tagLesbian SexManipulating Jenny Ch. 14

Manipulating Jenny Ch. 14


SUMMARY: In this chapter the hot office prick teaser Jenny and her equally well endowed 18 year-old friend Alison encounter a riveting experience on the end of a fucking machine in bi-oriented Dr Felicity Feelgood’s sex therapist’s private parlour. The two friends pretend they are bi-oriented and want to be together but can’t get a vaginal orgasm with their boyfriends and seek the therapist’s advice hoping she will use the pile driving cock machine on them.

Dr Felicity Feelgood is back from her week-long sex therapist’s national convention and her young receptionist Alison, 18, in her first week working there has found out in her employer’s absence that the doctor has a fucking machine and other odd things stored in a room she keeps locked at the back of her large consulting practice.

Thanks to her new friend, the 18 year-old office prick teaser and ultimate exhibitionist Jenny, faking the need to see the stand-in therapist, Dr Hans a week ago, the keys to her locked room were used by him to take hot Jenny into a more private area for ‘advanced’ therapy.

Once Jenny finds out something exciting that could add a new dimension to her high libido she wants to know more so she’s arranged for Alison to secure a booking with Dr Feelgood on the premise she can’t get a vaginal orgasm.

Felicity Feelgood is always keen to be seen in the company of an attractive young woman in the hope she can cajole her into things better than a talk. Her own bi orientation makes her welcome the new appointment and she thanks Alison for her help.

Jenny wants Alison to join in and the only way she can make it happen is to make out that she and Alison are bi-sexually very close and she needs her there to boost her confidence in front of a total stranger. This suits Dr Felicity as she chose Alison as her receptionist from a field of job seekers because of her youth, her good looks and a certain air of innocence with her curly blonde locks and of course, her 37-inch firm breasts.

The female doctor hasn’t got big breasts but she’s a sucker for women who are enjoyably endowed with them and if they’re young and firm, all the better. She’ll find that Jenny, 38 inches firm around her puffy nipples is perfect and her new receptionist Alison is almost equally good. The doctor insists she can only see Jenny at the end of the day, just before closing time so there will be no interruptions.

Alison is more timid than Jenny, who’s so confident sexually and the curly hair blond smiles when Dr Felicity agrees to see them together after Alison makes out she has a similar problem. The doctor doesn’t know that they know she’s got her own fucking machine and the two teenagers are just hoping she’ll trot it out to end their curiosity.

It’s rare opportunities like this for the bi doctor to have an excuse for using the huge phallus designed machine on someone other than herself likes she does when she stays back after dark doing her ‘research,’ and it’s even better when two pretty young women are prepared to be in the same consultation. Felicity knows this is not all cut and dried and she must somehow get both the 18 year-olds into a sexy frame of mind in order to coax them into something that could be too daunting for them, especially her receptionist who comes across as timid.

What the therapist doesn’t know about them is that Jenny’s had an enjoyable overnight hotel love-in with a 30 year-old woman from the country on holidays - a naughty rather raunchy fling set up by her randy boss Raymond to feed his fantasies and rewarding her with a diamond necklace for doing it. Alison, on the other hand, doesn’t give her boss any clues about her sexual diversity but the youngster’s already given hints to Jenny that she’s turned on by Jenny’s style and her sexy lips especially.

Jenny arrives on time and is greeted by the smiling curly hair blonde as they give each other a platonic hug. “Great to see you gain Jenny after our lovely lunch the other day and wow, I like the big diamond shape cut in the front of your top there. I bet your boss didn’t miss much in that outfit. How do you get away with it in a big office?”

“Easy Alison, I just make the other women jealous they haven’t got my figure to wear this and why should I care about what they think anyway. Raymond likes my dress sense and I only have to please the boss,” she says with a light laugh, adding “I wonder what you have to do today to please your boss Felicity.”

“One way to find out, I’ll let her know you’re here and see if she’s ready to see us together,” she replies, squeezing Jenny’s hand as goes picks up the inter-office phone. “She’s ready, cross fingers we can get to see the machine.” Alison closes the front entrance door and hangs up the ‘closed’ sign.

“Don’t forget, we want her to think we are into experimental things that should give her some ideas eh?” Jenny whispers, undoing the two top buttons of the curly blonde’s blouse so that it shows a healthy teenage cleavage. “If she’s really bi she’s more likely to make a move on us if she thinks we’re that way inclined so we need to do a good job pretending we are and then we can drop hints about needing a mechanical man.”

“I won’t have to pretend too much Jenny where you’re involved, you really get to me and I’ve always wondered what it could be like to have a little dalliance with someone the same sex,” Alison whispers back. They walk into the consultant’s big office hand in hand, the apparent affection immediately noticed by the older woman.

“Hello Jenny, it’s nice to meet you,” the rather tall redhead therapist says in a low, friendly but almost sexy sounding voice. “Please take a seat, you too, Alison.” She notices the receptionist’s blouse is partly undone and assumes Jenny has been kissing her friend in the outer office.

Jenny’s first impression of the therapist is that she looks younger than her 40 years and could easily pass for early 30s, standing 5 feet 10 inches – three more than Jenny – and a slim figure with much smaller breasts than the two teenagers, but capped by big puffy nipples that push out without any bra against her office style cotton blouse.

Felicity Feelgood is feeling good and she’s good at letting her feelings make her mind wander when opportunity knocks. Two buxom teenagers sitting in her office, the front door closed for the day and they want help in how to get vaginal orgasms. It couldn’t have happened to a kinkier therapist who hides her deep passion for lust helping any other patient sort out their sexual problems without blinking an eyelid, but looking at Jenny and Alison, her mind is ticking over fast how to get these two good looking and shapely young women into some kind of playtime to spice up her lonely life. She knows she can’t scare them off or it could be a long time before such an opportunity comes along again. Noticing their apparent fondness of each other encourages her to be more daring. She looks at them and smiles, a heavenly sort of smile. This could be heaven, she thinks.

“Before we start, I’d like to make this more of a social atmosphere,” she announces, “as sometimes in these kinds of rather personal consultations it gets too clinical and I thought it would be easier for you two girls to be more relaxed and open up for me, so how about a nice glass of bubbly wine to ease those nerves?”

“Count me in,” says Jenny and Alice quickly agrees. The therapist goes to a kitchenette in another room to fetch the wine from a refrigerator. Jenny moves her chair alongside Alison and whispers in her ear. “She’s nicer looking than I thought. If she asks anything about us doing anything together leave it to me to answer and I’ll make out you were that woman I stayed overnight with last month at the Ritz to please my boss.” (Chapter 6)

“You don’t have to coax me to feel friendly with you Jenny, the moment I first set eyes on you at the restaurant I had this funny intuition that we could, you know...It must be certain chemistry or something. I’m not gay but I really feel like I can enjoy having a fling with a chick too as much as I want a man.”

Dr Feelgood returns with two bottles of cold bubbly, an ice bucket, and three flute glasses and after pouring the wine out hands it to them with a big smile. “There you are Alison and there, Jenny,” she says “I can’t help notice that lovely blouse you’re wearing Jenny, I can imagine your boss must like to see you wearing something that makes those lovely breasts of yours so, ah, so accessible.” The therapist is not wasting time, throwing out a direct and immediate sexually linked comment so early in their discussion to test the two girls’ moods.

“He likes it but the other women at work hate me,” she answers. I’ve got to admit I’m what the men call a prick teaser and the women call an exhibitionist, it just goes back to my childhood but I’m not here for that, I’m here about not getting satisfied.”

“Yes, so Alison informs me when she booked you in and I believe you two are very close friends. I didn’t realise my new receptionist suffered from this problem although I’m not surprised as so many young men today don’t give their woman the time they needs to be fully relaxed and wet enough below for hard sex. Whatever happened to a little bit of lead-up romancing to get their lady thoroughly in the mood? “

Jenny puts her arm around Alison to make out they are romantically inclined and gives her an orchestrated light kiss sensing this will get the suspected bi-oriented older woman to take them more seriously and in the end, lead them to the fucking machine, which apparently is the therapist’s dark secret.

She looks at Alison as though she’s assessing her. “Alison I must say that day I interviewed you for the job and you started here on the Monday and I was away for that week at a convention, I must say I think I made a really good choice just looking at you now and how you go about your work so diligently. You beat quite a number of other young women for the job but I said to myself that a woman’s intuition tells her what to do and although you were meek as a church mouse that day I had the feeling that behind that girl’s teenage face there’s a real woman ready to explore new horizons.”

Alison laughs nervously well aware of what she’s leading up to but never suspecting her boss was bi until the relieving therapist Dr Hans mentioned it casually. “Now, since you two beautiful young ladies are looking to me to help you I want you to know I can help you as this is my specialty,” she says looking intently at their innocent 18 year-old faces.

“Your problem not achieving vaginal orgasm is quite common actually but most of my patients coming here about sexual satisfaction are older than you two young ladies. I put that down to older women feeling they’ve been cheated out of the ultimate orgasm too long but usually teenage girls like you two don’t know any different. Besides in this day and age many teenagers can now procure their own personal vibrators for private pleasure, is that how it is with you two beautiful young ladies? I think women know how to please other women if you know what I mean,” she adds to throw out a hint for any reciprocal signs.

Alison looks to Jenny to answer and the more confident of the two birds chirps up willingly. “I’ve been using my mom’s vibrator since I was 11 but only because she died when I was eight and my stepfather packed it away before I found it among her things.”

“Oh that’s rather ingenious of you doing that when you weren’t even a teenager so how did you get away with it? Didn’t your stepfather find out or did he encourage you to use it?” (Ch 11)

“No, he never found out because I hid it under the pillows of my bed and I always make my own bed and do the washing so he doesn’t go near the bed to know. I had it there right through my primary and secondary school years. When I was eight I used to sneak down the hallway after they went to bed at night and I often listened to them making love in the dark. They never knew I was there and my heart was always racing. I didn’t know what they were doing except that they were having some kind of sex but I couldn’t see them without being noticed. Then one night I heard mom say quite clearly for daddy to put the damn vibrator back in the box and leave it in the drawer and give her the real thing.

“Later that year mom died in an accident and it wasn’t until three years later, in fact the night of my 11th birthday I was lying in bed touching myself feeling good and I wondered whatever happened to mom’s vibrator....am I boring you with this doctor?”

“No, not at all,” answers the therapist. “I’d like to know what turns you on.”

“Well then,” I waited for a day when my stepfather would be out of the house for a few hours and I went looking for it. I found it in a box that was wrapped in pink tissue paper in mom’s dressing table drawers. I got the shock of my life when I took it out. There I was just a sneaky cheeky 11 year-old kid holding this nine-inch vibrator shaped identical to a man’s cock with all the imitation blood vessels, especially the big vein, and the head looked so real I was trembling. It was shaking in my hand. I didn’t know a man’s cock was that big so I thought that’s how they all must be like. I put the box back after wrapping it up the same to hide that anything was disturbed, took the vibrator to my room and got off on it.”

Felicity really feels good hearing this, a voluptuous teenager with a sense of sexual adventure. It’s getting more promising so she pours them a second glass as Jenny finishes her little escapade. “I had to keep switching it on and off as it was too powerful for my inexperienced clit but I kept going and got this almighty orgasm that made me drop the vibrator and roll over moaning uncontrollably. I ended up falling off the bed it was so strong a feeling as I pretended it was my step daddy’s cock pressing on my pussy. I wanted him so much to fuck me even then once I knew more about sex from some of the older girls at school.

“The closest I got was putting the vibrator inside me and I was really surprised being just 11 that it went in all the way no trouble but no wonder I was so excited I got pretty wet there, After that I did it often, pretending it was him but I waited another seven years for him to actually do it to me.”

“That’s an interesting story Jenny I’m glad you shared that with me as it’s nice to know what turns you young girls on. Talking of that, you two seem quite close so have you been experimenting together, a strap-on dildo perhaps?”

“Heavens no,” says Jenny. “We haven’t come to that although it sounds fun. I wouldn’t know where to get one of those things anyway. We just like kissing and sharing our tongues a lot but we do go down on each other sometimes, that’s true isn’t it Alison?”

“Oh yes, yes. Jenny is just something out of this world. The only curly hair you ever see on her pussy is my tight blonde curls with my head buried in there,” she says boldly, ending with a laugh.

The chatter remains light and convivial for Felicity to raise the mood setting to the next level as she cracks the second bottle of wine and fills their glasses.

“Okay girls, so you are here and you obviously like sex both of you. What’s the real problem? Tell me what you want most of all? Is it just a vaginal orgasm or something even better?”

Surprisingly, the meeker Alison speaks first. “Doctor, Jenny and I have discussed this several times being, you know, pretty close, and we just can’t get a man to stay the distance with us in bed long enough to give us a vaginal orgasm. I haven’t even had an orgasm from my g-spot inside my pussy because I don’t know how to find the damn thing.”

Jenny joins in. “That’s right, it’s a big let down when a guy gets inside you and goes for his life thinking I’m on cloud nine and next thing he’s done. They all get so worked up fucking me they are fucked before I come and I’m really sick of it. Maybe I should put an ad in the paper for Superman or maybe a robot that can keep going real hard until I can’t stand it any longer and come big time. That’s what we two are missing out on.”

Felicity feels extra good now. She decides to strike. She gets out from behind her desk and walks up to them, stroking each girl gently on the sides of their faces and around their neck, sending a little shiver through Alison in particular. “You poor things,” she moons. “It’s so terrible when a man lets you down like that and I know how you feel because there wouldn’t be a woman anywhere who hasn’t felt disappointed in sex. I know I’ve had my disappointments too so I know how you both must feel.

“Let’s finish this bottle of wine, I think there’s a way I can help you both,” she asserts, thinking more about how she can help herself to them. The girls finish their fourth glass and it’s just enough to make them relax more wondering if their little ruse will work and if they’ll ever get to see the fucking machine, let alone try it out.

“Girls the reason I asked you if it’s purely the vaginal orgasm you’re after or something even better is because sexual satisfaction is about stimulating the mind, not just the sex organs and erogenous zones of our bodies. The best sex starts and is driven from your brain. For example, if your boyfriend wants sex and your mind says no, it’s not the right time for whatever reason, you’re not going to get

turned on are you? Being dry down there is no fun and especially if he’s got a bigger than average one you need to be really turned on “ Both teenagers nod, agreeing readily as though they’ve been there and found it out.

“Let me ask you young ladies a simple question....when you fantasise touching yourself does your mind wander to you imagining yourself doing things you wouldn’t normally do? Something taboo sort of?”

“What do you mean exactly?” asks Jenny making out that they’re fairly innocent despite throwing out signals to the older woman that the teenagers have leanings towards each other.

“Well, I’ll try to explain, for example men have different fantasies to women and like all fantasies we enjoy them privately but it doesn’t mean we actually go out there in the big wide world and actually carry them out. Of course, some people do but most don’t. “Jenny, what did you fantasise most about when you first discovered the sexuality of your body?”

Jenny’s at home on this one.”My daddy, I used to touch myself shutting my eyes pretending he was touching me and it was his fingers inside me and then his cock was inside me and I got really turned on.”

“That’s nice and normal; how about you Alison?”

“Well, I guess I’m pretty much like Jenny there, I’m an only child too and since I was nine my daddy – he’s really strict and religious like – I sunbake at home in our private courtyard and he puts the cream all over me to protect my skin and every time he goes over my pussy I get so wet I wish he’d put his fingers inside me and something more. He’s been doing it all those years right up to now with me naked (Ch 12) and even though I’m old enough for him to do it, he doesn’t go any further and it drives me crazy wanting him to go that bit further as I love him so much being really good to me since I was adopted as a baby.”

Dr Felicity is feeling her way into a compromising situation with the two young spunks. “That’s good too, Alison, and while you girls think that way growing up you might be surprised to know that most men, even the religious ones, have fantasises about young nubile bodies. To them, there’s few things more exciting as something that’s out of reach yet so close, for example putting their fingers into a prepubescent daughter and giving her an orgasm and for some, going all the way just imagining them enjoying it like an older girl would. It’s a man’s big kick but very few will ever admit to it that’s why fantasies are fun, it’s where adults can indulge deliciously and come without the guilt.

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