tagRomanceMarcos and Kaylia

Marcos and Kaylia


It was 3 PM on a Thursday evening. The day drew on and on with the end seemingly nowhere in sight. Being a correctional officer at the super max prison buried 3 miles under the Rocky Mountains outside of Boulder, Colorado was an extremely demanding job, even for Marcos: A raging mythological beast of a man. Standing six feet two inches at the top of his head, which was topped with a usual mess of thick dark brown hair, he resembled something that would be more at place swinging a battle axe on some green grassed, ancient battlefield than a civilized man driving a truck to and from work day after day. And he sometimes felt that way as well.

As the ancient elevator tediously made its way from 320 stories under the earth's surface Marcos was leaning in the back corner, eyes closed, hair wet, thinking about what he needed,

"Mmmmm, some fucking roast would be fantastic about right now. With baby carrots and thinly sliced celery...Yea."

He said aloud.

"I swear, if that woman isn't home when I show up there will be hell to pay."

But he knew that would never happen. She was under his spell. His curse. Being too much woman for any other caliber of man, Marcos gave her something she longed for. Something she knew she needed. Something deep, wild, and true.

As the elevator reached the top floor it slowed to a screeching stop. Years and years of use with little to no maintenance sometimes caused the sliding doors to jam and today just wasn't the day to be fucking with Marcos. A small crack of daylight was shining through the jammed doors,


He yelled.

Squinting through the crack, the light was blinding to his eyes, but he could see his truck parked in the lot, and often being the only one who volunteered for the earliest shift meant he was the only one who got off early. Even though it meant he had to leave Kaylia sleeping in her dent most days. He took a few steps to the rear, hitting his back on the elevator wall. With a deep breath he charged the elevator doors, raised his boot to hip level, and slammed it against them. Being such a large man it wasn't hard for him to knock one of the doors off its hinges, but he had no inclination of it sliding on the ground for forty feet before stopping,

"Fuck it,"

He thought,

"I have to go home."

Back at home, Kaylia was going about a normal day. Just laying around, cleaning the house, thinking about Marcos. She was planning something special for tonight though. When she awoke that morning she, once again, was disappointed to see that Marcos had left her sleeping in bed. He never woke her and she knew it was because he couldn't bear to leave the house after looking into her light blue eyes. It was just better this way. She would wake and he would be gone, leaving her yearning for his touch. That particular morning as she opened her eyes and realized he wasn't around her pussy became instantly moist. Her lips were wet and puffy, needing his throbbing cock. Not good. She moaned and rolled over, cursing his name for leaving her, when she obviously wanted him most,

"It just doesn't make sense."

She thought.

"We fucked for hours last night and this morning I still want more."

Thinking about last night only made things worse for poor Kaylia. Her nipples instantly became hard and goose bumps formed on her chest and arms. She needed his meat. In her mouth. In her hands. In her pussy. She wanted him more than ever.


She screamed in her own head,

"I have to get out of bed and do something before I can't take it anymore."

So, mustering all her self-will, she climbed out of bed, slid into her slippers and put one of his shirts on. The one he ripped off last night. Right before he threw her on the floor, straddled her chest, and plunged his cock into her needy little mouth. It still smelled of him, and she loved it. Every breath she took was deep and she would pause at the peak of every inhale, close her eyes, and picture her fingers tangled in the hair on his big, hard chest. Sighing, she began plotting her revenge for leaving her that morning. She knew that even though on Thursdays, Marcos liked his pot roast, he liked surprises even more and tonight, would be no exception.

The drive home was a long one for Marcos. He left his glasses at work and the sun was shining in his eyes for most of the drive. As he entered the on ramp to the freeway he started thinking about the way his hands were clasped around his dirty girl's sexy neck last night. He loved squeezing her throat as he had her legs on his shoulders thrusting his cock into her. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she whimpered and tilted her head back, letting him know that she fucking loved every second of it. Her body went limp and her eyes shut. He let go of her throat and slid his hand around her neck and tangled it in the soft hair on the back of her head at the same time he stopped thrusting and waited for her eyes to open. As soon as they did he told her everything was OK. She smiled and he pulled on the back of her hair, tilting her head even further back at the same time he bared all his weight down on her legs, bringing them close to her ears and continued to thrust with all his weight. He became instantly hard and pushed the accelerator to the floor trying to beat his record time home. The road was completely dry and the conditions were perfect for him to drive as fast as he could. As he rounded a curve, hugging the rocky mountain face, he was able to open his eyes wide. The sun that was once blinding had left the sky and was now hiding behind a massive storm front, heading his direction. He knew it was going to rain and slammed the transmission into fourth gear, revving the engine and increasing his speed even more. Kaylia loved the lightning but, like all things, her greatest pleasures were her greatest fears and he knew, she would need to be held tonight. His stomach growled and his erection subsided, giving into the second most natural desire, hunger.

Kaylia was sitting on the couch watching TV as she usually does while she's waiting for the front door to swing open when she heard the familiar sound of rolling thunder in the distance. She jumped to her feet and ran outside. Scanning the sky she spotted it. The same storm front that had Marcos racing home. A smile began to form on her face and she excitedly jumped up and down, waiting for the inevitable. The clouds rolled over head and the clasp of thunder sounded across the sky. She jumped but the rain started pouring. Not wanting her body too wet she stayed under the porch, lit a cigarette and just watched. The familiar scent of rain flooded her senses and she felt content. It was 430 PM now and the sun was on its way down. She knew that it wouldn't be long before the sound of Marcos' truck could be heard making its way up the dirt road to their secluded cabin in the woods. It was time to initiate the plan. Kaylia opened the front door and ran inside just as an immense bolt of lightning lit up the sky and sent shivers down her back. She ran to her giant walk in closet, stepped over a mound of unorganized shoes, and started digging through a drawer she hadn't touched in months. She found them. A pair of old, tattered, and holy work out pants she had been holding on to for just such an occasion. She needed to look the part if she was to pull this off. She quickly put them on, kept on his shirt from last night and ran to the mirror,

"These clothes might be worthless but that doesn't mean my face and hair have to be as well."

She thought to herself as she started curling her hair and putting some light make-up on.

As soon as she was done she heard that familiar rumble growing in the distance. He was coming.

She ran into the living room, laid on the couch, on her stomach, and pretended to be asleep. Her hair was curly, her face was beautiful, and her clothes were ragged. The sound of the truck was growing in the distance. Her pussy was soaked, her lips ached to be kissed and bitten. The sound of the truck was growing louder. Her body wriggled on the couch, needing to be touched. Her ass was squirming, wanting to be slapped. Thunder clapped overhead, sending another bolt of chills down her spine. The sound of the truck was right outside. She wanted Marcos inside of her so bad it hurt. The truck engine turned off. She couldn't help but reach down and touch herself...yup, really wet. She could hear him taking his boots off outside on the porch. The anticipation was almost too much for her to bear. His key entered the deadbolt quickly, making that oh-so-familiar sound. She quickly lay as still as possible, pretending to be asleep. He swung the door open in one motion and quickly walked inside.

"BABY! What's to eat, I'm starving!"

He shouted.

She slightly moaned and twitched a little, pretending to let him know that she was fast asleep. He noticed her lying on the couch, wearing ragged clothes, and looking disheveled. He could not see her face and her hair was cleverly hidden under the throw pillow.

"Are you fuckin serious?"

He asked, bewildered.

Still, she lay completely motionless, becoming more and more turned on by every second that passed. Marcos walked over to Kaylia and pushed her shoulder. His touch had the same effect the lightning did sending even more chills running down her back. She pretended to wake up,

"Hmmm...baby...Oh shit what time is it?"

She asked.

"It's 5 o'clock, how long have you been sleeping?"

His impatience was increasing and it was obvious in his voice.

"Ahhh, baby, I just laid down to take a nap and I must have slept all day, I'm sorry."

She lied.

"That's fine, but I'm fucking starving, is the roast in the crock-pot?"

"Oh Shit."

She said,

"Baby, I'm so sorry, I didn't make anything for dinner."

That was it. The long day at work, coupled with the damn elevator getting stuck, the sun shining in his eyes for most of the way home, the speed with which he traveled just to protect her from the storm, the torn clothes she was wearing, sleeping on the couch, and now no pot roast. He had had enough.

"DAMNIT! I'm working my ass off and I come home to see that you've been sleeping on this damn couch all day, and you haven't even made dinner?!"

Her plan had worked, he was pissed. She was still lying on her stomach with her face hid and her hair under the pillow, pretending that she didn't even care how agitated he was.

"Hell-Fucking-O? Can you hear me?"

She bounced up from the couch in one swift motion, and standing on her tippy-toes was now at eye level with his chin.


She screamed back at him, secretly joking.


It was about this time that Marcos noticed how beautiful she looked. Her hair was just the way he liked it. She had just the right amount of make-up on, and she was looking fantastic. Marcos was not a stupid man and he could read his woman like an open book. He knew exactly what she was up to. She wanted him, bad. And that turned him on. So, playing along, Marcos grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her across the living room, about a foot from the wall that separated it from the bedroom.

"Listen to me! I'm the man of this house and you are my dirty little bitch! You will do what I want when I fucking want it. Do you fucking understand me?

She squirmed and wriggled, but his strength was too great. She tried to fight back but he had her in his grip.

"Fuck you! I don't have to do anything you fucking tell me!"

Marcos knew the game was on now. He picked her up by the shoulders and slammed her hard against the wall. Lightning struck again outside and lit up the living room through the windows. She gasped, and looking down noticed the top of Marcos' head. Her toes were about two feet off the ground. Marcos grabbed hold of his shirt that she had been wearing all day and ripped a hole right above her left breast, using nothing but his teeth. He squeezed her shoulders even tighter, reeled his head back and then pushed his face up to the hole he had just created. He drew in a deep breath, filling his senses with her scent, and bit down hard, right above her nipple. She moaned loudly and grabbed the back of his hair with both her hands, pushing his face harder into her chest. He spun her around, still in the air, and forcefully placed her on the ground, his teeth and mouth still attached to her. His weight was on top of her now, and her hands were still pressing his face into her breast. Marcos moved both of his hands from her shoulder and found her hands on the back of his head. He grabbed both of her wrists and slammed her hands down by her sides. She groaned with ecstasy and knew at that moment that she was helpless. Her pussy was absolutely dripping and Marcos' felt as if his pants couldn't contain his erection. He lifted his face from her chest and she arched her back letting him know that she wanted more. He quickly slid both her arms under the arch of her back and grasped both her wrists with one of his large hands.

"You're my little dirty whore now."

He spoke in a deep, slow voice.

Using his free hand he grabbed the shirt where it had been ripped and tore it completely open. Kaylia closed her eyes and bit her lips. He then used grabbed her old work out pants by one of the holes on her inner thigh and ripped them completely off. Ten seconds later and she was completely naked. Her scent now filled the room and intoxicated Marcos. He had always loved the way she smelled while she was aroused and it sent him into a sex crazed frenzy. He slid his hand down her belly and found her clit immediately. He teased it for a few seconds and then brought his hand to his mouth. Tasting Kaylia's sweet juice only increased his desire and his cock was almost ready to explode. He jumped up off of her and stripped his pants and underwear in one quick motion. He then bent over and grabbed Kaylia by the back of the hair.

"Now wrap your lips around my hard cock like a good little whore."

He said while pulling her up to her knees.

She happily complied. Kaylia knew how to work his cock in her mouth exactly how he liked it. She placed one hand on the base then swirled her pierced tongue around the head, making Marcos weak in the knees. Then he grabbed the back of her head and thrust until he felt the head of his cock hit the back of her throat. She gagged slightly and her body convulsed. She looked up at him as if to say, "I fucking love it." Marcos withdrew his pole from her mouth and spit ran down her chin. He placed one hand around her mouth and squeezed her cheeks. She spit on his cock and he slapped her twice. Once softly to warn her and another firmly to show her who was in charge. He stuffed his cock back in her mouth. After 15 minutes or so of gagging, slapping, and spitting Marcos felt his balls tighten up and warned her that he was going to explode.

"I'm Cumming baby!"

He yelled.

"Cum on my fucking tits!"

She screamed back.

He took his cock out of her mouth and started stroking it right in front of her face.

"O fuck baby, I'm gonna cum all over your tits!"

After a few seconds of stroking his cock Kaylia placed her hands all his balls and started rubbing them. That was more than he could handle. Rope after rope of hot cum shot out of his cock and splashed all over Kaylia's tits. She loved it. Her head wreathed back in pleasure and she rubbed the hot cum into her skin.

Marcos was spent but Kaylia hadn't even got started. Her pussy was wetter than ever and she needed that cock hard again, soon. Knowing her man would need something to eat to keep his strength up she made her way to the kitchen and made his favorite sandwich, still naked and horny as all hell. When she walked back to the living room Marcos was gone.

"He must have snuck out while I was in the kitchen."

Little did she know that today was not the day to be fucking with Marcos' emotions. All that had happened today and the way his woman looked had made him sex crazed. There was no telling what he could be up to. 30 minutes had passed and Kaylia was starting to get a little worried. The lightning and thunder that had once sent chills down her spine were only becoming more and more frightening to her. She needed her man. She franticly ran around the house looking in all the obvious places he could be hiding. But still nothing, she couldn't find him anywhere. He definitely wasn't in the house. The lights suddenly shut off. It was completely black inside the cabin. Kaylia couldn't see three inches in front of her own nose. She stood completely still. Her breath became soft and shallow, kicking her ears into overdrive. She could hear her heart beat through her chest and she could feel an anxious lump forming in her throat. She was terrified now, but was managing to hold on. Even through all this she remained horny. The fear intensified her arousal and she had the smallest thought in the back of her mind that Marcos could be the cause of this fear. Still, the foremost thought in her head was the worst one imaginable. Marcos must have heard a noise outside and upon investigating must have been overtaken by men wearing masks and carrying weapons. Just as she processed that though lightning struck and flooded the house with a blinding light. She was now not only blind in her bedroom, hands outreached, and terrified, but she was seeing spots from the flash. Thunder clapped directly overhead and reminded her that she needed her Marcos. She heard his truck start outside.

"What the fuck."

She thought.

She ran to the front door and realized that Marcos had never locked it after he came inside. She opened the door knowing she could see his truck from the safety of the porch.


Someone jumped out from the shadows as soon as she opened it and she jumped three feet in the air. Goosebumps covered her body and her heart skipped two beats. It was Marcos, hiding in the shadows tempting her to come outside with the sound of his truck. Kaylia was still screaming as Marcos closed in on her. He wrapped his huge arms around her and squeezed her tightly into his chest. The warm summer air felt wonderful on her naked skin. The rain was still coming down in sheets and the scent of it still filled the air. There, on the porch, Kaylia wrapped in Marcos' tight embrace, their naked bodies connecting in a way only they could describe, she felt safe again. Marcos felt her muscles relax, her breathing slowed, her heart stopped pounding, signaling that her fear had subsided and that she felt comfortable again. He thrust his hips forward. His massive erection pressed firmly against her bare stomach. He slid his hands down her back and to her thighs. She sighed with ecstasy. A smile, once again, formed on her face. She understood what he was doing. He picked her up as if though he would never let her go, she wrapped her legs around his waist, and still holding her tightly against his body, he arched his head back and told her to kiss him. Just as she closed her eyes and lowered her lips to his she realized that they were moving. Their lips connecting and she felt the rain wash over her head. He had walked off the porch. Still holding her tightly his mouth opened and their breaths met. Swirling around each other their tongues resembled Russian ballet dancers, perfectly choreographed and in synch with. Marcos was still walking, carrying her into the soft grass of their front yard. They were completely soaked from the rain, but the mountain air kept them warm. Her eyes remained closed and she had no idea where he was taking her. She reached her hand down and, following his stomach, found his hard cock, still throbbing from the excitement. She began stroking it as their mouths were locked together and he was carrying her across the grass. He let out a moan that told her he liked what she was doing. He lowered her down and she positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. She was still soaking wet and when the head of his cock touched the delicate skin of her labia it made her legs quiver. He lowered her down slowly. The head of his cock parted her pussy lips and inch by inch she sank down on his pole. She was so wet, he slid easily inside of her. Her tight pussy gripped his cock as she sank to the base of it. She felt so full. He was still walking when he started lifting her back off his cock. She didn't want to get off but as soon as the head came to the opening he slammed her back down on it. It felt amazing for both of them. There they were, in the mountains of Colorado, embracing each other, walking across the grass completely naked, in their secluded cabin, and she was bouncing up and down on his hard cock, feeling every inch of him penetrate her on each thrust. Their mouths were still locked and their tongues swirling together when she felt something very hard and wet against her back. It was his truck. The tailgate was down and he set her on it. Without breaking stride he continued to thrust his cock into her tight, needy pussy. Each thrust growing consecutively harder and faster than the last. She couldn't take it. Their mouths broke apart and she tilted her head back, moaning.

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