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Man's Exam Humiliation


I really can't believe this is happening. I'm a grown man in my mid-forties. Because of the scene I made during my mandatory company physical last week, I was about to be given a physical exam by the attractive 30 something female doctor who humiliated me at my last appointment while my 28 year old female supervisor observed.

I admit I was being difficult and even childish during the exam last week. And I know I made it impossible for the doctor to do her job. My protests began right from the onset when the doctor told me to undress for the exam. I complained that during previous company physicals I did not have to take off my clothes. My recalcitrance continued but really got out of control when I refused to pull my underpants down so she could examine my genital area. Before I could react I found myself over her knee, my underpants yanked down followed by a series of smart smacks being administered to my bare bottom. When she was through she pushed me off her and told me the exam was over. She said she would tell my employer she could not complete the exam because I was uncooperative.

I certainly learned my lesson. Not only did I endure the humiliation of being spanked on the bare bottom by the young, female doctor, when I got back to the office I spent an hour in my supervisor's office being verbally scolded and forced to relate to her in embarrassing specificity the events that transpired during the exam and the reasons I was being difficult. I almost choked when she announced she was not only rescheduling my exam with the same doctor, but she was going to go with me to ensure there was no repeat performance. I pleaded with her not to do this but she wouldn't hear it.

So here we were, sitting in the waiting room for the doctor to see me. When my name was finally called I felt like a child as the receptionist spoke more to my supervisor than to me. And to make matters worse, she announced in a voice all in the waiting room could hear that she understood my supervisor would be accompanying me for my exam today.

When we arrived at and were ushered into the doctor's office she motioned us to sit. My supervisor introduced herself and proceeded to apologize on behalf of the firm for my bad behavior. She then turned to me. I was made to apologize to the doctor and to tell her it would not happen again and that I would fully cooperate with her instructions today. My supervisor added that to show the seriousness in which the company takes this matter she intended to observe the exam to indeed make sure I cooperated.

The doctor seemed almost amused by the situation, and you could see a sense of mischievousness come over her face. After accepting my supervisor's apology she turned to me and in a commanding tone, as if to rub it in, asked again if I was prepared to cooperate completely and unquestionably with her directions during the exam. I sheepishly nodded my head. She stood up and came around to where I was seated and getting right in my face said she wanted to make it clear she would not hesitate to give me another spanking on my bare backside in front of my supervisor if I did not . Looking me right in the eyes she asked me if she had made herself perfectly clear and if I understood what was expected of me. I again shook my head in sheer and total despair.

She pointed to the screen and again in a commanding voice told me to go behind it and take off my clothes. She followed up by saying, almost emphasizing, everything comes off except your underpants. She concluded by telling me when I finished undressing I was to come back to her desk and take my seat. When behind the screen I could not believe the situation I was in. I was not only going to have to endure being examined by the woman doctor, my young female supervisor was going to watch. I seriously thought about running out of the office, but then I thought of the potential consequences, not the least of which the power my supervisor had over my job. Reality snapped in when I thought about the doctor's instructions and her threat. I quickly shed my clothes like an obedient dog. In utter embarrassment I left the shelter of the screen and made my way back to where the two women were seated. Based on their stares and reactions, it was obvious they were enjoying the show as I made my way to the chair trying as best I could to shield my crotch area from their view.

The doctor continued her authoritative manner saying she had a few follow-up questions before beginning the exam. It seemed her inquiries were more intended to exacerbate the untenable situation I was in. She began by asking if last week was the first time I was examined by a woman doctor. When I said no, she seemed surprised and followed up by asking if I had to take off my clothes for that exam. She then asked when I last had a bowel movement. I almost fell out of my chair when she next asked if a partner ever put anything up my rectum. She concluded the questioning by stating she noticed last time that I was not circumcised. She asked how often I retracted my foreskin and cleaned the head. She sarcastically noted she would pay particular attention to this during the exam.

With that she escorted me to the exam table and told me to hop up and sit on it. Much to my despair my supervisor asked if she could bring her chair over to the examining area so she would have a better view of the exam. The doctor encouraged her to do so. The doctor proceeded to check my scalp, eyes, throat and neck. My blood pressure was registered. After putting a stethoscope in her ears, she checked my breathing both in the front and in the back. She kept giving me directions to move this way or that, or to do this or that. I again felt like a little kid. When she finished with me in the sitting position I was told to lie down. She proceeded to check my arms, legs and feet. She also poked and probed around my abdomen and after lifting my underpants put her hand down into my pubic hair area where she pressed. I was then told to sit up.

She then directed me to get off the table and stand in front of her. As I was doing this she pulled over and sat on a rolling chair. She had me turn around. She checked my spine. She had me bend and do other stretching as she checked my muscle and bone structure and back. She then had me turn around and face her again. In a very matter of fact voice she told me to pull my underpants down to my ankles for her. I became hot with embarrassment and hesitating meekly asked her if she could conduct this part of the exam without my supervisor present. I went on in a barely audible voice saying I promised to be obedient. Even before the doctor had an opportunity to respond my supervisor curtly announced she was staying for the entire exam to make sure I cooperated. The doctor just smiled.

Defeated and utterly mortified, turning redder by the moment, I shamefacedly reached down and did as I was told. As I lowered my last bit of dignity I glimpsed over to my supervisor who was in the process of leaning forward with a big grin on her face. I felt totally humiliated standing there naked in the presence of the two attractive females. The doctor seemed to hesitate, almost as if to belabor my embarrassment and to give her and my supervisor the opportunity to relish in my nakedness and untenable predicament.

Just as the doctor began to start the exam there was a knock at the door. I couldn't believe it when the doctor yelled out for the person to come in. It was the receptionist.

After getting an eyeful of my genitals before I had a chance to cover them and taking in what must have seemed rather amusing sight- me standing nude in front of the two young women, she made a rather insincere apologize for the interruption and said she could come back later. The doctor motioned her in saying it was alright.

Where the receptionist stood gave her a full view of my bare behind. She proceeded to relay to the doctor she had two patient issues she needed direction on. She said that Mr. Smith was in the office hoping you could have another look at him. He said he was still having pain in his rectal area. The doctor smirked and made the comment that some of these male patients are a real piece of work. She went on to say that she was convinced he was in the office again because he enjoys it when I put my finger up his ass. Tell him I know he prefers to see me but I am booked with other patients. Ask Angela to examine him.

The receptionist next said Mr. Silvers called and said that he spoke to his boss and she said even though he had a physical six months ago because of the number of sick days he has taken she would like you to give him a thorough exam. The doctor told the receptionist to fit him in sometime next week as a favor to his boss. With that the receptionist turned and went out the door.

She failed to completely shut the door. I became panicky when I heard female voices just outside the opening. Extremely worried that someone would look in, I almost apologetically mentioned to the doctor about the door. She disdainfully dismissed my concern saying all of the women in the office are health professionals and are not only quite use to seeing male patients undressed many of them assist in exams.

Turning her attention back to the exam, the doctor commented in a sarcastic tone that she couldn't examine me with my hands covering my genital area. I reluctantly removed my hands making sure not to look at my supervisor. The young doctor then proceeded to thoroughly inspect every inch of me down there right in front of my supervisor. She began by taking hold of my shaft and moving it up, down and to each side as she checked it. After feeling up and down the shaft she told me to hold it up and out of the way for her so she could examine my testicles. She cupped and squeezed one testicle. When she squeezed it hurt and I flinched. She asked me in a patronizing voice if I had pain. When I said it seemed she just squeezed me too hard she made a disapproving facial expression. Nevertheless, she went on to take a closer look at this testicle before moving on to the other. I did my best not to flinch this time when she squeezed.

She then took me by complete surprise when she next told me to retract my foreskin for her. I tried to slightly turn away from my supervisor's view but I noticed out of the corner of my eye that she moved forward in her chair to keep my genitals in her view. When the head was fully exposed the doctor began her inspection of the glans. She then spread and squeezed my pee hole which I also found quite painful. As I stood nude before the two women the doctor volunteered a discussion I really didn't want to have about the importance for good hygiene by uncircumcised men.

She succeeded in making the next part of this embarrassing exam even more humiliating. As she took hold of a testicle she announced she would next be checking me for a hernia. She said she needed me to turn my head and when I was told, cough. She felt the need to add that she expected a deep cough. Speaking to my supervisor she jokingly relayed that most patients typically let out a feeble cough when she is performing this exam on them. I did my best to cough deeply and loudly when I was instructed to do so. It must have been a little much because she said in a patronizing voice as she continued to hold my testicle that I had done a good job for her. When she was through she told me I could pull up my underpants. As I did she went to her desk and used the phone.

The next thing I knew a middle aged female nurse entered the office and directed me to follow her. I did my best to cover up my near nakedness as she approached. I couldn't believe it when she escorted me out of the office into the hallway. When we entered an adjourning room I stopped in my tracks for there were two teenage looking girls sitting at a table filing papers. When I confronted the nurse she put her hands on her hips and asked if I was being difficult. I stuttered something foolish and just put my head down and followed her into the room.

She escorted me to a scale that was located across from where the girls were sitting. When we got to the instrument she announced almost cheerfully for me to take off my underpants and mount the scale. My whole body went warm. I just stood there stunned. I snapped back to reality when she said if I didn't take them off she would. Totally defeated I reached down to take them off using one arm to shield my genital area as best as I could from the girls' view.

The nurse got me on the scale and much to my dismay rested her idle hand on my backside as she recorded my weight. She then gave my ass a slight squeeze as she made my turn around to register my height. As I turned I placed both hands firmly in front of my genitals. The nurse looked down at what I was doing and laughed. In a confident tone she said that there was no need for me to be embarrassed in front of the girls. Both are planning on going to medical school. When they become doctors they will have male patients naked in front of them every day. She kept me up on the scale for what seemed like forever. Finally she recorded my height and giving me a pat on the butt motioned for me to dismount the scale. She then allowed me to retrieve my underpants. All three females watched as I hastily pulled them back on.

Just as I finishing pulling up my underpants the receptionist entered the room telling the nurse she was needed with another patient. The nurse turned and asked one of the girls if she would escort me back to the exam room. I stood there shyly knowing any protest would be fruitless. I simply dropped my head resigned to the fact that my embarrassment in front of the youngster was to be prolonged. The nurse quickly departed. The girl came over to me and smiling said to follow her.

She led me out into the corridor. I didn't even have time to worry about being seen for as soon as we were in the corridor another female called to the girl escorting me. She quickly walked toward where we were. As she started speaking to the girl she eyed me from head to toe. I couldn't believe I was standing here in my underpants as the two young girls discussed an after work get together.

After what seemed like forever we were on the move again. Just as we were arriving back at the exam room and I started to relax as much as I could given my predicament my worse nightmare came true. A middle aged woman in street clothes, probably a patient, turned a corner and came walking down the corridor toward us. When she saw us her scan quickly locked on me. She did not take her eyes off of me the whole way down the corridor. As she passed I glanced her way and caught her staring at my rear end.

When we finally arrived back at the office the doctor seemed surprised yet happy that the young girl, who I learned was named Crystal, had come back with me. The doctor explained she needed to go check in on another patient. She asked Crystal if she had time to give the patient (me) a cleansing enema in preparation for his rectal exam.

In a very confident almost sly manner Crystal told the doctor she would be very happy to assist. With that she looked at me and in a very businesslike manner told me to follow her. She led me through a door in the doctor's office to an adjourning small exam room that contained an examining table and cabinets. After shutting the door Crystal swung around and getting right in my face said in a threatening tone she was quite aware of the situation I was in and if I didn't do exactly as she instructed she would not hesitate to tell the doctor I was not being cooperative. With that she gave me a smile and said shall we get started.

Patting the exam table she said in a very commanding voice for such a young girl what I want you to do is remove your underpants and hop on the exam table and position yourself on all fours for me. I was in utter shock. I was being told to get naked and assume a humiliating and terribly exposed position for a girl who was young enough to be my daughter. I was so embarrassed I could not move. It was like an out of body experience.

The fog was suddenly broke when the girl in an even more determined voice telling more than asking me if she needed to go get the doctor and my supervisor. Feeling totally beaten, I reached down and sheepishly shed my last remaining cover and almost unconsciously mounted the table. As I assumed the position I glanced over my shoulder to see her donning surgical gloves and lubricating a finger.

She came up toward my front and sticking out her gloved finger announced quite sarcastically she would be sticking this finger up my ass to first check me up there and to lubricate the opening for the nozzle of the enema tube. She next went behind me and lightly tapping my thigh told me to spread my legs. I first felt her finger around my opening followed by it abruptly being thrust deeply into my ass. All I could do was grunt. As she worked her finger deeper inside of me she hit my prostate. As her fingers continued to explore I started experiencing a pleasurable sensation and involuntarily found myself thrusting my pelvic area back and forth against her finger. If that wasn't bad enough her movements caused me to become semi erect.

As I wiggled my back end and made sounds of satisfaction she clearly worked her finger quicker inside of me. I really started to lose control. She snickered saying something like someone is enjoying my finger up his butt. Almost as quickly as she put her finger in she took it out. I almost fell to the table exhausted and aroused. When I came to my senses I was totally ashamed of myself.

She next inserted the enema nozzle in my rectum. As the contents were put in me she rested her hand on my backside and at one point came around to the front to massage my stomach area twice making contact with my still semi erect penis. She made my hold the liquid after the bag was empty until finally she allowed me to go to the bathroom.

I almost ran to the bathroom not caring that my bobbing semi erect penis was in full view. I was so relieved from the whole ordeal that when I came back it took a moment before it registered I was standing in the room in front of the young girl completely nude. After taking a good look at me she announced she needed to check if I was cleaned out. To complete her total humiliation of me I was made to stand before her bend over and spread myself for her inspection.

Crystal announced to the doctor I was all cleaned out and ready for my rectal exam. The doctor thanked her and thankfully she left. So here I was back in the examining room. I couldn't believe even after I had been through I found myself very embarrassed at again being almost nude in front of the two young women. If I thought the situation couldn't get any worse, I soon find out how wrong I was.

The doctor led me over to the exam table. In a commanding voice she directed me to remove my underpants. By this time I must have become resigned to my situation because without a second thought I instinctively reached down and pulled them off. As I was doing this the doctor extended the stirrups attached to the table. I didn't know what this was all about. I gulped. She must have sensed the anguish on my face because she breezily volunteered the fact that she gives all her male patients rectal exams while in the stirrups. She said it not only makes the exam easier she has found that when males are completely exposed to her they become less inhibited and thus more willing to discuss any health issues they have in their bottm area.

As I got up on the table and into position she had me put my feet in the stirrups. She proceeded to adjust the stirrups so my legs were raised higher and spread wider. After adjusting the stirrups she told me to scoot down so my backside was at the edge of the table. I clearly heard my supervisor muzzle a giggle at this command.

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