Manny Ch. 03


She never called him Manny in front of everyone, taking on a formal tone with him to further conceal their love.

"O, Jeesh, I had no idea you were in a meeting," he said,

"I'm sorry. I only wanted to talk to you. I'll come back later."

"No, please stay for a bit. Maybe you can help us," Jessica said, offering him a seat, "You see we've been practically breaking our skulls coming up with a great name for the magazine. Starting next month, it won't be called "City Woman" anymore. So please, sit down and maybe you can come up with something. I value all members here." "Yes, ma'am," Manny said and took a seat.

It was like a bolt of lightning hit Jessica and her eyes glistened beautifully. She laughed a bit and everyone liked that she was in a sudden good mood. She had gone through a migraine for not coming up with a name for the magazine and she had been cross all day.

"Manny, you're a genius," she said, "that's what we'll call our magazine - "Yes Ma'am". Yes Ma'am magazine. Has a catchy ring. It will really spark interest, especially for its feminist connotations."

* * * *

Jessica's hiring of Manny, ex-con turned football coach was initially a real problem. She feared that somehow someone would dig up info on him and discover he was no professional photographer. She realized that she was surrounded by unseen enemies and rivals, mostly women, who envied her for her position and success and who did not find her feminist leanings to their liking. She was an empowered woman, living independently in New York City and she was beautiful to boot.

Not everyone liked taking orders from a woman, and especially not from Little Miss Jessica Abby, who had been an average girl from Nowhere, Arizona and who had a tendency to be preachy, showed off her intellect and let everyone know what she thought of them. She knew that someone could easily turn things around and cause her demise. That someone, be it man or woman, could discover that not only had she hired an ex-con to work for her magazine, but she was in a relationship with him. Careers were fragile things and one indiscretion could ruin her.

Jessica knew that should the truth come out about her and Manny, not to mention the fact that she had been responsible for his wrongful incarceration after a car accident and a death that she caused, she would be labeled a bad person and unfit to run a magazine. The women of New York City saw her as a champion of women's rights, as a chaste woman (until she came in contact with Manny she had been a virgin), a good woman with probably no skeletons in her closet. No woman would want to read her magazine if they learned she had caused a murder.

* * * *

Every night, Manny crossed the bridge and came to Jessica's apartment in Manhattan.

There they would undress as soon as he arrived and they would fuck like there was no tomorrow. Since she lost her virginity, Jessica could think of nothing but to please Manny sexually and to hold him, feel his biceps against her, feel his growing manhood in her hand, against her thighs and in her mouth. She craved his touch, his tongue, his kisses, his hot mouth covering hers and she longed to be one with him and to experience the wonderful new sensation she had long been denied - the orgasm.

Manny loved to give her maximum pleasure and to send her into an orgasmic ecstasy over and over again. He introduced her to every imaginable position but they found that because he was built much bigger than she, the most satisfying of all positions was her on top in reverse missionary position. Manny loved this position, too, but to add variety they would take turns and he would be on top of her for a while before she would mount him and ride him like a horse.

When he was on top, he made sure that his big cock did not hurt her and that she was comfortably curled up, legs locked over his and hanging on to him like her life depended on it. He would carefully straddle her so that not all of his weight was on top of her and Jessica found the most delicious variation on missionary was having her legs over his shoulders. He was not on top of her for that and she loved how his cock slid into her more deeply that way. Soon, there was no nook and cranny in her Manhattan apartment where they had not made love.

They did it in the bathroom where they often showered together or did it in the bath tub, they did it in the kitchen over the sink and over the counters of drawers, they did it on the carpet in the living room and dared to even do it on the balcony just outside her bedroom at four in the morning with practically no people about and only the silent night surrounding them.

One night, basking in the glow of their lovemaking in Jessica's bed, Manny suddenly lit up a cigarette, something which he had never done after sex. This surprised Jessica. She had never seen him smoke in her presence. He puffed away on hic cigarette, a small cloud filling the air in her bedroom and Jessica gave him a look of disapproval. Manny was quick to notice.

"Oh, Jeesh, sorry, Jess," he said, feeling guilty, "I didn't think you'd mind."

"Have you always been a smoker?" she said," Did you smoke in high school?"

"No. I took up smoking while I was in prison. I've been trying to quit. Don't worry; I won't smoke in the office or after a photo shoot or anything."

"I'd rather you don't smoke at all, and please not in here after we make love."

"Alright, Jess. I'd kiss you but I just smoked so you know -"

He laughed, trying to make her laugh, too but she was looking pensively in another direction. She turned to face Manny.

"Are you happy at "City Woman"?" she said, as if it was something she wanted to get off her chest.

"Sure. Although -"


"I really miss coaching football. It's a pleasure and its work in one. You know the only reason I took up the job at your office is to near you."

"I'm glad you didn't refuse my offer but I don't want you to be in any way unhappy. Tell you what, why don't you coach football anyways and come work for me in the evenings. I can have the offices open for some extra hours and maybe it will just be you and Yleana working together before closing."

Manny didn't respond and now he looked into another direction. The window in the bedroom was slightly ajar and a soft breeze caressed their upper bodies. The rest of them were under the soft sheets.

He looked out into the street and mentally traced a path from Jessica's street in Manhattan to another street where Yleana lived.

He was tempted. By God, he was tempted by that gorgeous Brazilian lady who had a body like no other woman he knew. Even Jessica paled in comparison. Whereas Yleana was statuesque and goddess-like, Jessica was a petite little beauty, quite pretty but never able to command the attention of males or exude feverish sexuality the way Yleana could.

He had kept Yleana's phone number and had it over his nightstand back in his apartment across the bride from Manhattan. He imagined Yleana in sexy lingerie waiting for him to show up at her door and waiting for him to lay down with her on her bed. There were many a time he felt he would do just that but he would look at Jessica's black and white photograph next to his alarm clock and he would feel guilt and shame.

"Ah, you know, Jess, I don't know about working nights," he said.

But you'll get to coach football like you want to during the day," she said to him, "please, Manny. It's really a good idea and I was only thinking of you. Besides, at night I'm going to be busy with work I'll be doing from home."

"Really? So no more us time in your apartment when it gets dark?"

"Oh, well, I thought about that. We'll just have to fuck in my office or anywhere else that's out of the way where no one will find us. We'll have at least two quickies during the day. As for longer sex, well, that's what weekends are for."

She laughed that sweet laugh Manny loved. She was like a child-woman, a pretty naive girl that despite being editor-in-chief lacked adult experience. It was only a little while back that she had been a virgin. She now clung to Manny like a magnet. She smiled at him and laid her head on his broad chest. Manny put out the cigarette, casually throwing it out the window. He sighed heavily and caressed Jessica's very light brown hair like he was petting a cat.

"Alright, I'll do it," he said to her.

Please, lead me not into temptation, he thought and he swore he could see Yleana's eyes in mid-air in the dark looking at him, wanting him, her sexuality coming between what he had with Jessica...

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