Manipulating Jenny Ch. 16


He orders her to sit on the side of the bed and fondle his penis as he just sits and stares at Jenny tied to the cane chair, legs up and over the armrests in a stunning picture of bondage beauty he'll remember for a long time. Alison's got his erection back and he almost thanks her, remembering just in time after daydreaming looking at the dark haired sexpot bound with rope right in front of him. "Untie your friend, it's your turn to be tied up now, only something different," he barks at the blond.

Jenny, free of her bonds, demands to know what he's going to do to Alison, making out she's worried about her but inwardly hoping it's something extra saucy. "Mind your tongue you puffy nipple slut, I don't answer to you. Get your arse on the side of the bed here and start fingering yourself for me; I want to see how a teenager like you plays with herself."

Jenny does as she's told and masturbates, leaning back on one elbow and letting him see her part her outer lips for him and then start swirling her fingers around her clit. Alison stands there watching her too, and the man in the ski mask suddenly realises he must stay on top of the situation and not get dumbstruck by what he sees. He grabs Alison's arm and pulls her into his body, imagining any red blooded burglar seeing her naked would do the same. "Give me your mouth blonde, show me how you kiss a stranger who's about to fuck you," he says with lecherous intent.

Alison reciprocates and enters into a passionate embrace that makes his erection stand hard against her flat tummy. This is his daughter for God's sake, he's thinking, she's sweet 18 and about to be fucked. Her tongue plays games with him and she grabs him in a tight mouth to mouth Hollywood style embrace and it's so horny he nearly comes in his pants. He pushes her away and smiles behind the mask and talks nasty. "You know how to kiss don't you for a young slut your age. Is that how you go about your job interviews?"

"Yes," she lies. He places the palms of his hands around her bulbous breasts, so big yet so firm but he knows about their sensuality as he massaged them with suntan creams every summer since she was nine and watched them grow inch by inch over the years. He tells Jenny to shift herself to the chair and keep fingering because he wants her pussy to be extra wet, and picks Alison up and dumps her on the bed.

"Lie still and spread your arms and legs out while I tie you to the corner posts and you'll only speak if I want you to say something. Is that understood you wet pussy teenager. Look at you, big firm tits, shaved wet cunt, you're not bad looking and the best you can do with yourself is to pick up with another dame your own age and make out like a lesbian. You'd better tell me you like more cock. Well, tell me!"

"Yes I want more cock. Put it in me, put it up me as far as it can go, cum all over me, come in my face," she replies testily.

"Now that's more like it. Nothing better than a woman who knows her place is beneath a man. I'm going to see how your black hair ponytail friend can handle a stiff cock now and you can watch me shag her while you're lying on your back with that lovely pussy sitting up begging for me. And while you're in that position you just think yourself lucky I didn't bring the boys with me tonight, they love a good gang bang, there's only eight of them."

He orders Jenny to get off the chair and let him sit on it and then sit down on his cock facing him so he can enjoy her breasts and sexy mouth while she rides him. As her vulva sinks down on his shaft her vagina lips spreading wide to accommodate his thick girth, she lets out a loud sigh but it's not a sigh of relief it's a sigh of exhilaration feeling his sturdy shaft find its way up her passage.

"You're nice and tight you sexy fucker," he tells her. "I bet you've done this with your daddy back home. Bet he taught you real well when you were just at the age when girls get nice filled out sexy bums even if they don't have tits. I bet you were one of those girls with a sassy arse and a sucker for a man's penis because you didn't have one of your own. Penis envy they call it and it was only because of penis envy someone invented the vibrator and dildo so women can do it on their own."

She doesn't answer him because that's really what she wanted to happen when she was ten but her stepfather made her wait until she turned eighteen much to her chagrin. Jenny doesn't suffer from penis envy; she can get it whenever she wants it. The closest thing to envy was waiting eight years until she was old enough from the time she first wanted to feel it inside her after finding out in the schoolyard that some girls that age could describe it to her annoyed they could get it and she couldn't yet she was twice as pretty as them. She sure makes up for it now riding up and down on the beastly burglar's thick shaft.

She's really at home riding on a man's cock and enjoying the feeling of its hardness and incredible thickness inside. This one feels so good that with every little twist she makes in his lap it sends shivers up and down her spine. He's sucking on her erect nipples and stretching them out with his lips as she leans back a bit, his cock buried completely out of sight inside her love nest and she stops bouncing up and down on it and just vibrates her hips hard without moving for a different kind of stimulation.

He's done both breasts over and over and grabs her around the back of her head and pulls her mouth on to his, savouring her luscious full lips so muscular yet so sensuous. His wife never kissed him like this and it's not easy wearing a ski mask but as long as their mouths meet in the space provided that's all that matters. Alison's watching him, and what she sees is something she never thought possible -- the incredible transformation of her foster father in just one day from a disciplined churchgoer, so devout in correct behaviour and decent morals having her spreadeagled naked on the bed, her arms and legs tied to the four corner posts and watching him in a spooky face mask sitting naked on a chair with her friend Jenny riding his cock and the two of them locking lips in passionate embrace.

All this because at Jenny's instigation she invited her over to see if she can encourage her boring but otherwise nice daddy to be a bit risqué with the suntan cream massage. In Alison's mind Jenny is so manipulative with men, she gets what she wants and makes out that it's the man making it happen so its feeds his ego and she knows men like to feed their egos. She just presses the right buttons using her exhibitionist nature to hook them and wind them in like fish on a line.

What amazes Alison most now is the extent her father has gone to playing out the nasty burglar rapist bit, but after all she did remind him to call on his earlier acting experience with the amateur repertory group even though that was more than 15 years ago. Jenny's delighted and the rougher he wants to sound bossing them around with crude talk the more she's turned on because in fantasy -- not in real life -- this is sexy playtime from the norm and right now he's revelling in not being himself today.

For a man starved of hot passionate sex for most of his life Charlie's got his two angels right where he wants them, stripped to the bare essentials and taking orders from him so that anything he wants he gets. He glances across to one of them lying flat on her back tied to the bed's corner posts and realises yet again what a beautiful young woman she's turned out to be and better still, not just sexy looking but downright dirty in sex.

He orders Jenny to get up and push her quim into Alison's quivering face on the bed to repay her for what she did when she was tied to the chair. He's getting his kicks making them do something sexually stimulating for him to watch and why not? No one ever knows how long they've got to live, so he's making the best of this opportunity while he can get away with it. When his prudish wife returns after the weekend it will never be the same again.

There's so much he wants to do with the two nude teenagers that he doesn't know what to do in the time available; he wishes he had a whole seek to spin it out and make every sexual act something to be upstaged by the one that follows. One thought is to screw them both in both barrels -- that's four on the floor in sports car jargon with their hands and knees on the floor, their generous genitals and anus entries sitting up approvingly.. He won't waste time so he gets Jenny to untie Alison after her 15-minute face sitting comes to a climax.

"What are you going to do with us?" Jenny asks feigning fear in her voice. "I'll tell you what I'm not going to do you cheeky smart arse, I'm not letting you two get out of this lightly until I've done you both over good and proper. It's horny to make you two perform for me and show me how you masturbate but I've just thought of something I really like to do and I was going to put it off until later after drilling you babes both up the bum one after the other side by side. Instead I'll go to plan B and that might be more fun."

"What is it you want from us?" Alison asks. "Just don't hurt us mister."

"Get your teenage arses into the bedroom and put on some nice sexy clothes, little panties and bra; I'm going to give you an idea of what it's like to be touched up in the dark when you're in a place when the lights suddenly go out."

Jenny likes the sound of that, it reminds her of the scary occasion she was groped by someone in the subway when the train's lights went out for 10 minutes when it stopped underground waiting the driver to get instructions to proceed because of a problem on the tracks at the next station.

The two women are going through Alison's wardrobe and fortunately she's got some low cut bras that Jenny can just fit into and there's no shortage of sexy silk thongs. They return to find him sitting at the end of the bed still in his black ski mask and holding his crowbar but soon he'll be holding his cock that will have the look of a bar worth crowing about.

Alison's wearing one of her daytime office skirts that fall just above the knees and a cotton shirt that is held together with press studs while Jenny's opted for a mid to knee length mini skirt with a zipper at the side and a nylon blouse with buttons.

"Right, the two tarts have returned," he remarks crustily. "I was about to come and get you. If you had any ideas about trying to escape don't even think about it or you'll suffer."

"How do you think you're going to touch both of us up in the dark at the same time buster and what if we put up a fight?" Jenny asserts.

"Because my smart arse black pony tail I'm putting one of you out of action until I have my fun with her friend and then I'll do the other one next. In fact you with the big mouth, you can stand over here and I'll tie your blond friend up to this post. Lift your hands up nice and high. He ties Alison's wrists as she holds them aloft and then binds her ankles together so she can't move.

"And now my sexy dark haired ponytail Latina you're taking a short cut down this alley after working back late to get to your car and it's a real dark laneway. You know you shouldn't go down those dangerous sorts of places in the night time. Lots of weirdos hang about there. You should've stuck to the main street where there were cars and lighting but no, you couldn't be bothered taking the long way back to your car so dangerous people like me hang about waiting for someone stupid like you to come along and sure enough, there's always a woman silly enough to believe she lives in a perfect world and thinks nothing will ever happen to her if she takes a risk. You see, I love people like you -- stupid but sexy. I can't wait to feel what's under your shirt and your skirt."

His description puts the wind up Jenny especially when he says it in such a steely monotone voice. With Alison tied up he gets Jenny to stand where she is and leaves the room to put all the lights in the house out. It's a cloudy night and the wind is whistling in the tall shrubs outside the bedroom window. Even though the window's shut in the pitch darkness the sound of the bushes blowing back against the window frame seems eerie.

Jenny doesn't know where he's gone, he's taking ages to come back again, except that it's a big place and he went to put all the lights out. She stands there waiting, and waiting and waiting in the pitch black of the room. It's scary just standing in the middle of the room and she whispers to Alison, "Are you okay Alison, it's real spooky, I didn't know it would be this dark." She hears Alison whispering something back but before she can answer a big hand suddenly goes over her mouth and her left arm is pulled behind her back. "Where do you think you're going little lady?" the voice breathes in her ear, sending a shiver through her. It's not Alison's father, this voice is different. She freezes. "You shouldn't hang about in dark places. If you know what's good for you just stand still and don't try to run or I'll stick this into you and your pretty dress won't be worth wearing again."

Jenny near seizure. It's like the same man in the railway carriage. Her mind is racing in confusion thinking where's Alison's father and how did this man that she never got to see that time in the darkened railway carriage where he groped her, know she was here?

She can feel his heavy breathing in her ear, just like before. "Lady I've got news for you I know you think your daddy's playing a game as a burglar because I've been watching for a while now and your daddy's in the kitchen out cold so I'm here to take care of you. Mmm, nice set of tits you've got." She feels his hand reefing her shirt out from where it's tucked in and a pair of big hands are coming up from the sides and pawing her breasts, grabbing the straps from over her shoulder and pulling the clips undone at the back so the garment falls to the floor in the dark.

His hands are now all over her breasts, mauling them and stretching her nipples so they stand out erect. Jenny's frozen to the spot frantic. His hands are under her skirt feeling between her legs and getting inside the skimpy silk thong. He moves swiftly and expertly and his hands are mauling her bare arse as he drags the thong to one side and plays with her clit and slips his fingers inside. She's not in a sexy mood but she can't stop nature from lubricating her vagina once he stimulates her in the right places.

His face is right behind her ear and she can feel his heavy breathing. "You like being fingered don't you slut? Don't you!?" He hears a soft whimper "Yes" and is back in her ear again. "That's good and just as well slut because I know you like it because your cunt is dripping wet. Bet you come down this dark alley hoping someone can feel you up because women like you are always out looking for a fuck from a stranger because it's more exciting then isn't it, better than your old man or your dopey boyfriend."

He's got his fingers deep inside her from underneath a she stands there glued unable to move frightened he'll stick the knife into her. Suddenly he's unfastened her skirt and drags it down her legs to the floor. 'Oh my God, I don't believe this is happening,' Jenny thinks almost aloud. "Bend over you ponytail fucker," the hot and heavy breath in her ear sends shivers of the wrong kind down her spine. He's back at her ear again. "Listen to me slut, if you know what's good for you and your friend you'll shut up. The only noise I want to hear from you is to hear you moaning as I fuck you. Do you understand?" He hears only silence so he says it again, "I said do you understand or do I have to jab you and spoil that pretty body!"

Jenny whimpers back, "Yes I understand."

"What's happening? What's happening? Alison calls out from the other side of the room.

"Shut your trap sister if you know what's good for you. I'm sticking my cock into your pretty friend's cunt that's what's up and you're next," he snaps with a fierce reaction to her voice.

He breathes into Jenny's ear again and his tone is menacing. "Now listen bitch I've got two weapons here, one of them is my cock so if you've never had a thick one up you before that's too bad because you're about to find out what it's like. You teenage tarts should be able to take 10 inches no trouble, you're lucky mine isn't quite that big. Tell me you want me to fuck you. Beg for my cock. Beg me to fuck you. Come on, I want to hear you and if I don't hear any moans when I'm fucking you you're in big trouble"

"Fuck me, please fuck me. I want your big cock in me" Jenny says in a soft plaintive voice but Alison can hear her still believing it's her daddy in a class act. He's breathing hot air in Jenny's ear again as if he's panting in uncontrollable passion. "Where do you want me to put my cock lady? Where!"

"In my pussy, I'm wet."

"No don't give me that shit. What do you call it when you're feeling dirty and sexy and you'll do anything, what is it? Where do you want my cock?"

"In my pussy, in my pussy," she wails.

He tugs her by her ponytail. "Not good enough darling, try again, where do you want it real bad?"

"In my cunt. In my cunt," she sobs.

"That's more like it. Don't pussyfoot around with me you teenage try-me-out. So you think saying cunt it's a dirty word eh? Well every woman I've fucked gets down and dirty when she's hot and they say things to make my hair curl so you start learning now I'm shoving it into you."

Jenny feels the full girth of his broad seven inches pushing in and meeting her natural resistance so he pushes harder and it slides all the way up her vagina making a loud "Ohh!" escape from her lips. He's got her by the hips starting to thrust rapidly in his excitement to be screwing such a gorgeous young thing.

In the dark she can only feel the thickness of his predator penis pushing into her making her moan constantly with every hard thrust. She can't turn around in case he's got a knife like he said. He's pummelling her hard, so hard as she's bending over that it's making her head jerk back and forth. "You need this you hot arse slut so keep moaning your head off I like the sound of a woman enjoying my cock," he grunts greedily.

He's rough as guts but Jenny's so wet it helps to defray any damage to her vagina. He grabs her pony tail and reefs her head back so he can grunt into her ear. "You better tell me you're enjoying this bitch. Sing it out you like it!"

She's caught between a cock and a hard place and whether she's terrified or not the psychological sensation that a man's penis is pounding her, right up inside her body, is undeniably sexy and although she hates this monster of a man she's uncontrollably turned on as she answers his demands in a jerky, broken voice as her head bounces back and forth. "Ye..e.s! y..yy..yees!'!" she pants.

He's increased his thrusts to something like a frenzy after getting inside her 15 minutes ago and all she can think of is that her little game has got out of control and instead of Alison's daddy mock raping them as a dressed up burglar a complete stranger has got into the house and taken advantage of the situation. Knowing she's been taken by force in the dark sends confused messages to her brain: she's frightened but can't stop the fast rising sensations, the passionate heat of what's happening and the electric-like pulses bouncing into her brain from the hundreds of sensitive sexual nerve endings of her vagina that's gripping his penis tight and hearing his masculine grunts while she feels so subservient and helpless bending over. The more she moans, the more she thinks of what's happening and how it feels the more she brings on her orgasm.

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