tagLoving WivesManufacturers Rep. Jenny Ch. 5

Manufacturers Rep. Jenny Ch. 5


Jenny applied herself to her new trade with single-minded determination. She was signaled three times a day initially. She stayed around the house until she was more comfortable with the routine. Going into the second week, Kelly added a fourth, then a few days later, fifth daily session. Her sleep was never disturbed, since proper rest was important for maximum production.

She was pleased to report on day five her first success. She only produced a few droplets, but it was a start! Kelly was satisfied, and complimented her dedication. She had now worked up to three ounces per day, about one ounce per session. The only problem she ran into was sore nipples, as she worked up to the strongest setting on the pump. Kelly told her to lubricate her aureole and nipples with vegetable oil prior to each session. This solved the problem completely. She now carried a small bottle of oil right in her case.

Her husband was delighted when she told him about the job and salary. She told him that the equipment had been designed for newly adoptive mothers, and that it had been vital for her to go through the experience personally, to be able to represent the product to professionals in this industry. He was surprised that his normally shy wife had agreed to participate in such a trial, but he sure couldn't find fault with the money!

After the fourth week, she had settled into a regular routine of lactation every three hours, throughout the day. Kelly kept the timing very constant, so working it into her schedule was easy. Her production had increased to eight ounces per session, Her breasts now ballooned heavily from her chest, with a tracery of fine blue veins now visible through her stretched, porcelain white skin. Her aureole and nipple's had swollen, extending well past the margins of the pump cups. On her last phone call to Kelly, she explained the problem. Kelly called her back with news that they had made a new custom harness for her. They agreed to meet over lunch at a restaurant close to the factory, so Jenny could exchange for the bigger size.

For the first time since she had started this project, Jenny had not been "signaled" all morning. She kept checking her watch, to make sure the darn thing was running. Her eight-am and now eleven-am time had passed by without a peep! She called the office, but had been informed that Kelly was "tied up in a meeting, and couldn't be disturbed!"

Her breasts felt like over-inflated water balloons, jiggling with every bump and hole in the road, as she headed over to the restaurant. She wore a sleeveless white blouse and a colorful peasant skirt with a floral print. Her largest bra was white, which showed through the sheer fabric of the blouse, but it was the only one that was comfortable given the swollen state of her breasts. She parked close to the front door of the restaurant, and decided to leave her pump in the car, as she locked the door and walked over to the entrance.

The man at the front desk found the reservation, and led her to a booth at the rear of the room. It was a very fancy place, complete with linen tablecloths and sparkling place settings. It was very popular with the business crowd, so reservations were required. Soft Italian music was playing. She asked for a cup of water from the waiter, explaining that she was waiting to be joined by a friend.

Kelly slipped into the booth at twelve-thirty, dressed in one of her crisp white uniforms. "Sorry I'm late! I got held up in a meeting." She took a sip of water from her glass, and set her napkin in her lap. "Did you forget to signal me?" whispered Jenny, as their waiter approached for Kelly's drink order. "Excuse me just for a minute…" she said to the waiter. "Are you very uncomfortable?" she asked Jenny, who looked down into her lap, as she shook her head yes. "You must excuse my friend!" she said to the young man, as he waited patiently. "She just began nursing, and is still a little shy about it! I'll have a glass of Merlot. And bring my friend some more water," she said, seeing Jenny's empty glass.

"Did you have to tell him that!" asked Jenny, after the man left. "Don't be such a prude!" answered Kelly with a smile. "There's nothing "dirty" about nursing! I brought your new harness." She pulled the rig out of her shoulder bag, setting it on the table between them. We have increased the diameter by an inch, and also widened the outlet to accommodate the increased size of your nipples. I need to check the size, so you'll have to slip off your bra!" Jenny covered her chest with her hands. "No way, not here! We can do it after lunch!" she whispered urgently, as the waiter returned with their drinks.

Kelly looked at her watch. "I don't have time dear! Where is the ladies room, please?" she asked the young man, as he refilled Jenny's water glass. "It's to the right of the front door, at the end of the hall" he answered. "Are you ladies ready to order yet, or shall I return in a few minutes? They placed their orders, and he left to attend to another table. Jenny started to protest, but Kelly held up her hand, stopping her in mid sentence.

"Look, all I want you to do is take off your bra! Now go to the rest room, and slip it off. This is only going to take a second!" Jenny hesitated, with a suspicious look on her face. "O.k., I'll be right back!" she said, hurrying up front.

Kelly waited a minute or two, and then pulled her keys out of her shoulder bag, grasping the remote controller. "Time to see how well conditioned she really is!" With an evil grin, she pressed the button on the remote, activating the buzzer on Jenny's wrist.

In the restroom stall, Jenny had just finished putting on her blouse, less her bra. She felt the familiar vibration begin against her wrist, and groaned as her full breasts ached with renewed discomfort. Like Pavlov's dog, her nipples began to swell in anticipation of sweet relief. Stepping out of the stall in a dreamlike state, she noticed her reflection in the mirror above the vanity. Her breasts were clearly visible through the thin material of the blouse, and her nipples were much in evidence as they responded to the stimulation!

She crossed her arms over her chest as she returned to the booth, keeping them in place as she scooted across the padded seat. The waiter approached carrying their salads on a tray. "Give me the bra!" said Kelly, holding out her hand. Looking down at her lap, Jenny passed it over, as the waiter stood mute before them. "Now drop your arms, and sit up straight! Show good posture!" Jenny did as requested, bringing her chest into sharp relief for their server. Her full concentration was centered on the vibration against her left wrist however, and she realized what was coming! She whimpered as both nipples started to release spurts of her sweet milk, staining the front of her blouse!

"Oh my!" said Kelly, smiling sweetly. She picked up her napkin, and covered Jenny's left aureole, squeezing tightly. The waiter was speechless. "She's had a little accident!" Kelly said to the young man, glancing over at him. "Could you help please!" Jenny shook her head no, but the man didn't notice. Milk pulsed freely, creating a large splotch running down from her squirting nipple. "Ummmm, I guess so!" he said. Snatching Jenny's napkin, he covered the breast, clamping down on her aureole! They were attracting attention from nearby tables, and Jenny couldn't help but notice fellow diners craning their necks to see what was happening.

They held her like this for what seemed an eternity. Cautiously, Kelly released her grasp, checking carefully for further leakage. The flow had stopped temporarily. The waiter released his grip, and covered the bulge at his groin that Jenny's predicament had caused! "She should be all right for now, I'm sorry to have bothered you!" He indicated with a shrug and wave that it was no problem! "Could you bring us some fresh napkins?" asked Kelly, returning her attention to Jenny. The waiter left reluctantly, shaking his head in wonder.

"Mr. Patrick will be pleased dear! I think you are ready to begin calling on customers!" said Kelly. "I don't see the case. You did bring the pump, didn't you?" Jenny 's eyes remained fixed in her lap, staring past her puckered aureole, now on full display. "Yes mam. I left it in the car though!" she answered in a soft voice. "Well, that's unfortunate!" said Kelly. "I thought I told you carry it at all times! Go get it!" and she began eating her salad.

Jenny was quite a site as she returned back to the booth a minute later, carrying the equipment case. Conversation died in the restaurant and most patrons turned to stare as she bounced back to the booth. Her breasts swayed freely under the sheer blouse, which now clung tightly to her torso.

Kelly took the case from her as she sat down, and set it on the tabletop. Snapping it open, she unhooked the old harness, stuffing it in her shoulder bag. She cleared the table in front of Jenny, and laid out the new harness. "Take off your blouse!" she said, and began reattaching the tubing to the new harness. "Oh please no!" whispered Jenny, as she saw everyone stealing glances at her around the room. Kelly reached in her bag, pulling out a new wood ruler. She placed it down purposefully on the table between them.

Jenny unbuttoned her blouse, and flushed a bright crimson as she slipped the garment off her shoulders. Their waiter returned carrying a stack of fresh napkins. Kelly smiled, seeing the expression of shock on the young mans face. "We have to relieve the pressure. She's in a lot of discomfort" she explained, as she placed the case on the seat between them. She noticed the bottle of oil inside, and snatched it up with a grin. Flipping up the top, she squirted out a generous amount over both of Jenny's nipples!

"Rub it in dear!" she said, as she finished connecting the last tube to the harness. Their waiter cleared his throat. "I don't think this is allowed!" he said quietly, as Jenny began massaging the oil in. The mans attention was transfixed, as trickles of milk again began to leak out of her now thumb sized nipples, which were aching for release! Kelly took the fresh napkins out of his hands, and spread them over her lap, to catch the overflow. "Nonsense, go get the manager if you have to!" she said. Picking up the harness, she positioned the cups over her shiny aureole. "You know the drill Jenny!"

Jenny grasped the ends of the harness, and clipped it behind her back with well-practiced ease. "These cups fit you much better!" said Kelly, closely inspecting the fit. The waiter returned, followed by and older man dressed in a suit and tie. "What seems to be the problem here?" he asked, as he moved up in front of the booth. Kelly looked up into his blushing face. "There's no problem here, unless you make it a policy to discriminate against nursing women!" she answered forcefully. Jenny wanted to crawl under the table and hide, as Kelly casually flipped the switch on the pump. Both men stared open mouthed as the cups began to pulsate on her nipples, and a heavy stream of milk erupted down the tube to the waiting bottle. "Jenny sighed and closed her eyes, as release washed over her. The new cups were large enough to allow full extension of her nipples during suction, and Kelly was amazed at just how large they really were! She felt a wicked desire to pull off a cup and draw one into her own mouth to suckle!

"Oh no madam, please don't take offense! I didn't understand what was happening!" the man stuttered. "Perhaps the young lady could make use of the restroom, or we could possibly make a more private room available to her?" he asked hopefully. "We don't have time to wait! You could help by checking on our lunch though!" she replied dismissing him with a wave. Not wanting to create a scene, the manager left, with the waiter following close behind. Another young boy approached the table, and topped off the ladies glasses from a pitcher he carried. Jenny saw his hand trembling, and he took as much time as he could, trying to stare discreetly at her chest.

Kelly slid Jenny's salad plate back in front of her. "Dig in Jenny, you need the nutrition" she said, waving a fork. She set the collection bottle on the tabletop between them. "How much have you worked up to?" she asked, checking the scale etched in the glass. "My most was yesterday morning, I was just a little over twelve ounces" Jenny answered, in between bites of her salad. "Normally I'm fullest first thing. I loose about two ounces later in the day!" Kelly watched the level pass ten ounces already, in the one-pint bottle. "You're going to beat that today!" she said. Another boy approached, and asked in a quavering voice if he could take any of their plates. Kelly smiled, and handed the boy her empty salad plate. "They sure have good service today!" she said. Jenny kept silent, though she turned a deeper shade of red, as the boy reached to take her plate. His hand was inches from her naked breasts! "Thhhhanks!" he said clumsily, retreating to the kitchen.

Now the original waiter approached with their sandwiches on a tray. "Sorry for the wait ladies" he said. He served their plates smoothly, giving Jenny an extra napkin. "Can I get you anything else?" he asked, staring at her exposed breasts. "You could be a dear and empty this bottle for us!" said Kelly. She switched off the pump. Milk continued to spurt out of Jenny's nipples after the suckling action stopped, but the flow quickly subsided. Kelly held the bottle down low, to drain the remaining milk out of the tubing. She had timed it perfectly, as the bottle was now close to overfilling. She unhooked it, and handed the warm bottle to their server. "Hurry back, please!" she said with a big smile.

In all, she produced another half bottle of liquid by the time they finished their lunch. When the harness was removed, Kelly allowed her to slip the blouse back on. Jenny fled back to the restroom, where she cleaned up both herself and the equipment. She was able to put her bra back on, and dry her blouse under the hand drier mounted next to the sink. She sighed with relief, as the ordeal was finally over! She still felt the stares as she returned to their table, and gladly followed Kelly out of the restaurant. She crossed it off her list for future dining excursions!

To Be Continued...

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