tagRomanceManny and Christina Ch. 02

Manny and Christina Ch. 02


I still can't believe she said yes!

Manny was smiling to himself in his Toyota Civic constantly thinking of what to say and hope he wouldn't fuck up to bad, he barely noticed the Ford Ram coming at him going at least the speed of a sports car to his left.

"SHI-," Manny never finished his sentence before the Ford smashed his entire left side of his car.


Christina was about to change into her pajamas when the phone rang. Damn, she thought, who the hell could be? She found out her answer when she picked up and heard her brother Chris on the other line speaking with panic in his voice.

"Christina, Manny's been in a car crash, he's getting rushed to the emergency room, get your ass to the hospital!"

Christina eyes widen as she dropped the phone on the counter and closed the door behind her before she ran to her car.


When Christina reached the hospital she saw Mard at a bench in front of the ER, Mard was about 5'7 and had a round face with a buzz-cut hair style and black glasses wearing striped shorts and a grey shirt.

when she walked up to him she asked,"What happened?"

"On his way home 3 drunk college retards smashed into Manny's car, all of them didn't wear a seat belt so the two in the back flew threw the front window, they both died, now the 3rd broke 4 ribs, both arms and they might have to rip out something out of his dic-" She put up her hand in his mouth to stop him their.Couldn't he just say things quickly, without details?

"Are we going to talk about Manny soon?" She said itching to know.

"He's fine, he sprained his left wrist and left ankle, about 2 bruised ribs and dislocated his right arm, his surgery is to stitch up his left side of some glass got in his skin, so its not that major." He said, that got her to relax a bit.

"You could have just said,'its not that major' instead of making me worry." She said.

"Where's Chris?" Christina asked wondering were that idiot was.

"Went to the Food Court to see what they got." Mard replied knowing it was stupid too.

Then that's when Chris was running towards them from down the hall yelling loud enough for the whole hospital to hear,"Hey guys, I found one of those machines that give condoms check it out!"


Manny woke up very confused in a hospital bed in one of those clothes they make you wear when you're a patient. Then he remember the crash and tried to get up to see how much he could move, all he could do was groan and couldn't move a muscle, damn it, I just woke up and I'm already hating this. That's when he heard faint voices at the door.

"Why can't you let us in?" Manny recognize the voice as Christina's, just a very impatient and annoyed Christina.

"I'm sorry miss, but he's recovering right now and needs to rest, you must understand he's in a lot of pain because of the surgery and the incident." I guess that was the doctor trying to calm her down.

"But were his family, he needs us." That sounded like his brother, Mard.

"Yeah, come on, don't be a bit...I mean, we need to see what's left on him." Now that was Chris, joking at a serious situation like always.

"Chris!" Christina and Mard yelling at him at the same time for saying something stupid as usual.

"Sorry...but it's kinda true, never know what he-Ow! The hell was that for?" Chris said, after Christina punched him in the arm.

"Could you please stop disturbing the other patients trying to sleep, or otherwise I will have to ask you to leave." The doctor said trying to be act calm.

"Sorry, they can be like that sometime's, but when can we see him?" Mard said in a concerned voice.

"I was getting to that before you all rudely interrupted, you can see him tomorrow at 10 A.M., that's when visiting hours start, now can you all leave please?" The doctor said unable to stop her anger from showing.

That's all he heard before the pain started to come back and force him to drift to sleep.


"How dare that...that..." Christina said trying to find the right words to call her as her, Chris, and Mard walk out to the parking lot.

"Bitch?" Chris suggested.

"Yeah, that bitch, she can't just kick us out!" Christina said aloud which got her stares from the nurses at the front desk and some of the people of the waiting room.

"Keep it down, we'll get to see Manny in the morning, till then get some rest Christina." Mard told her, trying to calm her down, he didn't like all the unwanted attention.

"Fine...but..." She mumble wanting to stay instead.

"No buts, Mard's right, you look like shit."Chris said looking his sister up and down, her hair was a bit ruffled up and bags under her eyes.

"Thanks... but I'll come by here tomorrow to see how he's doing." Christina said before she started to walk to her Corolla.

"Try no to get raped on the way home!" Chris yelled smiling, he saw her give him the finger without turning back.

"You are such a dumbass, man" Mard told him shaking his head.

"Hey, I don't tell you how to say, 'love you', to your brother." As they walked to Mard's Silverado.


Manny woke up again to find Christina sleeping across from him in a chair. How the hell can someone look hot sleeping? She was dressed in short purple dress short enough to show him a peek of her pink panties. He manage to look away without too much of a hard on.

"Must have a fun time staring at her panty's." Manny froze, then shifted his gaze to Chris who just walked in holding a coffee cup in his hand looking disinterested at him wearing jeans that sagged a little and a black shirt that was a bit tight on his chest, Chris was 5'7, had a square-ish face and his hair was messy which made him look sloppy, he also wore glasses with a checker design on it.

"You know me and Mard talked ever since we met when we were 6, how nice it would be if you and her got together so we could be brother's, but as we grew older, we realized how you two drifted apart, so Mard thought to set you guys up to be alone, he didn't think it would end up like this." Chris said calmly only interested in his coffee.

Manny was surprised how his attitude changed when Christina, Mard, or anybody was around. He usually was a care-free ass-hole with a high pitch voice who made fun of everybody or anything, now here was a man who acted mysterious and serious with a deeper voice.

"Uh, Chris, what are you doing, your freaking me out." Manny asked confused. That's when Chris gave him a evil-looking smirk and made a creepy laugh.

"Everyone things they know me but only see the outside not the real me, now do you what to know the plan on how to get the girl or not?" Chris asked impatiently.

"Why do you want to help me?" Manny asked, which made Chris sigh and put down his coffee.

"If you want to date my sister, just shut up and listen, understood?" Chris said firmly. Manny just nodded wondering what the plan was.

"Okay, because Mard's plan didn't work we'll go with my plan, first you..."


After telling Manny the plan, Christina started to wake up and rubbed her eyes while she stood up to stretch and noticed Manny was awake and Chris sitting left of his bed in a chair. She smiled to Manny happy that he was awake and O.K. as far as people who just had a car accident went.

Manny smiled back,"Chris told me that you been there since visiting hours started, just staring at me." Manny couldn't help but notice that she was blushing a bit from him knowing.

"So,what time is it?" Trying to change the subject.

"About 2'O clock and me and Manny were talking about where he was going to stay." Chris was back to himself smiling like usual.

"What do you mean?" Christina asked getting concerned again.

"Well you see, Manny can go home in few days, but someone's gotta help him out, being injured and all," Chris replied to show how much he needed it, "but Mard busy being a computer nerd and me busy with my book's deadline, but you just finished college, and since you wanted to be a painter or artist or whatever you can help him out!" Chris said cheerfully acting as if he worked out the complicated problem.

"Wait, who said the hell said I would do it?" Christina replied getting more frustrated.

"Well Christina, it was kinda your fault..." acting like he didn't say anything offensive.

"WHAT!" She screamed getting a little red and hoped she wasn't escorted out again for it.

"Come on, if he hadn't dropped you off, he wouldn't be here right now." He told her getting louder to trying to make sense out of it.Christina looked at Manny unable to move and being bedridden for a long time, and thought maybe it was her fault, maybe Chris was right, wait a minute, Chris was right? She sighed and asked, "How long do I have to help him?"

"Oh,say, 2 to 3 month's, maybe more." Saying it like it was a fair.

"2 to 3 MONTH'S?" Saying months louder to make sure she hear right.

"Christina, you don't have to do this." Manny reminded her, realizing that he was silently listening as they argue.

"It's your choice" Chris telling her she had an option too.

She thought about it for a minute and knew her answer.

"Fine, I'll do it."


"So this is it?" Manny asked looking up at the apartment complex from the car window.

When it was came time for Manny to leave the hospital, they gave him a cast for his left arm reaching his elbow to his hand and a cast on his leg reaching his knee to his foot.

"Yep, it's home." Christina said getting out of her car and walking to the passenger seat Manny was in.

"Thanks," He said, as she pulled him out of the car making him groan in pain, "Ya know, you could have got the wheelchair first."

"Oh,stay here, I'll go get it." She told him as she had him lean on Christinas Corolla while she fumbled getting the wheelchair out the back of the car.When they reached her part of the complex and went inside to find himself in the most colorful room he's ever seen. The wall's were blue,green,yellow, and red for each wall with the couch being white and a big t.v. with a grey t.v. stand and a coffee table in front of the couch, in the far left corner was the kitchen and a hall way right of it where probably the bedroom and the bathroom was at.

"Ummm... nice living room, very artistic." Manny said trying to compliment her.

"I know its weird but I like it, so shut up." She replied sharply.

"i didn't mean it like that, the last time I came here it was so...dull." Manny said trying to reassure her.

"Well, that makes it better." She mumbled while strolling him to the couch.

"You hungry?" Christina asked putting him on the couch in a comfortable position.

"Yeah sure, whatcha got?" Manny said reaching for the t.v. remote on the table causing him to fall.

"Oh my god!Are you o.k." picking him back up to the couch.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Manny said, flashing her a bright smile which made Christina blush and pushing him on his injured leg causing him to fall on her in pain.

"I'm so sorry!" Christina said trying to get the back up but he was heavier then he looked.

That's when Manny realized him face was right in her's. When he looked in her eye's, he saw how much she wanted him and couldn't resist.

He kissed her slowly and surprised her but she wasn't resisting him, in fact she put her tongue, before they know it they were full blown passionately making out with there tongue's entwined on the floor.

"Manny...wait...stop...STOP IT!" She finally screamed not knowing what she'd do if they continued.

Manny was confused and asked, "What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry Manny I just can't." Christina said running out the door with tears rolling down her eye's.

"Christina,wait,Christina!" Manny yelled after her trying to get up but couldn't because of his injured leg.

That's when he heard her car driving off, leaving him helplessly on the floor.

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