tagIncest/TabooManipulating Jenny Ch. 17

Manipulating Jenny Ch. 17


IN THIS chapter Jenny makes a surprise and somewhat raunchy reunion with her original daddy, the man who abandoned her and his wife for another woman when Jenny was a prepubescent learner, but not before his 'Smoochie' found out all about facials outside of the beauty salon. He doesn't have a clue how she'd turned out since. He's rich now and she's certainly enriched but in another way. Isn't he in for a surprise?

(Author's note: to the many female readers sending emails that they really relate to Jenny I can only say the world is a better place for your presence of mind. It seems some were like Jenny, some wanted to be like her and seem to admire her attitude and even some may be like her to this day. Wow! To what extent I can only imagine as we move into another sexy session with this cool headed hot blooded frisky female just halfway through her 18th birthday. And by the way, it's understood that maybe three quarters of female readers here may never have been, or want to be like Jenny, but they sure seem to enjoy following her experiences.

Jenny picks up her mobile phone and it's him, the blast from the past, her real daddy Ron who rang two weeks ago and wanted to meet her. Her original blast at him for deserting her mother was a highlight of their first conversation in 11 years when she demanded to know how he found out her mobile number. It's not beyond her thoughts that he's counted the years too, and knows that at 18 she's now legal for his idea of love. How did he get her cell phone number? He said he has good connections now he's very well off.

She agrees to a reunion at his nominated venue, the six-star plush Ritz Hotel where she not long ago had some unusually long fun with Mr Wilson, her boss Raymond's wealthy associate and she had to convince him to sign a lucrative but secret deal. She felt like Julia Roberts in her favourite movie Pretty Woman on that occasion -- and just as good looking -- although Mr Wilson fared better than Richard Gere did in that movie.

Jenny got a whopping $5000 bonus that week in her pay packet for getting him to sign the deal, but she doesn't know that the ever-opportunist filthy rich Raymond got twice as much from Mr Wilson if he could set it up in a faked deal and he could get her into bed. That's how far some very rich and dirty minded men are prepared to go if the young woman is a real dolly 'girl next door' cutie and twice the class of any hot bit of arse on the call girl circuit available to anyone.

Of course Raymond, her 50 year-old hopelessly horny boss, got more than Mr Wilson in more ways than one. Just look at what she's driving right now, a fully imported BMW sports cabriolet, not the kind of car the average 18 year-old gets into without lots of smart manipulating of her own. Funny though, she's not a gold digger, she just attracts gold without any prospecting.

Jenny's already decided to the reunion as a way of giving daddy Ron as she called him, a hard time for deserting her just as she was getting used to playing with his big toy and making him come hither and giving her something to lick her lips for. For Smoochie it was all innocent fun but after he left, taking his big tool kit with him it took the next 11 years of yearning for her step daddy to come to the aid of her party. Her stand-in father loved her dearly too (who wouldn't?) and knew all along she was the playful type but was strict enough to wait until she turned 18 legal and then it was time to celebrate. This is her chance to get even with her real father and make him wince for deserting her.

The long eye lashes and long black ponytail light brown Latina decides to wear the same outfit she wore to the so-called client dinner meeting at the Ritz with Raymond and Mr Wilson (hot chapter 7 'The junior sex goddess plays her best hand') the meeting where her boss went 'sick' suddenly and left her stranded in the foyer having to dine with the business magnate on her own and negotiate the business deal on her own (if you like the meaning of erotica and cat and mouse build-up of tension with hot release you should read Jenny chapter 7).

Daddy Ron's trying hard to get on side with Jenny after his shocking act of abandoning her just when a young girl needs a father more than in later years because of boyfriends and partnering. "Just let's have a drink and let me see how my little Smoochie's turned out," he says and she knows he's crawling to her. Good, she thinks too, she likes strong men not weak ones and he'll be a pushover now she's older and wiser with a mind of her own. And it's a mind where sensuality and sexuality intermix very well.

"I should hate you instead of talking to you," she scolds over the phone. "it was a mongrel thing to do with mom and the rat you were you didn't have the guts to come to her funeral and it was only a year after you went," she replies in a kind of bitter sweet tone.

"No I couldn't but I sent heaps of flowers didn't I?"

"Yeah, but a bit late wasn't it? Why didn't you give her some flowers when she was alive? Daddy I loved you so much then and we got on so well but you just walked out of my life too."

"Anyway Smoochie, I want to make it up to you somehow, but I've got to go, big meeting coming up at the agency and I've got to be there so I'll see you in the foyer at 11 tomorrow morning." Ron's really a strong man when it comes to anyone but his Smoochie otherwise he wouldn't have done so well in his more ruthless ways in getting ahead at the agency. If Jenny had him by the balls when they cavorted together before he shot through for another woman, as she did, can you imagine her at 18 with a bit of experience from older men behind her? Back then she liked to fondle them gently to please him but now she feels like she should squeeze them hard to please her.

It's a Saturday so her inquisitive and sometimes possessive boss Raymond won't see her getting dressed into something to make him wonder if she's on with another man. He's that jealous of anyone cracking on to his Jenny when he's got so many dirty ideas in mind. Her stepfather's just left for his weekly 18 holes of golf with some of his old cronies and she's just showered and glossed her nipples with the edible emollient that makes them so shiny and tasty, too.

Jenny spends a lot of time titivating herself, with real emphasis on the tit part. It's not just she may or may not get involved with some form of dalliance but just in case she ever has an accident and has to go to hospital or a medical clinic she will never leave home without being scrumptious in every respect. A magnifying glass with an eye for it wouldn't even find any buff on her muff.

In the dress Raymond gave her for the recent dinner at the Ritz she looks more like a young Hollywood starlet than a young star from the suburbs, or as one couple she overheard talking about her in the foyer that last time, she must be a supermodel. How super she thought then and it was what she needed to pluck up the courage and go to the business magnate's room on the 50th level to get Raymond's deal signed.

What a contrast to how she looked this day for the perving next door neighbour watching her at 8 o'clock in the front driveway washing her car in her size 10 super tight spandex walk shorts -- the ones with no legs -- just the legs that go into them all the way up to you know what- the big V -- vulva by name and v by shape and v for v-e-r-y sexy.

The retired bank manager always banks on Jenny wearing something short when she's out washing her flashy car on the edge of the street. He always sidles up to the young office sex siren armed with small talk and a big horn whenever he sees her so he can enjoy the view of her the spandex pulling up tight between the crack of her shapely model's size bum. The front view draws his breath too. He chats her up for no other reason but to check out a close-up view of the mountainous mound sweeping down between her legs with its cameltoe split up the centre. Of course, she knows what he's on about so she teases him deliberately knowing his wife will benefit in the long run if he's half a man and uses his imagination in the cot.

Yes indeed, she's the reason the 60 year-old bank manager's wife wonders what's got into him, wanting sex with her as much now as he did 30 years ago. He read somewhere that a psychologist said it's healthy to have fantasies when you're having sex with your partner but not always wise to tell them why you're so turned on unless it's about them. He thinks of Jenny often when he shuts his eyes and pummels his dear wife Essie. Jenny doesn't realise it but she's responsible for many an older man who's either met her, or seen her somewhere, reigniting the passion of his once boring love life at home and suddenly sending his dear jaded Jessie into long lost raptures.

The dress she's just donned for the reunion is more for the evening than the morning but it's such a stunning and exotic outfit as she admires herself in the bedroom mirror that she wants to wear it to really open his eyes to what he's walked away from 11 years ago. And when daddy Ron sets eyes on her he'll know that beautiful body was just starting to take shape with a sexy bum then when he walked out the door for a woman not half as sexy looking as Jenny would become even before her teens.

The ever attentive Raymond so much wanted Jenny to be super stunning for the meeting with his golfing crony -- the supposed business magnate 'Mr Wilson' -- he had a top dressmaker create the outfit to her 38b-22-34 personal measurements. After all, when someone is paying him $10,000 just for the opportunity to be alone with Jenny he knows that when a woman dresses real sexily she's more likely to be in the mood for sex.

The ankle length black satin dress has a full- length split up the front that goes within three inches of her crotch. As Jenny walks the gown separates from the front to show lots of bare leg and inner thighs yet is extremely elegant and in some way rather discreet. It's designed to be eye- catching but not brazen; the sort of dress a Hollywood starlet could wear with pride.

The shoulders are completely bare. Adjoining straps tie the gown at the back of the neck and the designer has created a sensational low cleavage for Jenny's big firm breasts by having parallel four-inch wide straps sweep down from the neck, crossing over the nipples of each breast and the deep vee shape leaving three inches of bare torso underneath the breasts before the gown assumes a normal full cover to the ankles -- apart from the splits! The dress does not allow for a bra to hold her jugs -- they are so firm they stand up very well without support.

Her swollen puffy nipples etch a clear outline against the sheer satin and cannot hide their size and pointy shape. Her breasts are exposed from the side profile, except where the material runs over the nipples, Because Jenny's boobs are so firm the side-on view is mind boggling. At the back the dress has a matching full length split up the centre parallel to the front one, rising to just three inches from the start of the buttocks. Anyone following behind Jenny as she walks will see lots of leg and shapely inner thighs.

She giggles to herself as she jumps in her Beamer and heads of to the hotel for the appointment. This is her chance to tease him beyond belief and make him suffer for abandoning her so young, especially after letting her play with his big toy when they got the chance and then taking it away from her to give to a woman he preferred to her mother.

In a scheming revenge mode mood she arrives at the hotel but admits to herself it would be interesting to see the sex toy she played with all those years ago, the hand gun that fired gooey white stuff every time she pulled the trigger long enough.

If daddy Ron thinks he's in for a quick lay, he's lying to himself. It's called another think coming. Jenny loves saucy sizzling sex with a real sense of adventure behind it but only if she dictates the terms. No one gets her intro bed as soon as they shut the door. Besides this reunion is all about squaring things up and she'll make good use of the opportunity as well as have a good time because she knows from way back his cock is a real gob stopper, seven inches yeah, but really t-h-i-c-k. For her, a thick dick makes a better trick.

She waits next to the foyer fountain attracting heaps of attention in her daring dress for a Saturday morning and fidgets like she did last time waiting for Raymond who didn't turn up and left her to deal with Mr Wilson on her own in this very same outfit. Then suddenly, there is he, her biological father.

Daddy Ron is much heavier now, he's put on weight since she last saw him --but after all he was 35 then and now he's 46 but on first glance times seem to have been good to him as he looks fit and healthy for a business executive.

"Smoochie" he calls out, attracting a number of glances from people in the area as he rushes up to her his arms outstretched to embrace her. "Daddy, you look different," she answers letting him embrace her as her arms encircle him and making various men in the area mutter under their breath 'lucky man.'

For all her pent up anger the instinct to embrace a father she once loved dearly shows Jenny instinctively sharing the initial joy, the hug she waited more than 10 years to get. But it hasn't altered her steely resolve to give him a hard time for upsetting her life and the way he let down his wife, her mother.

"My God, just look at you Jenny, I can't believe how you've grown so....so incredible," he fumbles as he takes in the exotic view from the top of her shiny hair top her toes. "So this is how little Smoochie turned out, a real glamour puss if I must say."

"You've put on weight daddy, look at your waist, you're getting a bit poddy in the belly don't you think, but I suppose you're an old man now so that's okay," she says starting to turn the screws on him.

"Hang on Smoochie, I'm not an old man, I'm only 46 and look, no grey hair yet."

"No but you're going bald instead, but I suppose that's a sign that you can't stay young anymore."

"Well little sugar pot there's many a man completely bald these days before they get to my age so don't knock your daddy, he's doing fine. Anyway, let's not waste time talking here I've ordered champers in a private suite so we can catch up without being interrupted by waiters and other people getting to the bar."

"You didn't have to go to all that trouble for me," she fibs, "I'd be happy just to have a drink at the bar in a swanky place like this so other men can look at me."

"Well, I don't want other men ogling at you when you're with me so that's why we'll go upstairs, come on."

He takes her hand and leads her to the elevator but Jenny discretely takes her hand away from his making out she's adjusting her hair. He looks down as she walks beside him and sees how much leg she's showing as she walks.

"Geezus Jenny, that's one helluva horny dress you've got on," he says, wishing he'd even see a bit more.

"My boss got this dress made for me, he's all over me like a rash," she boasts to annoy him. They get in the elevator with several other people and he pushes the button for floor 40 as he replies, "What else has your boss given you?"

"A BMW convertible but that's not all," she replies cheekily, raising eyebrows all around her as other occupants see how she's dressed and how dynamic she looks as the elevator speeds to its sudden stop on the 40th floor.

People in the elevator are heard chattering about them just as the door closes and he strides quickly to the private suite with sweeping views across the city.

"Well, well," she muses, "aren't we doing well to afford this pad? Are you paying for it or the business?"

"The business of course, I put it down to entertaining clients."

"So I'm a client and you're going to entertain me or am I supposed to entertain you," she says with just a hint of sarcasm. He notes the slight edge in her voice as he beckons her to the white leather lounge adjacent to the suite's own bar.

He opens the champagne and pours them, a glass each, toasting their reunion. "Jenny I know I let you down all those years ago and you have every reason to not like me; I was all mixed up then and made lots of silly decisions in my life. The biggest mistake was walking out on our home life back then."

"So she left you, did she?"

"Yes, and took a bundle with her, the same old story but I suppose, she turned out a real bitch."

"And you left a good woman for a tart; well serves you right daddy now don't think you can cry on my shoulder when you got some of your own back. I don't hate you daddy but I suppose I should, it was real bad of you and you'll never know how much I cried at the time."

"I'm sorry," he laments way too late.

"I suppose now I'm 18 you think you can screw me just because of what we did that year before you dumped us?"

"Well Smoochie if you stop and think about it, you had a great time and we so much loved each other. Truly, I've never forgotten it."

"I suppose not. Giving your girl those facials back then is something to remember me by but don't get any bright ideas just now."

He realises this is not going to be the pushover he thought it would be judging by how she sounds now and how she used to crave for it then, besotted by its size and what happened when she played with it long enough.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" he asks to neutral the mood. "No way, I could have easily but I'm too young to be tied to any one man's opinion and besides, boys in my age group are just that- boys - compared to older men."

That gives him hope. So you think older men are okay? How many have had sex with you?"

"Daddy that's personal and it will only make you jealous, so I'll tell you. First time it was old Bill the masseur in the building where I work. He's 66 I found out later. Ha! He fixed up my knee when I hurt it and my boss sent me to him. He was bald, fattish and ugly, the kind of man I detest to look at but he was very good with his hands and on my second visit turned me on so much massaging me I couldn't help myself."

"How did he get away with that?" he asks quizzically hoping for a clue to help him out now.

"It just happened. I was on my tummy with nothing on and when he finished doing the massage the oils he was using had me on fire. I was literally burning with desire for some reason and he just pulled my bum to the edge of the massage table. I was so wet even his huge dick didn't scare me. He put his erection against me with my legs either side of him and said where it was pointing and waited to see what I'd say. I just glanced over my shoulder at him, shut my eyes and put my head down so he knew."

"My God Jenny some old geezer in his sixties screws you on the massage table? Ronald looks mortified. "A dirty fat balding old bastard fucking my teenage daughter? I can't believe it. What a mongrel!"

"Daddy it's not the age it's the way and what led up to it. No boy my age would get near this man for knowing how to turn me on. Anyway daddy if you'd not left mom and me like you did I daresay you could have been the first and a lot earlier. I knew you'd be jealous because he's had it with me and you haven't," she giggles to rub it in.

"And he had you naked, going there with a crook knee?" (Chapter 1 and 3)

"Of course daddy, lots of women probably like undressing in these private situations because it's that sense of adventure for them being a safe environment, you know. Sure, I wanted to show my body off because of how you got me sexually excited so young, I'm a real exhibitionist now. I just love turning a man on, especially when I can lead him on and the older they are the sexier it is for me because I know they must be missing out a lot."

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