Manny Ch. 03


Previously on Manny, Jessica lost her virginity to Manny, an old high school companion and ex-con. Although initially Manny sought revenge for having been wrongfully incarcerated, his love for Jessica was too strong and they became lovers. Manny has been working as a football coach in a high school but takes on a job as a photographer for Jessica's magazine, in the hopes that they'll spend more time together. The time is the late 1980's.

Manny was having an intense dream. In the dream, he had been drafted into the NFL and quickly became a star quarterback for the San Francisco 49'ers. This caused a big smile to appear on Manny's lips as he tossed and turned under his sheets, for he had only played as an offensive lineman in high school. Now, he was free to enjoy glory and praise, and the love of Jessica Abby who admired his accomplishment.

As the dream went on, he saw himself winning the playoff games and finally providing the 49'ers with a victory in the Super Bowl game. The spectators who had come to see the exciting game of games at Candlestick Park Stadium in San Francisco had come and gone. Twilight had brought drizzle and the earth and green turf was wet beneath Manny's feet. Winds swept into the field, dramatic winds that howled banshee-like and echoed in the stadium. These were the well-known winds that came from the bay; and in the cool air of nightfall, the winds had brought Jessica, like a vision, to his arms.

They were locked in a tight embrace. Manny was still in his uniform, the signature red jersey and golden tights. His strong chest pressed hard against Jessica's perfect 34 c breasts and their kiss was the stuff romantic films were made of, long, passionate, emotional kisses. As their kisses deepened and intensified, the stadium night lights suddenly turned on by themselves and the drizzle turned everything silvery and dew-like.

As Manny slipped his tongue into Jessica's mouth in a strong kiss, she felt his cock becoming hard in his tights, rubbing against her thighs and its big size made her feel weak and compliant. He rested his big hands on her back, caressing the small of her back and she had her hands wrapped gently around his neck, reaching up to him as she was shorter than he was. Their kisses became fiery and they were both aroused with passion, their hearts swelling with the prospect that they would make love right here in the football field and deservedly after Manny had earned his Super Bowl ring.

Feeling his sturdy muscular arms, like walls closing against her, her pussy became wet and her stomach, touching his, made her breathe harder and faster as if she was panting. Manny, too, was breathing hard and she could hear him grunting in a sudden rush of desire. They stared into one another's eyes and read in them the same need, the same longing.

In slow motion, Manny lay her down on the football field on her back. She was wearing a tight white top that hugged her upper body and showcased her fine breasts and flat tummy; and a skirt that was rather short, like a skimpy cheerleader's skirt, showcasing her smooth, creamy white legs, legs which had always figured in his most erotic fantasies.

Everything now had a hazy quality, and although the winds disappeared, the drizzle continued. Jessica's light brown, almost blonde hair, was wet and Manny's uniform was also wet, giving them a hot wet look that made them want each other even more.

It was as if they had an eternity ahead of them. Manny leaned down over her body and covered her in kisses. Very gingerly, he kissed her lips, wet cheeks, nose, eyelids and chin. Jessica responded instantly, feeling the warmth of his body on top of her, feeling his muscular arms against her own. She looked up and saw that he was in a push-up position.

His head was bathed in the glow of the stadium lights. Even before they had kissed, he had taken off his helmet which lay on the field right next to them. Soon, the helmet had company as Manny removed his uniform and Jessica took off all her clothes. They were both in the nude now, their bodies warm and aroused and glowing beneath the lights. They began to kiss again, and Manny possessively mounted her, straddled her. With his hands he forced her legs apart, causing her to moan and writhe underneath him.

Since this was a dream, there was no need for a condom. His hard, erect cock found its way inside her wetness, and her pussy squeezed his big cock inside her, making her throw her head back and wince in a mixture of pleasure and pain. He began to slide his cock inside her, in shallow thrusts at first, only the tip of his cock entering her pussy. Jessica panted and moaned, her physical response arousing him further.

Teasing her, he slid his cock out of her pussy and rubbed it over her pussy lips in a circle. Then he slid his cock inside of her but not forcefully or deeply, as if to get her anxious and to ready her for harder penetrations yet to come.

She accommodated his large cock inside her, wrapping her legs around him, grabbing on to his broad shoulders for dear life, wincing and moaning and becoming more and more ecstatic.

Neither of them said a word and all that came from them were moans, groans and grunts. It was like they were in some strangely familiar porn film, one about football players and a girl who fucks an entire football team. But he knew that it was more than the football athlete and cheerleader fantasy, it was a more romantic dream that was vivid and heart-felt. Manny had never been with a girl like Jessica. The dumb cheerleaders he had dated in high school were vain, self-absorbed and shallow, not caring for the real him, interested only in appearances and dating a high school jock.

He knew now that the girl, the woman, for him was and had always been Jessica Abby. She was above him, like a goddess, brilliant of mind and beautiful of soul, her goodness rubbing off on his often bad boy ways. She gave herself to him with wanton abandon, crossing her legs over his own legs, raking her nail down his back as his thrusts increased in speed and force. Deep groans flew off his lips as his hips began to grind against her and he thrust forward, his back arched, his head moving up every time he thrust his cock into her. Faster, harder, deep thrusts. He arched his back and rammed his cock with pleasure into her wetness and she screamed out in a mix of pain and bliss.

Jessica threw her head back and her brown hair was in disarray over the field, her eyes falling over Manny's helmet and at times over head to the stadium seats and the lights. The drizzle had ended now and the winds began to pick up force. It was such a silent night that she swore she heard the ocean's roar over by the San Francisco Bay. She cried out and tears streamed down her cheeks. She laid her hands over his high, round, strong buttocks which moved beneath her hands as he fucked her. "Ouhhh, Jessica, uhhh" he roared, his orgasm building.

She felt herself exploding, her body was tender under his heavy weight and she climaxed with all the force that had been swelling inside her for long. Manny screamed out and his cum shot into her, making them both shiver and sigh. Their breathing became steadier and Manny embraced her, still laying on top of her, his cock still inside her...

* * * *

The ringing of the alarm clock on the side of his bed woke Manny up. The radio turned itself on automatically. A traffic report was announced by a woman's voice, along with a bit of news regarding an automobile accident involving an actor in a Woody Allen movie being filmed in the city. Still in "bed head" mode, Manny looked at the clock and saw that it was already eight in the morning. Damn, he thought, I'm going to be late. He knew he had overslept, on account of that terrific dream he had just had; but he was supposed to get to Manhattan to Jessica's "City Woman" publisher's office building. It was his first day on the job. Jessica would most likely think he was unfit for the job and incompetent if he arrived too late.

He shot a glance into the direction of a black and white, framed photo of Jessica Abby which stood on top of his night stand. How could he have cursed this wonderful woman while he was in jail? How could he have filled his heart with nasty revenge and thoughts of raping her? She was a female unlike any other in his life.

In his past, he had only loved the wrong types of women, bad girls with no prospects and with no real warmth, kindness and intelligence. Jessica was above him, like a goddess, like a princess, and he felt unworthy of being her man. But she had given herself to him and given him the precious gift of her virginity and she loved him like no other woman had loved him. Already, he had given up his job as a football coach in a high school for her, for the chance to be near her, to spend more time with her.

He knew, as she did, that in the chaotic, work-a-day, fast-paced, vast urban jungle that was New York City, they could very well lose one another, to other passions and pursuits, and to other people that could walk into their lives. She had asked him if he'd like to move into her Manhattan apartment, but he had opted to live in Queens for at least another month.

After he brushed his teeth, showered and shaved, he looked at himself in the mirror, a small, somewhat stained mirror in his bedroom and had no idea what he should wear for a job like this. Jessica was a real professional and "City Woman" was a successful magazine where top writers and photographers were employed. The whole profession had an air of yuppie respectability and this was foreign to Manny. He had never worn dress shirts, ties or business suits, except when his mother made him go to Sunday Mass back in Arizona.

Putting on a white dressy shirt and dark slacks, he felt that there was no need to wear a blazer because it was pleasantly warm outside. He buckled himself with a belt and put on dress shoes. He had very short hair, made in a military style or "buzz cut" and therefore didn't have to comb his hair.

He took a look at himself. He hardly recognized himself and did not much like the way he looked. For one thing, he was built so huge that the shirt looked like it could hardly contain his muscles and the slacks were a bit tight on him, showcasing his big, strong legs and buttocks. He felt he looked ridiculous, like he was in a costume. He knew he had no time to think about it, as he was already late......

* * * *

He drove a car that did not belong in the streets of the business district of Manhattan.

He adored his car, a navy blue pickup, but he quickly became conscious that pedestrians and other drivers, despite their rush, regarded his vehicle as low-brow, a truck that had come across the Queens Borough Bridge from the inner city to fashionable Manhattan. Maybe they assumed he was there to pick up cargo or unload packages. He parked his car on another street and had to walk a bit to get to the "City Woman" building.

Men in business suits looked at him with brief disapproval as they hurried to cross the street and entered office buildings or restaurants. So this was Manhattan, Manny thought.

As he took it all in, he felt like a total stranger in a strange land. But he marveled at the beautiful shops and the leisurely women in them, some decidedly single and in groups and some with children. Many of those gals looked far too young to be the children's mothers so he made the assumption that they were only the children's nannies. Everywhere he looked, there was a sense of wealth and formality.

As he drew closer to his destination, he stopped all of a sudden to take a good look at the imposing edifice. It was as tall as a skyscraper and he guessed that meant the publisher's offices were located on a higher floor and formed only a part of the big building.

He walked in, opening the big glass doors and looked for the elevators. Inside, everyone hurried as if everything in there was in fast-forward motion. Even their chit-chat was brief. Men in large coats and women in dressy blouses and skirts moved about inside, coming off of elevators or entering them. When he spotted the elevator that would lead him to the floor where Jessica's offices were, he took notice of a striking woman.

She was leggy and tall, with distinctly Spanish features. Manny could easily tell she was probably from Spain, perhaps Brazil, by her stunning beauty and her demeanor. She looked like she belonged in a place like this, or perhaps was married to some executive who worked in the building. She was not dressed in business wear. Her blouse was cut into a V shape and a hint of her pert breasts were in view. Her skirt was short, stylish and tight fitting. Her white heels echoed over the marble floor and the way she seemed to strut turned Manny on.

They walked into the elevator at the same time and they were the only ones in there. Manny kept her eyes on her and observed as she pressed the button, discovering that they were headed for the same floor.

She had her hair cut very short, almost looking like a man's haircut. This did not diminish her beauty. Her hair was beautiful and glossy and Manny knew that this look was very fashionable nowadays. She turned to look at him and he was mesmerized by the intense glow in her eyes.

"Are you going into the "City Woman" offices, too?" he said to make conversation, even though he knew he had asked a dumb question.

"Yes, and I'm late," she replied, somewhat coldly, without looking at him.

"Yeah? That makes two of us then. I'm Manny Meza. I'm the new photographer." She was carrying a shoulder bag and a purse and he hadn't noticed it until now, as he was standing only inches from her. She dropped her purse all of a sudden, and the little purse opened up, a small clam-like item fell and Manny realized it was what she must have powdered her nose with or applied make up with. Acting quickly, he bent down to pick it up for her. The clam-like thing was open and through the mirror's reflection, which was facing up, Manny had a view of what was up her skirt. She was not wearing any panties and he had an eyeful of her smooth, hairless pussy. As he was doing this, she took a look at his round, firm buttocks; her eyes glistening with a rush of lust.

"Here you go, lady," he said to her, handing her the fallen item.


They stared briefly at each other, grinning at one another, a secret and naughty undercurrent flowing between them. The doors to the elevator opened and they were directly in front of the glass doors to "City Woman". She resumed her ice princess façade and walked in there. Manny took a deep breath and followed her inside.

His eyes followed her and at the same time took in the ambiance. The office looked vast and he realized it must have occupied most of this particular floor of the building.

Surrounding him was a busy atmosphere, and his ears were bombarded with the sounds of typing on small computers, printing jobs in progress, people talking on the phone or into head sets, and men and women walking hurriedly about. Manny observed the leggy woman walk with a regal air into a back room. When he walked further into the offices, he felt eyes on him and he turned to see that some people were staring at him like he had just walked into the wrong place or even the wrong part of town.

Manny was quick to note that every other man was in full business suits and became self-conscious. He was only in a white dressy shirt with long sleeves and no tie. His slacks fit him too tightly, despite the belt he had on.

"May I help you?" said a young gal, conservatively garbed and looking at him with less discriminating eyes.

"Uhh, yeah, yeah, uh, I'm looking for Miss Jessica Abby. I'm Manny Meza the new photographer she hired," he said, and his eyes looked for Jessica.

"Oh, that's right," said the girl, as if she just remembered something, "she's in her office and having some coffee. I believe she's expecting you. I'm Marissa, her personal assistant."

She held out her hand and Manny shook her hand, trying not to do it too hard. She was a very petite girl and looked almost childish, despite her grown-up clothes. She had to look up at him because she was very short; he figured at least five feet tall.

"Follow me, please," she said......

In her office, Jessica was having coffee and talking with Vicki, her principal female photographer, and a thin man in glasses and a scarf, bald and most decidedly gay. The door to her office opened and Marissa walked in with Manny, who tried his best not to appear nervous. When Jessica saw him, her heart skipped a beat. She smiled faintly and their eyes met. She realized people could tell a lot from a single look so she quickly put on another face, one that was all business.

"What is it Marissa?" she said to her.

"Miss Abby, this is Mr. Meza, you're new photographer. Did you want to talk to him now?"

"Ah, yes," she said, "If you'll excuse me, I'd like to be alone with him for a moment. Alex, we'll have to come up with a title and new look for the magazine but I don't want to sacrifice quality and heart for commercial and "hot". I never followed the "New Wave" thing or MTV so I'm not about to give "City Woman" that kind of look or anything. We'll still have quality. Ok, we'll meet again in an hour."

Alex and Vicki walked out of the office, shutting the door behind them and leaving Manny and Jessica alone. As soon as the door was closed, Jessica smiled at Manny and walked over to him. Immediately, they embraced and kissed.

The kiss lingered for a while and then she realized that the Venetian blinds were open a bit. Manny was puzzled by her behavior. She walked away from his arms and pulled down the blinds. She then straightened her hair and walked over to her desk. She had been breathing hard, as if she had been running and now she composed herself.

"I'm sorry, I just had to do that," she said to him, "I'm crazy about you and crazy about the fact you'll be working here."

"That's alright, Jess," Manny responded," I don't mind at all. Are we going to make out every time we are alone? Or maybe do more than make out?"

She smiled and giggled. Manny looked at her and wondered how this passionate, playful girl could also be the no nonsense editor of a magazine. Inside her office, everything reminded Manny that she was high above him. Copies of her published book "Canyon", with an artistic rendering of the Grand Canyon on the cover was on a shelf along with other short stories she had written. Medals, a diploma, certificates, Masters Degree, photographs of her hob-knobbing with New York's elite like the Governor, other influential writers and artists, were hung over the wall.

This office was a shrine to her accomplishments and looked more like a sort of miniature Hall of Fame. Added to this was a collection of art prints, namely O'Keefe orchid paintings and Georges Seurat's "Sunday Afternoon On The Island Of La Grande Jatte". Her desk was mahogany and everything was bright reddish- brown woods. The chairs were rotating chairs and a low couch was next to a large table. The scent of spring was in the air and pink and red roses, daffodils and potted plants surrounded her desk area.

"No, I don't think we should," she said, "but I can't be too much of a goody two shoes so we'll have sex in my office at least once."

They both laughed, Jessica's soft laugh mingling with Manny's stronger laugh. Manny wondered suddenly in his happiness, if this would last. Could this wonderful, classy woman truly love him all her life or was he just a fling? Was high school enough of a bond between them or would he become a distant memory like high school was now. She sat down on her chair and finished her coffee.

"Sit down, silly," she said to him.

He sat down and felt, as he did so, that his pants were too tight. He straightened himself and tried not to look like he was uncomfortable. Jessica giggled a bit as she stared at him up and down.

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