tagNovels and NovellasMaragana Girl Ch. 07

Maragana Girl Ch. 07


Chapter 7 -- Kim's birthday presents

Upper Danubia's daily rhythm was changing rapidly by the end of September. Farmers were harvesting their crops, school was in full session, and extra trolleys appeared on the streets, ready to begin transporting commuters who had been riding their bicycles all summer when the weather was sunny. The trees began changing color and the nights became colder and colder. Kim and Sergekt began wearing their bright orange winter boots, as did Danube City's other criminals. For the first few days the boots made Kim all that much more aware of the nakedness of the rest of her body. Over time she got used to her new outfit.

Kim's weekly social routine was set by the end of September. One night each week Sergekt came over to Dukov's house to eat dinner with the family. One night per week Kim went over to Sergekt's house to eat dinner with his family. Two nights out of the week Kim and Sergekt joined his friends at the Socrates Club. Another night each week Kim and Sergekt joined some of his friends to play cards at one of their homes. The normal games were card games from Eastern Europe. However, Kim contributed to the card playing by teaching the group how to play Poker, something she had learned in high school the previous year.

Criminal # 98945 now was a full member of Sergekt's social group. No longer was she just "Sergekt's American girlfriend". If the women had something they wanted to do without the guys, they called Kim and asked her if she wanted to join them. The language barrier still impeded her somewhat, but as the weeks went by that barrier became less and less.

Kim's friendship with Sergekt's female classmates solved one important problem in her life, her need to get an indoor job during the winter. The group's lead singer, a petite blond girl called Eloisa, worked at a music store owned by a friend of her father. As the weather got colder and Christmas loomed ever closer, Eloisa suggested Kim to her boss as a new employee. The store owner agreed. As a result of the music store job, Kim's last day working for Victor Dukov was September 30.

Kim dreaded breaking the news to Victor, thinking he would be furious and give her an unpleasant lecture. He surprised her with his response: "Kimberly, you smart girl. I know winter comes, and you no ride bicycle with cape. I know that. But, maybe, in Spring you come back? Ride bicycle for me? Maybe I no good boss, but I like you. You good girl and good worker. So you come back?"

Kim responded by doing something she never imagined she would want to do. She promised Victor Dukov she would work a second summer with his courier service. Victor threw a small party the afternoon of her last day. He drank some wine with his workers and became quite cheerful. Kim thought to herself, maybe this guy isn't so bad after all, if he could just loosen up.

The next day Kim started her new job at Danube City's largest music store. The store had a huge inventory of both traditional and modern Danubian music. It also had music from other parts of Europe, and many lesser-known artists from the United States. There also was a wide variety of musical instruments and sheet music. The one thing lacking from the store, and from any other music store in Danube City, was music from popular radio play-lists in either Europe or the US. Danubians regarded the radio station play-list concept and billboard charts with utter contempt. The entire country rebelled against the global music industry by officially banning any music that was featured on billboard charts in major European and US markets. Danubians took pride in thumbing their noses at global pop culture and instead developing their own music industry, to the ire of both the US and the European Community.

Unlike Victor Dukov's courier service, every employee in the retail area at the music store was a criminal. Kim's new boss was convinced that only criminals understood music and he also wanted to promote the image that his store was at the forefront of the Danubian music scene. There even was a small studio upstairs where employees were encouraged to test and rehearse songs, and there was access to musical instruments for employees who did not have their own.

A few ex-criminals also worked at the store in the stock room or in the accounting department. Because they had completed their sentences they were allowed to work out of public view. However, the store had the same rule for all employees that the Socrates Club had for its patrons, that all ex-criminals in the firm had to show respect to those still serving their sentences by staying naked during working hours. Even the store's owner adhered to that rule, in spite of being in his late 50's and never having been a criminal himself.

Kim's nationality placed her in a unique position in the store. She was the only English-speaking employee and therefore on-call to attend any foreign tourist who had entered looking for "typical" Danubian music to take home. Over and over Criminal # 98945 found herself explaining about the Danubian manner of writing songs and the unique role criminals held in the country's music scene. Kim quickly became the store's unofficial tour-guide. Of course nearly every tourist also wanted to know why she was in the store, as a naked American wearing a Danubian criminal's collar. Kim simply told the truth, giving an abbreviated account of her arrest at the beginning of July and a stern warning not to possess or use drugs in Upper Danubia. "...unless you want work here and have me train you as a new employee," she always concluded joking.

Kim felt quite relaxed being among naked co-workers, many of whom were friends or acquaintances from the Socrates Club. However, she noticed a huge difference in the between the demeanor of the criminals and that of the ex-criminals working in the store, in spite of the universal lack of clothing among the store employees. To the ex-criminals nudity was simply the store uniform. As soon as they left work they could get dressed and return to their normal lives on the street and at home. They could leave Danube City, or even cross the border and leave Upper Danubia when they wanted. Most importantly, they did not have to think about their next upcoming judicial punishment. Their burden of wearing a collar and facing constant judicial punishments had passed.

For Criminal # 98945 and the other 23 cashiers and information clerks, the collars and the ongoing sentences they represented were a reality that was never far from their minds. Each week at least one employee, and usually more, returned from the Central Police Station with his or her bottom freshly marked from a recent switching. Kim realized something that scared her, no matter how many times a person was switched, it hurt just as bad each time. The welts were every bit as red, the blows every bit as painful, the experience every bit as traumatic. It never got any better, no matter how many times a person already had faced punishment. It was common for co-workers who had held up well during their most recent switching to come back to work, excuse themselves, and cry for hours in the break room. Kim sighed whenever she heard crying coming from the break room's closed door. It'll be my turn in January, she thought bitterly.


Kim's 19th birthday was on October 18. She woke up very depressed, thinking about her 18th birthday the year before and how much she partied and how the world seemed to open up to her at that time. She had gotten drunk with Tiffany and Susan and a bunch of other friends from high school. It seemed like it was a lot of fun, although...she couldn't remember because she passed out. Tiffany got stoned and Susan spent the evening pulling up her top and flashing the guys at the party. Kim was sick the whole next day...and...hmm...maybe that wasn't such a great birthday. Maybe this year would be better.

Indeed it was, thanks to two presents. One was from Kim's parents and the Dukovs, the other was from her friends at the Socrates Club.

The Dukovs, of course, went all-out fixing their guest an elaborate lunch and an American-style cake. The four members of the Dukov family, plus Vladik's fiancée and Sergekt, stuffed themselves with traditional food. A Danubian birthday party was never complete without singing, and the three Danubian women sang several traditional songs in honor of the birthday girl. Dukov then sent his daughter to the tool shed to get Kim's birthday present.

"Kimberly, your parents, and Maritza and I, decided that for your birthday you should not have anything new. Perhaps what is old in your life is what is best for you. But with an old gift we all wish you much happiness."

With that Anyia came in with an object painfully familiar, Kim's mountain bike from her parents' house in the U.S. It was the second time the bicycle would be presented to her, but the first time she could really appreciate it.

"Uh...Spokesman Dukov...how...?"

"I talked to your parents about what would be best for your birthday. I suggested they ship your bicycle to you. I took responsibility for bringing it through our customs. This item is what you most need in our country, is it not?"

"Yes...Oh thanks!"

With that Kim hugged the elder Dukovs and their daughter. She then called her parents to thank them and update them on her life.

That evening Criminal # 98945 proudly rode her bicycle downtown to the Socrates Club, as Sergekt rode Vladik's old bike, trying to keep up with her. At the club there was universal good cheer and jokes about now having to re-write the song "Nemát mi biciklét", given that Kim was reunited with her mountain bike. She joined Sergekt and Eloisa at their usual spot at the table, along with 15 of Sergekt's classmates and three of her co-workers from the music store.

Kim was in a very upbeat mood. The sad songs coming from the singers on stage made her reflective, as opposed to melancholy. She actually felt good about her life, better than she had felt in a very long time. She knew this feeling was only fleeting, but she would take Spokesman Dukov at his word and try to enjoy the small pleasures in her world as much as possible.

The group's birthday present to Criminal # 98945 was three songs dedicated to her, one of which was written by Sergekt himself. Sergekt's work was a deeply moving love song. He knew better than to try to write a sentimental love song; instead he had written about Kim's strange journey through life and his own efforts to understand her. Sergekt played in the band with his usual balalaika-looking instrument, while he entrusted the singing to Eloisa and a male classmate.

The next song was loosely based on Kim's arrest and the fact the arrest prevented her from going to Prague and dying of hepatitis. The final song was titled "A question I cannot answer", and focused on Kim's painful conversations with her mother. It was sung by 5 women, with Eloisa in the lead and the others providing back-up voices. The back-up singers punctuated Eloisa's singing with the peculiar and complicated deep-throated vocals that were unique to traditional Upper Danubian music. The song and its music was the most complex Kim had heard in the Socrates Club. The vocals left her marveling at Eloisa's talent and her ability to organize and lead four other female voices, all of whom were singing different notes.

Criminal # 98945 was deeply moved. She had given her friends ideas for their music; in turn so far they had produced four incredible songs dedicated to her. How many other people could say that, having provided the inspiration for such music?

Kim spent the rest of the night dancing with Sergekt, mischievously rubbing herself against him and looking into his eyes with a very seductive expression. She was totally aroused. She had not had sex with anyone since the end of May. She had waited long enough. She badly wanted Sergekt.

Sergekt now had a bit of a problem. He was hard, his erection pressing into his girlfriend. He could not separate from her, not unless he wanted to make a total spectacle of himself in front of 200 other people. However, he was not the first male in the Socrates Club in that situation, and he knew exactly what to do. He eased his partner towards a back entrance that led to a staircase going upstairs. As soon as they got to the door, Sergekt quickly slipped through and pulled Kim through with him. As soon as the door went shut he separated from her and took her face in his hands. He kissed her passionately. He ran his hands over Kim's breasts and down her stomach, as she reached for his penis and gently squeezed it. Sergekt gasped.

"Geem...Geem...Ya lubík tebe...Ya lubík tebe..." Danubian for "I love you".

With that he buried his mouth in her neck. Suddenly he grabbed her hand and led her up the stairs. As soon as they were up the stairs, Kim realized the Socrates Club, as a service to its customers, had several small "intimacy rooms". Each intimacy room had a double-bed with a nightstand and a small bathroom. The room Sergekt led Kim into was very clean and tastefully decorated. There was nothing tacky about it.

For a minute Kim and Sergekt stood near the door, passionately embracing each other. He sank to his knees and kissed the insides of Kim's thighs. Yes...oh yes...she wanted this so badly. He stood up again, and Kim massaged his penis. He was so hard...he had wanted this for such a long time...and now finally the moment had come.

Sergekt's next move surprised Kim, but greatly increased her respect for him. He reached in the dresser next to the bed and pulled out a condom. She had not even thought about that, but he did. In the movies this detail was always left out, but this was real life. Sergekt was a person who always thought ahead, even in the heat of passion. He quickly put on the condom while Kim threw herself on the bed.

It had been five months for Kim. Five months of celibacy and she was desperate. As Sergekt moved on top of her, she pulled at his head, eager to draw his face into hers. She wanted to become one with her lover, to feel his tongue against hers, to feel his body on hers, to feel him inside her. As he entered her and started thrusting, Kim came immediately. She gasped and groaned. Sergekt took his time, seeking to stretch out this moment as long as he could. Finally he climaxed and his movements inside Kim slowed down. Reluctantly he pulled out of her.

Sergekt got up and reached down to take Kim's hand. She really did not want to get up yet, but she forced herself off the bed. He led her into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Kim stepped in as he disposed of the condom. He joined her and began soaping her back. The simple feel of her lover's hands on her back aroused her yet again, but in a more relaxed and peaceful way than she had felt on the dance floor. Once again Kim had a moment to enjoy, the warm water from the shower and Sergekt's hands on her shoulders. In the shower they kissed each other with a quiet tenderness, as the water washed away the soap and remnants of their love-making.

Once they cleaned up, Sergekt surprised his lover yet again as he complied with club protocol for the room. He pulled off the sheets from the bed and took a clean set from the nightstand. Kim helped him spread the new sheets and make the bed. Sergekt stuffed the bedding into a pillowcase along with the towels from the bathroom. Quickly he took spray cleaner and squirted the shower, cleaning it with a cloth that also went into the pillowcase when he finished. Kim put out new towels in the bathroom. Within five minutes the room looked exactly like it had looked when they entered. The couple left the room and Sergekt put his name on a sign-up sheet, apparently to charge the use of the room to his account. He then threw his pillowcase into a huge hamper full of other pillowcases and they went back downstairs.

Kim and Sergekt rejoined his friends at the table, their hair still damp and their bodies smelling of fresh soap. Kim expected a lot of jokes from the group, or at least some knowing smiles and thumbs-up signs. Instead, they acted perfectly naturally, as though Kim and Sergekt had just gone to the bathroom. Later she learned that in Upper Danubia friends never joke about their sexual relationships to each other. What Sergekt and Kim had done was a natural part of being together and there was no point of anyone making an issue out of it.


The following day was a holiday, so neither Kim nor Sergekt had to work. Kim's newly acquired mobility allowed Sergekt to invite her to his family's garden plot, which was outside the city limits, but fortunately just inside the boundary of the Danube City collar-zone. The garden plot was located completely on the opposite side of the city from the neighborhood where Vladim Dukov lived, so getting there involved a 20-kilometer bicycle ride. Fortunately the day was surprisingly warm for it being so late in the year, promising a pleasant outing.

Kim raced Sergekt along streets and hills, her fancy mountain bike easily outpacing the primitive bike he had borrowed from Vladik Dukov. She rode with ease as he struggled to keep up. Finally they turned onto a dirt road and entered the city's family garden area, an area covered with small plots of land and dotted with tiny houses that were barely bigger than storage sheds.

The area near Sergekt's family plot was completely deserted. The gardens had been harvested the week before and there was very little left to be done until the planting next year. A few older people remained at their plots to finish up canning their harvests, but no one remained near the plot where Sergekt took Kim.

Sergekt's family plot had a tiny house with a porch, a storage area for tools, a canning station, some chairs, and a very old sofa. Sergekt asked Kim to help him move the sofa onto the porch. The autumn sun shined gently onto the porch and cool breezes blew through the nearby trees. For two people who had very little privacy in their daily lives, this setting was ideal.

Kim was in a very strange mood. She wanted sex, but she also wanted to submit to Sergekt. She rubbed her legs together as she sat with him, wondering what exactly she wanted. He had his arm down at her side, gently caressing her hip. Kim realized that he actually wanted to caress her bottom. She went over his lap, spreading her legs slightly to feel the warm sun and cool breezes caress the most intimate parts of her body. Sergekt gently rubbed his hand over Kim's bottom, exploring the soft brown skin with his fingertips and his entire hand. He marveled at the flawlessness of her smooth skin. It seemed to him that his girlfriend's petite bottom was the most perfect, the most beautiful, he had ever seen.

Kim shifted on her boyfriend's thighs to get into a more comfortable position and tilted her bottom up slightly. For a long time she was content to simply enjoy the feel of his hand gently passing over her bottom-cheeks. But then her fantasies returned, and she wanted to do something more to show Sergekt that she truly belonged to him. The strong sexual urge came back. There would be love-making, but Kim wanted something else first, something intense...something...and then she remembered that her birthday had been yesterday. Sergekt owed her a birthday spanking. She went wet with just the idea. In Danubian she commented:

"Sergekt, in my country we have a tradition. A naughty girl like me gets spanked on her birthday...one good hard spank for each year. So...you want to do that for me...spank me for my birthday?"

Sergekt couldn't believe his good fortune. This beautiful, flawless bottom stretched over his lap, and its owner requesting a spanking. He could smell her excitement. He gently ran his fingertips over Kim's vagina. She was very wet. He was completely hard, his erection pressing into Kim's side.

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