Manipulating Jenny Ch. 20


"I can imagine something better than that," his friend jokes. "Just look at the size of her breasts and they're not even sagging. You know Howard; we're being rather improper just now looking at those two and noticing their bodies. I mean they're just two well developed kids, it makes me feel like I'm some kind of voyeur even just noticing them."

The shorter minister shakes his head and keeps staring at both girls who are yabbering away three-quarters on to them but not in direct eye contact. "I wonder if she's Catholic or Protestant," says the shorter of the two as he discreetly adjusts his erection. "Probably Catholic, the priests seem to get more of her type come their way than in our faith."

The taller man squirms too, adjusting himself down below and certainly afraid to let on he's getting turned on. "Yes, I know what you mean; I've always thought that, too." If only she came to my church, he mumbles to himself.

Just as he's thinking that Alison turns around and faces them but she's looking downwards so they get a good hard - really hard -- look at her totally naked body believing she's simply not wearing panties or bra under the outer clothes. The way she stands one leg slightly forward of the other and slightly apart makes her well developed broad vulva anything but vague to the naked eye of the two men of the church Ministry who may as well be singing Hallelujah.

"William I must say these modern clothes are quite interesting," the taller cleric whispers. "Just look at how that young blonde's private part there stands out; the crack is so obvious. Girls today don't seem to care if men see what they've got on under their skirts or shorts."

Jenny's turned away so her back's to them for a moment so they get a good eyeful of her tight backside as she starts to sound cranky with her boyfriend.

"Come on Billy stop trying to own me. I'm not giving up being in the church choir just to please you. Now if you want to lay me tonight you'd stop trying to talk me out of going to church every Sunday."

The two religiously learned men nudge each other when they hear Jenny make out she's in her church choir. "Pity we couldn't convert her to our congregation, we need some fresh faces," one says to the other.

To add some spice Jenny deliberately drops her car keys on the ground and bends right with her tall legs straight to pick them up, pushing her butt high in the air and showing the two Protestant ministers a stunning third dimensional full size view of her perfectly formed pussy.

It only takes a matter of seconds but she fumbles with the keys to add time on as her game continues. There won't be any protesting by the Protestants. The two church men gawk as though she's manna from heaven.

Inwardly though and without admitting it to each other, they both instantly visualise what it could be like to hold her by the hips in that bending position and be thrusting blessedly into her. They just wish Jenny was part of their Sunday worshippers' flock; she looks so flockable. Amen.

After the five-minute treatise the two girls hang up the phones and stand side on to the bedazzled church men and whisper something to each other. Before the two men can walk off Alison with Jenny alongside walks over to them and saying excuse me, asks if they have the time.

Caught unexpectedly the clergymen think the girls are that cheeky they could be putting a proposition to them without realising they're men of the cloth. It's easy for them to see the two well developed teens are not women of the cloth.

"Er, arr, what do you men do we have time?" the shorter man stutters.

"No, sir, I said do you have the time, not do you have time," Alison pouts. It's just another excuse Jenny cooked up so they could engage two people of supposedly impeccable characters and be able to say later they spoke to church men while in the nude.

"Oh, I'm sorry young lady," the embarrassed Protestant minister fumbles. "Er, yes the time, it's, arr, exactly 6.30."

"Thanks," Alison says gaily. "Oh by the way do you like our lovely new sports gear we are promoting for a clothing store?" she asks innocently but with a sparkle in her eyes the men can't resist noticing.

"Ah, yes, hmm, yes they're very nice; very comely if you know what I mean. I see you're both dressed the same as each other," he says not really knowing what to say.

Jenny jumps into the conversation unable to hold herself back. "It's a new line and we're just promoting this particular brand called Nude. Do you think our outfits are a bit too tight? One lady had a go at us because we're not allowed to have any underwear on under these being so tight, yeah."

The two men raise their respectable eyebrows. "Oh so you don't wear anything under the clothes like we thought, I mean like people must think," says the tall one taking a closer look.

"I must say young lady I hope they're paying you lots of money to go out in public and advertise their brand because...well...humph," clearing his throat, "I've got to say I've never seen a woman's figure stand out quite like you two right now."

Jenny laughs teasingly. "Oh you mean our nipples; yeah they do stick out now the night air is coming down. Sir, can you do us a favour and bless our outfits so we can have some good luck; we're hoping to get full time work with the agency?"

The shorter clergyman standing closer to Alison looks puzzled. "It's a rather strange request out here in a shopping mall, but I suppose we could do that. We're always keen to help clean living young women of good character -- as well as naughty ones too, of course," he confesses.

The taller clergyman closest to Jenny nods agreement. "Yes we could do that but what kind of blessing were you thinking of? There are all kinds you know."

Jenny looks at Alison and takes the initiative. "Just let us each take your right hand and we'll hold it over our heart and you say something simple like asking the Good Lord to protect us and help us be successful in all we do and of course, for our new outfits to help us get fulltime jobs."

"Well I suppose that's not too much to ask. Shall we indulge these young ladies William?

"Yes I think so," says the younger of the two men.

Jenny flashes her eyes at Alison and she gets the message knowing what Jenny's got in mind so they both do it at the same time. She takes the taller man Howard's hand and promptly clamps the palm of his hand fair and square over her burgeoning right breast. Alison mimics her a fraction of a second later taking her cue.

Both clergymen are caught by surprise and utter a shocked "Oh!" but Jenny keeps her hand on top of his and tells him to say his little prayer while his hand's on her heart.

"My God, I've forgotten what I was going to say," the astonished cleric mumbles. "Miss, this feels like bare skin," he says with a shudder not game to move.

"Actually it is," she say, moving her hand off his and sliding his palm across her erect nipple and around to the side so he could feel the shape of her breast. "We're wearing painted on body suits but you've still got to bless us please."

Alison's taking a copy cat lead from her more experienced friend and with similar results.

Both men of the cloth have their hand clasped around a buxom bare breast of two teenagers just a year out of high school. Embarrassed yet equally excited they each mumble a little blessing the girls asked for and after what seemed five minutes but was about three, they take their hands away and stand back to admire them full length close up and personal.

"Are you telling us that you're both topless, just wearing those pants to be decent?" the one called William asks.

"Yeah that's right, pretty good eh, you two couldn't tell the difference," the dark long hair pony tail Latina tells them.

"I find this most extraordinary, I'd have to see it to believe it," says Howard, the taller one.

"You mean you'd have to feel it to believe it," Jenny giggles, and sounding impish more like a 14 year-old junior high school teen than the voluptuous 18 year-old conniving exhibitionist that she is.

"Yep, but don't tell anyone we're showing you to prove it but all we're wearing all over is just stage actors' paint," she confesses. "See, that's my special piercing down there, you know, lots of girls our age have them, but you wouldn't see that if I was wearing real pants would you?"

She pushes her hips forward in a gesture for a better look, both men looking at each other goggle-eyed and then going to the spot. Even with all their strict religious teaching and good morals, at some stage of a church man's life he's a moral to bend the rules and be like any other man given the right circumstances. They both look harder, not believing their luck.

"I still can't believe it," Howard mutters, looking harder than ever and feeling harder than ever. "If you hadn't told me I'd never known the way you've been painted makes it look like real clothes over you."

She grabs his hand again and before he can wrench it free she puts it under her breasts and pushes it up and down making him jiggle her tits.

"See they're real, would you like to feel me anywhere else to be sure?"

"Oh heavens no, I mean it would, I wish we, arr, it's not the kind of behaviour we should display in front of a young woman, touching her body."

"Okay then we're going now," Jenny announces. Will you remember what you saw?"

"How could we ever forget," the shorter man with the longer uncut dick replies. "Anyway, how old are you two girls?"

"We're both seventeen in our last year," Jenny fibs to inject more shock value into the clergymen's unexpected experience.

"Incredible, two totally naked schoolgirls walking through a public domain wearing just paint. How do you get away with that? Isn't there any parental guidance in your homes? What if you get found out?" the taller cleric asks with a shocked expression. | "Well we don't go around telling people we're naked or our age, but you two were different so we told you."


"Well sir, it's simple, when we got off the phone we noticed you both standing close by talking and we figured we'd love to tell someone just to get a reaction and who better but someone from the church who's respectable and won't see us get into any trouble for just being ourselves like in a dare. Besides we thought men who preach the gospel might see us as like this but not think anything dirty, you know, being so moralistic sort of."

"And you two young women dressed so provocatively think that members of a religious order are not like real people, don't have the same feelings?"

"Yep, I guess so on one hand but on the other hand maybe they have stronger feelings when they see something raunchy," as she starts to edge away thinking it's time to get out of there while the going's good.

"I think we should go, we've got to get changed," she excuses.

"Yes I think you should get home before someone puts the police on to you and embarrasses your parents if you end up in court for indecent exposure," says the older cleric. "Still, in your favour I must confess you both look quite stunning with such beautiful, figures, a real picture of natural beauty."

"Like something out of the Garden of Eden?" Alison jokes.

"Arr, don't tell anyone I said so but you two put Eve well and truly in the shade and don't tell anyone we allowed you to put our hand on your heart to bless you, now get going and bless you both -- again."

On their way back to the car they have to walk past four baseball capped rapper youths bouncing a basketball and throwing it to each other. They walk a bit faster but can't escape the wolf whistles from boys obviously still school age.

"Hey look at the tits on these hot Bitches," one calls out. "Woof woof betcha like getting it doggie darling!" his mate shouts.

"Are you wet and waiting for it?" another laughs and they join in singing "Does your mommy know you're out looking for cock around the block."

"Hey, I've got a big one honey, just ask my teacher!"

"Woo woo look at that arse. Fuckin' hot little hoe!"

"Come back sluts you haven't sucked us off yet."

Jenny and Alison scurry to their car and they're glad to be heading home pleased that their daring experiment fooled the many onlookers, men and women, into thinking they were wearing very raunchy outfits. But the coup de gras for Jenny was adding another feather in her cap in a long line of prick teasing behaviour. She can now claim two church leaders in her collection of men she's been able to sexually tease without them ever knowing she deliberately targeted them and made it happen.

They head back to Alison's house so Jenny can drop her off and head home to shower off the body paint. In the morning they've arranged to go in Jenny's car to the body piercer Jenny calls the ring master so Alison can be checked out for inserting an arousal ring somewhere very private.

Jenny's told her having her pussy pierced has helped ring bells down there even when she's not even feeling sexy.

"What's this man like Jen? I took a risk with the body painter but this is a bit different."

"The guy who fixed my crook knee (chapter 1) put me on to him' he's the older brother of the masseur I went to and oh yeah, wait until you see his collection."

"What do you mean, his collection?"

"Well he's done so many he keeps a big portfolio of his work in big landscape binders. I'll be in there now and you can see a picture of me before he started and when it was finished, just close-ups of course."

"Yeah, okay but how would I know it's you if there's that many to look through?"

"Oh he keeps them in date order and takes a picture of every girl's face just to go with the piercing pictures. He just puts in a face photo, a first name and age. Nothing personal."

"No, just pictures of her pussy," Alison laughs.

"What about chicks our age?"

"Are you kidding? Most of his work comes from females 15 to 30 he's done a few guys too. He'll have a look at you and going by your shape he'll know what to advise because all chicks are built different even though we're basically the same down there."

"Didn't you get nervous?"

"Oh shit yeah, but he knew how to calm me down;

"Did it hurt? Was it scary?"

"Scary in the mind when you first get there and you see that the guy's not exactly Prince Charming and he's old enough to be your father but he knows what he's on about. I even told him he must get tired of seeing so many chicks without their pants."

"Yeah? You said that? What did he say?

"He just laughed and slapped my backside and said a man never gets tired of seeing the pivotal part of a woman's sexuality."

"Was he rough?"

"Nah, look it only stings for a bit when he puts the needle in but it's over in a few seconds. It's pretty erotic though the way you've got to sit there legs wide apart while he works on you."

"Come on Jenny I know you well enough to know that's the real reason you went there in the first place, just so you could turn the guy on knowing he's a professional and can't do anything out of order. You really like it don't you when you know a guy's looking at your body."

"Yeah, why not, it's no good going to your grave keeping it to yourself. Hey Alison, wise up, we don't keep perfect figures forever. I'd sooner a man seem me tight and just right than when I'm twice as old and not in the same shape. Besides, I can't help it if I'm highly sexed, it's my mother's libido I take after; she was really something."

"Jenny you've got me out of my shell a real lot but I'm still not as hot to trot as you are; I don't get turned on as easily as you"

"Maybe not but you're getting there, I can tell you enjoyed showing off tonight."

"I agree but it wasn't exactly like sex with a stranger was it. Well not in the real sense."

"Alison why don't you wait and see how you feel when the ring master checks you out tomorrow."

NEXT: A visit to the body piercer becomes an erotic opportunity of another kind as Jenny sets her blonde friend Alison up for something she didn't expect.

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