tagInterracial LoveMarathon Ch. 03

Marathon Ch. 03


Okay everyone here's another chapter of Marathon and I hope you enjoy it. Now I'm officially on break until further notice ;)

Curious Virgin N.O.


Luke smiled softly as he took in Charlie's appearance. Her eyes were wide with lust and she was panting softly. She should be acting like this considering his little present he'd given her. He slowly slid the vibrator from her dripping cunt and licked the tip. He closed his eyes and moaned softly. She was so fucking sweet it killed him. None of this shit would be happening if she wouldn't have been working her cunt when he came home. She had been stretched out of their bed butt naked. Her moans had filled the home causing him to become instantly erect. Too bad his friend Eric had heard the same thing. They both walked upstairs to see what was happening and had found Charlie on her back with the thick vibrator inside her dripping cunt. She was working the toy inside her cunt hard and he couldn't stop the groan that escaped his lips. He looked over to his friend Eric to see him rubbing his cock through his pants. That's when he began to make his plan. Now he sat on his knees firmly planted between Charlie's legs. Her sweet brown pussy was begging him to come in for a taste. He leaned in and forced his tongue deep inside.

Charlie gasped in surprise as Luke worked her swollen cunt. He slowly licked her up and down before he vibrated his tongue across her clit. She bit her lip and threw her head back. She grabbed his face and pushed him deeper in her cunt. She opened her eyes slowly to find another man in the doorway to their bedroom. She gasped in surprise and pulled the covers over her body. On second glance she recognized him as Luke's friend Eric. Eric had his dark hair cut military style. His body was thick and full of muscle. He smiled at her with green eyes dark with lust. Luke moved away from her pussy and smiled as he began to pull his clothes off. He turned to Eric and Charlie watched in shock as Eric joined him. She stared at both of the men as they stood naked before her. They both had golden skin and Charlie could feel her juices seeping between her thighs as she thought about what was going to happen. Luke walked over and sat down in the side chair and Eric kneeled between her thighs. Charlie felt Eric flatten his tongue and slowly lick her cunt up and down. Charlie began to pant softly as Eric looked up at her with emerald eyes. She bit her lip and smiled down at him as he began to work her swollen clit.

Eric flicked the tip of his tongue up and down Charlie's pussy. He made slow long strokes and then he quickened his pace until he felt Charlie's legs begin to shake. Eric moved away from her pussy and raised his head to suck her nipples. He moaned at the taste of Charlie. He licked his finger slowly and slowly pushed his finger inside of Charlie's pussy. He watched in amazement as Charlie leaned back on her elbows and her head rolled back and forth on her shoulders. She was so sweet. Eric leaned back into her pussy and began to suck on her clit while he increased the pace of his finger.

Luke stroked his cock up and down slowly as he watched Charlie being fingered by Eric. He knew Charlie was sweet and he was tired of waiting for his turn to have a taste of her. He began to massage his sac softly and he watched as Charlie arched her back off the bed in ecstasy. He licked his lips and rose up out of the chair. He pushed Eric away from Charlie's sweet pussy. The man didn't know how to work her cunt like he did. Eric walked over to the other side of the bed and began to kiss Charlie. Charlie was focused on Luke's tongue to be worried about Eric kissing her. Luke began to grind his tongue into her cunt and Charlie felt her toes curl involuntarily. She pushed her hands through his blond hair and arched off the bed. She began to moan loudly as Luke laughed into her pussy. She looked down to see his pink tongue torturing her clit with no mercy. She turned to Eric and saw him stroking his cock. She smiled evilly and grabbed Eric's thick cock. She pulled the head of his cock into her mouth and began to suck on him hard.

Luke watched in anger as Charlie began to suck Eric's cock. She ran her tongue over the head and then ran her tongue up and down the length of Eric's cock. Luke took two of his fingers and slammed them deep inside of Charlie. Charlie screamed in shock and began to moan as he began to fuck her deep and hard. Charlie pulled Eric's cock back inside of her mouth and began to bob her head up and down fast. Eric pushed his hands through her hair to control the pace. He grabbed her head and worked her mouth up and down his cock slowly. Charlie moaned in pleasure, but it only caused Luke to become angrier. Luke began to flick his tongue faster over her cunt and he slammed his fingers hard and fast inside of her. Charlie arched her back as and orgasm ripped through her body. She moaned loudly and the vibrations caused Eric's cock to tighten up. Eric pulled his cock out of Charlie's mouth and rose up out of the bed. He wasn't ready to come yet.

Charlie tried to pull away from Luke, but it wasn't working. He wouldn't let her go and she was on the verge of tears. His tongue was flicking across her clit and his fingers were driving her insane. She felt another orgasm work through her and she threw her head back with a scream. Luke finally moved away only to be replaced by Eric. Eric turned her over on her stomach while Luke lay on the bed with his thick cock in her face. Charlie bit her lip before she leaned down and licked Luke's cock from Base to tip. Luke grabbed her head and placed his cock inside of her mouth. He groaned softly as Charlie sucked on him hard. She massaged his heavy sac while Luke began grinding his hips in the air. Charlie gasped and looked back at Eric as he began to lick her cunt from behind. He stuck his tongue inside and began to fuck her. She began to suck on Luke's cock hard and fast as she felt herself reaching another orgasm. Eric replaced his tongue with his fingers and he began to slam Charlie's cunt from behind. Charlie moaned loudly as the orgasm caught her off guard. Luke quickly pulled his cock out of her mouth while Charlie screamed from her latest orgasm. Eric moved away from her sweet pussy and met Luke at the end of the bed. Luke grabbed Charlie's ankle and pulled her to the end of the bed. Charlie gazed up at him with lusty eyes and she spread her legs wide. Eric whistled low and he picked Charlie up. Charlie automatically wrapped her legs around Eric and pulled his head towards hers for a kiss. She played with his tongue and pulled his lip between her teeth. She looked over her shoulder at Luke and wiggled her ass over Eric's cock. Luke came over and slapped her ass hard. Charlie moaned in pleasure as Luke pulled her face towards his for a kiss. Luke kissed her hard and bit her lip. Charlie giggled in pleasure.

Charlie turned back to Eric and rubbed her pussy over the tip of his cock. Eric bit his lip and slammed Charlie hard down on his cock. He slowly slid her up and down while she moaned. He grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks. He growled before he began to fuck her hard and fast. Charlie held onto his shoulders while Eric slammed into her hard. He felt Charlie's pussy grip his cock tightly and he began to fuck her faster. Charlie dug her nails into his shoulder and she arched her back as she felt her juices run down her legs. Eric pulled out of her pussy and handed her to Luke. Luke sat down on the edge of the bed and placed Charlie on his cock hard. Eric went over to sit in the chair and he watched Luke fuck Charlie.

Luke grabbed Charlie's hips and began to grind her pussy onto his cock. He slowly pumped her up and down his cock causing her to pant softly. He felt his balls and thighs become soaked with her sweet juice. He forced her to ride his cock hard. He grabbed her hips and slid her up and down fast. Charlie threw her head back and began to moan with every stroke of Luke's cock. Luke forced her to ride him hard and fast and she felt her breasts bobbing up and down. Luke took one of her breasts and sucked on the nipple hard causing her to cry out in ecstasy. Luke began to fuck her harder and Charlie's teeth began to chatter. She began to moan loudly as she felt the orgasm gaining up on her. She arched her back and felt the orgasm flow through her. Her pussy clinched tightly around Luke's cock and she felt his balls tightening up. Luke quickly pulled out of Charlie's warm pussy and laid her on the bed. He nodded to Eric and they began to stroke their cocks over her face. Charlie opened her mouth waiting for them to come into her mouth.

Luke began to stroke his thick cock hard and fast as he watched Charlie's greedy mouth open for his come. She licked the head of his cock and then turned to lick Eric's cock. He felt his balls tighten and he threw his head back. He increased his pace fast and he watched as his come shot out on Charlie's face. Eric began to stroke himself faster as he saw Luke come on Charlie's face. Just watching her lick her lips caused his balls to tighten without notice. He groaned as his come poured out of his body into Charlie's warm hot mouth. He felt himself growing hard again as he gazed at Charlie and then he looked to Luke. They both smiled at each other and pulled Charlie to her feet. Eric sat on the bed and lay back as Charlie sat on his cock. Luke pushed Charlie down onto Eric's chest and Luke pushed his cock deep inside Charlie's tight ass. Charlie moaned in pleasure as Luke and Eric filled her up.

Eric began moving inside of Charlie slowly and Luke joined the pace. Charlie began to moan wildly as the two men fucked her. She arched her back and tried to get them deeper inside of her. Eric began to suck on her breasts while Luke slapped her ass. She felt an orgasm building and she cried out as she came hard. The men began to increase their pace and Charlie felt herself becoming wetter. Luke moaned at the tightness of Charlie's ass. Eric began to fuck her harder and Luke began to fuck faster. Charlie threw her head back on a scream as she came hard. Luke felt his balls tightening and he moved inside of Charlie faster and harder. One more stroke and he was going to ...

Luke woke up with a start. He looked down at his thick erect cock and he smiled softly. That was one of the best fucking dreams he'd had in awhile. He looked over to Charlie to see her smiling at him softly. She leaned down and began to kiss her way towards his hard cock. She pulled his cock inside of her mouth and began to suck on him slowly. He lay back down and grabbed Charlie's head in his hands. He smiled softly. Maybe he'd invite his friend, Eric, over for lunch today. Who knows what will happen?

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