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Many Men for Her Birthday



It was Ashley's 32nd birthday, and we had an amazing night planned. We had both had a busy week at work and were looking forward to spending time with each other. Kids were away and we were excited about the night ahead. Ashley had been gone for two weeks on business and, needless to say, we both needed to release a little tension later that night.

I had planned a great night for Ashley, but I refused to tell her what was in store. It was all going to be a surprise. She had been begging all week for clues, but I wouldn't budge. She was guessing at dinner - new Louis, new heels... I wouldn't give her any clues at all. I just knew she would never guess in a million years what was in store. I smiled to myself, waiting downstairs as she got dressed.

* * * * *


I'm so excited about tonight. I haven't seen Kevin in two weeks and, needless to say, I know he's dying to jump my bones. I won't lie - I want him bad - but I am going to make him wait. Maybe tease him a little at dinner. I'm better at restraining myself than he is. That's what he gets for not telling me what he has in store tonight. He says it's something special, but I'm sure it's just dinner, then something expensive he bought. Either way, I'm excited... and, I'll admit, really horny.

Chapter One

Ashley bought a new dress when she was out of town for tonight. It was a short black mini dress; a little shorter than she was used to. If she bent over, her amazing ass would surely slip out. It also pushed her nice boobs out and barely covered them. She looked stunning. The dress, coupled with her Louboutins, made her a sight to behold.

She finished getting dressed and checked herself in the mirror. The dress was really short, but her legs looked perfect. An electric wave pulsed through her pussy as she thought about it being pushed up later that night by Kevin and him taking from behind. She strutted slowly downstairs and felt Kevin's eyes immediately on her...undressing her...fucking her. He sprang up and tried to grab her, but she pushed him away and laughed. After a few moments, and with Kevin adjusting himself, they walked out to the car.

Ashley's dress was riding up in the car, and Kevin had trouble driving. Ashley was deliberately teasing as well. She slowly ran her hands up and down her long sexy legs... slipping her fingers under her dress. She was teasing him, but was, in fact, turning herself on. Her pussy pulsed and her nipples were hard. She could feel herself getting wet.

A tingle of orgasm started in her stomach and began to pulse into her pussy, swelling her clit. She stopped before she pushed herself too far and, besides, she didn't want to make Kevin wreck the car. She could see his bulge swelling in his pants and wanted to grab it, but was able to restrain herself. She laughed as she adjusted her dress. She thought to herself this was the longest time since they had been married without having sex. It had been almost two and a half weeks. She hadn't even masturbated because she had been so busy and exhausted. There was truly going to be some release when it got to that point - They would definitely ruin the sheets. Just thinking about the powerful orgasm she would have, had her getting wet again.

They drove downtown. Ashley wasn't familiar with where they were going. They had passed the usual palaces they frequented. She asked where they were going and Kevin just smiled. They drove past the baseball stadium, turned off the highway, and made a left into the industrial part of town. They had never been on this side of town before. They passed a few abandoned buildings and homeless people. Ashley was getting uneasy and asked if they were lost. Kevin just smirked a little. They turned down an alley, littered with trash, and stopped behind a warehouse.

The building was run down on the outside, but the door looked brand new. It was a rage large mahogany door painted bright red. Kevin parked the car and shut it off. Ashley looked very confused, her eyes scanning the building and the alley. She asked what the hell he was doing. Kevin just smiled and opened his door and got out. He walked around and opened up Ashley's door. Her dress had ridden up again. It was hard to keep down since it was so short. He could see her panties peeking at him.

She got out of the car and, as she did, her skirt came all the way up over her ass. She stepped out and awkwardly stood up, showing Kevin her panties and amazing ass in the process. As she was pulling her skirt back down, she noticed a group of men standing in the shadows a few feet from the door.

There were four of them, a few smoking. They all stared at her in silence. She couldn't see their faces, but she knew they had seen her ass and her panties as she climbed out of the car. One of the men stepped out from the group slightly, as if to get a better look at her. He was extremely tall, but she couldn't make out his or any of their features, only that they were all dressed very nicely for such a bad area of town. She was embarrassed, yet excited, at the same time.

That tingling in her pussy crept back and a chill shot down her legs. Her pussy swelled a little. Kevin knew they were staring at her and smiled. He took her hand and led her to the door. They walked past the men, who were silent and went towards the door.

"Where have you taken me?" asked Ashley. "Is this a restaurant or something?" Kevin said, "Oh, people have been known to eat things here."

They walked into the building as Kevin held the door open for her. He looked at her sexy body as she walked past him. She looked so amazing tonight and smelled fantastic. Her dress rode up a little and she didn't notice and forgot to pull it down. Her boobs were also busting out and were begging to be released.

Inside was a dimly lit room. The walls were a deep red and the furniture was very nice. It was like a lounge. There were a few people socializing with drinks. Ashley noticed how nicely dressed everyone was. There weren't a lot of people there, maybe 10 total. Ashley noticed it was mostly men, and all of them looked up at her as she walked in. It was hard not to look at her.

She felt self-conscious, but Kevin put his arm around her waist and made her feel better. They walked up to a desk attended by a lady who stood as they approached. She was a scantily clad redhead, wearing a small red dress similar to Ashley's. She was about the same height as Ashley, but had heels on that made her about two inches taller. She could have been Ashley's sister, and Ashley felt some odd attraction to her.

"You must be Ashley" she said.

Ashley looked at Kevin in confusion. Kevin smiled.

"What is this place?" asked Ashley. Kevin said, "It's your surprise."

"I don't understand," said Ashley.

The woman at the desk introduced herself as Nicole, and said that they had been waiting for her. "Come with me Ashley," Nicole said, and reached out her hand. Ashley took it. She had a firm grip yet sensual at the same time.

She guided Ashley around the desk to a door that was in the back of the room, with Kevin following. Nicole put her arm around Ashley's waist, still holding her hand firmly, and guided her to the door. She opened it and the three of them walked into a dark room. Nicole closed the door and it was pitch black. Ashley felt Nicole's hand run down her waist onto her butt, as if unintentionally. Still holding her hand, she spun Ashley around slowly. Ashley was nervous yet intrigued at the same time. Was this going to be a joke? Surely Kevin had some sort of prank in store for her.

Ashley let Nicole guide her through the darkness. She could hear Kevin behind them. Then, suddenly, they stopped by one of the walls. Nicole went behind Ashley and wrapped her arms around her waist. She ran her hands slowly up to Ashley's boobs, Ashley gasped and grabbed Nicole's hands to remove them. Nicole responded by grabbing Ashley's wrists tightly and jerked her hands behind her body. Nicole was much stronger than Ashley, which and Ashley quickly realized. Nicole kissed the back of her neck.

"What is going on Kevin?" Ashley whimpered. No response. Then, with no warning, Ashley felt cold steel on her wrists. Nicole had put handcuffs on Ashley and now her hands were tightly restrained behind her back. Ashley jerked back and forth a little but she couldn't move much. She was being held from behind too tightly. Nicole told her to calm down but Ashley was beginning to freak out.

Nicole grabbed her arms and pushed her up against the wall. Her boobs smashed against the wall and she could feel Nicole pressing against her. Nicole slid her hands down Ashley's arms and down to her thighs. Ashley trembled in anticipation and anxiety. "It's all going to be ok; if you relax, you will like this more."

Ashley got still and called for Kevin again. Still no answer. "Oh, Kevin arranged this for you. You will be here for a while. He knows what is in store for you and wanted you to have the best birthday ever." Nicole was still pressed against Ashley, whispering this in her ear. "You need to behave and do what I say. Kevin isn't here anymore."

Ashley was confused. Nicole continue to press up against her. Ashley noticed her nipples getting hard from being pushed against the wall. They were poking through her tight dress. 'Shit! Her dress had ridden up a lot,' Ashley thought to herself. She couldn't fix it, either. Nicole noticed and was rubbing the outside of her thighs. Ashley was trembling from her touch, and she didn't know why. Her body seemed to love this, but her mind was confused and scared. Nicole removed one hand from her thigh and turned a switch, illuminating the room. Kevin was gone.

The room was like a large cell, all concrete but with the same red walls as the lounge. There was a large 10 ft long mirror on one of the walls. The room was empty except for what was waiting in the center of the room. Ashley gasped as she saw a large wooden bench with all sorts of straps on it. It looked like something you tied horses to, with a large wooden beam about waist high. There were straps on the beam as well as attached to the floor.

Nicole still had a hand on Ashley's left arm and spun her off the wall so she could get a better view. Her breasts were coming out of her dress now, after being pushed against the wall with her hands behind her. Her dress was also halfway over her ass. Nicole told Ashley to walk to the center of the room. Ashley didn't move.

"I said, get in the middle of the room!" shouted Nicole. "No!" said Ashley. "I don't know about all of this and I want Kevin!"

Nicole stepped closer to Ashley and, in one motion, popped Ashley's dress over her ass and grabbed it as hard as she could. Nicole's middle finger shoved deep into Ashley's pussy. Ashley hadn't noticed, but she was soaking wet - so wet it dripped down the inside of her leg when Nicole inserted her finger. Ashley gasped; this was the first time she's been touched down there in almost three weeks.

Nicole had unusually long fingers. She almost lifted Ashley off the ground. Ashley moaned in a natural reaction and bit her bottom lip. Without warning, Nicole kissed Ashley. Ashley was surprised but then returned the kiss. Nicole shoved her tongue down her throat. Ashley moaned with approval. Nicole worked her finger deeper into Ashley's soaking tight pussy. It was swollen and pulsing. Nicole noticed Ashley beginning to rock her hips back and forth slowly.

Nicole stopped kissing and said, "You're not going to cum are you?" Ashley couldn't get any words out but managed to mumble, "nnnnoo." Then Nicole shoved a second finger up Ashley's throbbing pussy. Ashley screamed and saw a flash of white. Her stomach contracted and her clit swelled up. Cum pumped from Ashley's body into her pussy as if to make it easier for Nicole to pleasure her. Ashley's legs shook as she let loose with an orgasm. He whole body tensed as her pussy convulsed around Nicole's fingers that were deep inside her perfect pussy. Cum was dripping down her legs. "Fuck!" Ashley screamed. Nicole took her fingers out and shoved them in Ashley's mouth. Ashley almost came again as she licked her fingers clean.

"Now will you go to the middle of the room?" asked Nicole. Ashley could barely walk as her legs were still shaking. She looked at the waiting bench and all the straps. A jolt of excitement ran through her. She could feel her pussy throbbing. Her dress was completely around her waist and her panties half down her leg. Nicole grabbed her arm again and pushed her towards the bench.

This was going to be a long night...

Chapter Two

Ashley stumbled towards the bench. Her legs were still Jell-O from cumming so hard earlier. Nicole had a strong grip on her arm and escorted her across the room, their heels clicking on the floor. Ashley's panties were halfway down and were slowly sliding down her leg. They eventually fell to the floor and she had no choice but to step out of them. She looked back at them and could see they were soaked.

How embarrassing she thought to herself. She rarely ever came that quickly and let loose that much cum. Her dress was still at her waist, so she was naked from the waist down except for her heels. The two of them got to the bench.

Ashley just stood there for a minute looking at it. It was a wooden cylindrical bench that was at about waist level, and covered in all sorts of straps. The wood was stained nicely; it looked very heavy and expensive. It also had scratches and chips and blemishes all over it, like it had been used many times before. Ashley's pussy twitched when she thought of everyone before her that had experienced it. The straps were leather and very well broken in.

"Step up to it and bend over," said Nicole. Ashley hesitated. Nicole grabbed the back of her head and bent her over the bench. Her hands were still behind her so most of her weight was on her stomach. "Uhhhhmmph," she grunted, as the air was knocked out of her.

Nicole stepped behind her and pulled her dress back over her ass. "You need to be presentable," she said. Ashley was looking down at the floor and said, "What do you mean?"

"You will see," said Nicole. Nicole undid the handcuffs and put each one of her arms in a strap connected to the floor in front of her. She tightened the straps around her wrists. Now, Ashley couldn't stand fully upright without pulling her arms out of their sockets. Ashley lay helplessly over the bench.

Nicole squatted in front of her and took Ashley's breast in her mouth and sucked on it. A shot of fire ran through Ashley's body. Her nipples immediately got hard. Nicole then stood up and put Ashley's large heaving breasts back into her dress and walked to the door. "Someone wants to meet you," she said.

Nicole opened the door and in walked an older gentleman. He was in his late 50's, balding, slightly chubby, and about Ashley's height or slightly shorter. He had a kind demeanor and was smiling as he entered. He was wearing an expensive suit and Italian leather shoes. Ashley tensed up. She was covered but not by much and in the most compromising position. What was he going to do to her? A shot of fear went through her heart.

"Hello Ashley. My name is Michael, and I run this place. Don't worry, you are safe and will be well taken care of. Your husband arranged this evening for you. He has examined a list of everything that is 'on limits' here, and has instructed us as to which of them is 'off limits'. We are a club for refined sexually adventurous adults who wish to fulfill their every desire."

He stepped closer to Ashley and she could smell that he was wearing some very nice expensive cologne. She liked it. As he got closer, she became uneasy. "Don't worry Ashley," he said. "We have the utmost respect for our clients. Your safe word will be 'Houston'. If, at any time, you feel uncomfortable, please say that word. You are also being videotaped, for your safety as well as ours. The only person who will see the tape is your husband."

Ashley looked up at him perplexed. She was bent over and her head was at about his chest level. He was indeed a shorter man, yet very refined and maybe somewhat handsome a decade or two ago. He began to walk behind her, telling her about the history of the place, but she wasn't really listening. She became self-conscious and crossed her legs as he walked behind her, trying to cover herself. Her dress had come up some and her pussy was slightly peeking out. She also still had her own cum down the inside of her leg. He didn't seem to stare but lingered behind her.

She still felt a little uncomfortable and couldn't see what he was doing. Was he staring at her and the mess she made earlier? She remembered her panties on the floor. Her pussy started to throb while he was behind her. Why was her body doing this? She didn't want him to fuck her so what was happening? He kept talking and she could feel her pulse beating in her head. She shifted her legs and felt how incredibly wet her pussy had become. She felt a little cum begin to drip out of her tight slit as she stood there, bent over in front of another man.

Surely he could see this. He stayed behind her and continued to talk. Was he staring at her ass and pussy? Her legs began to tremble as she thought about what Nicole just did to her... and now this? She was trying so hard to keep the cum in her body and control herself. Finally, he walked back in front of her and asked her if she had any questions.

"Where is Kevin?" she asked as she tried to regain her composure. She stared at the large mirror, wondering if he was on the other side.

"Oh, he will pick you up in the morning," said Michael.

"The morning? I'm here all night? He left me?!?"

"Don't worry about a thing," said Michael. "It appears you and Nicole have already gotten off to a good start." He smiled and moved right in front of Ashley. She looked up and saw the bulge in his pants. Had she turned him on or was she seeing things? He smiled and walked out the door.

Nicole smiled and said, "Now we can play..."

Chapter Three

Ashley couldn't move too much as Nicole walked towards her. She could see Nicole's nipples were hard through her dress. She had fake tits, too, but they were slightly smaller than Ashley's. She was also thicker than Ashley, but in no way fat. She had a body that Ashley found very attractive. And her dominating personality was a turn on.

"I am going to dominate you." Nicole said to Ashley. "And you will now refer to me as Colette. I will make you do as I say, and don't think for one minute you will be the only one cumming tonight."

Ashley's pussy began to swell again as Colette walked behind her. Ashley looked over at the mirror and could see herself, ass jacked up in the air as she still had her heels on. Her ass was actually higher in the air when she straightened her legs. She was strapped over the bench and tied down.

Collette ran her fingers up the back of Ashley's leg. Ashley shuddered with pleasure as Collette's touch seemed to turn her on even more than Nicole's. Her fingers ran up and stopped just short of her waiting pussy. Colette could see the glistening cum coating her pussy.

Collette then grabbed some scissors and began cutting Ashley's dress. "Wait!" yelled Ashley. But it was too late. Collette cut it up the back along her spine. The steel was cold against her skin. She cut through the bra and everything and let the garments drop to the floor.

Ashley was now completely naked with the exception of her heels. She became self-conscious again. Who was on the other side of the mirror? Was someone watching her? And if so how many

"Who is on the other side of the mirror?" Ashley asked. Collette slapped her ass hard and Ashley jumped.

"Don't speak unless I say you can!" Collette growled. "And by the time I'm done with you, you won't care who sees you out on display. You will be begging for it."

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