Mansion in the Wood


Afterwards with her still laying on me and our bodies all tangled into one heap, she whispered to me... as if afraid to break the mood we found ourselves in.

"Thank you Randy. It's been everything and more that I thought it could or would be like."

"I'm glad it has been. You're quite a handful you know."

"Yeah, just so you know, I'll only be your handful. I've never done this with someone so special to me before. I always wanted to, but Tricia... I couldn't have because I wouldn't have hurt her for any reason. Now that she's gone... it seems... right somehow."

"You're the second woman I've had in my life Cheyenne. There has never been anyone else but Tricia before."

"I was only your second woman? Really?"

"Yeah. Really. Tricia and I both waited until marriage to have sex. Afterwards... well I never strayed."

"I know. I know about the parties when my mom tried to get you alone. I know about the times other women tried too. You were talked about by all the women on the block. They all wanted you but you were always Mr. Straight Arrow. I think that made you even more desirable in their eyes too. The more you stayed faithful the harder they'd try. I don't know what they would have done had they caught you."

"You make me sound like such a stud. Nothing could have been further from the truth. I just loved my wife too much to want to hurt her like that. She felt the same I'm sure."

"Yeah, she did because I could see that. Tricia was just as popular with the guys, yet I'm sure she was always faithful to you too. That's what was so great about you two. You loved each other and it showed so much. You also had kids and were such a good family. I loved visiting Sally because I knew that you'd treat me like an adult and that you really cared for me. I always knew I was safe at your place."

"Yeah. Now look at us. I can't believe that we've done it... again."

"My dreams finally came true. I've always wanted you. Forever and ever. I never thought I'd get the chance, and now... I just hope... I love you so much and..."

The sudden silence from her caused me concern. Looking up I saw tears running down her cheeks as she tried to finish whatever she was trying to say.

"Cheyenne, wait a second. If you want me to tell you that I love you... then rest assured, I do. I'm not sure it's the kind of love you need or want, but then, it could be. I just don't know at the moment. The age difference could be a problem. After all, what do you think Sally or John or Jim will say if we were to be an item? You're younger than the boys and the same age as Sally."

"Well dad... I'd say that you two may have age issues, but I don't think the kids will have any issues, as long as neither of you hurts the other."

Sally's voice cut through the room like a lightning bolt. Cheyenne and I were naked on the bed, the covers having been pushed off the foot of it. Glancing towards the door I saw Sally standing there looking at us.

Cheyenne slid off my body grabbing for the covers as I covered myself with my hands.

"Can you give us a second Sally?"

"Take as much time as you need dad. Good to see you Cheyenne. You're certainly looking good. You too dad."

There was some teasing in that statement, and I was hoping that Sally wouldn't have a fit later. Her appearance in the bedroom doorway was a total surprise to us.

I pulled on my robe while Cheyenne put on her panties and one of my shirts, and we went out to the kitchen to find Sally. I hardly noticed that Cheyenne was holding my hand as we walked into the brightly lit room to see Sally making coffee. It felt 'right' or natural for some reason.

"I'm glad I didn't bring Tom with me. He'd have wanted to film it or something. You two were pretty hot and heavy there for a bit."

"How long were you there before you announced yourself?"

I was concerned since I wasn't sure how long she'd been there, and it bothered me that someone had managed to come into my home undetected like she had.

"Long enough to know that she loves you dad. That, and that you made her cum like nobody else ever has. She looked pretty hot dancing over you too. You guys could be in movies."

"Oh God. You saw her dancing over me? Then you pretty much saw all of it."

"Yeah. I didn't want to interrupt. Besides, I've never seen two people get it on before, at least not in real life and close up. It was... interesting. Too bad you're my dad... dad. You really gave me some more ideas."

"Sally, I'm your father and that wouldn't be right in any way. Besides that, you're married too."

"Yeah, I suppose there's that too. I do think that Tom might like to add some spice to our mix once in a while. I just don't think he'd like to know my dad would be one guy I wouldn't mind adding... though you'd probably never go there."

"Uh, can we talk about something else for a while?"

For the first time ever, I was uncomfortable in a conversation with my daughter.

"Sure dad. So, Cheyenne, you making moves on my father?"

"It just happened Sally. Don't be mad at me. Don't be mad at Randy either, because I came on pretty strong before he knew... I mean... I think I love him... always have..."

"Calm down, you don't have to convince me sweetie. I know all about your lusting after dad. Remember how we used to fantasize and talk about him?"

"But we were kids then. Now it's all different."

"No, it's not. Back then you crushed on him, but I knew you felt more than just a school girl crush. After you started dancing and my brothers and I were so mad at you, it wasn't because you were dancing. We were mad because we thought that a great guy like dad, would never pay you the right attention while you were doing that kind of thing. I figured that since you couldn't have my dad, you might find someone like him."

The look in Sally's eyes was sincere as she went on.

"The attentions you deserved were far above what that type of job leads others to believe. I wanted you to find a man like dad just so you could have a great lover and companion. You needed someone in your life similar to him. Working as a dancer like you were... well, I figured you'd attract all the wrong kinds of men. Guess I was wrong about that huh?"

I felt like a bump on a log so I cut in.

"I'll just leave you two ladies to your talk. I'll be out in the yard... mowing the grass or something."

"Sure dad. Like the gardener hasn't already taken care of that this week. Even you wouldn't do yard work in just a robe either. Just sit still and listen. You have a lot to learn."

I sat.

I listened.

I learned.

"Your dad is wonderful. I've always known that about him, but in bed he's the best. I waited all this time and I can tell you now that it was worth the wait."

"You're still dancing Cheyenne?"

"Yeah. Your dad brought clients to the club last night. I was there and gave him a special dance. I saw that he didn't recognize me so I took advantage. That's what led to me being here today."

"Figured something like that had happened. So, he was worth the wait then?"

"Oh fuck yeah. I can't believe how much better it is with your dad than with any man I've ever had before."

I broke in.

"Uh, I hate to interrupt here, but one or two times don't let you know what I can or can't do Cheyenne."

I wasn't exactly sure that the girls should be talking about me in this fashion to begin with, but to hear Cheyenne going on and on about my alleged prowess in bed was discomforting -- especially because she was talking with my daughter.

"For me Randy, it can. You've been more loving and more of a lover to me than all the boyfriends I've had in the past. Trust me... I know that you're great. You need to realize that you're my perfect lover. I could never do any better than you, sweetie."

Cheyenne returned her sentiments so quickly and matter-of-factly that I had little choice but to believe her. I still wasn't sure about an 'us', but she seemed pretty certain of it.

Sally broke back in.

"Dad, we used to talk about you all the time when we were in school together. After Cheyenne had the issues with her dad and all, she used to come over to talk and we'd end up talking about you and how sexy you were and stuff."

"And stuff?"

Sally was blushing as Cheyenne laughed at her. Evidently they'd talked about some pretty serious stuff and her memories were showing an embarrassment I'd never seen in Sally before.

"Well, you were my father after all, and little girls do have a time with things when their fathers are 'it' for them. You probably didn't realize it but we used to... uh... anyway we talked about you a quite a bit."

"Yeah, we did. Remember that time when we were in your room after the pool party on your sixteenth birthday Sally?"

Sally turned beet red, and it got me curious. I wanted to know, but then again, I didn't. Sally cut in before I could change the subject.

"Ohhh yeah. Why'd you bring that one up Cheyenne? I mean, of all the times..."

"Because that was the first time you ever mentioned that you'd do your dad if you had the chance. I knew your dad wouldn't have touched you in that way, just as he'd never have touched me either, but I remember rubbing myself in bed later thinking about it."

Now I was blushing. Cheyenne seemed to be above blushing, or she was just being so straightforward that it never occurred to her she was embarrassing us.

"Well, it appears dear old dad got over the not touching YOU part of things at any rate."

"Yeah, well, I helped things along. Kind of led him into it actually. Almost got me fired from the club too."

"You gave dad THAT private dance? Oh. My. God. Really? You danced for him? Like we talked about that time?"


Finally Cheyenne blushed. Evidently 'that time' was pretty impressive, and for her to admit what she'd done, and then blush like that, well, it made me wonder that 'that time' had been about?

"Blow job and all?"


"SALLY. That's enough. You shouldn't be sitting here talking about things like that in front of your father, and you shouldn't so nosy either."

"Oh dad, if you only knew what we talked about when alone together. You'd probably have a heart attack. We had active imaginations and we 'did' you often. At least in our dirty little minds. Now I have a great husband and he takes care of me. I still remember some of the things we used to talk about though. You had no idea."

"Obviously not."

Cheyenne stood up and moved over to sit on my lap.

"Want to see some other things we talked about Randy?"

Her voice was rough and throaty yet sweet as her words cut through the air. I could almost feel the honey dripping off them.

"Not in front of Sally."

"Why not? It could give her some ideas to use on her hubby when she got home."


"Hey dad, let her run with it. After all, I've already seen you two in action, so there's not much more for me to see. Besides, you two looked hot. Damn hot."

"Sally, I really think that... umph!"

Cheyenne's lips locked onto mine, smothering my response completely. Her tongue invaded my mouth and as I struggled to slow things down she just pressed on harder and faster. I tried to push her off of me, but she hung on tightly enough that I finally gave up trying for the moment.

Sally sat there, watching us. She was openly watching and not blushing nor protesting, or anything. If anything, she looked like she was getting off on what Cheyenne was doing on my lap.

Cheyenne, in the mean time, was getting real busy. Her hands undid my robe and then she started working on my softened cock. Once again I tried to move her off my lap and stop her, but as my hand came up she released my cock and took my hand, placing it on her bare breast.

I never knew how or when she bared herself that way, but I heard, or thought I heard a sigh from Sally's side of the table. I started to glance that way but Cheyenne grabbed my head in her hands and took my breath away with another stunning kiss.

Shamefully, I realized that my hand was still on her bare breast and my other hand was kneading her thigh just below her hot, wet and delightful pussy. I couldn't see Sally, but I could hear moaning coming from across the table where she was sitting.

Cheyenne moved around a bit, and taking one hand from behind my head she moved it to my cock, stroking my now steel hard shaft. I heard chairs scraping on the kitchen tiles and then a warm presence was next to me.

Sally had moved around the table and brought a chair with her. She placed it near enough to me that I could smell her perfume and feel the warmth from her body. I heard Sally's clothes rustling as Cheyenne really started to move around on my lap.

My robe parted completely, and was pulled from my shoulders. Cheyenne removed the shirt she'd thrown on and, naked, she began to move up to take my cock into her tight and steaming center. I never knew when her panties had disappeared either.

My mind was refusing to accept the situation. My daughter was sitting right next to us as Cheyenne started to fuck me. I heard her moans as Cheyenne settled down on my shaft. She hugged me close as her hips began to thrust back and forth. I could feel the muscles in her pussy milking my shaft and I knew that regardless of the situation, I'd cum soon. Right in front of my adult daughter.

This was so nasty and filthy I was numb. I'd never have done something like this, ever, on my own. Cheyenne had taken me to places I'd never been, and I wasn't sure what I thought or felt, other than knowing that I loved what she was doing to me or rather, with me.

"Oh God Randy, your cock is so huge... so long... so hard. I love it. It fills me up. Oh... GOD...I'm cumming! Uhh...Ohhh...yessssss. Oh fuck! Yessssss... so hot... so hard... yessssss."

Cheyenne was having multiple orgasms as she rode me. I was getting close to shooting off too.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my body. Fingers were rubbing my nipple and then moving downwards. I started cumming and couldn't stop. As I shot off deep inside Cheyenne, that hand touched right where we were joined.

"See that cock Sally? God he's so damn hard. Feel how wet I am. Jeezus... I'm flooded out down there. I've never cum so much or so hard before."

Cheyenne was talking like she was in a fog of lust.

The hand varied from gripping my cock to moving up and rubbing Cheyenne. I was coming back to reality when I suddenly realized just whose hand was on us. Sally was sitting next to us, her eyes glazed and her mouth open as she obviously came while rubbing us and her own pussy.

"Oh God... daddy...oh yes... so hard. So damn hard. Chey, you're so wet... it's sticking up into you... My daddy's cock is sticking up into you, so hard and long... Oh God... yessssss. He's buried in you all the way... Ohhhhh God."

Stunned, I could only sit there and watch as my daughter got off while touching my cock and Cheyenne's pussy where they were still joined.

After coming back to reality, my face turned red as a fire engine. Or maybe I was white as a ghost. I didn't know. All I truly knew was that my face was burning hot.

I was afraid of what had just happened, and in the post orgasmic 'bliss', that reality came crashing down on me hard. Sally was coming down from her orgasm and her smile told me that she'd enjoyed doing this, yet deep inside I was troubled.

"I can't believe you did that Sally. That's so wrong."

"I just touched you daddy. It's not like we had sex or anything. Damn."

"I was having sex with Cheyenne. You're hand was down there... on us... you rubbed me, you rubbed yourself... I can't believe this. What's happening to me?"

"You, daddy, are coming out of your shell thanks to what you've done with Cheyenne. I know you like her, at least. Your cock says so anyway. I know Cheyenne loves you too. Relax and chill out old man. It'll be all right."

"I need to go get dressed."

"Can we take showers Randy?"

Cheyenne had a look in her eyes. I wasn't sure what to say, but Sally said it for me, whether I liked it or not.

"You two go ahead. I'll be back in a while. Take your time. I know that you both need to wash each other's backs. I'd bet that Cheyenne can get you up and in her one more time too daddy. Gives me goose bumps, it does."

"Gives me goose bumps too Sally. NOT LIKE YOUR'S I'm sure."

"Oh daddy. No harm, no foul. Let it be."

Sally washed her hands in the kitchen sink and left. Cheyenne and I went to the bathroom to shower. Sally was right. Cheyenne was able to get me up again, and we did it in the shower, and then once more in the bedroom. The last one in the bedroom was soft and gentle, full of love. We made love. For the first time since Tricia, I actually made love with a woman.

And I loved it because I discovered that I loved her too.

"I'm losing my mind. I must be."

"Are you sorry that we made love Randy?"

"Oh Cheyenne, I don't know what to think. I was around you when you were a teenager. I drove you and Sally to school and school events. I took pictures of you and Sally and your dates when you both went to the prom. Now... damn... we've had sex. It's just a bit much for this old man to comprehend."

"You know that I've always loved you, right?"

"Crushed on me maybe. Love? I'm not sure Cheyenne."

"I always have been in love with you. Sally knew it too. She warned me that I'd better never try to come between you and Tricia, but now, since Tricia's gone... I mean, I'm not trying to make you forget her, she was such a wonderful wife and mom... it's just..."

"First of all Cheyenne, you couldn't make me forget Tricia. She was my first love, and always will have a special place in my heart. On the other hand, you're right, had you tried to come between us, Sally would probably have killed you. But now, I suppose it doesn't really matter. It's just that you're so young. You could have any man you wanted, Cheyenne. Really. I mean, there are a lot of good young men out there who would love and care for you just like me, probably even better."

"But they're not you, Randy. I love YOU. I want to be with YOU. YOU'RE the man I want to be with Randy. Not some other, younger man. I've only wanted just you."

"Well, I never knew until just now. I think we need to take it easy. You may change your mind about me. You need to see that when you're in your forties I'll be in my sixties or seventies. What about that? I won't always be capable of having sex. What would you do then? What about when I die? You'd be all alone and still young enough to be a wife or lover for someone more your age. What about then?"

"I love you. That's all I need to know, and I've thought about when you get older, trust me. I really have. I'll show you my diary. That'll show you what I've really thought all this time. You have no idea Randy. Really you don't."

We talked for most of the day. Sally came back about four hours later, and then just before Cheyenne left to go to her apartment, Jim and John stopped by.

"Hey dad... Cheyenne. How's things?"

"Good Jim. How's things with you guys?"

"Good. John and I were wondering... Sally told us that you and Cheyenne were kind of getting close..."

"When did she tell you that?"

"I saw them right after I left here this morning dad."

"What did you tell them?"

"Not much. I mean, they know that you and Cheyenne have been... intimate... but nothing else."

My sons had the sense to blush at Sally's statement.


John cut in.

"Well, we think that you and Cheyenne being together may be a good thing dad. Cheyenne always has loved you and..."

"You two boys knew about her loving me too?"


"And nobody in my family ever told their father about that little fact?"

"Dad, we didn't want to embarrass you or Cheyenne. We figured it would never go anywhere, as long as mom was alive anyway. Now though, since moms' gone and you're all alone..."

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