tagErotic HorrorMarcie's Problem

Marcie's Problem


Marcie checked her phone. It was her best friend, Gail. Again! She knew that Gail and Judy and a couple others go clubbing every weekend and would want her to go with them like she usually did. She also knew that if she went out tonight, it would have disastrous results. Reluctantly she answered. "Hey, Gail. What's up girl?"

"It's about time you answered. A bunch of us are going to hit that new club on the west side. Come on, you've got to go with us."

"I can't. It's my time of the month."

"Not that bullshit again. It never stops the rest of us. Besides, you can come out and have fun without picking up a guy. Just hang out with us. A couple drinks might help with the cramps."

"Gail, you know I'd love to, but you also know I have a tougher time than the rest of you. You know I get the migraines and have to stay indoors in the dark until it passes. Please, just go without me, and all of you have fun. Have a couple drinks for me."

"Should I have a couple guys for you too?"

"Oh, you. Go party and don't do anything I wouldn't do"

"Or anybody you wouldn't do?" Gail hung up.

Marcie checked to be sure the blackout curtains were securely drawn across her bedroom windows, closed the door, took a pill, and crashed, hoping tomorrow would be normal.

# # #

Almost a month later.

Marcy checked the calendar. This month it would be on Tuesday. She wouldn't have to beg off on her friends again. She was always careful to be home, careful to avoid the trigger. That's what she had come to call it, the trigger. It had been a little over two years now. The first few times it had been frightening, no terrifying. She had learned how to manage, how to avoid the trigger, how to maintain her sanity.

This Tuesday, she told her boss she had a doctor's appointment after work and needed to leave half an hour early. But this Tuesday, the fates and stars aligned against her. First, her bastard boss not only denied her request, the stupid meeting he insisted she attend ran forty-five minutes past her normal quitting time. She took the shortcut through the university. Her car started jerking and sputtering. Then the damn thing died. Right in the middle of frat row. She grabbed her phone to call the auto club. It was dead too. No battery left. It could be worse, but not much. Maybe she could borrow a phone; maybe someone could still get here and get her pile of junk running so she could get home in time. She knocked on the door of the nearest house.

"Hello, Ma'am. May I help you?" The clean-cut man looked up and down Marcie's body. His eyes not nearly as polite as his words.

Ma'am? Had he really called her 'ma'am'? He had to be what, twenty or twenty-one? Marcie was only twenty-four and just three years out of college. How could he call her 'ma'am"? Pulling herself together, she said, "Excuse me. My car seems to have broken down, and my phone picked now to die as well. Could I use your phone to call the auto club?"

"Of course, Ma'am. But, several of my brothers are studying engineering. Perhaps one of them could get it going quicker than waiting for a service truck."

"I guess that's worth a try. But, please call me Marcie. I'm really not old enough to be a ma'am."

"Yes, Ma—Marcie. I'm William. Please come in and have a seat. I'll go round up a couple of the guys."

"Thank you." Marcie looked around the front room as she moved to a wingchair and made herself comfortable. At least as comfortable as she could be under the circumstances. She expected a frat house to have things strewn everywhere, but this room was nothing like Animal House in the movie. She was, however, very much aware of the time crunch she was facing. She must have looked at her watch seven or eight times before William returned with two other men just three minutes later.

The frat guys went out to look at her car. Marcie checked her watch. She still had fifty minutes to get home, and it was only a thirty-five-minute drive. Fingers crossed.

She remembered when it had all started. It was the summer after college when she backpacked across Europe. A different city every night. A different hostel every city. A different boy in every city. The sightseeing. The food. The museums. The culture. The moonlit walks.

"Marcie. Hello, Marci." William's words snapped her out of her reminiscences. She noticed the two other boys standing there with him.

"What is it, William?"

"You seemed to have dozed off."

"Oh my God. What time is it?" Marcie checked her watch. Oh, shit it's almost time.

"We couldn't get your car running. Would you like us to call a taxi or an Uber for you?"

"I don't think they would be here in time. I feel a migraine coming on. Do you have a dark room I could use alone until it passes?"

The three frat-brothers conferred for a moment, but it was a moment too long. The light of the full moon reflected off the window of a passing car onto Marcie's face. She realized that William looked startled. Then she felt it. First, it was what had probably startled William. She felt her eyebrows growing together and getting bushier. Then as it washed down her body, the hair sprouted in her underarms where she had just shaved the day before. She knew how it would progress. It did just as it had done so many times before. Her carefully waxed pubis now had a thick bush that pushed her panties away from her skin. It never stopped there. Like every time before, even her legs became hairy. Her finger- and toe-nails lengthened and curved downward.

Marcie became aware of the scent of the three men standing around her. At the same time, her body released pheromones that she knew from experience made her irresistible to all males. Worse than that, she went into heat. She ripped her own clothes off and crawled on hands and knees up to William. She sniffed his crotch and said, "Get naked. Now! This cunt isn't going to fuck itself."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Strip, don't talk. And if you ever call me ma'am again, I'll rip your cock and balls off and feed them to you. Your friends better get ready too."

William dropped his pants and boxers. And moved behind her. Her condition made her so wet that he had no problem jamming all the way in on the first stroke. "Damn, this is one hot piece of ass. Tony, Jim, do as she said. You don't want to miss this one."

They stripped as they watched their friend fucking her. Marcie gained a lot of strength when these spells came over her. She used that strength to squeeze her pussy tight. It was too much for William, and he came after just a couple minutes in her.

She squeezed him out like toothpaste out of the tube. "Next."

Jim stepped up to take his turn. She was even wetter with one guy's cum in her and Jim was a little smaller. "Damn. Her pussy just sucked me in."

Tony stepped in front of her head. "Suck sounds like a good idea." He waved his cock at her mouth. Marcie let out a low growl. Tony pushed his cock into her mouth. She growled again and nipped at him. Not enough to draw blood, but enough to get her message across.

"Holy shit. She bit me. The fucking bitch bit me."

Marcie growled again. "You bet your sweet ass. I'm a fucking bitch, and fucking is all you'll get from me. But, for the next twenty-four hours, I'll fuck any cock you can put in my cunt."

Like William, Jim only lasted a couple minutes. Tony was not seriously injured. Marcie had a better use for his cock than to use it for werewolf chow. While Tony took his two minutes of fame, William roused the rest of the house so everyone could get a turn. By two in the morning, no one in the house could get it up anymore. They invited the frat-brothers from the houses on either side of them to join in their bounty.

When the moon rose Wednesday, every guy in the three houses had been in Marcie's cunt at least five or six times, and she was finally sated. William and Marcie were snuggled on the sofa. He was stroking her hair. The hair on her head—the rest of her was back as it had been before.

"Marcie, what was that all about?"

"After college, I backpacked across Europe. One night in Romania, I went for a walk with a really cute local boy. The full moon rose, and he got all aggressive and wanted to fuck me. It would have been rape, except something about the way he smelled made me want to fuck as much as he did. He must have fucked me five times that night. But, he would only do it doggie style. Somewhere during one of those fucks, he bit my shoulder. It bled a little but didn't even need a Band-Aid. Ever since that night, if the light of the full moon shines on me, I become a werewolf for twenty-four hours. Worse than that, I become a werewolf bitch in heat."

"Marcie, what are you doing next month?"

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