tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMarch Madness Ch. 09b

March Madness Ch. 09b


This story is not intended for children and if you are not old enough to read sexually explicit material, go away. This story features some elements of female domination (femdom), teasing & denial, chastity training, mild bondage, creampies, cuckolding cross-dressing and a few other fantasies of mine. I hope you find it entertaining, but if you might be offended, stop reading and do something else. The author retains all rights to this story. You may re-post the story unchanged, provided there is no intent to profit from this story (it is not nice to make money from someone else's work).

The author enjoys comments on his web-published stories, so feel free to e-mail him via the CONTACT tab of his profile.

Chapter 9: The Final Four

Part 2

Sunday with Miss Robin

I woke on Sunday morning and all I could think about was Arizona winning the basketball game and then I remembered that my Sunday would be with Miss Robin. My ass remembered the last time she had used her paddle on me and I was not looking forward to any more of that. She knew what she was doing with corporal punishment.

I went through my now normal routine. I got out of my night gown and corset, cleaned my sissy cunt 3 times and jumped into the shower. The breast forms were still glued tightly to my chest but I was getting tired of wearing them. I had a new understanding of how much weight a set of nice breasts put on a woman's body and it can get uncomfortable.

When I finished my cleaning chores, I found Miss Rachel lounging in our bed with a cup of coffee.

"Miss Robin wants you dressed as an Easter Bunny to start your day."

I had forgotten that it was Easter.

On the chair was a complete pink bunny costume that would cover me from head to toe in fur. I didn't know just yet how much thought went into this costume but I was impressed already.

"We first need to get you laced up." Miss Rachel broke my trance.

Miss Rachel had me grab the door frame and she wrapped a heavily boned pink corset around my middle. Once she started lacing me up it became clear that the bones of this corset were not just to help me get a smaller waist. As the laces got tighter my chest was pushed forward and my hips came back. I had a definite "S" curve to my body when Miss Rachel was done lacing me up. My breasts were very forward and my butt was pushed back like I wanted to be fucked from behind. I was a bit surprised that the corset had no breast support for my glued on tits.

"You won't need any makeup to start the day."

Miss Rachel helped me step into the bunny costume and started working it up my body.

"Most Easter Bunny costumes are very baggy and don't show off the shape of the pretty girl inside the costume. Miss Robin wanted it clear that you were not a man under all this fur so she modified the costume to be rather form fitting."

As the costume was worked up my legs I had to put them together tightly.

"The bottom is really a hobble skirt and you will not be able to walk, just hop." Miss Rachel explained.

As the costume was worked over my butt Miss Rachel worked a vibrating butt plug up my sissy cunt similar to the Playboy Bunny costume tail. I knew what that meant; every time my tail was bumped I would be getting a little buzz.

Getting my arms inside the sleeves turned out to be a big challenge. Inside the arms of the costume Miss Robin had sewn in fiberglass stays that would keep my arms in front of me in a bunny holding a basket position. The stays could be bent straight, but it took a lot of force and my arms could not stay straight for more that a few seconds before it became very uncomfortable. My hands were in bunny paws that kept my thumb tight against my hand. I could just curl my fingers around a basket handle.

Miss Rachel started the final assault on getting me installed in the costume and began to zip me up. To say it was tight would be an understatement. She had to pull and tug quite a bit to get it zipped all the way up.

"Take a look in the mirror your wascally wabbit!"

It was innocent and lewd at the same time. The costume was clearly a bunny costume but it also made it very clear that the wearer had a very womanly shape. Little kids would think Easter Bunny but men would think Jessica from the Roger Rabbit movie. There was even extra padding in the hips and butt to make that much more pronounced. The fur in the bust of the costume was a slightly lighter shade of pink and was a bit longer. The effect was to scream "Look at my tits!".

"Hop around a bit."

I hopped around for a minute and Miss Rachel thought it was adorable. It made my breasts bounce up and down and further scream "Look at my tits!". I sure wished the corset had more support for the breast forms as the weight of my breasts was very noticeable after so many hours.

"Now for the bunny head." Miss Rachel said and broke my trance.

The head had also been modified. Inside Miss Robin had installed a penis gag complete with a sperm reservoir. Miss Rachel buckled a strap around my head to hold the gag in tightly. It was not a long cock, but very thick. It was more than enough to fill my mouth.

"There is a little momentum pump in the bunny head. When you hop around the movement will make the piston slide back and forth and that will keep a pretty steady supply of sperm pumping into your mouth. It is designed to spurt just like a real cock during climax. As you hop around the pump will build up pressure and when there is enough pressure the cock will cum hard. You will have to pay attention because the force of the ejaculation will hit the back of your throat hard. Make sure you swallow it all, you don't want Miss Robin's kids to see a stream of cum leaking out of the Easter Bunny's mouth!"

Miss Rachel zipped up the back of the hidden zipper after attaching the bunny head to the neck of the costume using Velcro strips. Once everything was in place you could not tell that costume head was a separate piece.

It was time to go, Miss Robin and her family had gone to a sunrise Easter service and I was to be at the house when the kids got home. I hopped to the garage and each hop made my breasts forms jump around wildly and the piston pumped sperm into my mouth. The tip of the penis gag placed the sperm on my tongue and I got a good taste as I swallowed it down. It was leaking a bit all the time just like pre-cum from a real cock. When it shot off the first time I thought I would choke as the force of the sperm hitting my throat made me gag. It was kind of hard to coordinate everything. Hopping with my arms held up in front of me, my butt pushed back, my titties flopping around on my chest and swallowing the sperm that was being pumped into my mouth.

I hopped over to Miss Rachel's car not knowing how I was going to get into it.

"Not my car silly rabbit, we are going to take Miss Meredith's convertible!"

As the garage door opened I could see that Miss Meredith's corvette convertible was in our drive. I hated that bitch and I knew I would pay some huge price for using her car. She had delivered the car while I was in the shower and the top was already down.

As we drove off Miss Rachel told me to be sure and wave to all the boys and girls we passed on this fine Easter morning. I couldn't believe how excited the kids got to see the Easter Bunny driving around in a corvette convertible and I kept waving as they tugged on the parents to make sure that they saw the Easter Bunny also. I wondered what the adults would think if they knew I was sucking down sperm and had a vibrating butt plug in my sissy cunt. Even the motion of the car pumped sperm during the ride.

Once we got to Miss Robin's house we went around back. Miss Robin had everything set up, Easter baskets for the kids and decorated Easter eggs for us to hide. My job when the kids got home was to hop over to them and give each one their basket and then hop around helping them with the Easter egg hunt. Miss Rachel's job was to film everything with a camcorder. My Easter Bunny escapades would be copied and all the girls would get a tape. On the surface it would look pretty innocent but they all would know what was going on inside the costume and that I was eating a sperm breakfast as I hopped around.

The kids had a blast hunting for the Easter eggs with the Easter Bunny, so they went inside while I hid them again and held a second hunt and I began to wonder how much sperm they had loaded into the mask, because there was always more to swallow as I hopped around.

"Ok kids, time to get changed and let the Easter Bunny go and visit some other boys and girls."

The kids went inside to change out of their matching Easter dresses and when they were out of sight I hopped inside and went to the guest room. Once there Miss Rachel and Miss Robin started the process of getting me out of the costume. I was very grateful to have the penis gag removed but the best part was when my arms were out of the sleeves with the fiberglass stays. It felt so good to let my arms drop to my side. It took just as long to get out of it as it took to get in. Miss Robin did not replace my butt plug and it felt very strange not to have anything in my sissy cunt. Just as I was stepping out of the costume legs Miss Vanessa came in.

"Is that silly cunt available yet?"

"Why yes she is, but I haven't got her dressed for the next part of her day." Miss Robin answered.

"That would take more time than the men can stand. Miss Vanessa told her daughter."

"I am taking the kids for the day so that Robin can have all day to play with you, her stupid cunt, so I need to get a turn before I go." She informed me.

Miss Rachel left the room and told me goodbye, she was going home now and was planning to have Easter diner with her family. She would tell them that I had spent so much time on basketball that I had to go in to work and finish a key project. Everyone would believe a college basketball nut like me could get into just such a position. Her family would make plenty of comments about Miss Rachel not deserving to be a "basketball widow". Little did they know what real trouble my basketball obsession had created for me! Miss Rachel would be back to collect me when Miss Robin was done with my sissy ass.

Miss Vanessa placed me on my knees in front of an easy chair and then covered my eyes with a blindfold.

"Suck!" was all she said after a moment and I leaned forward and found a pussy in front of me.

I placed my lips on Miss Vanessa's pussy and started licking.

"I said suck not lick you worthless cunt!"

I placed my lips on her pussy to form a seal and started sucking. It only took a few seconds and sperm started flowing. A second after that I started gagging and pulled back.

"I said suck you stupid sissy cunt, can't you do anything right?"

I started sucking again and it was even worse than my first taste.

"Robin's father has the rankest sperm on the planet. I call him the "Old Goat" because it is the foulest sperm imaginable. He loves blowjobs but I always make him wear a condom because I can't stand the putrid stuff. When I knew this day was coming I started giving him a blow job every couple of days and I collected all his cum from the condoms just for you Stephanie!"

"Thank you Miss Vanessa." I said reluctantly.

"I know that you don't mean it cunt, but I don't care I just am getting off knowing how rank his cum must taste even if it is coming from my pussy. I even fucked him this morning before coming over and then I added all that I had collected. I shoved the frozen sperm icicles in my pussy and they will be melting while you suck down his spunk. There must be 10 loads of the Old Goat's nasty sperm up there for you to suck out! Now get to sucking you stupid fucking cunt."

I went back to sucking but kept gagging.

"Is that stupid cunt sucking you pussy right?" I heard Miss Robin ask.

"The cunt is not showing much enthusiasm for sucking down the 'Old Goat's spunk!" Miss Vanessa answered.

"Well the girls are gone with the men and I can give our stupid sissy cunt some encouragement!"

A split second later I felt the first blow of a leather flogger on my bare ass.

"Owwww" I cried out as my face was pushed back into the rank pussy I was eating by the blow.

"That's much better; keep flogging the brainless cunt's ass with your toy and I don't care if she screams against my pussy, it will just give me some vibration to go with the sucking!"

"I love the way this corset makes her ass stick out, it is perfect for flogging!" Miss Robin stated.

I kept sucking the nasty sperm out of Miss Vanessa's pussy as Miss Robin worked on my ass. She was not hitting like she could (I remember how hard she could swing a paddle from when we played teacher and cheating student), Miss Robin was just using the flogger to make my entire ass burn.

I kept sucking the sperm from Miss Vanessa's pussy and when it started to get cleaned up and I was sucking down mostly pussy juice she said "Lick". I started licking her pussy and tongue fucking her as far as my tongue could reach and when she opened up a bit more I made trips to her clit with the tip of my tongue. The whole time Miss Robin kept working on my ass with the flogger to keep me on fire. I was good at eating pussy before but by now I had spent so much time orally worshiping my mistresses that I was very good at it. It didn't take long for her to start shaking and having an orgasm. Her legs clamped around my head and Miss Robin kept working the flogger on my ass. She was very good with it and my entire backside was one burning hot surface.

"Stop you stupid cunt, can't you tell I am done!"

I stopped licking her pussy but did not bother to explain that there was no way I was going to stop eating her pussy as long as her daughter was lighting up my ass. Miss Robin relented and once Miss Vanessa had composed herself the blindfold was removed.

"You are going to have a long day cunt and we are going to go back to the basics of being a girl. We are going to remove your big girl titties and let you start out being a young girl." Miss Robin stated.

First it was off with the corset and I could stand up normally and then Miss Robin used the adhesive remover to soften the bond between my skin and the breast forms. In about 5 minutes I was flat chested again. While she was working I looked at my ass in the mirror and it was bright red over the entire surface. Next I was sat down at the dressing table and she showed me how to use the fingernail polish remover to clean my nails and soften the adhesive so the nail extensions could be removed. Soon I was a normal naked male if you didn't count the chastity cage on my cock.

Miss Vanessa was leaving to catch up with the others and Miss Robin insisted that I thank her for my present.

"Thank you Miss Vanessa for bringing me all that sperm in your wonderful pussy."

"Your welcome cunt and I can get more of the foul shit anytime you like! Lord knows nobody else wants the crap. You better take good care of my daughter today or I will come back and show you how I treat a stupid cunt like you."

"Yes Miss Vanessa, I will do whatever Miss Robin asks of me!"

In public these two women were always perfect ladies but in private they had two of the foulest mouths I had ever heard, man or woman. And nobody who knew their public persona would believe what dominate sex machines they were in private.

Miss Vanessa kissed her daughter on the cheek and left us alone.

"Time to get you dressed cunt!"

My next dress was appropriate for a 10 year old. First I put on a pair of little girl panties with pink flowers and ribbons, next a pair of bloomers that covered me down to my knees. Next there was a simple slip and then several petticoats. A gingham jumper that had little daisies on the chest and went to just above the petticoats was next. A white apron with ruffles went on over the gingham dress. It was a full length apron with shoulder straps and a waist strap that Miss Robin tied in a big bow. For my feet there were ankle socks with little kitties on them and black "Mary Jane's". I had no idea that you could buy Mary Jane's in my size. Miss Robin put a blonde wig with curls that cascaded down my back on my head and then tied a satin ribbon abound my head and hair in a big bow.

On a 10 year old girl the outfit would be very cute; on a normal height man it was obscene.

"I am glad you're home from school Sissy, I have a snack in the kitchen and then we will work on your homework."

I knew I was onto our next role playing game. Miss Robin was my mommy and I was her little girl getting home from school. Miss Robin spent a lot of time dreaming up these role playing games and it was impressive how much thought she put into them.

"Thank you Mommy."

"I am not your mommy you stupid child I am you nanny and you will get five strokes for that stupid mistake later! You are to call me Nanny Robin."

"Yes Nanny Robin, sorry Nanny Robin!" I tried to apologize.

We went to the kitchen and Nanny Robin set out a dish with 3 chocolate chip cookies on it and a glass of white liquid than I knew was sperm even before I looked at it. I dutifully dunked my cookies and ate them and when I was done with them drank down the rest of the sperm.

"Now that you have had your snack we need to work on your history. Your teacher says that you are slacking off and no child under my direction will do poorly on their studies."

Nanny Robin had me sit at a child's table and she handed me a "My Little Ponies" notebook and a "Barbie" pencil to write my answers with.

"Today's studies are about the Louisiana Purchase shall we begin?"

"Yes Nanny Robin."

I was pretty good in History but had not read any text books on it in years.

"What year was the Louisiana Purchase?"

"What was the name of the native American guide that assisted Louis and Clark on their expedition?"

And so it went for 100 questions. When Nanny Robin was done asking questions she graded my work. As she graded my paper she tapped her foot in frustration and made dramatic marks on the paper.

"Sissy you lazy child, you missed 45 questions and that is failing. I will have to punish you for this terrible performance in order to motivate you in your studies!"

Nanny Robin had me pull down my bloomers and panties, then lean over and touch my toes.

"After each swat you will resume this position. You have earned 45 stripes and when we are done with that, I will re-ask all the questions you missed and continue to give you a stripe for each wrong answer. To help with your math skills, I want you to keep track of the stripes and after each strike, state the number and thank me. Do you understand Sissy?"

"Yes Nanny Robin."

The implement of these stripes was a 30 inch rattan stick that was only 1/8 of and inch in diameter. I figured that it would not hurt much, stupid assumption.

I heard a slight wind sound and then a jolt shot through my pain receptors as the slender piece of word struck home on my already red bottom. I was overloaded and just as I was about to count it out a second stripe was applied.

"Two, Nanny Robin."

"That was not two strokes Sissy, it was one because you didn't count the first one like I instructed. We will have to start over." She said in a mater-of-fact tone.

"Yes Nanny Robin!"

Swish, "One, Nanny Robin".

Swish, "Two, Nanny Robin".

And so it went for 45 wrong answers alternating ass cheeks on each stroke. When I called out number 45 tears were running down my face and dripping on my shoes.

"45 is an odd number, so to keep both cheeks the same I will give one more to the left cheek."

Swish, "Forty Six Nanny Robin".

"And I forgot about the 5 extra stripes for calling me Mommy."

Swish, "Forty Seven Nanny Robin".


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