Consider this Alison: you dear foster pop's been treating you like a Greek goddess for the past nine years. His hands have been all over your body maybe more than 400 times top to bottom side to side and don't you think now you're sweet 18 and looking even sexier, that just once even, maybe even just once when he rubs the oil over your pussy and sees it glisten in the sunlight, your clit standing up and your vagina lips shifting about under the pressure of his fingers that he'd love to fuck you?"

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