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This story was strongly inspired by AnonymousPerv's fantastic Mannequin X. I hope he doesn't mind me doing my own take on the same situation - I intend it as my highest form of flattery.


I smiled wryly at the naked mannequin at the front of the conference room and thought again what an unusual career I'd had since leaving university.

Some of my classmates had entered the automotive or aeronautical professions and others had gone into nanotech or even the space industry. I decided to use my engineering degree to develop sex toys.

Rob, the head of research and development at the company was a friend of my parents and offered me a job when I graduated and I thought it would be an interesting challenge so agreed.

The first project I was involved with was a totally waterproof vibrator that would operate properly when submerged up to 5 feet under water. It was surprisingly difficult to make it waterproof but also allow the batteries to be replaced but we managed it after considerable trial and error. I don't mind saying I tested the final product thoroughly in the bath.

Once the waterproof vibrator was on the shelves, I was then given a project of my own to run - a new sex doll that was intended to be as similar to the real thing as possible and should also be fully jointed and able to hold any pose it was put into.

Rob dealt with the clients but I led the engineering team - me, Billy, and Simon. It may have been my first project in charge but mostly it was an interesting challenge to be solved.

The skin was very difficult to mimic. We started with similar materials to existing male masturbatory sheaths but we came up with our own methods for adding pores and faint lines and even gossamer-thin hairs. Eventually, we managed to almost perfectly mimic every aspect of a female human body and had built two prototypes.

The research and development took over a year and was funded partly by outside investors with an interest and a view to exporting the final product overseas.

Today was the final demonstration of what the investment had built. I have a habit of arriving early for meetings but I made sure to arrive to this one even earlier than usual and set up Lexi, one of our two prototypes ready for the demo.

It was an incredibly important meeting - the future of the entire company rested on the success of a product we had worked on for over a year. But I felt a lot calmer and ready for the demo now that I was in the room with Lexi ready to go.

Lexi was a thin, beautiful nubile blonde doll, named after and slightly resembling porn star Lexi Belle. The other prototype was referred to as Alia, after Alia Janine, and was a more hour-glass voluptuous shape with large breasts and round bum and hips.

Both dolls were designed to resemble models we scanned and measured in minute detail. Sometimes I wondered what they thought about the idea of men all over the world screwing them, at least in effigy.

Just as I was thinking what it must be like, Rob burst into the room, looking flustered.

"Nikki - there you are!"

"Here I am," I agreed, "where is Alia?"

"There's a problem with Alia."

"What?" I stood up and started towards the door to go see to whatever had happened.

"There's no use," said Rob, holding his arm out in my path.

"What happened?" I asked urgently.

"An accident in transit. A silly series of events that led to her falling over and getting cut on the sharp edge of a workbench. Just dumb luck."

The downside of making dolls so real is that they are no more resilient than real people. If an accident would harm a person, it would also harm one of our dolls.

"Maybe we can fix her before they arrive."

"It'll take hours and they're due in minutes."

I took a minute to collect myself and think things through.

"Well at least we have Lexi - I guess we'll have to make do with just one doll."

"We've told them there will be two. They're expecting two."

"Well we'll just have to explain. I'm sure they'll understand."

"I'm not so sure," said Rob in a dour tone. "They might think we aren't reliable enough to trust with the full project and take their money to a rival."

Rob looked distraught - without the investors' funds, we couldn't afford to set up the machines necessary for mass production. We would be left with the two prototypes we already had and however many more we could manufacture by hand in the same process, which just wasn't cost effective. Either every doll we built would be prohibitively expensive to buy or we would sell them at a loss.

"Well what else can we do?" I asked in exasperation.

"We could go back to Billy's idea to have the doll and a real model side by side for comparison," said Rob eventually.

"We'd never be able to get a model here in time," I said. It seemed it was my turn to be pessimistic.

"Maybe someone in the building," suggested Rob. Then his eyes turned to me with an odd expression.

There aren't very many women in the company and I could see where he was going with that idea.

"Now, hang on, I'm no model," I said emphatically.

"You're the closest to Alia in the building."

"The Alia doll has G cup breasts. Mine are, well, much bigger than that. And a totally different shape!"

"They don't know exactly what she looks like - just that she's more voluptuous than Lexi, and you match that description if you don't mind my saying."

"That doesn't make me a model!" I said, desperately. "And anyway, I need to talk the investors through the features."

I knew that for the comparison to work properly, I would have to pretend to be a mannequin like Lexi so they can't tell immediately which is which.

"The comparison will speak for itself and I can answer most questions they might have. Look, you're the best option we've got. Could we get away with just one doll? Maybe. But having a model next to Lexi would give us the best chance."

He wasn't wrong. And I knew the stakes. Then I realised I was actually considering it - stripping off and standing naked in front of stranger investors as well as Rob, Billy, and Simon, my colleagues. Naked. How could I actually be considering doing something so outrageous? It was impossible. I couldn't do it. But I was thinking about it.

"It may be the only way to save the company," said Rob softly, a little imploringly.

"That's not fair!" I said. "Oh, fine, I'll do it. But tell Billy and Simon not to get any ideas."

"Fantastic! Thank you, Nikki." Rob looked at the clock.

"Okay, I'd better do it before I change my mind," I said, unbuttoning my blouse.

I put my blouse and skirt on the conference table. Then I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra and let the girls out. My enormous tits exploded into the open, dropping just a little, their conical rocket shape jutting out proudly. My bra is much too small, to try and keep the girls under control and minimise their size as much as possible at work.

Rob gasped, his eyes bugging out, glued to my chest. I just shrugged - he would see the goods eventually anyway, so I carried on. I slipped off my knickers, revealing a neatly trimmed strip of pubic hair, and placed my underwear and heels on top of my other clothes on the table.

Rob finally snapped himself out of his obsession with my tits and picked up the pile of my clothes and started out the door.

"Hey, where are you going with them?"

"Wouldn't want you changing your mind. I'll put them in your office. I'll warn Billy and Simon that you're filling in for Alia so they don't give it away when they see you. Try to get into character as it were - I'll be back with everyone when they arrive. Remember, don't move a muscle until I say so - no matter what they may say."

And with that, he was gone.

I strongly considered chasing after him and taking my clothes back but I knew our plan was the best chance we had so I decided to follow his advice. I stood next to Lexi and adopted a similar pose, my arms back and my chest forward, accentuating my enormous rocket tits.

It took a few minutes to control my fears and work out how to breathe without it showing with my chest rising and falling. With practice, I managed to allow my eyes to glaze over and set my neutral expression, my mind going elsewhere.

For the next two or three minutes, I stood motionless, breathing without any appearance of it externally, my mind elsewhere but observing the scene. I could see most of the room from my vantage point though my eyes were fixed and unmoving.

Eventually, the door opened again and Rob came in, this time leading a procession of four other people: two strangers I presumed to be Mr Jennings and Miss Evans, the investors, and my two colleagues on this project, Billy, an 18 year old spotty intern, and Simon, a materials expert in his late 40s with a pot belly and greying hair.

The two investors looked pleased and moved closer for a better view of me and my doll counterpart while the others stifled expressions of shock and watched from a distance.

"Incredible," breathed Miss Evans as she looked closely at Lexi's face. She must have been able to make out her individual pores she was so close.

"Amazing," Mr Jennings agreed, examining my right eye in great detail.

"I'm glad you like them," said Rob. Billy and Simon sat at the conference table and ogled me.

"Remarkable detail," said Jennings as he moved his attention to my left arm, which he touched softly.

"I can feel the bone beneath the supple flesh!" said Miss Evans with excitement as she squeezed Lexi's bicep.

Mr Jennings did the same to me and grunted in approval.

"Are they everything you hoped?" asked Rob hopefully. "As I explained in the lobby, the head engineer on this project couldn't be here today due to a last minute emergency but I'm sure she would be pleased to know her hard work - the work of the whole team - is appreciated."

"They certainly do seem very realistic," agreed Jennings, though he sounded like he had reservations.

"I'm not so sure about that one," said Miss Evans, pointing to me. "She's so over the top! Those tits are entirely implausible, especially on that frame. Who designed her, a 13 year old boy?" she turned to look meaningfully at Billy as she said the last but Billy was too mesmerised by my body to notice the implication.

"I don't know," said Mr Jennings, "there's something to be said for this sort of extreme fantasy. It may be implausible but some men might like infeasibly massive tits in their sex doll. Almost caricaturish."

At this, he prodded my left boob and smiled as he saw it fill back out when he released it. I had not considered they would want to touch the dolls when I agreed to play the part of one, though that seemed obvious now. Jennings continued prodding and probing my tits, then he started grabbing and massaging them quite vigorously.

Rob mouthed "I'm sorry - please play along" to me from the other end of the room. His expression was a mix of part anguish at my predicament and part lust. I had no doubt he would like to be in a position to feel up my girls too.

"I suppose I have to bow to your incite on that one," said Miss Evans as she too mauled Lexi's considerably smaller, though pert tits. Then she stuck out her tongue and licked her nipple. A moment later, I felt the hot wetness of Mr Jennings' tongue on my sensitive nipple too. My nipples were already erect from the cool of being undressed - otherwise, the game may have been given away by them going erect now. The dolls were designed to appear aroused at all times so their nipples don't change shape.

"It doesn't even taste rubbery," said Miss Evans.

"Seems like the real deal to me," agreed Jennings. "What about down here?"

With that, I felt the rude and insistent pressure of a finger at the entrance of my sex and I realised I was a lot more aroused that I thought I was by being naked and mauled in front of my colleagues.

"Wow, they come pre-lubed?" said Jennings, impressed.

Miss Evans felt up Lexi and came away with wet fingers too.

"Yep, ready to go" said Rob.

Miss Evans started moving Lexi's limbs around and putting her into different poses.

"That's a lot easier than I thought it would be," she said as she manipulated Lexi to look like she was playing an air guitar.

"They stay where you leave them really well," said Jennings. I was now bending over at the waist by about 30 degrees, my rocket tits hanging obscenely.

Jennings pulled one tit up to the side a bit and then let go, giggling as it slapped into the other tit like a crude Newton's Cradle. After a few slaps each way, they finally rested back in their original position.

"I would never get bored with that," he said.

"So what do they feel like to use?" asked Miss Evans.

Rob looked puzzled.

"Surely you've tested them?" asked Jennings.

The three men looked at each other and shook their heads.

"We've used dildos and vibrators on them, of course," said Rob.

"That's no substitute to actually feeling what they're like," said Mr Jennings as if explaining something quite obvious to a small child. "Well there's no time like the present," he continued, while bending me over further at the hips. Then he started undoing his belt.

"You're going to ... do that? Now?" asked Rob.

"Certainly. I wouldn't invest in a prototype car I hadn't driven or a prototype game I hadn't played."

Rob looked uneasy. He must have been unsure whether to tell him I was a real girl or carry on with the make-believe and hope for the best. It didn't really occur to me to break my pose and tell them what was going on - I had got rather used to playing along and I was determined not to show a sign that I wasn't a doll until Rob said I should.

Jennings finished undoing his trousers and pulled his cock out over his boxers, which he pushed down to his knees. His cock was about as thick as the few I had seen up close before but considerably longer. Without preamble, he offered it up to my lips and then pushed forward, holding the back of my head still.

As difficult as it was to breath without seeming to, it was vastly more difficult with a massive hard cock in my mouth.

"Nice - lube in the mouth as well. Are all the holes available?"

"Uh, yes," said Rob, as if in a daze, "oral, vaginal, and anal. And their hands can also be fashioned into shape for manual relief. For a change or in a group setting."

"That's a point. If none of you have tried them out before, why not give them a go now. Come on, the more the merrier."

Rob didn't move but the other two were up like a shot and undoing their trousers, stripping them off and leaving them strewn across the conference room floor, their hard manhoods flopping out into the open.

Miss Evans sighed a little wanly and took at seat to watch the show.

Simon was closer to me and reached my rear end first.

Billy did a passable job of not looking too disappointed as he claimed Lexi, moving her into a more traditional doggy style and impaling her swiftly. Simon similarly lost little time before stuffing his stubby cock into my slithery cunt. What he lacked in length he more than made up for in width - he was wider than any of the men I had been with as well as all of the toys I had used. And I work for a sex toy manufacturer. His thrusts were breathtaking - literally. I was finding it very difficult to breathe with Mr Jennings' long cock sawing in and out of my mouth and Simon's fat meat taking me roughly in the pussy. I started greying out a little before I worked out how to time my breaths through my nose while the cock in my mouth was at the shallow-most point of its in and out cycle.

"I think an animatronic tongue would help in the next version," said Jennings, a little breathlessly. "Aren't you joining us?" he added to Rob.

"Well, um, I guess so," he said, stripping off his trousers and boxers. He joined Billy with Lexi and started feeding his cock to her mouth.

"Hm, see what you mean about the tongue," he said, almost conversationally.

I thought about actively licking Jennings' cock but decided I shouldn't give myself away and remained zoned out.

Simon grabbed my hips and started thrusting more forcefully.

"Wow, I can feel the entrance to her throat," remarked Jennings. "You really did include every detail."

I tried to relax my gag reflex as he prodded at my throat twice more before slipping in. With panic, I realised I couldn't breathe any more as he was blocking my airway. I held my breath and hoped he wouldn't be too long.

"Can we, uh, finish inside the dolls?" he asked.

"Oh yea," said Rob. "We've developed a machine that thoroughly cleans them between uses with absolutely no effort from the owners. We'll include a machine with each doll.

"Good. Ahhhh," he said as I felt a hot stream hit the back of my throat.

Finally, he pulled out and I was able to breathe properly again.

"Right, come on, swap with me kid," said Mr Jennings to Billy.

Billy was out of Lexi like a shot and was balls deep in my mouth a moment later.

"Oh, yes," he said with relish.

I heard Billy and Simon high five over my horizontal back, which was beginning to ache. I wished they would move me into another position.

Just then, Simon came in my cunt with a long guttural grunt. When he had finished depositing all his seed in me, he pulled out with a plop and sat down at the conference table. His face was bright red and he was breathing hard.

Billy took the opportunity to move me over the table and pose my arms so they held my weight, which I was grateful for. My tits were hanging close to the tabletop and my nipples even touched the cold surface a couple of times while Billy moved me into place but I managed not to react.

Now that I was in his preferred position, Billy took his place behind me and rammed home into my sloppy cunt in one movement. Miss Evans was watching my face closely as I took Billy's cock with no change of expression. I got the impression she was a little bored as she had nothing to do but she still seemed interested in the close-up appearance of my, or the dolls' skin.

Billy kept up his relentless assault on my slick cunt almost in unison with Mr Jennings as he fucked Lexi.

"Ooh, her arse feels tight," said Jennings. I could see in my peripheral vision that he was moving a finger in and out of Lexi's bum as he kept up his emphatic thrusting into her cunt. "I think I might try it," he said as he pulled his cock out of her cunt and poked her puckered bum hole insistently. "My wife so rarely lets me do it with her and I have to be so careful, not like with little blondie here," he grunted loudly as he roughly forced his whole length into Lexi's tight arse.

"Oh, yes, that's amazing. You should try it," Jennings said to Billy with a laugh.

"I, I couldn't. Could I?" asked Billy uncertainly.

Simon smiled cruelly from the other end of the conference table, his attention on my impassive face.

"Oh I think you could," he said.

"Oh, wow," said Billy and I felt his long thin cock exit my cunt and poke tentatively at the entrance to my virgin bum.

The sensation was difficult to describe. An odd pressure with a little pain around the fringe as he slowly but insistently pressed forward. When his balls finally rested against my drooling cunt, the main sensation was a sense of extreme fullness.

"Yes, that's the way!" shouted Jennings as he started slapping Lexi's arse. "Wow, her skin even turns red!" he said in amazement.

That was a particularly tricky response to emulate but Simon finally came up with the breakthrough that allowed it. Now he was watching it being used in practice, though he seemed more interested in seeing me being roughly buggered by our intern colleague.

"I can't take any more!" Billy shouted as he spurted his hot seed up my rectum. He thrust in three more times, until his flow became a dribble, then he pulled out and took a seat near Simon to get his breath back, leaving me bent over the conference table, my abused arse pointing in the air.

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