tagErotic HorrorMara The Warrior

Mara The Warrior


When Mara accepted the mission from a town far from home, she had only expected to slay demons that terrorized the village. She had prepared herself for capture, for death. Mara was a lone warrior, with no family, nor friends. She did not fear death.

What Mara didn't expect was to be capture, stripped, and tied up to bars hanging off the ceiling, like slaughtered animals in the butcher. Mara was knocked unconscious in the middle of the battle, and when she awoke, she found herself hanging by her wrists, in a dim room, along with at least two dozen more young women. Some of them were still unconscious, but out of all the girls who were awake, Mara was the only one in panic.

"What's going on?!" she demanded, twisting her body to face the girl to her left, who hung there with almost a delighted expression on her face.

"Don't you know? The demons come every week to try to impregnate girls, so we can pass on their offspring," she said proudly. Her long blonde hair curled lusciously around her thin waist and her large breasts. Her blue eyes shone with excitement.

"What? That is ridiculous!" Mara cried her brown eyes wide with fear and disgust. She suddenly felt very conscious of her body, of her large, heavy breasts and slim body.

"I agree, this whole tying us up process isn't very nice," the girl continued, "but this is the only part you have to endure. When the demon comes, oh, you'll feel nothing but pleasure," the girl sighed, closing her eyes. A light blush crept across her face.

"B-but...I'm still...a virgin!" she hissed, her heart pounding heavily. Mara had promised herself to save her virginity for the man she loves. That man did not appear yet, and now, she was going to lose it to a demon. The girl looked at her with a small smile.

"Even better," she said.

Mara blanched and turned away from the girl. She found herself staring at twenty-three eager, naked girls. They all seemed to think the idea of being raped by inhuman creatures a privilege, and bearing its children the greatest gift they can get. Mara suddenly wished she was ugly as a toad, so maybe the demons would let her go.

Suddenly, the doors busted open, and twenty-four demons staggered in, growling incomprehensively. They were all big and bulky, and all over six feet tall. Their skin was a green-gray color, and there was a sort of a fishy smell hanging around them. They licked their lips with their long, gray tongues, making Mara shudder in disgust.

The demons growled at each other, and they spread out around the room, grabbing the first girl they approached. The biggest of the demons stomped towards Mara, and she whimpered in fright. The girl next to her however, sighed in jealousy.

"Wow, looks like you caught the attention of Argothor," she whispered, "He's the king of all the demons...and the biggest." The girl giggled as a demon grasped her breasts and ran its tongue over her body.

Mara turned her attention back to Argothor, who had stopped before her and swept his eyes over her body with a devilish grin on his face.

I haven't seen you around before, a deep gravelly voice said, echoing in Mara's head.

The fact that the demon spoke to her telepathically only made Mara more frightened. The demon opened its mouth, and its long tongue shot out and latched itself on the warrior's breasts, slurping at the large mounds. The tongue curled around her tits and tugged, milking her breasts roughly. Mara was crying out, half in pleasure and half in surprise. The demon's hand mauled at her other breasts, his thick fingers pinching and pulling on her nipples. Soon, like all the other girls in the room, Mara was crying out with pleasure.

The demon trailed its tongue down her stomach and to her crotch, where it pushed itself into her tight canal. Mara bit her teeth down, muffling a moan.

A virgin...so tight and delicious...The demon's voice sent shivers down Mara's back. It's time to break you!

The demon pulled his dripping tongue out, and forced it into Mara's own mouth. As demon and human kissed, the demon tugged on its large penis, grasping the foot long cock and positioning it at the entrance of Mara's vagina. When it entered, it showed no mercy. In one thrust, the demon tore through her hymen and pushed against her cervix. Mara tried to scream, but the demon was pushing his tongue down her throat, making her gag. Tears fell like rivers from her eyes as blood dripped down her legs. The demon pulled her legs up and wrapped them around his waist, then fucked her hard.

While it was raping her, the demon slurped at her breasts, his teeth biting on her hard nipples. Within minutes, Mara forgot about the pain, her mind focusing on pleasure. With every thrust, Mara felt her pussy getting bigger, allowing in more of the demon's cock. The demon was soon thrusting in a good seven inches of cock into the human's tight pussy. It reached one hand back and yanked on Mara's long auburn ponytail, pulling her head back. Mara let out a loud cry of pleasure.

Oh fuck, the demon grunted, thrusting his hips in an increasing speed, get ready to bear my children! Mara gasped as she felt Argothor's cock pulse, then the squirts of cum that shot into her pussy.

Then, as if by some sort of unspoken signal, all the demons in the room released their seeds into the girls, filling the room with cries of ecstasy.

One by one, the demons undid the ropes that tied the girls up, and let the fatigued young women collapse onto the ground. Mara lay on the ground in a daze, feeling the thick cum trickling from her ravaged pussy.

The blonde girl crawled next to her, a happy but breathless grin on her face. "I hear that if you pass out, that means you've been impregnated," she whispered.

Mara didn't hear the girl; she only heard the pounding of her heart, loud and strong. Argothor... she thought as she stared at the retreating backs of the demons. She thought the king of the demons turned back to look at her, but she wasn't sure. Mara was already losing consciousness.

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