tagIncest/TabooMarcus and Dad Pt. 01

Marcus and Dad Pt. 01


I'm 19, and this is my first story! I'd love to hear feedback: good, bad, or just kinky. PS - Marcus is 18, and his father is in his late 40s. Also, I'd like to write more about Marcus and his dad, would you all like that?

I sat next to my dad on our beat-up couch, a pillow in between us as we binge watched Orange Is The New Black, which we'd ordered on Netflix to watch that weekend. I shuffled uncomfortably, still wearing the jeans and sweatshirt I'd worn to class that day. Dad had the right idea - immediately after returning from his long day as a contractor who had jobs all over Chicago, he whipped off his cargo shorts and put on his sweatpants. Foregoing underwear, his penis was basically on display through the soft grey cotton. From what i could make out, it was a short tool, but thick, and with a large head, which i could see distinctly through the sweatpants. If his penis was anything like my own, I knew that that cock head would be covered by a dark foreskin, and that thick black pubes would frame the penis that made me. Being half Chinese and half Black, in my opinion, is the secret to a perfect cock.

Dad slumped into the couch as we watched the TV screen. One of the female prison inmates in the shower scene we were watching dropped her towel and stepped into the water. My eyes flicked from her heavy, large breasts to my father's crotch, where the outline of his penis was clear even as he sat. No twitch. No sign of swelling at the sight of the naked woman. I didn't know if I was disappointed or relieved. I wanted to see his cock grow with arousal in front of me, but if there was a chance that he wasn't turned on by women, then maybe he loved dick like his son.

As I turned back to the screen, dad let out a fart. I cringed and smiled at the same time, knowing that he was silently giggling to himself about the loud, unavoidable noise of his fart. I took on the challenge, summoning a bubble in my gut and squeezing it through my asshole. The sound was adequate, not quite matching dad's, but it was a definite reply to his. He laughed loudly this time, and smiled at me with a boyish pride in how gross I could be. We returned to watching the show, but only a few minutes in, and dad had hit the mute button on the TV.

"Wait, Marcus, wait..." he instructed, holding a finger up to me as he frowned slightly. Another fart, this one slightly smaller than the first, slipped out of his hole. I became aware, as I laughed along with him like a frat brother, that the pungent air I was breathing in had been inside my dad's magnificent asshole just seconds ago. My cock twitched in my jeans, and I hoped my dad didn't notice. I realised that the TV was still on mute, and my dad was smiling still. His brow furrowed once again, in a familiar expression that suggested he thought another good one was coming. He burst into a grin as he felt it would be a good one. He pulled me off my seat and onto my knees in front of the couch facing him. He whipped his body around, so his big, muscular ass poked out in front of me.

"This one you've got to be up close to!" he exclaimed over his shoulder, as he reached one thick arm around behind him to tug down his sweatpants. Suddenly his whole ass was unveiled. His arched back and wide stance made his ass cheeks spread completely. The ring of his anus was inches from my face. I could feel the warmth of his hairy ass on my cheeks and lips. I glanced downwards. For a relatively short cock like my father's, his balls were impressive. Big and black, they hung low, at least and inch or two below his cock head. I pulled my eyes back up to his prominent sphincter, which twitched as he prepared to release.

Finally dad let go, and a gust of hot air released from his asshole onto my face. Dad looked back over his shoulder and laughed at my expression. My mouth was wide open with shock, meaning his fart had wafted in onto my throat and tongue. What I hoped he didn't notice was how hard my cock was. The stiff denim of my jeans couldn't camouflage the thick rod that jutted out from my body and snaked down my left thigh. I looked up at his face. He stayed as he was, laughing like a teenage boy, with his bare ass so close to my face. I returned the laugh, as I kneeled in front of his tight hole like a subject worshiping his king.

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