tagInterracial LoveMarathon Ch. 04

Marathon Ch. 04


I hope this makes up a little for my slack, lol. And thanks for reading and keeping the feedback coming.

Curious Virgin N.O.

Luke shook his blond hair and tried to cover his smile. He couldn't believe Charlie was going to try and beat him at his own game. He felt relaxed going his second week without sex. Charlie on the other hand looked as if she were suffering. Her eyes were dark with lust as she watched him wash his car. Her curvy body was covered in a thin, tight t-shirt and a pair of barely there shorts. All she had to do was bend over and her ass was on display. Luke licked his lips and nearly moaned as she walked over to him. Her hips swayed hypnotically and he felt his cock rise. Her dark nipples peeked through the thin shirt and her luscious lips were driving him crazy. She smiled softly as she walked up to him. She pushed her breasts against his arm and trailed her fingers down his tight stomach. Luke bit his lip to keep himself from coming. Charlie laughed softly and turned around, grinding her ass into his thick cock. Luke growled softly and pushed his fingers through her thick curls. Charlie cried out in ecstasy as the sharp pain mingled with her thick arousal. Luke turned her around and kissed her rougly. His tongue danced around her mouth causing Charlie to moan loudly.

Luke tore his mouth from hers. "Hard and rough, or soft and sweet? Choose."

Charlie's eyes were glazed over in pleasure as she licked her swollen lips. "Hard and rough."

Luke laughed and threw Charlie over his shoulder. He smacked her ass and squeezed tightly while mer nails dug into his back. She squealed in excitement as Luke rushed up the stairs. He threw her on the bed and gazed down at her with hunger. He bit his lip and sat on the bed bedside Charlie. Her eyes widened and she tried to scramble off the bed. Luke chuckled and pulled her over his lap.

"Baby you lost. That means you're body is mine for a week."

Charlie whimpered and wiggled her ass, taunting Luke. "Do whatever you want to do. That doesn't

t mean I'll beg for you to stop."

Luke groaned. "Trust me you'll do more than moan."

Charlie bit her lip to keep from crying out at the first slap to her ass. Luke's warm hand dipped between her thighs grazing the thin denim covering her core. Charlie moved her ass riding his fingers. Luke slapped her ass again until she stopped moving. She felt her cunt become wet as Luke spanked her ass. She moaned loudly as he dipped his fingers between her thighs again. Her eyes rolled back in pleasure as Luke peeled the material from her ass. He growled softly as he played in the juices dripping from her core.

Luke bit his lip. "Mmmm baby, You're so fucking wet. What should I do to you now?"

Charlie moaned. "Fuck me."

Luke laughed. "We're going to have to do something about that language of yours."

Charlie hung her head in defeat. She was on the verge of coming and Luke wanted to play games with her. He pulled her off his lap and pushed her down onto her knees between his legs. Luke pulled his heavy cock from his pants and began to stroked himself. Charlie moaned as she gazed at Luke's thick cock. The veins pulsed with blood and pre-cum dripped from the tip. Charlie smiled as Luke grabbed her head and began to fuck her face slowly. His cock filled her mouth making her moan at the over-bearing taste. The smooth skin ran across her rough tongue as he slid his cock in and out of her mouth. Charlie moaned sending vibrations running through his cock. Luke threw his head back and groaned in pleasure. Charlie looked up at him with her chocolate eyes as she continued to suck his cock. Luke growled and began to fuck her face harder. Charlie moaned and pushed her fingers between her thighs and rubbed her clit furiously. Luke's eyes rolled back as he listened to her fingers sliding against her dripping sex. He felt his balls tighten as the orgasm built within his body.

Charlie gazed up at Luke and moaned at the sight. His head was thrown back and his muscles were tight as he felt the orgasm building. Charlie pushed a finger deep inside her core and began to fuck herself faster. The orgasm ripped form her body. Her body convulsed violently as her core dripped with come. Luke's cock burst with come and she moaned in pleasure as it hit the back of her throat. Luke picked her up off the floor and pulled her into his lap.. He ripped her shirt from her body and began to suck on her nipples. She arched her back and pushed her hands through her hair. She moaned softly as the pleasure became unbearable.

She pulled his hair. "Luke please..."

Luke looked into her pleading eyes. "I know baby, I know."

Luke moved to the other nipple and sucked hard as Charlie began to whimper and moan. She bit her lip and began to grind against his still hard cock. Luke laughed and pushed her onto her back. Charlie smiled softly as she gazed down at Luke's blond head. He looked up at her with a glint in his eye. He bit his lip.

"Baby, show me where you want my tongue."

Charlie moaned loudly and began to stroke her swollen clit. Luke laughed and dove between her legs attacking her core with his tongue. He flattened his tongue and gave her core a long, slow lick. Charlie's hips arched off the bed as Luke worked his tongue in between her swollen lips. She pulled Luke's hair and scream his name loudly. Luke chuckled causing another orgasm to run through her body. Charlie growled softly as she gazed down at Luke's hard cock. He slid himself inside her tight core and moaned as her cunt squeezed his cock tightly. Luke began to pump inside her, slamming his cock deep inside her body. Charlie grabbed a pillow from the bed and pulled it over her head as she began to scream loudly. Luke laughed darkly as he increased his pace, he felt his cock tighten at the same moment Charlie began to come. He pulled out and began to slam his fingers inside her core. Charlie' body jerked violently as she began to squirt. Her orgasm was ripped from her body as juices began to pour from her core.

Luke pulled her limp body onto his lap. Luke ran his hands over Charlie's shaky body. He puller her on top of his cock and groaned as she moaned. She grabbed his face and kissed him deeply drawing his tongue into her mouth. Luke nibbled on her bottom lip and grabbed her ass. He moved her body up and down his cock slowly. He bit his lip as he felt her cream move down his cock between his legs. He dipped his fingers between them and sucked on them nearly coming at the taste of her core. Charlie grabbed his hand and licked his fingers trying to taste the sex between them. Luke cursed softly and began to pound his cock inside Charlie. He paused for a minute, grinding his hips into her body in an attempt to get closer. Charlie dug her nails into his back as Luke slammed her onto his cock. Luke moved one hand from her hip and began to slap her ass. Charlie threw her head and moaned loudly. She whimpered as Luke began to pump his cock faster making her core clench up with another orgasm. Charlie saw stars in front of her eyes as she heard Luke growl loudly. He clamped his lips on her breast and groaned as his sac tightened painfully. A moment later he felt his cock drawing deep inside Charlie. His body jerked violently as he laid on his back, pulling Charlie down with him. Their heavy breathing filled the room as the scent of sex filled their senses. Charlie laughed softly as she snuggled deeper into Luke's body. She wouldn't mind having Luke own her body.

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