tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMany Men One After Another

Many Men One After Another


A fantasy...

Or did it really happen...?

My Master tells me to dress up to go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. We eat at an expensive Japanese place and I get quite tipsy drinking sake. He takes me to a nice hotel, where he has rented a beautiful suite, with a separate living room and bedroom. We have a few more drinks and then he tells me he has a surprise for me, but that I have to be tied up, gagged, and blindfolded on the bed to await my surprise. He tells me to get on the bed face down with my arms behind my back...

I had worn a sexy olive coloured dress that night, with lacy black panties, and so I felt so slutty as I assumed the position, my back arched and my ass sticking up.

He ties my wrists and ankles like a pig about to be sacrificed, puts a blindfold on me, and then pulls down my panties, leaving them halfway down my thighs. I hear the familiar buzz of my vibrator and then the delicious feeling of its familiar head pushing into my now dripping wet pussy.

As the head of the vibrator swirls inside me, rubbing against every part of my cunt, he tells me that he is going to leave me in the bedroom to "get things ready." I hear the soft click as he closes the door behind him. I don't know what to expect, but then over the next 15 minutes I can faintly hear through the bedroom door a number of people knocking on the hotel room door. I hear his voice, and that of a number of men chatting and laughing, and I become very excited, wondering if he is going to bring them into the bedroom.

After waiting for what seems like forever, I hear the bedroom door open and a number of footsteps coming in. I hear zippers and the sound of fabric rustling, and then a pair of hands grabs my arms and flips me over onto my back. I feel my dress pulled up, exposing my breasts. My whole body must have turned red as I blush with shame. How many strange men were surrounding me, seeing my naked body?

I felt so exposed, the vibrator still swirling inside me, making wet slopping sounds. I was squirming because the tickler on the vibrator had been hitting my swollen clit just enough to bring me close to a big orgasm. The excitement of being surrounded by men, watching me with a vibrator shoved inside my cunt, surged through me as I imagined what I must have looked like to them at that moment. I could feel the spasming inside me already as I approached a climax....

I heard a strange man's voice say, "pull her panties down, I wanna see how far that vibrator is inside her cunt..." The perverted tone of his voice sent a shiver through my body.

Some fingers pulled my underwear down, and another man commanded in a low authoritative voice, "Spread your legs, Mika..."

I was shocked that I immediately did as I was told, without hesitation. A gush of my warm wetness flows out as the vibrator shifts with my legs swing opening. I realized that the low moaning sound I could hear through the blindfold was in fact coming from me!

I was so sexually excited that I was involuntarily making groaning noises and my hips were thrusting and jerking upwards as if the vibrator was fucking me.

I felt fingers and hands, I couldn't tell how many, begin to touch me, my face, my breasts, my stomach, my legs. Someone's fingers began to play with my lips and clit, while someone else began to pull the vibrator out and shove it back in, fucking me with it and splashing my juices out with each thrust inside until I could feel my wetness spreading all over my crotch. The fingers playing with my clit and swollen lips were removed, but several seconds later I felt them on my gagged mouth. The fingertips wet my lips with my slimy secretions and I could smell the muskiness of my own scent. It made me so horny that every movement of the fingers on my mouth made me moan and writhe on the bed.

After a few more minutes my Master's voice announced that I was "ready," and I felt my blindfold being undone. At first the light was so bright from being in the dark so long that I couldn't see. But as my eyes adjusted back to the light, I could see that there was a circle of naked men standing around the bed, all of them stroking their erect cocks. I gasped in shock, surprised at the abundance of hard meat surrounding me!

I had thought that perhaps my Master had arranged a show for a couple of men, and that there would be two or three standing around watching as if we were in a strip club. But seeing all of them naked and masturbating stunned me. There must have been over 10 men, and I realized with a shock that the fingers that had been inside me were those of one of the strange men, the one with an enormous cock, arching upwards towards his stomach and glistening with a trickle of precum that was leaking down the front of the hard shaft and hanging like a spider on a long thread. He stared at me as I stared at him, now licking my wetness from his fingers with his tongue out like a lascivious cat, his other hand slowly stroking his monstrous cock. He squeezed his hand around his thick shaft as he slid it upwards, as if he were pushing the last bits of toothpaste out of a tube. By the time his hand had slid up to the bulging head, a long slimy trail of pre-cum had squeezed out of his slit and oozed down the front of his cock, gathering in a puddle on his index finger before dangling down between his legs...

I realized that my moaning had turned into a pathetic whimpering, an animal desire to be taken by this man with a monstrous cock, by all of these men.

"OK boys. Use her any way you want to..." I was shocked to hear my Master give them permission to do whatever they wanted to me. What was going to happen!?!

I lost track of track of time over the rest of that night. My Master told me later that the last man left at 5am in the morning, which meant that six hours elapsed, but I don't remember it as a continuous event, just snippets jumbled together in no particular order.

I recall being almost constantly filled in all three openings at the same time with different combinations of men. I remember the feel of the largest and thickest of the cocks inside me, and how they stretched me and made me scream uncontrollably. I can recall the feel of the warm cum that covered my face as it cooled, and how there was so much sperm on my body--in my hair, on my face, on my breasts, leaking out of my tender asshole and wet cunt--I felt like I was coated in sticky honey. And the organic smell of the sperm that filled the air, an intense scent that even a long bath that morning did not remove from my hair and skin....

Other bits of memories stir my loins with excitement as they float to the surface in my mind: having two cocks in my mouth at the same time stretching my lips and gagging me as they both thrust into my throat...

Having five men at the same moment with three filling me inside and one in each hand...

The trickle of watery sperm leaking from my gaping asshole that I couldn't squeeze shut...

One man stroking his cock between my feet until I felt his hot come spurting onto my ankles and calves...

My Master standing in front of my face while I was on my hands and knees being double penetrated by two men from behind, my Master slapping my face with both hands back and forth, my cheeks burning as he called me a "dirty slut" and I trembled with an orgasm that consumed every part of my body...

Being given a 2 ounce shot glass filled to the top with sperm to shoot like liquor and almost vomiting as the thick stickiness caught in my throat on the way down to my stomach. Struggling to swallow it all, and finally succeeding and hearing the men cheer as I gulped every bit of the semen they had collected in the glass...

Seesawing back and forth between two 8 inch cocks as one thrust down my throat and the other the other hammered my pussy from behind...

Being reduced to gurgling animal sounds and unable to speak in response to even simple questions when my Master asked me if I enjoyed the 10 inch long cock of one man pounding into me as I lay on my back with my legs spread open obscenely...

The delicious taste of the first cock moved to my mouth directly from my ass, and the fourth and the fifth and the sixth until I lost track...

The feeling in the morning of lying exhausted on the bed, tingling in every sensitive part of my body...

post script:

The Craiglist ad that my Master used to organize the gangbang:

Date:2010-2-12 18:41:36 PostID:xxxxxxxxxx

Title:(casual encounters) wife looking for gangbang - w4mm

Young couple's wife is horny and wants many men one after another and at same time. She is young slim Asian woman with hourglass figure (35-24-35) and he likes to watch and take pictures. You must send an email with picture below neck, and be clean and disease free. Men of all backgrounds welcome, but you must come horny and hard on 2/14 at 11pm. If acceptable, you will receive email confirming on the morning of 2/14, with the exact location coming in a second email at 6pm. Only serious men wanting a dirty casual encounter please.

My Master selected ten men who responded to the Craigslist ad. This is the email he sent to each of the men...

Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2010 18:08:04 -0800

Subject: Details for tonight From: xxxxxxxx

To: xxxxxxxx

We've chosen you out of an applicant pool of over 50, so we hope that you come prepared and ready tonight. Here are the details and some ground rules. The "meeting" takes place tonight at 11pm in Room xxx at the Hotel XXXXXXXXXXX at XXXXXXXX. It's located downtown at XXXXXXXXX, underneath the XXXXXX Bridge on the downtown side, at the intersection of XXXXX and XXXX. If you are later than 11:15pm, we will not interrupt our party to let you in, so please arrive on time. Here are some ground rules:

Come clean--that means showered and fresh and both drug and disease free.

Bring your own condoms that you like and feel comfortable with size-wise, etc.

Treat Mika with respect or else you'll be asked to leave. Don't ruin it for everyone!

We will be taking photos and video and will not share them publicly. If you don't want to be filmed, don't come tonight.

Email now to confirm your coming tonight--not emailing will lead us to assume you will be a no-show.

See you tonight, Mika's Master

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