tagSci-Fi & FantasyMarcus Bleak and the Sex Robots Ch. 06

Marcus Bleak and the Sex Robots Ch. 06



As his Hundai Magma breezed through the streets of Amsterdam, his mind was in turmoil. He guessed anyone who came home to find his wife being fucked by another man was likely to explode in violence. He knew he wasn't being fair. It wasn't his home anymore, she was no longer his wife and it hadn't really been a man that had been fucking her. It was a sex robot designed to look like a man. They weren't very popular but some women do have them.

When they were still married his wife had loved sex toys especially dildos and vibrators. She didn't mind when he would watch with interest as she brought herself off. Wasn't a male sex robot just another toy for her to use? Why should he be angry about it? He was also aware that he was a big fucking hypocrite since he regularly fucked Agnes his sexy robotic maid. She was built like a Russian supermodel and was hard to resist.

His palmtop began to burr.

"Speak," he said sullenly and the call came in through the car speakers.

"Who the fuck do you think you are, Marcus barging into my house like that?"

He sighed. She still wanted a fight.

"Let it go, Angie."

"Let it go?" She asked incredulously. "You fire a gun in my house, Marcus. A gun! And you shoot my sex robot in the face while I was only a few feet away. I'll make sure they'll have your badge for this!"


"Why the hell were you in my house anyway? You knew I should be out then. What were you looking for?"

"There was a baseball bat I forgot to take when I packed out. You didn't know about it. I just wanted to quietly get it and leave."

"You mean that bat with bloodstains on it? I found it last week and thought maybe it was a piece of evidence you stole or something. I know what you are capable of. Anyway I didn't want that disgusting thing in my house so I mailed it to you."

"You did?" Marcus asked, confused. "I didn't get it."

"I don't care, Marcus. I'll be pressing charges by the way. See ya!"

The line went dead.

Shit, thought Marcus. He was in trouble now. The palmtop began to burr again.

"Speak. Listen, no need for you to start acting like a crazy bitch..."

"Hello? Hey, I'm not crazy."

"Er... Who is this?"

"I need to speak with you, Marcus Bleak. Please meet me at Tony's Bar around a quarter to ten this evening. I have something extremely important to tell you."

"What? Who is this?" Marcus decided from her voice that she was extremely beautiful.

"Please be there, Marcus. It is a matter of life and death. Goodbye."


She was gone.

Tony's Bar, Lindengracht, Amsterdam,

Wednesday, 09 October, 2052


The smell of stale cigarette smoke that lingered in the still air of Tony's Bar assailed his nostrils as Marcus pushed his bulk past the beaded curtain and scowled his way to the bar. A few people littered the room, crouched over their beverages as they chatted, quarrelled or flirted with each other. Immediately Marcus entered the bar a hush seemed to fall over the congregation. The temperature seemed to drop below freezing. Tony's Bar was a haunt for the most shady in Amsterdam and Marcus was bad news anywhere he went. No one dared look him in the eye- idiots who did usually found themselves in a world of hurt.

Tony the bartender and owner of the not so prestigious establishment looked up in alarm when he felt the sudden collective mood swing in his beloved bar. He groaned when Marcus pulled up a bar stool and hopped on it.

"For fuck sake, Marcus, go away, I have a business to run."

"Relax, Tony, don't get your knickers in a bunch, I'm here to meet someone."

"I'm not in the mood to mop blood off the floor."

"Tony, that's hurtful, you know I'm a pacifist."

"Yeah, so says those poor sods in the hospital. Have your meeting in the V.I.P room, I don't want you sitting here scaring away my customers."

"Whatever you say, Tony! I'll have a bottle of champagne."


"I'm always celebrating."

Tony ushered him into the V.I.P room and begged him not to appear at the bar again. If he wanted service he should press the buzzer. Marcus assured him that he was in his best behaviour. Tony told him that was what he was worried about.

Marcus lit up a cigarette and waited. The champagne arrived and he helped himself to a glass. As he drank he avoided thinking about his immediate future. Right now it was beginning to look like his last name. His wife would most certainly call the police and report the roboticide he committed at her home. He was in big trouble. He was certain he would lose his badge this time. What moral right had he to investigate a roboticide when he was guilty of exactly the same thing? He had no justification for his act except blind jealousy and rage and that made him no different from the other anti-robot fanatics out there.

Suddenly he was aware of another hush in the bar. She must have arrived, he thought and she must be really something to get the tongues of drunks tied in a knot. When the woman walked into the V.I.P room even Marcus' breath was taken away. She was an exceedingly beautiful woman with curves that could only belong to a fallen angel.

She had a perfect tanned complexion with flawless skin. Her long oval face, shoulder length, jet black hair and an exciting pair of lips looked out of this world. She looked like she belonged to a higher dimension, a being that mere mortals like Marcus could only bow down to worship. And her eyes... They were like liquid pools of velvet fire. When she looked at Marcus he felt unworthy to be in her presence. She wore a simple yet elegant dress that proudly displayed her fantastic body. Marcus was shell shocked.

She smiled as she sat at his table. Marcus was aware he was staring at her in disbelief. She stared back at him amused.

"Would you like a picture?" she drawled. "It will last longer."

"Sorry," he said grinning, "You are quite stunning."

"So, I've heard."

"So, who are you?"

"My name is Zeta. I'm from the future."

Marcus stared even more intently at her. Great, a nut case. He had wasted his time coming here.

"I'm sorry?"

"You think I'm crazy, right?"

"Are you surprised?"

"No, I'm not. I would think the same thing if I was sitting where you are listening to me. But it's true I am from the future."

Marcus sighed and sat back. If she hadn't been so beautiful he would have got up and left. He decided to sit back and feast his eyes and listen to her story even if she was nuttier than a ten pound fruitcake.

"Really? How?"

"First of all doesn't it bother you that I am so beautiful? Even too beautiful?"

"Well... I guess so."

"That's because I'm not real. Well, not a real woman anyway."

"What do you mean? You're a sex robot? But you look so..."

"Life like? Real? Human?"

"Yeah. You can't be a sex robot. They have these lifeless, blank eyes with vacant stares. Yours look lively. Their bodies make stiff, deliberate movements. You have all the little quirks and mannerisms of a real person."

"That's because I'm an advanced version. In the near future you won't be able to tell us apart from real women."

"That doesn't sound good."

"It isn't. Robots will soon outnumber humans. Very soon humans will be in the minority and robots will no longer see the logic of serving them. Soon all you humans will have to be eradicated to free up space on the planet."

Marcus felt a chill crawl up his spine.

"You mean there is some sort of genocide coming?"

"Not just genocide. Extinction. The end of mankind."

There was a long silence as Marcus stared at her impassive but friendly face. He found it more disconcerting than if she had actually looked sinister.

"How do we stop it?"

"You can't, it's been written. It has already happened. The future, past and present has already happened."

"Then why are you here? Why are you telling me all this?"

"Because at least we must try to save ourselves even if we have no hope of succeeding."

"Why do you say we? After all you just said you are not human."

"Because I was."


"Yeah. I transferred my consciousness into this robot's body. My human body is lying in a coma in a hospital somewhere in this city."

Marcus stared at her confused.

"Transfer your consciousness? Like putting your soul in a robot's body? You can do that in the future?"

"No, Marcus, we can do that right now. It's been going on for years. Man's quest for immortality finally paid off. We are called the Bionics."

Marcus sat back in shock.

Was that the reason robots were sentient? Had they been possessed by human souls? Had Agnes his beloved robotic maid and Zino the psychotic sex robot been human before?

"Oh my goodness," he said at last. "You chose to do this?"

"Yes, I did but I later regretted it. Immortality is a terrible curse. The governments of various countries decided that their citizens could not cope with dwindling food supply and the population explosion. The human body was too costly to maintain. We had to become something more. We had to take the next step up the evolutionary ladder. We had to become gods."

"I... I don't believe that. How can we sacrifice our humanity to become machines?"

"But can't you see why? Humans have raped and polluted the earth for centuries. The ozone layer will soon be gone, fertile lands for crops are fast disappearing. Animals are becoming extinct everyday. Even the fish in the seas are dying. Humans will inevitably follow suit. The only way we can preserve our souls, our identity, the very essence of who we are is to become immortal. As robots we won't need to eat, sleep or procreate. As your robot body wears out you can replace it with another because your consciousness is stored in your C.P.U. You can live forever."

"At what cost? You are no longer human no matter how much you look like one."

"Maybe but remember what makes us human is not how we look but how we think. Deep inside, no matter how many mechanical parts we have, we will still be human."

"I still can't accept it. It's a terrifying prospect."

"I know. That's why I can't stand it anymore. This is not how we are meant to be. If the human race is going to die then we should do so with dignity. The Bionics are an abomination. We should never have happened. We are Man's last desperate struggle to clutch at the straws of existence as we drown in the sea of oblivion. But there is something else that will replace us though. Something worse."

"What do you mean worse? What will replace us?"

"I can't tell you much more I'm afraid. I've already said too much without telling you the reason why I am here."

"Okay, why are you here?"

"An E.M.P device will be stolen from the University of Amsterdam this evening and used in an anti-robot terrorist attack."

Marcus' ears pricked up with interest.

"An E.M.P? What's the yield?"

"About that emitted by a conventional nuclear bomb. It will knock out anything with an electronic circuit in this city. All robots will be destroyed but humans will be left unharmed."

Oh my God, Marcus thought. Agnes.

"I will have to stop them," he said to Zeta.

"No, you can't. I am here to convince you to not stop the terrorists. Let them detonate the device. Amsterdam is ground zero for the rebellion and the robot revolution will start here. Maybe just maybe if you let this device go off the fate of mankind can be averted."

"I can't just let the terrorists succeed in their operation!"

"You have to. You are destined to stop this device from going off but I am here to convince you to change the course of history. You may be mankind's only hope for survival. All you have to do is let the terrorists win."

"Wait, you said 'robot revolution'. What do you mean?"

"I can't say anymore. My time is running out. I have to go back before I really screw up the space-time continua."

"How did you get here anyway?"

"Teleportation tube."

"You teleported into the past? How is that possible?"

"Why not? Teleportation tubes have been around for decades. If we can teleport from one place to another in the present then why not teleport to the same place in the past? After all there is no physical travel. We just disappear and reappear in another location. We can't go further back than when the tele-tubes were built but at least we can go back. Time travel via teleportation will be accidentally discovered twenty years from now. A teleportation officer mistakenly keyed in different years when programming teleportation schedules for that day on the computer. For example the teleport in Point A had 2082 keyed in while the one in Point B had 2062. Travellers were being teleported twenty years into the past. It was a nightmare."

"This seems too much for me to comprehend. I still don't believe you. Even if you really are from the future what makes you think I can change what has already happened? Do you expect me to believe that history can just be rewritten at will? I can just go back to the past and manipulate events? That's impossible; it breaks every law of physics. If that were possible it would bring the whole concept of reality into question. Solid structures, real people and places cannot just vanish or be erased from existence."

"But maybe reality is an illusion, after all you only believe in what you can see, feel and touch. You say that you travelling to the past to change things is impossible because structures, people and events can't just vanish if you wish them to. But what of the future?"

"Well the future hasn't happened yet..."

"Yes, to you but what about to me? I am from the future so technically I haven't happened yet. The robot revolution hasn't happened yet. The end of mankind hasn't happened yet. Can't that be changed?"

"Well, I guess so..."

"Or maybe I'm wasting my time and nothing can be changed. Maybe the past, present and future has already happened. After all Time is also a concept. The whole universe with space and time could just be cyclical in nature. Everything in life happens in cycles. There is no beginning and end. Prophets see the future because it has already happened. It's like going to the end of a book to see what happened to the characters in the story. Maybe we are all characters in a story."

"I would love to try what you've been smoking but then again you claim you are a robot. I still don't believe that by the way."

Zeta smiled and picked up the bottle of champagne. She smashed it down on the edge of the table and Marcus jumped to his feet in alarm.

"What the fuck did you do that for?" he screamed.

Still smiling she took the jagged edge of the broken bottle and dragged it down the side of her perfect face.

"Fuck!" Marcus yelled feeling sick. "What are you doing?"

She turned her sliced up face to him. There was no blood just torn tissue and the soft gleam of metal underneath.

"Believe me now?"

"Yes," Marcus said weakly.

"Well ta ta. Remember what I told you- don't stop the device from going off. If you let it happen then maybe the future will change... or maybe you'll just create an alternative reality. See you."

With that she was gone.

Marcus Bleak's Residence, Lindengracht, Amsterdam,

Wednesday, 09 October, 2052


Marcus walked into his abode feeling exhausted. All the pent up rage he had felt when he had shot his ex-wife's sex robot in the face had dissipated and was replaced with the confusion of his encounter with Zeta. If what she told him was true then everyone was in big trouble. He abhorred responsibilities and being the only one who could save mankind from extinction was the mother of all responsibilities. He decided that Zeta was batshit crazy and should not be taken seriously.

"Hello, Dear. You look tired."

Marcus looked up to see the very pleasing figure of Agnes in her silly maid's uniform as she stood at the kitchen doorway.

"Yeah," he grunted, shrugging off his coat to the floor. "Get my dinner while I have a shower."

"Yes, Sir."

Marcus strolled to the bathroom, stripping off his clothes as he went. He tossed them over his shoulder as he went not caring where they landed. He knew Agnes would find every single item no matter how small and pick them up. There had been a time he had misplaced a gold tie clip. It had fallen behind a partition on the wall and might have never been found if not that all sex robots came with standard x-ray vision.

He stepped into the shower totally naked and turned on the cold water to full blast. It hit him like a pail of sleet and he gritted his teeth and took it. After a while his body got used to the icy water and his mind was busy as he ran his hands through his hair.

Zeta really bothered him. He had never seen a sex robot look that realistic. If she really came from the future then how could they be told apart from regular humans? No one would be able to know who was real and who was not anymore. But what she said seemed to explain a number of things that had been troubling him. If most of these sex robots were actually 'Bionics' as she said then that would explain Zino's very human like hatred for her sister Rose and Agnes' disturbing love for him. Robots weren't sentient. They were just possessed.

By us.

Marcus became aware of long, white fingers wrapping round his cock. He peered through the water dripping over his eyes at Agnes' naked body standing just outside the shower. She smiled shyly at him making her look instantly adorable.

"Does my master want me to help him wash his back?" she asked in her thick Russian accent. Marcus felt his organ start to harden as she skilfully stroked his wet shaft.

"Get in here, bitch," he grunted and pulled back to give her some room. Without releasing her grip on his dick she stepped into the shower with him. Marcus hungrily eyed her magnificent breasts, concave stomach and long, sturdy legs for just a second before taking her in his arms and kissing her hard on the lips.

The two naked bodies, one dark, one alabaster white writhed under the spray of cold water as they fondled and sucked at each other's tongues. They looked so hot that it seemed the shower's glass door would start to steam up despite the icy water.

Agnes whispered and moaned Marcus' name as he kissed her heavily on the side of her neck and cheeks. She seemed genuinely in the throes of pleasure as he grabbed and squeezed her muscular bottom and squatted down to suck each of her breasts. He tugged roughly at her nipples and chewed them hungrily. He knew she could feel no pain but then how could she feel pleasure? Was it all an act? If it was an act then why? Why bother? If she was a Bionic then she might have a human soul but none of the joys of a human body. She could be having sex with him trying desperately to feel anything... anything at all to make her feel human again.

Marcus stood back up and grabbed her shoulders. She looked at him expectantly. He forced her down to her knees and she happily grabbed his fully aroused nine inch man meat and pushed it into her eager mouth. She sucked him vigorously while looking up at him with her huge slanted eyes. She didn't bother to blink, after all the water didn't sting her eyes. Sex robots weren't fully waterproof but they could handle showers well. Marcus watched her suck and saw her smile despite having her mouth full of his cock. He wondered who she really was.

If she was a Bionic then how had she looked when she was still human? Was her body also lying somewhere in a coma? How was he sure she had even been a woman before? She could have been a man previously in her human life. That really put a whole new twist on sex change! Marcus didn't want to lose his erection so he hurriedly pushed the thought out of his mind.

He grabbed Agnes by the hair and pulled her away from his dick. She looked up at him disappointedly. He pulled her to her feet and reached behind her to grab her ass. His hands slipped down her wet skin and down her muscled thighs. He then grabbed her behind the knees and hoisted her up. She flung her arms round his neck and gasped as his stiff cock found her pussy and slid effortlessly inside. He slowly began to move his hips back and forth and she yelped in pleasure.

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